Cisco Switches :: SG500X 10Gb Copper To Server Hardware

Feb 7, 2013

We have a site with a number of SG500X switches who are about to have a new server installed.
The server is a Dell ESXi host with a dual port 10Gb NIC supporting SFP+.
I know the primary purpose of the 10Gb ports on the SG500X is for stacking etc. but the switch does come with four 10Gb ports.
Why I wouldn't be able to utilize a 10Gb port as a copper connection to the 10Gb NIC on the server? Anyone out there with a SG500X connected directly to a server at 10Gb?

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TS-879 Pro - 8 Or 16 Port 10gb Switch For Copper?

Oct 30, 2011

I am looking at doing some upgrades to my home office and i was looking at getting either 1 or 2 TS-879 Pro (Qnap9) and upgrading the nics to 10bg nics.. .but my problem is where can i get a suitable 8port or 16port switch for these..

I have never worked with 10gb stuff before i am looking for advise on what switchs i can get..I will be mainly doing Vitrualization and data management on it.

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Cisco Switches :: Connecting SG500x-24 To MOE

Jan 2, 2013

Trying to connect SG500X-24 switches to a new installation of MOE (four sites)provided by Century Link.  I have tagged the uplink port with the MOE vlan, but traffic does not want to pass through.

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Cisco Switches :: Unable To Connect To SG500x

May 20, 2013

We have problems with MGBSX1 when connect to SG500X switches , need configuration adittional ?? or only plug and play ?

The SFP-10G-LRM= is compatible for connect between WS-C2960S-24TD-L with SG500X ?? 

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Cisco Switches :: SG500X-48-K9-G5 And SG200-18 Compatible SFP

Jun 24, 2012

I am interesting if GLC-SX-MM sfp modules are compatible with following switches: SG500X-48-K9-G5 and SG200-18.

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Cisco Switches :: How Many Queues Actually Supports Switch SG500X

Nov 11, 2012

I need to confirm how many queues actually supports the switch SG500X?. In SG500X_data_sheet.pdf document (pg. 8) say they have 4 hardware queues (8 future) !

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Cisco Switches :: SG500X-58 - Native Stacking Mode?

Mar 15, 2013

The switch SG500X-48 has 4 SFP+ ( 10G ) ports - XG1, XG2, XG3/S1, XG4/S2 - and two configuration modes - standalone and "native stacking".
Can I use XG1 and XG2 SFP+ ports to connect servers when "Native stacking" mode is active ?

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Cisco Switches :: Virtual NIC On VOIP System And SG500X?

Aug 27, 2012

We have a VOIP system with 1 physical NIC attached to our SG500X. It has a virtual MAC address along with the physical MAC address. It has 2 IP addresses tied to it.
I can ping the physical IP address, but can only ping the virtual address from the same vlan as the virtual nic. However, if I clear the arp table, a few pings will go through until they all time out again. This is causing problems on my phone system, and I need to establish this communication. I have tried putting in static MAC and ARP entries, but that does not work.

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Cisco Switches :: SG500x How Many 10GE Ports Can Be Used For Uplink

Apr 25, 2013

i was checking the datasheet of 500X series and got confused regarding the 10GE uplinks. how many 10GE ports can be used for uplink and which transceiver should be used for 10GE copper uplink? for example, SG500x-24 switch has 24GE ports and 4x10GE uplinks. can i use the 4x10GE ports for uplinks or only 2 ports are for uplink and the rest for stacking?

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Cisco Switches :: SG500x Stack And Connect To A NAS Device At 10G

Oct 11, 2012

I purchased 2 SG500x switches that I will stack and connect to a NAS device at 10G. I need to purchase transceivers. The documentation has me confused. I just want to make sure that I can use SFP-10G-SR to stack and as the interface to the NAS. S1/S2 for stacking and XG1/XG2 to connect to the NAS all at 10G.                  

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Cisco Switches :: SG500X-48 Stack Link Down Warning Messages?

Jan 24, 2013

I just deployed two stacked SG500X switches.  I noticed these messages in the log (see below).  Despite these messages everything appears to be functioning.   
21474818342013-Jan-25 11:41:17Warning%Stack-W-LINK DOWN: link 0 on unit-2, aggregated (369)      
21474818352013-Jan-25 11:41:17Informational%Stack-I-LINK UP: link 0 on unit-2, aggregated (369) 
21474818362013-Jan-25 11:37:25Warning%STCK SYSL-W-UNITMSG: UNIT ID 2,Msg:%Stack-W-LINK DOWN: link 0 on unit-2, aggregated (1) 
21474818372013-Jan-25 11:37:25Warning%Stack-W-LINK DOWN: link 0 on unit-2
21474818382013-Jan-25 11:37:25Informational%Stack-I-LINK UP: link 0 on unit-2 

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Cisco Switches :: Does SG500X Support Redundant Power Supply

Jun 1, 2013

Does SG500X support the following
redundant Power Supply?PIM sparse mode (PIM-SM), PIM dense mode (PIM-DM), and PIM sparse-dense mode?Layer 4 prioritization: enables prioritization based on TCP/UDP port numbersUni-Directional Link Detection (UDLD) — monitors a link between two switches and blocks the ports on both ends of the link if the link goes down at any point between the two devices 

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Cisco Switches :: SG500X XG Ports Show Unknown Speed

Oct 30, 2012

We currently have the XG1 through XG4 ports on our SG500X switch setup in a LAG with the Cisco 10G-FiberOptics.  Everything is working fine,however in the web UI under Port Management->Port Settings the "Port Speed" is listed as Unknown.  All other ports report the speed correctly. We have 2 SG500X switches configured this way and both are reporting the same Uknown speed. 
Firmware Version (Active Image):  Firmware Version (Non-active):

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Cisco Switches :: 1G Fiber Module Part Code For SG500X

May 10, 2012

We Need SG500X Switch for its VRRP Features.  and also, We do have 1G Fiber on Network.  So, which fiber module can i choose for SG500X switch.
It do have 4x 10GE SFP+ Ports.
Can i choose MGBLX1  for SG500X for 1 gigabit fiber connectivity?

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Cisco Switches :: SG500X-24 Stacking - Keeping Connections Active

May 12, 2013

I am installing a network that has two SG500X-24 switches as core and several SG300-52 switches as access switches. I've seen in the SG500X-24 datasheet that there is a True Stacking feature. But in the data sheet there are not a lot of details about it. My doubt is the following. If I configure the two SG500X-24 switches as a single switch through stacking them, can I connect one SG300-52 switch to these two SG500X-24 switches through two cables (both configured as a LAG in the SG300-52 and in the SG500X-24 stack, one cable per SG500X-24), the  the first cable connected to the first SG500X-24 switch and the second cable connected to the second SG500X-24 switch and keep both connections active?

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Cisco Switches :: SFP-H10GB-CU1M SFP+ Copper Cable Module Speed Shows As Unknown

Jul 17, 2012

I have connected 2 SG500x switches using an SFP-H10GB-CU1M SFP+ Copper Cable module.  Since the port shows as a 10G port, I would expect the speed to show as 10G as well.  However, it shows as "Unknown".  This doesn't leave me with confidence that it is being recognized properly.  The link is working properly, but I haven't run tests to verify if I'm getting full 10G throughput or not.  Shouldn't it show 10G as the link speed?

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Cisco WAN :: X2-10GB-LR Having 10GB Uplink Between Two Buildings

Oct 20, 2011

My manager ordered some Cisco X2-10GB-LR in hopes of having a 10GB uplink between two buildings. We put those modules on the switch and we are getting link flap errors, then the ports goes into err-disabled state.
I was later told there is a couple of "hops" between the buildings, it could be a patch panel or a fiber switch, I do not know at this point. My guess is, we are getting link flap because the "hops" are only running at 1GB. Would this be a typical sympton of the link flap error message? and is there any way to test if there is switches inbetween our routers?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Possible To Do LACP Using 2 X 10GB Between 3750X / 2960S Switches

Sep 4, 2012

I need to know if is possible to do a LACP using  2 x 10GB between 3750X and 2960S (WS-C2960S-48LPD-L) switches.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560 - Switches Capable Of 10GB Port Density

Feb 5, 2013

I have 3560's in my current environment, operating in the core/distro/access layers. The switches are in a star configuration, performs only layer 2 switching, and utilizes copper (no plans on moving to fiber).
With a fairly limited budget, I've been contemplating on upgrading the central node to a stacked 3750X to eliminate that single point of failure, and trunk the rest of the 3560's to the stacked switch. I wanted to be sure that the 3750X switches will be right for my environment (90-100 hosts), and if what I explained above is a good solution.
I'm also looking like to upgrade 6-7 of my servers (and SAN) with 10GB network cards. Do the ports on the 3750X have port densities capable of 10GB? If not, what switches provide that capability?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: X2 10GB SR10 Gig Module Will Support Fijutsu Primary Server

Jun 12, 2013

We got a requirement for 2 number of  X2-10GB-SR line card WS-X45-SUP6-E in WS-C4506-E.Customer want to connect with Fujitsu primary server . they have 10 gig module so i guess it will support with that.Also a doubt this X2-10GB-SR we can directly connect the firber sc multimode cable write no additional sfp required write .And for my knowledge if i use CVR-X2-SFP. I think to multimode sfp we have to insert write so do we get to 10 gig ports in one slot or how is it .

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Cisco Switches :: SG500x Point To Point Connection Very Slow After 1.30.59 Update

May 1, 2013

I have a point to point 100mb line connecting SG500x switches at 2 locations, with these ports in a vlan together. I use layer 3 on the SG500x's to route between the two sites. I also have RIP protocol enabled to allow for automatic failover if the point to point fails (this works well).
I upgraded the ios to 1.30.59, and the connection now runs at a fraction of the speed. I have hard-coded the ports to run at 100mb full duplex, but I still only get around 12mb of throughput between the switches. I used to get about 90mb before. The provider also hard-coded the circuit to 100mb full duplex. The provider has checked the circuit remotely, and everything looks fine. I tested with a laptop at each side, and did get almost 70mb throughput. I would think this indicates some type of setting mismatch, but i cannot find anything.
I am using a backup vpn for now as some things look flaky as well (on vpn, I can use the web interface to access the SG500x on the opposite side, but on the point to point I cannot - I can ping the device though).
I have seen some references on here to shutting off STP on these 2 ports.

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LAN Over Copper Twisted Pair Cable

Jan 14, 2013

Is it possible to run a large LAN over copper twisted pair cables?This is to connect 41 PC's that monitor fire systems on a large hospital site.I am trying to use the existing cable that is wired in a loop all round the site.

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Cisco WAN :: 7206 Supports How Many Copper Gigabit Ethernet

Mar 15, 2012

We have a Cisco 7206 VXR Router with NPE-G2. As everybody aware that, It has got 3 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports on this. We would like to add Two more Copper Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces. The Configurator does not show any options to add that.Now we have a doubt that, Does this 7206 VXR support how many Copper Gigabit Ethernet Interface ?. There is no clear answer available in the Data Sheets.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750X And 10 Gb Copper Connection

Sep 3, 2012

We need to deploy a 3750X switch with 10 Gb module. The pb is what SFP to choose ? The 10 Gb ports will be attached to an ethernet 10 Gb RJ-45 Server port. The 10 Gb connection has to be copper (not fiber). Is this reference ok : SFP-H10GB-CU3M= (version 2) ?  I mean is it a copper cable with an attached SFP.

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Cisco WAN :: 7206 VXR - NPE-G2 / Add More Copper Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces?

Aug 17, 2011

We have a Cisco 7206 VXR Router with NPE-G2. As everybody aware that, It has got 3 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports on this. We would like to add Two more Copper Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces. The Configurator does not show any options to add that...
Now we have a doubt that, Does this 7206 VXR support how many Copper Gigabit Ethernet Interface ?. There is no clear answer available in the Data Sheets.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG500x Create Several VLANs

Aug 27, 2012

I need to set up a VLAN. We just bought the SG500x switches and we need to create several VLANs.
So for example:
192.168.1.x --> Vlan 1
192.168.2.x --> Vlan 2
192.168.3.x --> Vlan 3
What I would like to know is how do I come about setting this up and do I have to do something with my DHCP server to allow this to happen?                  

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2811 Port Is Connected To Fiber Or Copper

Jan 14, 2013

I need Know what connection is using on Cisco 2811 router.I have this interface in Cisco 2811, I need Know if this port is connected to Fiber or Copper. I think is copper with RJ45 but I see 100 base TX/FX so this make me doubt about it because TX its for copper link and FX for fiber. [code]

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Cisco LAN :: 6513 How To Create Loop Back Cable For Gig Copper Port

Jul 4, 2012

How to create loopback cable for gig copper port (cisco 6513).I

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: CGS-2520-16S-8PC - Not Applying POE Power To Copper Ports

Feb 4, 2012

I have a situation where two of my CGS-2520-16S-8PC switches are not applying POE power to the copper ports, but showing power inline, two ports are showing power applied. Shutting down the port and re-enabling it will return the port to normal and the phone will connect.
I'm running cgs2520-lanbasek9-mz.122-58.EY2 after using 122-58-se1. Happening on both, but i have more switches running EY2 with no issues at the moment. Using DC power supply averaging around 53v.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1242AG - Extend Network That Cannot Be Reached By Copper Or Fiber?

Nov 18, 2012

I have two Aironet 1242AG access points.  Currently, one of those access points is in use with an SSID of ABCWIFI.
I want to extend the wireless network to an area that can't be reached by copper or fiber.  So, I've purchased another 1242AG.  What I'm not sure of is how to configure it.  Should I use it as a repeater or in a root-bridge/non-root bridge configuration?
What I'm most confused about is, what do I do with the second radio?  Do I use the 5Ghz as the "backhaul" with a completely separate SSID and then broadcast the normal SSID over the 2.4Ghz?  Or, do I even use the second radio at all?  The key is that the same SSID is used in all locations because the devices in use need to move seemlessly between access points

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 C3kx-nm-1g - Network / Copper Module For It

Oct 18, 2012

For the c3kx-nm-1g network module it looks like it will take the standard sfp's for fiber but I need copper rj45 connections, is there a copper sfp for this?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750x Switch That Handle Its 24 / 48 Ports At 10 Gbps With Copper

Dec 19, 2011

Is there a switch that handle its 24/48 ports at 10 Gbps with copper?. I have checked  3750 X but just handle 2 SFP with 10 Gbps.The requirement is to use this switch as CORE and connect 12 switches (access) using  its uplinks at 10 Gbps  with copper ( in this case 3750 X can be used).using copper at 10 Gbps the distance is still 100 m?

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Cisco WAN :: 2911 - Get Away With Configuring Blackbox With RJ45 To Copper Port On Router Ethernet?

Apr 27, 2011

Purchased a 2911 router for a customer, and I'm sure I'm missing a module here.
Teleco installed T1 and left connection to smart jack.  Router only has 2-3 copper ports.
Can I get away with configuring the blackbox with RJ45 to the copper port on the router ethernet or do I need to purchase a HWIC ?

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