Dell :: Studio 1558 - Bluetooth Suddenly Stops Working

Aug 28, 2012

I have a dell studio 1558 laptop and it's got this Bluetooth problem. I use BT to connect to Internet through my phone as a modem. But sometimes it suddenly stops working and the BT icon vanishes from the taskbar. Every attempt to restart it by Wireless switch, or by restarting BT service/process fails. (this does not happen with WiFi, or any other connection though). The only way I get back Bluetooth ON again is if I put the system to sleep, or I shut down and Turn On (Hibernate, Restart, Log off doesn't work). And this happens more frequently while multitasking than normal use.

I am using Windows 7 Home premium (service pack 0).I have the latest Bluetooth module installed, latest system BIOS installed as available in the dell website.

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Dell :: Studio 1558 LAN Card Stops Working

Oct 10, 2012

All of a sudden after I plugged in my ethernet cable and then removed it after use, the LAN card stopped working. It wouldn't even flinch to show that there's a Limited Access network or it's connected to some network. The  network runs fine on my home PC.

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Dell :: Wireless Suddenly Stops Working On Studio 1557 Laptop

Feb 25, 2010

I have a Studio 1557 laptop (purchased in late December 2009) that all of a sudden has lost wireless connection to the internet.  Went to use it last night (Thursday) for normal use and no wireless connection at all.  Before this issue, there were no problems connecting thru wireless at fact used it Wednesday evening for work/surfing and no problems whatsoever.  We are using a Linksys 160N router...have 2 other computers and 2 iPod Touches that are connecting just fine, absolutely no problems.  It can connect thru a wired connection with no problems but nothing thru wireless...this is a fairly new router, about 10 days old, but haven't had any issues with it since set-up.

I didn't have much of a chance to do anything about this last night or this morning.  I really don't want to bother calling Dell Support either. 

Dell Studio 1557 Windows 7 64-bit, 8gb 1066Mhz, 320HD

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Dell :: Studio 1558 - 365 Bluetooth Adapter Is Not Compatible With Windows 8

Apr 17, 2013

Dell 365 Bluetooth Adapter program for [ Dell Studio 1558 ] is not compatible with windows 8. please update this program for compatibility with windows 8.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 16 Bluetooth Not Working

Nov 10, 2009

I just received my XPS 16 and I was informed that it had a built in Bluetooth. I purchased a bluetooth mouse and tried to use it, but I am unable to get the computer to turn on the Bluetooth device. Had Dell support look at it, but the guy passed me off to someone else. So I still do not have this working. Is there an updated driver required to get this Bluetooth working.

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Dell :: Studio 1555 Bluetooth Is Not Working

Jan 28, 2013

I have Dell Studio 1555 model laptop. Earlier I was using Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit. Dell(TM) Wireless 370 Bluetooth Module was installed and It was working fine. Recently I installed Windows 8 Pro. Since then Bluetooth is not working. I don't know which driver to install.

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Dell :: Wireless Suddenly Not Working Studio 1735 Vista

Jun 5, 2009

My Wireless network suddenly dropped out and now wont pick up any wireless devices.

When I go into Manage hardware it comes up saying that the Drivers are not installed for my network Controller. Searching does not find any to install and due to just relocating I cant find my original Disks that came with the laptop. 

So I am reduced to sitting next to the router and being hard wired for the internet.

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Dell :: Sim Card Slot On Studio 1558?

Jun 21, 2010

i have a brand new dell studio 1558

on my old computer i used an external PCMCIA modem from my cellular company , the modem uses a sim card to connect to the internet..

can i place the sim card inside the computer and use it as i used the previous modem ?


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Dell Studio 1558 - Keeps Dropping Wireless Connection?

Dec 12, 2012

Sometimes the connection will be lost altogether and when I try to reconnect it says "unable to connect" and I have to wait 5/10 mins until the laptop connects it's self again automatically.Other times, the signal strength shows as full (in the bottom right) but a yellow triangle appears with an exclamation mark in it and the status reads "Currently connected to Talk Talk 388380 No internet access". It stays like this for several minutes, then goes back to normal!?I've recently had fiber optic broadband installed, but I don't think this is the issue as it was happening before.Even when the internet is working, the connection speed is really poor; YouTube videos constantly buffer, even on low quality.I've plugged in the ethernet cable today and it appears to work fine, so I think it must be an issue with the laptop[CODE]

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Dell :: Internet Extremely Slow On Studio 1558

Apr 16, 2013

A while ago I had to take my laptop in to have it formatted and reinstalled after I had picked up a virus. I use the internal modem behind the battery where you insert the card, if I insert an external dongle using the same sim card it seems to work just fine. Before the reinstall it was just fine, connection speed was great 3g etc, now it is slower than an old 56k dial up (no kidding) I have asked the company where I bought it, but they cant find the problem. Is there a setting or update etc that I need?

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Dell :: Studio 1558 - Certain Websites Inaccessible Wirelessly

Dec 28, 2012

Studio 1558 using Windows 7 64-bit with Netgear DGN1000 router

I can access almost every website with no problem however two sites in particular time out unless I connect an ethernet cable between the laptop and the router. Then there is no problem, the site comes up immediately. The sites are and

I have tried different browsers but that does not make any difference. I borrowed a Toshiba laptop and connected to my wireless network and that had no problem connecting to either site wirelessly so there must be something wrong in my Dell laptop. One difference I noticed between the Toshiba and Dell laptops was in Wireless Network Connection Status the Connection Speed for the Dell is 65.0 Mbps whereas the Toshiba was 150.0 Mbps. I'm not sure what this means and whether it is relevant.

I have reduced the wireless MTU to 1400 from 1500 but still no connection on those sites. It is a nuisance to have to use the ethernet cable to visit two websites when the wireless works fine on every other site.

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Dell :: Studio 1558 - Wi-Fi Feature Doesn't Function?

Oct 10, 2012

After re-installing windows 7, WIFI feature doesn't function. Under [Device Manger] I can see Network Controller has an exclamation mark next to it, I tried updating driver software manually on and by right-clicking [Network Controller], but neither worked. I used DBAN to wipe out my system. 

I also have other issues that I didn't experience until reinstalling includes: Synaptic touchpad (using fingers to magnify, scroll, etc.) and while I'm typing, the cursor jumps around sometime forward or backward if there is something written in the following lines. 

OS: Windows 7 Home Premeium

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Dell :: Studio 1558 - Cannot Find Wireless Driver / Hardware

Jun 9, 2012

So I reformatted my studio 1558 laptop with windows  7 64 bit just to give it a fresh slate and when trying to set everything back up I can no longer connect wirelessly to the internet. I tried looking for the wireless driver but everyone I download says that the hardware is not found. When looking in device manager I don't see a wireless device installed.

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Networking :: Dell Studio 1558 PP39L - Diagnose Wi-Fi With TEW-691GR

Jun 17, 2013

I'm using my tablet. The problem is simple my wifi connection keeps dropping.The wifi signal is full.

My home wifi works great this is from work. I've restarted the router. I've changed the channel from 6 to 8.I have no static ip.It works on my tablet and on other laptops.

It works when i plug a network cable.I have a valid ip configuration.I can't even connect to the router web interface.I get request time out for about 90% of the ping to google.The router is a Trendnet TEW-691GR, and i'm running Win8 x64 on a dell studio 1558 PP39L.

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Dell :: Studio Laptop 1558 - Can't Connect To Wireless After Reinstalling Drivers

Aug 18, 2012

I have a Dell Studio Laptop 1558. I recently reinstalled Widows 7 and then the drivers. I'm pretty sure I installed them in the wrong order. So how do I go about fixing that? Like I said I can't connect to any wireless networks. The networks don't even show up(I live in an apartment complex so usually I have a whole bunch of networks listed). I can only use the Ethernet cord to get online. I know the wireless works because my roomate can connect to the wireless internet.

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Dell :: Studio 15 - How To Get Bluetooth Option

Apr 16, 2013

I had purchased Dell Studio 15 in 2009-2010 and before few days back i had formatted my system and installed Windows 7 ultimate SP1. Now i am not able to get the option of Bluetooth. i am sure the issue is with driver of it. Some way to reinstall the  driver or make it working properly.

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Dell :: Xps Studio 16 - Bluetooth Software Keeps Closing?

Dec 15, 2012

When I try to open my bluetooth software, it just keeps closing...I've tried to reinstall earlier versions but it does the same. I have a dell xps studio 16 . What other information would I need to provide for a full diagnostic?

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Dell :: 1535 - Bluetooth For Studio Laptop?

Jan 25, 2013

I have just updated my Studio laptop from Vista to Windows 8 but cannot find a driver, I was previously using

WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software

Dell, Version

Is there a compatible drive?

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Dell :: Studio 1747 - No Bluetooth On Laptop

Apr 9, 2011

I bought Dell Studio 1747 which supposed to have built in bluetooth, on bios i can see it and its enabled.

however on windows 7 I cannot see it, it doesnt show up in device manager and i cannot find any driver for it.

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Dell :: Studio XPS 7100 Suddenly Drops Online Games

Aug 9, 2012

It was fine, online games like ARMA2 and Everquest2 worked w/o fail (for hours and hours).

My son went to get on one day and the ARMA game would let him sign in, then drop him. I told him it was the game as it is a bastardized program from several programmers and i just assumed it was a software issue. Then I decide to get on Everquest2 and it does the same thing to me, you log in, you get started and 1 min later in drops you. Both his game and mine give you a "server not found" error even when you were just online and playing. Everquest even starts looking for "log in servers" 1-6 and fails on all. I can log off and get right in again, but only for 1 to 2 min. then dropped.

My other internet connections work fine. Sony PS3, no wifes Dell laptop, no problems, my other Dell (while playing ARMA2 and Everquest2) no problem.

Studio XPS 7100
BIOS Version String


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Dell :: Studio XPS 13 M1330 - Win 7 64 Bit - Cannot Install Bluetooth Driver

Jul 18, 2012

When I attempt to install R226750.  It gets to a point where it tells me to activate bluetooth with the wireless switch.  My wireless is always on but even when I toggled it on and off, it did not make a difference.  

I also installed the DELL Radio switch patch for turning on my bluetooth and that has not worked.  why my machine cannot turn on the bluetooth?

Just FYI - I am trying to install a mouse and printer which I am able to see on other bluetooth devices.

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Dell :: Studio 1440 Bluetooth Is Unable To Detect Any Device

Mar 2, 2012

I have a Studio 1440 64-bit system that came with Vista installed.  I upgraded to Windows 7 soon after.  With both these versions the bluetooth was working fine.  My computer got a virus and I had to re-install everything.  Now my Bluetooth is unable to detect any bluetooth devices.  I have the latest driver for the Dell Wireless Bluetoothe 365 module.  When installing it says that it is looking for bluetooth devices but none are discoverable even though I have a Microsoft Bluetooth notebook 5000 mouse and a smartphone with bluetooth that are in discovery mode.I know the devices are discoverable because they are discovered on my wife's computer which is also a studio 1440.

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Dell :: Unable To Install Bluetooth Setup In Studio 1555?

Jun 4, 2012

I have a dell studio 1555 and i im not able to install bluetooth setup.While installing bluetooth setup a message will be shown by saying "switch on the wireless" but in my laptop there is no switch  of wifi near hdmi port.

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Dell :: Studio 15 - Wireless 365 Bluetooth And IPhone / Slow To Pair And Connect?

Jun 28, 2010

I've got a Studio 15 Dell with the 365 bluetooth module running win7 64-bit and I'm using it with my iPhone for internet tethering / mobile broadband.

The iPhone 3GS is paired with the laptop just fine and no errors and can connect and use the internet tethering.  The problem I have is that it takes about 5 minutes before I get the option to Connect to the Access Point.

It doesn't matter if I turn bluetooth on/off on the iPhone, reboot the iphone or turn the bluetooth adapter on / off on the laptop. I try refreshing, I try forcing the pairing from the iPhone interface and so on.

I have the dell configured to allow the iPhone to always connect without prior authentication or extra approval.

Nothing seems to make a difference other than to sit around and wait 3-5 minutes and then all of sudden I get the option to Connect to the Access Point.

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Dell :: Studio 1537 Wireless 370 - Bluetooth Stereo Headphones Disappearing

Dec 26, 2009

I have problem with using my dell studio 1537 with platronics pulsar 260 bluetooth stereo headphones. After some time listening music bluetooth just disappearing from system, bluetooth indicator is on and not reacting for wireless switch. My OS is Win7x64, mini-card driver, bt audio driver With other bluetooth functions, such as bt mouse or pda sync, i have no problems.

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Dell :: XPS Studio 7100 - Bluetooth Application Or Drivers Do Not Show Up In Device Manager

Nov 4, 2012

I did a clean install of windows 8 and my tooth application or drivers do not show up in device manager dell xps studio 7100.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3200 Suddenly Stops Working?

Jul 30, 2012

A few days ago, my Linksys E3200 router stopped working suddenly for no reason. The SSID was still broadcasted for a few days, but no internet connection. Today the SSID does not broadcast at all and I seemingly have no access to it.I tried power cycling it.I tried reconfiguring it via the CD included in the box.I tried solving it with the wireless tools in Windows.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1200 System Suddenly Stops Working?

Oct 30, 2012

Right now I have my computer (iMac early 2012 summer purchase) plugged directly into the wall via ethernet cable for internet access.  I have only begun doing this in the past week because my E1200 wireless router has stopped working properly.  I have reinstalled and reset to factory settings and set up with Cisco Connect and setup manually over the past week troubleshooting every possible way I have ever known how. My internet, obviously, is working.  And when I set up the wireless network it connects properly and obtains an IP address and the lights on the back of the unit light up correspondingly and correct.  But I cannot connect to the internet via the router, wirelessly or plugged directly into it.  Yet when I take the internet cable and plug it straight into my computer it works.Mainly just need to know if this can be fixed or if I need to go return this unit and get a replacement.  The router was purchased two months ago and has not had any issues since I first set it up until a couple of weeks ago and my phone is using up all of my cellular data plan without being connected to my wi-fi...

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Dell Studio Xps 16 - Wireless Internet Stopped Working?

Aug 29, 2012

I got the computer in 09 with windows vista and the internet worked correctly. i upgraded to windows 7 in 2010 or 11 and the wireless was still working. Last year all of a sudden my wireless internet stopped working and had to use a cable to connect to my router. A few months went by and i randomly got my wireless internet connection back for about 2-3 months now all of a sudden my wireless is out again. i ran tests in other threads posted on this subject and the only way they got it to work was to buy a usb connection. is this the only way im going to be able to get wireless back?

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Dell :: ST Service Has Stopped Working On Studio 1737

Dec 23, 2009

Every time i power up my laptop I get the message STLog.dll not found.  St service has stopped working on my Studio 1737

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Dell :: Studio XPS 1647 / Wireless Not Working After HDD Installation?

Feb 18, 2013

My hard drive recently failed, and I installed a new hdd in my Studio XPS 1647.  Everything seems to be working like a charm... except the wireless.  I'm running Windows 7 64Bit, for your reference.   I went to the Dell driver site, and ignorant, originally downloaded everything that seemed to be relevant concerning the networking drivers.  When that didn't work, I came upon an article that gave the correct order of driver installations.  I re-installed in that order, albeit using the download manager.  No luck.  I've run Dell Diagnostics, and the only problem it sees is USB status (but USB is working great... I've printed and access my external hd without problem)... no problems showing with networking.  Under the device manager, Base System Device (2), Intel Centrino Advanced-N WiMax6250 and Network Controller all have (!) marks.  I actually un-installed all of those, and re-installed the network drives for a 3rd time.  Still no go.

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Dell :: 1555 Studio - Wireless Just Stopped Working

Jul 18, 2012

Went to use the computer today, and no wirless internet.

My computer:Dell 1555 studio w/intel centrinoVista 64 bit

Symptoms: Can't find wireless connectionsCan connect if directly wired to router. When I press F2 there is no wireless tower like before, just bluetooth symbol

Things i've tried: Re-installing all drivers/software. Reset to factory settingsWould really like to get my wireless running again as I need it for work

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Dell :: Inspiron N5110 - Wi-Fi Stop Working Suddenly?

Feb 28, 2013

I've dell inspiron n5110 with dell wireless 1702 802.11b/g/n sometimes working sometimes not working and work if i restart the machine .

while i'm working on laptop the net does work and once i try to find the wifi ssid i can't see any of them and written no network available.

i do lot's of thing and the problem still

1. update the drive  

2.change the properties of wirelss adapter in power managment

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