Wireless Keeps Disabling Or Losing Wireless Signal?

Mar 18, 2013

I'm having a problem with my wireless connection. Every so often my wireless signal, showing a red cross next to the wireless bar, or it will lose the original connection on the available network lists after disconnecting. Every time it does so I've found that sending my computer to sleep and waking it up again solves the problem (I can reconnect to my original network). However, this is very annoying, as it some times happens every 5 minutes, and some times only every 2 hours.I have tried unticking the box on my network adapter with 'Turn off to save power', but this hasn't worked.

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Wireless :: Losing Internet Signal While Playing Mw2?

Feb 9, 2011

i keep playing mw2 and when i go in to my screen it says that my signal goes green and then red like it jumps can you tell me what to do my intenet signal on my ps3 is 100% its just when i play this game

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Dell :: 1520 Internet Connection Via Wireless Losing Signal Regularly

Aug 27, 2012

dell 1520w-win7 64 bit pro version - installed new hd.  Internet connection via wireless losing signal regularly since new hard drive install.."DELL 1520 oem Broadcom Wireless not working. Tested using Win7 onboard system. Says everything was ok. Yet the wireless is not "on" on the 1520 laptop. Purchased a new one; had no OEM software. Purchased Win764 bit Pro version. Installed it; finally found the original OEM resource disk from Dell and installed it. I downloaded a later version of the driver and yet it is not working.Is there a problem created by Win7 installation? How can I wake up the wireless so it can wirelessly receive and send items to my Smart Phone."

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Laptop Keeps Losing Signal

Sep 19, 2011

Everytime im on the internet or playing internet games my internet drops a signal bar which causes the webpage or game to freeze. However there is also 3 other laptops in the house and none of them lose signal when i do.

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HP G62 Laptop Losing Internet Signal

Jun 27, 2011

I have a HP G62 laptop and it randomly disconnects from the internet even though it still has full wireless signal. However if I turn the laptop 180 degrees or lift it above my head it will reconnect .The laptop will also only work in certain rooms of the house and not others even though it receives a similar strength signal in all of these rooms. For example it will work in my bedroom which is upstairs and on the opposite side of the house to the router but will not work in the living room (unless i hold it above my head) which is right next to the router.

A second HP laptop in the house has no problems and will remain connected no matter what room it is in and how is held. The two can be right next to each other both with full signal and one will be connected to the internet and the other wont.I have tried updating the drivers on the laptop but this has made no difference. The router is an echolife HG520b. The hp laptop which has the problem has a Broadcom 4313 network adaptor where as the laptop which works fine has a Realtek network adaptor.

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Losing Wifi Signal Intermittently Constantly

Dec 19, 2011

I've been having a problem with my wifi connection.I give my neighbor $15 a month to use his connection, so I have no control over the router.I'll be surfing along or just checking mail or whatever and out of the blue my connection stops. A little yellow triangle "warning" sign covers the signal strength meter in the lower right corner. If I click on the signal meter, up pops the list of wireless connections available to me and says that I'm connected, (but I'm not). So I go to the network and sharing center and sometimes this alone will restart the signal but usually I have to run the troubleshooter and the signal will come back with no explanation of what the problem is.While in the network and sharing center, my connection to the router looks clear and connected but shows a red X over the connection between the router and Internet.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160N Keeps Disabling Wireless Security

Dec 1, 2011

I've had a WRT160N v3 for a couple of years, and I've noticed that the wireless security setting is often set to disabled when I go into the configuration, even though I've set to enabled previously.   It goes like this....
I've setup the router to have WPA2 Personal security enabled, with a passphrase.  I have several devices that use wireless that connect to it everyday.  I recently received a new device, so I went into the Linksys configuration to get my passphrase, and the Security is set to disabled.  So, I enable it again, configure a the device, and have no problems. 
This has happened many times.  I just happen to be in the router configuration and check the wireless security tab, and it is set to disabled. 
My first thought was that maybe there had been a power loss (although, I can't remember the last power outage we had in my area).  However, every other setting was retained, so I can't see why this would be the only one that changes (and it's a rather important setting).  Additionally, I was configuring a blue-ray player last night, trying to see if it was better with a wired setting from another Access Point, and the setting was disabled, so I enabled it again.  I made changes to the BR player, then changed it back to a wireless connection.  I checked the security setting on the Linksys, and AGAIN it was disabled.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: Disabling Wireless On WRT610N?

Sep 22, 2009

I purchased this router so my wife who is recovering from a stroke could access the internet from her bed via her laptop when she's in too much pain to get to her desktop.I am the only person in my area with wireless N. As a result I am being assaulted relentlessly by people trying to steal my bandwidth or worse. In NY the owner of the router is legally responsible for the what the thief does when he's managed to hack into your router. And since this router is dual band; they have twice the opportunity to break down my defenses.Since this router has a 4 port wired switch which I use for all the PC's in the home except the laptop; is there a way to "switch off" the wireless function of the router until such time as it's needed?I have worked with an online advisor to make my router as secure as possible but the shear volume of security breaches makes changing the security settings, passwords; block ip's ect a full time job for a wireless function that is only used some of the time.I would like to be able to switch the wireless on and off at will without affecting the wired connection like I can do on my laptop.I want to make my wife as comfortable as possible but I don't want to get arrested because some wireless theif broke into my router and used it to download kiddieporn or whatever with my ip address.

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Disabling Wireless SURFboard SG6580?

Oct 18, 2012

I have the Motorola SURFboard SG6580 cable modem/wireless router combo. However, I'm only using my Linksys WRT54GL for the wireless functions. It's been my old standard for years, not to mentioned I have my entire wireless encrypted network setup via this device.

So, recently I've been trying to set up Port Forwarding and I've been having trouble getting sites like canyouseeme.org to see the port. After speaking with Tech Support at my ISP, they had me disable some of the settings in my SURFboard modem in order to deactivate the router side of things to get it act only as a cable modem. However, my port forwarding is still not working.

Here is a screen shot of all the pertinent screens of my SG6580 properties, and what they had me set. if I have properly configured the modem to not interfere with my other wireless setup so I can at least rule this out as what's blocking my port forwarding?

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Disable 3g Adapter Onboard And Run Usb 802.11N Wireless After Disabling?

Feb 6, 2011

can you disable 3g adapter on board, and run a usb 802.11N wireless after disabling the 3g adapter?,

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Disabling SSID Broadcast On RE1000?

Oct 25, 2011

I just set up a brand new LinksysE4200 router at one end of my home, and a Linksys RE1000 range expander at the other end in order to provide full WiFi coverage to my entire house.  Everything is working great except for one important detail.. There is currently no way to disable SSID broadcast on the RE1000 range expander! I just flashed it with the latest firmware (v1.0.01 build 2, Jul 22, 2011) , but I'm still unable to disable it, even though it is disabled on the E4200 from which it's receiving the signal it's rebroadcasting.  I am seriously considering returning the RE1000. Linksys. add the ability to disable SSID broadcast on the RE1000 in a (not too distant) future firmware upgrade! As far as I'm concerend, this is a MUST HAVE feature in order for this product to even be considered for use in any sensitive network environment.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 - VPN Is Disabling Internet Access

Sep 26, 2011

I have a Linksys E4200 router with firmware version 1.0.02. I am using a Macbook Pro. I can connect to a VPN server with the default VPN client software, but it kills my internet connection and disables connecting to SMB

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Disabling 5GHz Band On E3000

Jul 17, 2011

I've had the wireless G adapter for a year now, and connections work with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz G connections. I just bought a wireless N adapter (2.4GHz and 5GHz capable), and cannot get an N connection.. On 2.4GHz it connects to G only. And on 5GHz, I don't even see the whole band to connect to it.
I've tried disabling the 5GHz band on the E3000, then even setting the 2.4GHz band to no security. I still get a G only connection.My laptop can connect to 2.4GHz and get 144Mbps N speeds.Router is at latest firmware.I've researched this online, but can't find anything concrete.

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Dell :: Way To Stop N4010 Wireless Card From Randomly Disabling?

Feb 23, 2012

After some research, I noticed I'm having the same problem with my Inspiron N4010's wireless card as mentioned in this post. I purchased this laptop refurbished from the Dell Outlet store over a year ago. 

Yes, I have tried re-installing the drivers, the BIOS is updated, and no I am not pressing that key when the wireless card randomly disables. Normally it will re-enable after a few minutes or if I keep pressing that key it may re-enable. Sometimes it will take a restart for it to re-enable. 

This is a completely random problem too. I am unable to reproduce the problem.

I am just about ready to replace the card and see if that works (the laptop is out of warranty and I'm comfortable inside of a laptop so that is not an issue).

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TP-Link Dual-Band Wireless :: WDR4300 - Disabling Broadcast Of Manufacturer Name?

Mar 21, 2013

Model : TL-WDR4300
Hardware Version :
Firmware Version :

Model : TL-WDR4300
Hardware Version :
Firmware Version :

Is it possible to disable broadcasting that the WDR4300 is made by TP-Link? I want to continue to broadcast the SSID but not the manufacturer. I have looked in the various menu pages and cannot figure out how to have this happen.

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Cisco :: 5508 Wireless Controller Reload After Disabling WebAuth SecureWeb

May 21, 2013

We have disabled the WebAuth SecureWeb on our 5508 WLCs so Guest users can access the guest splash page without the certifiacate error.  The controllers are currently running Everything works fine with the WebAuth SecureWeb enabled, but once we disable the guest users are not redirecting to the splash page anymore. I remember having to reload the controller in the past to disable HTTPS completely, but is this still the case?  I don't see any documentation supporting the need to reload.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Disabling SSID Broadcast For Both 2.4 And 5GHz Stops Blinking

Jul 1, 2011

I was quite excited about E4200 I got yesterday. Everything works perfect except front LED light start blinking a few hours later. Don't know why it happens in a sudden and non-stop. After several tries, I found that disabling SSID broadcast for both 2.4 and 5GHz stops the blinking.Of course, before doing that, I upgraded firmware to 1.0.02, reset to factory defaults and finally set up E4200 manually rather than using Cisco Connect. Now the LED light is continuously lit.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT120N Losing Wireless Connection To PC's

Aug 9, 2011

I'm running Windows 7 64bit and I have sucessfully configured my wireless print server (Linksys WPSM54G) to work with my computer and our HP DesignJet 500ps.  I have been able to print several sets of drawings without issue, however if the plotter is inactive for an extended period of time (1 hour +/-) the wireless print server loses connection with our router.  At the same time the print server loses connection, an associate in our office with a wireless connection to his computer also loses connection to the router.  A simple power cycle of the router and print server restores the wireless connection
I chatted with Linksys online tech support and they confirmed that I had the most recent firmware in both the router and print server and had me reconfigure some of the wireless settings on the router.  All was good until about an hour ago when I tried to plot and discovered that the print server had lost it's connection to the router and my associate had also lost his wireless connection.
What's the deal here?  I feel as though the root cause of this issue is related to the wireless router rather than the print server as my associate was periodically losing connectivity to the wireless router before installing the print server. 

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Keep Losing Wireless Connectivity?

Mar 30, 2011

Noticed the last couple days that pages weren't loading on my laptop. Looked at the network status for the laptop and noticed that my network speeds would fluctuate from 54Mbps to 1Mbps, and various speeds in between. I had never had this happen before (I've had this router, a Linksys, for about 6 years). I thought maybe something was going on with the laptop. Grabbed my wife's laptop and she had the same issue. So, I checked the wired towers - their speeds are running at 100% all the time, no fluctuation. So, it has to be something with my router, but I'm not familiar with how to diagnose, etc. The router has a 3rd party firmware (DD-WRT) flashed on it, in case that matters. But I've had that on there about 4 years, nothing new. I've done a DHCP release and renew.

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Laptop Losing Wireless Connection?

May 30, 2012

So my boyfriend and I just moved and, after struggling with our old wireless router we haven't used in years (pretty sure it was dead), we bought a whole new one in the hopes that starting from scratch would be simpler. It's a Netgear and we were aiming to hook up three devices through it; my laptop, his computer, and our Xbox 360.

He hooked it up no problem and we were using wifi for our computers and one ethernet cable through the router into the Xbox, peach as pie... Except my Toshiba laptop decided to rebel and allow me to use the internet for about five minutes before claiming there's "no internet." The signal says excellent and the little alert symbol keeps appearing and disappearing, but no pages will load. I tried running troubleshooting, but it couldn't identify the problem. Shutting down my laptop and turning it back on seems to be the only way to get it going again for another five minutes until the cycle continues.

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Losing Network When Some PCs Try To Connect Wireless?

Jun 15, 2012

I've got a linksys router with two desktops running on it fulltime. One is hardwired (Win 7), the other is wireless (Vista). Normally, they have no problems with connecting. But I just got a laptop (Win 7) that is causing the whole network to go down for about 15-20 minutes then it will come back up for all my PCs but still drop out sporadically causing another 15-20 minute wait Both my desktops are unable to connect during this time. I also just got an old refurbished XP laptop from work, and it connects flawlessly. Then we had a friend come by and try to connect to our network and her laptop had the same problem.

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Keeps Losing Connection To Wireless Points

May 1, 2012

Im having problems with some toshiba laptops that arnt showing the SSID for some wireless points in the school. We have had the waps set up with the same ssid so we can walk around and the laptops will connect from one to the other. Its been like this for sometime however some new laptops we have got running windows 7 pro show some of the waps up as "other network" - File attached. The actual SSID on ALL waps is Peel Park WiFi Therefore it keeps losing connection to the wireless points and wont connect to some.

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Losing Wireless Connection During TV Playback

Oct 8, 2011

I am running the below rig and connecting wirelessly via my DSL Router to my Blu-ray player which is connected via HDMI to my TV. Using Windows Media Center I have been recording shows via an OTA antenna. They are in .wtv format and going on the 500GB HDD. Playing these files on my TV has been going well until this week. During playback we frequently lose the connection. I have tried power cycling the router and the player, re-entering my settings in the player and connecting via Cat 6 cable. The only clues I have are that I recently did a second firmware update on my player (did not occur immediately after that) and I sometimes get the following message on the computer... Media Foundation Protected Pipeline EXE has stopped working.


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D-Link DIR-655 :: Keeps Losing Connection Through Wireless?

Mar 5, 2011

It seems to happen only when connected through our rooms or through wireless.  When I connect directly to the router I don't lose connection.  The router is downstairs and it routes the wired connection through a switch.  So when routing through the switch or using wireless the connection is lost and re-connects about every 30 seconds to 1 minute.  When directly connected it works fine.  I've reset the router and reset all settings twice and nothing.  I'm using 10/100.  Not sure if any of this matters. I have also updated the firmware to 1.35NA.  PPPOE password and username are correct as they have been given by our ISP.  Any settings I should be aware of?  Everything is pretty much default.  All I do is setup the internet connection and then setup a wireless connection.  Are we overloading the system maybe? I've also changed the password a few times as well.  Seems like the logs fill up really fast. Keep getting blocked UDP and TCP packets from different addresses. 

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Wireless :: Linksys Router Losing Connection?

Sep 12, 2011

linksys router problems Linksys wireless router connected to cable modem. over time router looses connection to internet. rebooting router reestablishes connection. running XP sp3 from laptop connected wirelessly?

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Wireless :: Losing Internet Connection Over Wifi

Nov 5, 2011

I recently bought a iMac and it has been fine apart from the wi-fi connection.It used to disconnect me for 2-4 minutes every now and then at first and then this died down, but recently it keeps losing connection altogether. When I go on run diagnostics it says that i have failed to connect to the ISP and internet.Is there anyway to fix this?,I use a Netgear router with an Apple iMac running with OS X Lion

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Acer Aspire 5715 Losing Wireless

Aug 3, 2011

I have an Acer Aspire 5715 running Vista..the wireless was acting up so I purchased a new Atheros wireless adapter. It runs fine for a while then loses signal then pops back up. I have reformatted the laptop, checked all the appropriate areas (so that it does not turn off to save power) downloaded the latest drivers,and reset my router to factory settings.


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Intel Wireless Card Keeps Losing The Connection?

Jun 13, 2011

my Intel wireless card keeps losing the connection. Until a couple of weeks ago it would be fine for roughly the first 20 minutes then the connection would just completely drop out and the only way to get it back again is to go into the network and sharing centre, disable the network card and then reenable it. Most of the time this works, but again for only the first 20-30 minutes, then I have to do it again. Occasionally it works for for longer but that's a rare occasion.Now not only does it do this, but also, if I put my laptop into sleep, sometimes when I turn it back on again the card will not connect to the network and I have to do the same disable and enable process.[ODE]

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Stop Pc From Losing The Connection To Wireless Router?

Jan 25, 2012

When using my pc through my wireless Netgear router, the connection is lost periodically and I get the message "default gateway not accessible". It only happens on my PC, and not on my IPad. What should I do to keep the connection on my PC?

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PCI Wireless Adapter Constantly Losing Connection?

Jan 24, 2012

Im currently living downstairs from the router. Its in a "secure location." Long story short, the person I live with is very private about the particular room its located in. I know the router is a "N" model Linkys.I installed the software that came with the PCI adapter (NETGEAR N300) and everything seemed smooth, then I constantly kept dropping connection. I then assumed the driver needed updating so I uninstalled the driver and re-downloaded the recommended driver from the netgear website,Things to know:

-I don't do any heavy gaming

-When I disable and reable the PCI adapter driver from device manager I can reconnect to the internet rather quickly.

-When uploading a video to youtube I found the connection to be more stable, but slower. (could of been a coincidence)

Currently I've been running "TCP view" to try to find something in the background taking bandwidth. I searched all the applications that it lists and nothing seems to be abnormal.

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Wireless :: Htc One V Radio Keeps Turning Off - Losing Network

Mar 28, 2013

lose network connection on htc one v. At settings, mobile network says radio turned off. Could I have done something to cause this. I`ve had this phone for 4 months. This problem just started.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Losing Wireless Network After A Few Hours?

Jan 7, 2013

I have been using DIR 615 at home for around one year. Now I notice that after some time of continuous usage (say around 3 4 hours) the Wireless network is lost. Thereafter only reboot brings it back. I checked for any latest firmware upgrade from admin page, but it says device already has the latest.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Losing Wireless Connections To Devices?

Feb 5, 2012

My Dlink router has been working fine until recently.  The only changes I made was to try to put time limits on my kids' devices, through Tools->Schedules and Advanced-> access control. Things worked Ok, but I soon realized I had to reserve each kids' device DHCP number, or so I thought(?)  Anyhow, now I seem to have to log into my dlink router weekly as their wireless connection stops each week.  Not sure if it affects the non-reserved wireless devices. Not sure what's happening or what I did wrong.  Running the following: DIR615 hardware Version B2 Firmware 2.25 Under DHCP Server settings: Enable DHCP server - checked Addrss range to   Note - reserved ips in that range Lease time 1440 minutes Always broadcast - checked rest blank NetBIOS type Mixed mode.

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