Modem Won't Connect To Internet

Aug 20, 2012

I am having this same problem with the same modem. I can get everything to turn green but the internet which blinks orange

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Servers :: Switch / Hub Sufficient To Connect All PC's To Modem To Connect To Internet?

Apr 12, 2011

I am in the process of opening an internet cafe. I dont know exactly what a pc server does on the network... or do I really need one? Is the switch/hub sufficent to connect all pcs to the moderm to connect to the internet?

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Cannot Connect To Internet Using New Modem

Jan 12, 2013

I have an acer aspire 5315, windows vista,32 bit operating system.I recently got a new modem/router (it's apparently 2in1 from rogers) and I cannot connect to the internet. When I attempt to connect i can only connect to the "local" connection. Everyone else in my family can connect via wireless and I can only connect if i use an ethernet cable which is directly connected to my laptop.When i typed in ipconfig/all on the command prompt this is what pops up :

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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Connect DNS Modem To Internet

Jul 10, 2012

when i pluggled in my ethernet cable, it started to disconnect from internet after a few seconds.In a desperate attempt i pressed the small reset switch on the modem but as from then i could not connect to internet at all. Could reset have changed some settings?Do you think the problem could be just the isp blocking me for some reason?

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New Modem Won't Connect To Internet

Sep 28, 2012

my problem is that my old modem is connection to the internet i got a new one few days ago DLINK 2750 u ,it wont connect the adsl light is stable every thing is ok , the password and the username are correct . it wont connect at all i rest tried again and again and again.

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Connect To Internet Via USB Modem Without ISP?

Feb 24, 2012

How can I connect to Internet via USB modem without a ISP?

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NTL Modem Could Not Connect To Internet Directly

Aug 22, 2012

I wanted to connect to the internet so plugged the same cable into my laptop (running 7) [code]...

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Cannot Connect To Internet Via Modem Router?

Sep 12, 2011

For several years I was connected to the internet via a USB modem (with TalkTalk being my ISP), however, after purchasing a laptop with Wi-Fi for my partner's daughter, decided it was time to get a router so we could all use the internet.I purchased a Netgear N150 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router, model DGN1000, connected (via ethernet as the desktop has no wireless receiver) and installed it as per instructions supplied.However since that point I have been unable to connect to the internet on my desktop through the router. Wireless devices (several laptops, iPhones and games consoles) have no issues whatsoever in connecting and using the internet.

At first the desktop kept saying that I had "limited or no connectivity" which I eventually sorted out, there was some kind of issue with my IP address, but I can't remember what now. Now I when I try to load any website, Internet explorer tells me it couldn't load the page due to .... Google Chrome is more specific and tells me that the DNS lookup failed. I have tried updating the ethernet controller driver, using the 'flushdns' command, and after discovering many other people on TalkTalk tech forums having similar DNS issues, tried using DNS addresses that were suggested by both their support staff and members of the public (i.e. Google's DNS, and still nothing. If I reconnect my USB modem I can connect to the internet no problem, but I'd prefer to only have one modem on the go.I am running a HP Pavilion with Win XP (SP2), and all the laptops that have connected wirelessly (including the one I'm using now) are running Vista.

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How To Connect To 5 Pc With Single Internet Modem

Aug 31, 2012

how to connect 5 pc with single 3g modem i have router & switch

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Modem Connect To Internet But Router Does Not?

May 20, 2012

Last night Comcast reset our modem (from afar) so we could get a free movie to work. After that, we got the movie but my wireless internet now does not work. I can connect when attached to the cable modem but when I plug into the router I don't have access to internet.The router is plugged in and all lights are working (it acts normally otherwise). Also, our landline phone (which is in the bundle of the cable connection) does not work either.Comcast is willing to look at the phone but refuses to get involved in the wireless thing.What the heck is wrong?

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Modem Can Connect To Internet But Router Can't?

Feb 15, 2013

I can connect to the Internet when my laptop's connected directly to the modem but not through my wireless router. My laptop can connect to the router, but then I have no Internet access. (I've tried resetting my router and modem.[CODE]

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Windows Xp Won't Connect To Internet Through Modem?

Oct 17, 2011

have a problem with connecting to my cable internet modem with my windows xp machine. My windows vista computer automatically connects as soon as you connect it to the modem but the windows xp machine gives the "limited or no connectivity" error when I try to connect. What could be causing it to work with vista and not xp? what can I try to make it work?

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How To Connect Two Computers Using One Modem So They Both Use Internet

Oct 25, 2012

How to connect two computers using one modem so they both use the internet

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Can't Connect To Internet Through Cable Modem

May 23, 2011

My mother has an older Compaq laptop running XP home edition. She hasn't used this laptop for a while and it won't connect to the internet through her cable modem.I know it isn't a modem or ISP problem since my laptop will connect just fine. By the way, we are connecting to the cable modem with a cat 5.

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DSL 2680 Modem - Unable To Connect With Internet?

Mar 24, 2012

I have a problem with a talk talk dsl 2680modem or the connection? Everything worked fine until I did a facory reset on the pc (running xp),when I tried to install the talk talk internet from the cd, everything seemed fine with the wizard but no internet? the phone also has no dial tone? I am 99.9% sure it is not a problem in the area,I think its a setting problem with the setup.

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Can't Connect To Internet Using Ethernet Cable And Modem

Aug 29, 2012

So saturday, my friend and i build my computer. Everything worked just fine that day. Sunday i had no problem connecting to the internet. Sunday is also the day i set up a password for my admin account.

Now when i came back from work monday, i tried to log in to my computer. As it appears, i forgot my password... (same i use on everything, so i must have messed up inputting my pass)

So i did a windows reset, since i had no CD or USB to reset my pass. I tried installing windows, and it appears 'this copy of windows is not genuine'. I thought, okay, no prob, as long as i have all options.

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Can't Connect To Internet / Router After Modem Reset?

Feb 18, 2012

Yesterday I had to move the computer desk to paint the wall behind it,which included unplugging the router and modem.There are four computers in the house,three on wireless, and after I hooked everything back up the pc in my room and the hardwired one reconnected to the router and internet just fine.My brother's pc and my laptop though can't seem to connect, they attempt to connect but just say they can't connect.

I work at the Staples Easy Tech center and the resident tech there told me to do an IP flush or some such thing, but my google fuu is weak and this "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" refuse to do anything without a connection to the network.I proceeded to hardwire my laptop and even then it says no internet connection and doesn't recognize the network. I already power-cycled the router.Maybe power-cycle the modem?Reset mac addresses?

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Can't Connect To Internet Or Modem Configuration Page

Dec 6, 2011

first off I was trying to change my ip address to dynamic from static, turns out I cant manually, anyways I was messing around with the configuration on my modem page ( trying to enable dhcp because I know that if it shows that its not enabled yet I get my ip address automatically, it means my ip is static. I enabled a few things like netbios over tcpip and such and something to do with dns routing but I cant recall all I did and in what order because I can no longer get into the config. page and I cant connect to the internet and when I use command promp to renew my ip it says "an error occured while renewing interface local area connection... unable to contact your dhcp server and also an error occured while releasing interface loopback psuedo-interface1 : the system cannot find file specified.

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Router Cannot Connect To The Internet (via Cable-modem)

Jun 27, 2012

I updrade my wireless router from 54 mpb to 150. Now my pc/router isn't connecting to the modem. How do I correct

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Cisco WAN :: How To Connect 1811W In Internet Modem

Oct 19, 2012

I am having  a hard time connecting my router into a internet modem since my modem is giving its own private ip address in short the modem is a router in itself. in addition, I cant change the modem's dchp pool its fix with network.

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Home Network :: Can't Get Usb Modem To Connect To The Internet With Router

Jul 16, 2012

I'm having trouble connecting my 02 dongle to the internet using my router. My router is a TP-LINK MR3420 and my 02 modem device is E1752. I checked to see if the modem is compatible and it says it is. I went through the configuration that was given to me with the router and I tried using you tube but nothing. Do i need to get a static I.P address off my Internet provider? If I plug my 02 usb dongle directly into my computer it works perfectly and I got the router to work using a ethernet cable and plugging it into the WAN port at the back of the router but I would prefer to let it connect through the 3g port. I get a connection at 40% and 100 bytes are sent and some are received but the connection drops. Is it a problem with the connection? I will upload a image.

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Cannot Connect To Internet Have A Netgear DGN2000 Modem-router?

Feb 23, 2011

Cannot connect to Internet. Have a Netgear DGN2000 modem-router. Using XP Pro, AT+T ISP.Get to 'admin','password' page and sometimes get to Setup wizard but never able to finish it.AT+T checked line and said it was OK. Took all filters off phone lines and only have phone jack with router hooked up to it, so no interference is there. Just have DSL, 'dry loop'.Lights on router are (Green)Power,(Green) Port, (Green)Wireless,and (Green)blinking DSL, (RED) Internet light. When I leave router on these are the lights. Must turn router off so I can use Netgear unsecured network for internet on a wireless laptop running Vista.

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Hybrid Router Modem Unable To Connect To Internet

Dec 28, 2012

I reset my Hybrid modem router's settings back to factory settings cause the disconnects were pissing me off.After a while, It disconnected. I tried reconnecting, but now it's only showing "No Internet access."

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Protocols / Routing :: Can Connect To Internet Without Settings In Modem

Mar 31, 2012

can i connect to internet without settings in modem is dat possible?

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Agere PCI-sv92ex - Modem Blocked Cannot Connect To Internet

Mar 19, 2012

My issue is that when I attempt to sign on through dial-up I get a message stating my modem is blocked cannot connect to the internet. When I go into the control panel to look into Modem then properties it states the name of my modem Agere PCI-sv92ex soft modem but then under the attached to status it states "not present" its not listed under any COM port. I can't even look into the properties etc...for the modem.

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Toshiba Notebook C850 Internet / How To Connect Using A Usb Modem

Feb 25, 2013

Ive just bought a new toshiba notebook c850 andf i want to connect to the internet using a wireless usb modem. Ive used 2 seperate modems and none of them work it keeps saying to reinstall or update the device. I dont have wifi and these modems work on all of my other computers why not this one?

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Unable To Connect To Internet Through Router Or Directly Modem

Feb 9, 2011

So I recently just built a new pc for gaming, I can't seem to connect to the internet through my router or directly through my modem. I have connected directly on my laptop and it works and through router and it works.

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Router And Modem Working Separately But Won't Connect To Internet

Nov 25, 2012

Sometimes my wifi signal will randomly drop and I cannot browse the Internet. The network still appears on my computer and I can connect to it, however Internet pages will not load. This lasts for hours, sometimes days. If I unplug the modem from the router and connect directly to the modem via Ethernet, everything works fine! I have tried unplugging everything for 1 minute then plugging it back in and it does nothing.

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Cisco EPC2325 Modem - Router Cannot Connect To Internet During Setup

Jan 12, 2013

I've decided to set up a home network - my first attempt at setting up a network, but have run into a problem;I've bought a Linksys HRT54GL routers and connected it to a Cisco EPC2325 modem. I run the setup wizard and everything is going well until the router tries connecting to the internet when a pop-up appears telling me that it can't connect to the internet and that i should try turning my modem off and on again.

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Westell 2110 Wired DSL Modem - Unable To Connect To The Internet?

Jan 7, 2012

I have a Westell 2110 wired DSL modem for Frontier (formerly Verizon). It's not a modem that has a web interface, so I can't log into it to change any settings. It also, to my knowledge, has no bridge mode (which is a term I know very little about). I had an old D-Link WBR2310 router, and since I knew the wireless and the phones ran on the same frequency, I bought a new Linksys e1200 router. Unfortunately, when I went through the setup of the router, while I know I have a solid internet connection from the modem (I'm hard wired in as I type), and while I can connect to the router, I am unable to connect to the internet. I took down my IP address, DNS servers, subnet mask, and default gateway, and set up the router to run under a Static IP, which it does phenomenally. Unfortunately, when the ISP (via direct line or my modem) changes the IP address after a few hours, my connection drops and I have to go reset up the connection via a hard wire, taking down the information, etc. Why is this the only way I can set up my connection? What could I be doing that I'm not to get it running DHCP correctly? It worked on my WBR 2310.  

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: X3000 Modem Router - Cannot Connect To Internet

Mar 26, 2013

I am attempting to install the router but cannot connect to SKY ISP. I can connect my laptop to the router both wirelessly and by cable.

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Acer AM3100 Desktop Doesn't Connect To Internet Through Cable Modem

Mar 26, 2011

I have an Acer AM3100 desktop running Windows Vista. It is connected to a netgear wireless router via an ethernet cable. I also have two laptops connected to the same router. The laptops connect to the internet fine but the desktop doesn't. I connected to the internet fine (satellite) before I moved but won't connect now. Norton 360 can update automatically and Skype connects but I can't open web pages. I used the norton tool and uninstalled Norton 360 but it still won't connect. I'm attaching the ipconfig information.

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Kids-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :


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Telstra Tg782t Wifi Modem / Can Connect To Internet But Can't Find Server

Oct 4, 2011

We recently got the telstra tg782t wifi modem from bigpond. When we first got it, we were able to connect and use the wifi on our ipods. but recently we have been connecting to the modem but when i go on safari or app store it says that it cannot find the server.

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