Cisco Wireless :: 1552 RAP-to-RAP And Maintain Redundancy With Connection To WLC

Feb 26, 2013

I need to know if i can connect RAP to RAP and maintain redundancy with connection to WLC.
I have one 1552 with the gigabit ethernet connected to the gigabit ethernet to another device that has a point-to-point link with another device where have a ethernet connection with a switch in the same broadcast domain where i have my WLC.
Next to this 1552 i have another 1552 that have the same situation, both with omnidirectional antenna.
I would like to have a Mesh connection with these two 1552 in 5Ghz, because if some point-to-point link is down i need redundancy to the WLC and my network, because i have some clients connected in the 2.4 Ghz in both Access Points.

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Laptop Cannot Maintain Strong Connection To Wireless

Sep 5, 2011

I mostly use my computer in my house, so I am not sure if it is a network problem, or something is wrong with my laptop, but I am having a lot of trouble maintaining a constant connection lately. Often times, I try to load a page and it says "connection reset" or whatever.I have a Dell Studio laptop with an Intel WiFi Link 5100 AGN wireless card. I am using the Broadcom Netlink driver along with Microsoft Miniport Adapter (all of this info came from my Device Manager). I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, 4GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 2.10 GHz, Service Pack 1.

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Aztech Wireless-N WL522USB - Cannot Maintain Connection

Oct 10, 2011

can't figure out what's killing my desktop's connection.I'm running Windows 6 Ultimate x64. I was using an Aztech Wireless-N WL522USB adaptor before, and it was working perfectly fine apart from the fact that it was a tad slow, which led me to buy a new Linksys AE1000 adaptor.I'm guessing I caused some kind of conflict, because after an hour or two of use (and after installation of the drivers), I started getting DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL BSODs, as well as my connection dying on me. I did not uninstall the drivers for the Aztech adaptor before installing the new one, and I have a feeling this might have something to do with it. Anyway, right now, I've switched back to the Aztech (intend to return the Linksys), and I'm still having connection problems. The tooltip of the wireless icon on the toolbar shows "No Network Access", while clicking on it shows "Limited Access". I have neither internet access nor local access to the router. The weird thing is that it works for a VERY short period of time after starting up, where I will have full internet access, and after which it will revert to the Limited Access state.

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LG LD550 TV Doesn't Maintain Wireless Connection To Internet

Aug 3, 2011

I recently purchased an LG 42" LD550 Flat Screen TV. This TV is supposed to wirelessly connect to the Internet in order to stream Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, etc. I've purchased and connected the required LG AN-WF100 USB Adapter (dongle). My desktop computer is a Dell Studio XPS 435T/9000. My router is a D-LINK WBR-1310.

The TV simply won't maintain a connection with my network. Sometimes it will find the network just fine for several days -- then it disappears (in the list of networks, only my neighbors' networks show up, not mine).

I follow the steps in the LG manual: I go to "Network" and select "Wireless"

It then shows the AP List. My AP (SSID) is almost NEVER listed, but when it occasionally is, I select it and type in my Security Key. It then proceeds to scan, and 95 percent of the time, it comes back with the error message, "Connection is Failed. Going Back to the List". The other 5 percent of the time, it ACTUALLY CONNECTS for a while (sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few days). Then it disappears, and the whole cycle starts again

It's been a week now since I actually got connected! Is it the TV or the router? My router works with other devices (laptop, Nook eReader, second desktop computer), so it HAS to be set up right, doesn't it? The entire reason for buying the TV was so that I could wirelessly stream from the internet, and I feel cheated.

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Netgear WNDA3100v2 Wireless Network Adapter Will Not Maintain Connection

Sep 23, 2012

I'm using is the Netgear WNDA3100v2.What happens is when I attempt to connect to the internet I have to reset the adapter multiple times before it even recognizes my internet. And then once that happens it takes a few more tries to actually connect. And when I'm connected the speed is fairly decent (around 15-30 Mbps). Problem is, every 5 minutes maybe even less, I disconnect. Then I have to go back through the process of restarting the adapter and whatnot until I reconnect. I've been dealing with this problem for a few months now and have neglected to post about it anywhere because I didn't think it to be this unique.

I have tried just about every other "solution" I could find on the problem and none have worked. Also, if this says anything, I have a laptop setup literally 1 foot or less from my desktop and it connects perfectly well and good using the same adapter. Also I recently purchased another adapter (Linksys AE3000). I figured this might solve my ailment but of course, the same thing happens as the Netgear, except possibly worse. And that adapter works fine on the laptop as well. I also just yesterday completely reformatted my computer hoping it would work, but of course didn't. [code]

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Dropping / Unable To Maintain Internet Connection

Jul 17, 2012

I've recently picked up a E4200 to build a dual band network which is targeting to link up (TV, media server, ps3, laptops) then (maintaining phones etc which only has b/g). While currently only laptops.Before doing any of these I have another cisco modem router DPC3825 which worked fine with giving wireless access.I first attemped to leave the modem router has is and connected the E4200 (ethernet 1 to internet), and changed ip to x.x.0.1 and x.x.0.2 while disabling wireless on the dpc3825 and the DCHP on the e4200 and have default gateway to x.x.0.1. My laptops can connect to wireless on E4200 but it couldn't get internet access.
Then I tried turning the modem to bridge mode & resetted E4200 (factory setting x.x.1.1, auto DHCP), and then connected my devices to both wireless bands. At this point I see router status obtained ip from ISP and Internet reached full speed per ISP's mark but the connection only held up for about 1 minutes. I noticed all the devices still maintained connection to router wirelessly but the router loses internet connection (lost the ip and couldn't get it back).

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SNR And CRC - How To Maintain Connection

Feb 20, 2012

I got Serbian Orion Telekom ADSL Max packet (16/1mb, modem: tp-link td-8816 v5), and used it in Belgrade without any issues with speeds of 13.95mb / 0.86mb. Since I have moved to another city (with recently done all infrastructure) I got this sudden CRC problems, plus ADSL2+ connection problems. Currently at ADSL2+ Annex A. and here is my speed test: And now, what's constantly occuring and is annoying me to bits is the thing that at ADSL2 connection I connect at 10mb with SNR of 6db and it successfully hangs on to the connection, but on ADSL2+ (16mb, max 24mb) with SNR of 6.8db it drops every few minutes. How can I use my 16mbit normally instead of only 10? Maybe some kind of low SNR router could work? How to treat CRC? I have new telephone cable, checked the splitters and also in wall connector.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: DIR-632 Signal Does Not Maintain Connection

Apr 18, 2011

I recently purchased the dir-632 and am having trouble getting my Apple Powerbook G4 to join the airport network.  I get this message, you may have entered an incorrect password, (I know that I have not), network name (I know this is correct), chosen the wrong type of wireless security (here I think is my problem) or may be out of range of the base station, (impossible as I am 10 feet away, and my PC's all work in the same range).

-My settings are      DHCP client
-cable status          Connected
-network status      connected
-801.11 mode         11bgn

I get a good strong signal from the airport but get a status connected to network and getting status message at the bottom, but the signal changes to not associated with any network every 30 seconds or so.  this just cycles between the two messages.  the signal does not maintain a connection. 

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Can't Maintain Wifi Connection In Windows Vista?

Jan 26, 2013

I borrowed a laptop from my sister while my laptop is out of commission. I've been trying to use the wifi, but the connection keeps dropping. I've tried following different pieces of advice from the internet, and I still can't get it working[CODE]

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Switched To Comca And Now Can't Maintain Wifi Connection

May 30, 2012

So I recently had to get Comca$t xfinity cable internet due to Verizon Fios not being available in my new home.With Fios on my laptop, I didn't lose connection at all in 3 years.With Comca$t, I lose my wifi connection just about every other minute.It just keeps disconnecting and reconnecting.I'm running Vista.My Ipad is connected just fine and doesn't drop connection.This makes me think it has something to do with my laptop. They are the same distance from the wireless gateway.

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DIR-815 Router Can't Seem To Maintain Constant Internet Connection?

May 7, 2012

I have a new DIR-815 router, with a network consisting of one HP desktop computer, one Sony VAIO laptop computer and one Samsung tablet computer.My problem is that I can't seem to maintain a constant internet connection requiring a new router setup at least once a week, sometimes more frequently.Also, even though the network I set up is called "HOME" my desktop, which is the computer connected to my cable provider, never shows any connection to that network. Both the laptop and the tablet connect to the :HOME" network while the desktop connects to something called "Network 5" which does not show up anywhere in my setup. As long as I have an Internet connection I really don't care what the connection is called, but I find it strange that I am connected to a network that apparently does not even exist

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 VPN Concentrator To Maintain Connection With Remote Sites

Jul 11, 2011

I have been working with my ASA 5505 VPN Concentrator to maintain a connection with one of my remote sites.  I have several tunnels that work fine and dont have any issues at all, but one tunnel with outside IP ending in 146 and inside LAN goes down every 24 hours.  Attached is the config from the concentrator.  I changed around the Security Association Lifetime Settings and the tunnel would drop after that amount of time expired.  If I set it to 24 hours, the tunnel would drop every 24 hours.  If I set it to 8 hours it would go down every 8 hours.
I have swapped the router a few times, double and triple checked my key settings, disabled keep alives on both ends, and this problem just started happening a few weeks ago after working fine for years.  I also get the following e-mail error every time it goes down:

<161>Jul 10 2011 16:19:47: %ASA-1-713900: Group =, IP =, construct_ipsec_delete(): No SPI to identify Phase 2 SA!

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Cisco Wireless :: Can't Set 1552 To Use 802.11a 40 MHz Channels

Apr 22, 2012

I am testing a Cisco 1552 and cannot seem to set it to use the 40 MHz channels. In the controller GUI is is set to use 40 MHz channels under DCA for 802.11a but when I go into the CLI and show the config of the AP it shows the channel width to be 20 MHz. If I try to change the channel width through the CLI I get "radio is not disable or ap not set to customize" or something like that. The radio is disabled globally and locally. Is there a way to set the AP or radio to a "customize" mode?
What prompted this was I was testing the throughput on it and can only get a 130 mbps data rate connection to it. The data sheet says it will support 300 mbps with the 40 mhz channel so I was trying to test it atteh higher rate.The HW is a Cisco 4402 with 7.0.230 software on it, 1552E.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1552 MAP Can't Join Network Through RAP

May 6, 2013

I have configured a 1552, that is wired to network, as "Bridge" then "RootAP".
After reboot, I can see a MAP trying to join the network, in the "simple" logs of the controller :
"Mon May 6 17:29:43 2013   Mesh Node '04:da:d2:1f:4d:6f' failed to join controller, MAC address not in MAC filter list."
As I have done for the RAP, I enter this MAC address in the MAC Filtering area under Security tab. But this action doesn't solve the problem, I continue to see this message in the controller logs !
If I open a SSH session on the RAP, I can see this block of debug messages repeat all the time :
*May  6 15:29:33.163: %MESH-6-ADJ_VIDB_LINK: Mesh neighbor 04da.d21f.4d6f VIDB Virtual-Dot11Radio0 dot1x control
*May  6 15:29:33.167: %LINK-6-UPDOWN: Interface Virtual-Dot11Radio0, changed state to up
*May  6 15:29:34.167: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Virtual-Dot11Radio0, changed state to up
*May  6 15:29:43.223: %MESH-6-LINK_UPDOWN: Mesh station 04da.d21f.4d6f link Down
*May  6 15:29:43.423: %MESH-6-ADJ_VIDB_LINK: Mesh neighbor 04da.d21f.4d6f VIDB Virtual-Dot11Radio0 going
When I take a look into detailled debug messages of the controller I can see this :
*spamReceiveTask: May 06 17:30:44.364: #LWAPP-6-RADIUS_AUTHORIZATION: spam_radius.c:242 The system could not send join reply, AP authorization failed; AP:04:da:d2:1f:4d:6f
I don't know why the system talks about dot1x or Radius Authorization, and if this is the source of my problems. On a other hand, I can see in the debug messages that there is a 2 hours lag time between controller (correct time) and RAP (incorrect, I suppose it synchronize with the controller?)

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Cisco Wireless :: Connecting 1552 LAP With 802.11a Using AIR-CB21AG-E-K9

May 27, 2012

I'm having a small issue using my external CIsco Wireless Card AIR-CB21-AG-E-K9 with a Lightweight Access Point 1552 (Outdoor) using 802.11a Radio.
Description of issue :
I can connect to a wireless network when i set the Wireless Mode to 2.4GHz 54 Mbps (802.11 g), and 2.4 GHz 11 Mbps (802.11 b) on the card but not with 5GHz 54 Mbps (802.11a).
Note that this card is compatible to 802.11 a, b and g.
All settings on the 2504 WLC is set to default regarding the radios configuration.
Both radio interfaces type (802.11 b/g/n and 802.11a/n) are operational and Admin status Enable on the WLC.
The status of the wireless card is as follows :
Profile Name - Wifi-Test
Link Status - Not associated
Wirless Mode : 5 GHz 54 Mbps
Network Type : Infrastructure
Current Channel : Scanning

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1552 In Mesh Mode (MAP)

Sep 14, 2012

I'm trying to become famillar with Cisco Mesh AP's deployment. As I know RAP's (Roof-top AP's are AP's with Ethernet/Fiber connection to the network). I connected these AP's via L2 switch , they can reach WLC and everything looks fine.
No I want to connect few MAP's to my RAP's. But of course firstly we will need to set-up IP addresses for these MAP's? But how? There is no "configure terminal" option at all ( on mesh AP console) .
Exec commands:
access-profile   Apply user-profile to interface


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Cisco Wireless :: 1552 Outdoor AP Disappears From WLC5508

Dec 30, 2012

My problem ist that i have 4 air-cap-1552e APs witch are powerde trugh Power Injectors. They worked fine for a few days but then the controller ( lose connection to them. Right now i have only one Joined AP. The other 3 are status not joined. I can Ping all 4 Aps and wifi clients are connected through them.

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Cisco Wireless :: Mixing 1522 And 1552 Outdoor AP

Jun 13, 2013

Client has existing 1522 outdoor access points over different branches.1522 is dicontinued and 1552 is the replacement AP.Client intends to extend their outdoor wireless with the new AP's.Are there any known issues if the 1552 is mixed with 1522 envi?,Is a separate controller required for the new AP's?Will MESH work between 1522 and 1552 AP's?

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Cisco Wireless :: Configure A 1552 AP Over CLI To Bridge Mode

May 26, 2013

a customer got an 1552 outdoor AP in local mode and installed it at a building. It has to run as a Mesh AP (MAP). Now the AP connects one time to the WLC 5508 and started a download. After that, the AP never came back. Like we saw on the other installed 1552 RAP's, they all where in local mode.We configured all AP's to bridge mode, but the MAP could not join anymore.Is there a CLI command to change the mode on the AP itself?From the WLC it's not a problem, but for the AP CLI I cannot find sth.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1552 Is Equivalent Of Local Mode?

Jun 24, 2012

I found this sentence in 1552 AP guide."AP1552 comes only in the Bridge mode and the mode cannot be changed. A mesh access point performs CleanAir function and also serves clients on the assigned channel similar to the way the Cisco Indoor CleanAir AP3500 (nonmesh mode) operating in LMAP mode serving clients on its assigned channel. The mesh AP also monitors the spectrum only on that channel."We want to use this AP as a local AP ( not for mesh deployments) and serve our wireless clients. The main thing why we need this is just operating temperature. Is it good choice? Does it will function as "normal" local AP or we will have any problems , because of that "mesh" mode?

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Cisco Wireless :: Setting Channels Supported By 1552

Oct 15, 2012

Couple questions on setting channels on Cisco 1552s. First off almost all locations are fibered and set as RAPs. It doesn't allow me to set the channel assignment method to "global" to use DCA. It says it can't be done for a mesh backhaul AP. Is there any way around this? Next, when the channel is set to "custom" there are only 5 channels listed to choose from in the UNII-3 band. The spec sheet on the 1552 shows it supports other frequencies in the UNII-2 and UNII-2 extended range. Why can't I select those channels?

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1552 Operation Status Is Down On WLC 5508

Apr 21, 2013

I want to set up AP 1552 as outdoor access point so serve clients. This AP is connected to 3750X switch and recieving power over ethernet.Now, by default AP 1552 come with bridge mode and it cannot be changed to local mode. I read on one of the post and made it ROOTAP but still the OPER STATUS is down. This device is already registered to my WLC.
what needs to be done to bring the AP in operational status.[code]

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Cisco Wireless :: 1552 - Controller Based Mesh Configuration

Jun 26, 2012

I have to install a wireless mesh network shortly using Cisco 1552 APs.  This will be controller based using 5508 controllers.  The controllers currently have some 1262 APs configured in a mesh and bridging configuration so happy that it all basically works.  My question is - what is the "config mesh range' command doing on the controller ( or setting the Range(RootAP to MeshAP) setting on the controller mesh GUI.  The default setting is 12000feet and I have left it at default at present.  Just interested in what this is used for - I assume it alters the mesh protocol parameters somehow ( or the RF parameters perhaps ) as it suggests in the guide that mesh APs will reboot following this command being changed.

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Cisco Wireless :: Mesh 1552 Link Failover Not Seamless?

Apr 28, 2012

Child  MAP failover to another parent MAP takes 4 request time out (rto). Client  applications also time out and needs to reconnect everytime it  happens. It is a normal behavior for a 1552 ap?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1552 AP / WLC 7.2 - Mesh Infrastructure (Repeater Fallback)

Feb 14, 2013

I'm deploying a Cisco Mesh infrastructure using WLC 7.2 version and 1552 APs.
This Mesh APs will be connected in the Light Pole and the RAP will be connected to the SP Switch located in this same Pole.
The MAP will be powered using Pole source power and will be connected to the RAP over 5.8 Bach haul.
My Customer asks if is possible that in case of SP Switch lost the connectivity to the Backbone IP, the RAP can connected to another RAP and maintain the connectivity to the Backbone over the Air, like REPEATER FALLBACK mode in Autonomous version.
For that I thinking to change the role of the RAP APs to "MAP with UTP Cable", but I'm not sure that a MAP AP with CAPWAP tunnel over UTP Cable can provide a Down link Backhand to another MAPs. That is possible?

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Balking Wireless G Router Do Not Maintain Settings

May 14, 2012

I have a Belkin Wireless G Router. Whenever I set up a wireless password and network name, within a few hours, the router resets its self to its factory settings. The router will not let me maintain a secure network because of this. How do I make it so that all the settings that I set will stick?

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Cisco Wireless :: Upgrade C240 MSE Platform Size And Maintain UID?

Mar 6, 2013

When we originally deployed our Cisco Prime NCS and MSE Virtual Appliances, the VMsphere server they were on was not able to assign us the level of resources we requested.  We installed the MSE as "LOW" system due to the memory and CPU requirements.  It has a 2000 CAS element limit.  At the time we were licensed for 1000, so no huge problem.
Now, we purchased a Cisco UCS C240 server to run our Prime NCS and MSE on, which gives us our own environment where we have plenty of resources.  I also bought 6000 CAS element licensing.
The catch is, how can I either do a fresh install, using the same UID, on our new UCS server, so that our licensing is still valid when we move the box, or, is it possible to do some sort of platform reinstall or upgrade after moving our original MSE VM guest over to the UCS server?  Sadly, I can't even utilize the additional 1000 CAS element licensing at this time because it won't allow me to add the 6000 license and use only 2000, on the LOW appliance.  So I've got to get these VM guests moved, but maintain any UID's so that the licensing still works.
Is it possible to disconnect the licensing we have, from the UID, and move it to a different UID?

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: DPC3825 Not Able To Maintain FTP Session?

Jan 6, 2013

I am trying to figure out whyt my DPC3825 does not maintain a FTP session I did not really want to post this message rather I am trying to figure out how to search this board.

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Cisco Wireless :: Unable To Console Into 2600 And 1552 Series Access Points?

May 7, 2013

We are having a hard time to console into to the APs using the serial connection (USB to serial converter).We have tried the recommended settings (9600, 8 bits, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control (also tried XON/XOFF)) without any success.We are able to connect to 3560 series switches and 5508 WLCs using the same cables, notebook and application (putty, hyperterminal & secureCRT).

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Cisco :: 1552 AP Act Like A Switch?

Apr 25, 2012

I know that a 1552 AP has 4 Ethernet ports. Is it possible to use them as some standard switch ports? If I connect two ore more devices to these ports do i have connectivity between them?

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Cisco Infrastructure :: C3560 Licenses To Upgrade From IOS 12.X To 15.0.x To Maintain Functionality

Jun 27, 2012

I am upgrading the network equipment at my place of employment. We use Cisco C3560, 2960, 4506 and I was noticing that IOS 15.0.x is available. After doing some reading it appears that Cisco is going to a pay for the licensing functionality that you want. Do I need to purchase licenses to upgrade from IOS 12.X to 15.0.x to maintain functionality?

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Cisco Firewall :: Using Object-Groups For Easy Maintain ASA 5520 Configurations

Sep 19, 2011

After reading the post titled "ASA 5520 nat access-list query for internet access" I realized the object-group command could and should be used to make a more efficient and cleaner configuration. My current environment is very small and straight forward consisting of one FTP server in the DMZ. Though the guide: [URL] is straight forward, my inexperience hinders me from seeing how to use the commands effectively. A summary of the configuration is at the bottom of this post
Question: How can I clean up my current configuration? I have two references to the same server, dmz-rdp and dmz-ftp, created for port forwarding ports 3389 and ftp through the outside interface. I can combine them into one object statement, right? for each port I want to forward through the outside interface?
object network dmz-rdp
nat (DMZ,outside) static interface service tcp 3389 3389


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Belkin Routers :: F5D8235-4 V3 - N+ Requires Constant Reboots To Maintain Speed?

Oct 14, 2012

N+ requires constant reboots to maintain speed. When I reboot the router F5D8235-4 v3 it will run at top speed of 10mbps, after a day or two it slows to about 2mpbs. A reboot will speed it up again. I would prefer that it run fast all the time. Firmware 3.00.15

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