DSL 2680 Modem - Unable To Connect With Internet?

Mar 24, 2012

I have a problem with a talk talk dsl 2680modem or the connection? Everything worked fine until I did a facory reset on the pc (running xp),when I tried to install the talk talk internet from the cd, everything seemed fine with the wizard but no internet? the phone also has no dial tone? I am 99.9% sure it is not a problem in the area,I think its a setting problem with the setup.

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Dlink Dsl 2680 Router - Can't Connect It To Internet?

Aug 9, 2012

Now I am no techi but I think i have set evrything up ok but when i input my host name in ie all that happens is that it brings up my router admin page. I don't see how i can get port forwarding wrong so thats not the problem, the dvr is a zeus and its using port 80, which according to a port checking tool is closed (is that the problem) the router is a Dlink dsl 2680. My host name is [url]..... and the ip is set to public ip address, so up to press im stuck.

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DLink 2680 Wireless Router - Can Connect But No Internet

Feb 23, 2013

Its a Toshiba laptop and she has a d-link 2680 wireless router. The laptop will successfully connect to the internet through an ethernet cable, and will connect to the wireless network fine but when wireless i cannot access the internet. I have an iphone which connects to the wireless network and accesses the web perfectly.I have tried everything I can think of and find online to try and talktalk tech support won't assist as its a hardware setup issue.

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : Barbara-laptop
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Unknown
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Hybrid Router Modem Unable To Connect To Internet

Dec 28, 2012

I reset my Hybrid modem router's settings back to factory settings cause the disconnects were pissing me off.After a while, It disconnected. I tried reconnecting, but now it's only showing "No Internet access."

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Unable To Connect To Internet Through Router Or Directly Modem

Feb 9, 2011

So I recently just built a new pc for gaming, I can't seem to connect to the internet through my router or directly through my modem. I have connected directly on my laptop and it works and through router and it works.

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Westell 2110 Wired DSL Modem - Unable To Connect To The Internet?

Jan 7, 2012

I have a Westell 2110 wired DSL modem for Frontier (formerly Verizon). It's not a modem that has a web interface, so I can't log into it to change any settings. It also, to my knowledge, has no bridge mode (which is a term I know very little about). I had an old D-Link WBR2310 router, and since I knew the wireless and the phones ran on the same frequency, I bought a new Linksys e1200 router. Unfortunately, when I went through the setup of the router, while I know I have a solid internet connection from the modem (I'm hard wired in as I type), and while I can connect to the router, I am unable to connect to the internet. I took down my IP address, DNS servers, subnet mask, and default gateway, and set up the router to run under a Static IP, which it does phenomenally. Unfortunately, when the ISP (via direct line or my modem) changes the IP address after a few hours, my connection drops and I have to go reset up the connection via a hard wire, taking down the information, etc. Why is this the only way I can set up my connection? What could I be doing that I'm not to get it running DHCP correctly? It worked on my WBR 2310.  

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D-Link DSL-2680 - My Internet Keeps Disconnecting

Aug 12, 2011

Sometimes when I leave my D-Link DSL-2680 router on for a long time it keeps disconnecting and the internet and DSL light turn red or they are blank. sometimes happens randomly as well. My ISP is TalkTalk but their customer service is crap and they're too slow to respond.

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D-Link DSL-2680 - Can't Connect To Router's Admin Page (timeout)

Feb 28, 2011

For about a month or two now, I've not been able to connect to my router's admin page @ I am using a D-Link DSL-2680 router.

Whenever I go to connect to in my Web Browser, it just sits there trying to connect and does nothing. But eventually after some minutes I get the error: 'This web page is not available The web page at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. Error 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET): Unknown error.' Here is a screenshot:

I tried pressing the reset button on the back of my router, but it would just sit there with the green power LED and another green LED just flashing constantly (I assume this is the ethernet 1 cable LED) and this happens for more than 10 minutes.

All I want to do is just port forward my game servers again without the use of Hamachi or other programs

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Laptop Unable To Connect To Modem?

Aug 28, 2011

I am having problems connecting to the internet. It has never done this and just started a week ago. I contacted my ISP and they told me it is not the modems fault. I have a modem and then it goes to a Trendnet 100mpbs Ethernet Switch. Then it goes to my primary computer and then to my laptop. They are all hard-wires. I contacted Acer and they said it wasn't a problem with the computer. When I look at the control panel it says "Unidentified Network" and has no other information than that. I already attempted to manually put in the IP I should be receiving from the modem, but that did not work either.

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Unable To Connect To Router Through Dsl Modem?

Apr 25, 2011

I have 2 computers and 1 printer connected to the dsl modem and another computer and 2 printers connected to a router, I have internet connection to all. the problem I am having is I am trying to add 2 of the printers that are on the router to my pc's but I am unable to locate them also I am unable to log into my router through one of the computers that is connected to my modem directly but I can connect to my router with the pc connected directly to the router.

All the printers are set to share. Is the only way to do this is to connect all the printers to the main PC and then network all the pc's together? I am just trying to connect to all the printers that are on modem and router from any of the pc's connected to modem and router.

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Unable To Connect To The Modem With Windows 7 X64?

Sep 29, 2011

Since 2 days I can't connect to the modem with my desktop pc(windows 7 x64). I get APIPA as IP adress(169.254.*.*). Tho I can go on internet with my notebook with the same cable I use for my desktop PC.I've also tried direct connection with the modem but it did not work aswell.

What I've done but without success:restore pc (1week)
winsock fix
reinstalling networkcard, then upgraded it
played with networkcard speed(full/half duplex), manipulating mac address
tried static IP


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Unable To Connect Using A Modem / Router Combo

Jan 4, 2011

I just got Comcast ISP and used my own Modem. It's a Webstar DPC2100 R2 Modem and I can connect just fine from Modem to my pc. However, when I add my Netgear WGR614 v6 router into the mix, I get no connection.


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Can't Get To Internet Saying Unable To Detect Modem

Dec 9, 2012

I just had to put a new hard drive in my computer and I reinstalled windows xp. I cant get to Internet saying cant detect my modem

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Unable To Connect To Asus Wifi Router / Modem

Feb 20, 2013

I have been using broadband in my laptop using asus wireless router/modem DSL-N10E for last 2 months but with Ethernet cable plugged in. I have never used its wifi function. I tried today but was unable to connect after entering security passwordWhen look for troubleshoot it says "There might be problem with the drivers for the wireless network connection adapters"

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Dell :: Unable To Connect Modem Router To Desktop Dimension C521

Nov 18, 2011

I have a Netgear DGN3500 wireless modem router that I'm trying to setup on my Dell desktop "Dimension C521".  I get the error message "Ethernet adaptor required".  I'm not sure why I am encountering the error message, as I have successfully installed a modem previously on the desktop via a ethernet cable.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Unable To Recognize Internet Connection With SmartConnect Modem

May 31, 2011

When installing the DIR-615, router installs, but error msg that there is no internet connection.  SmartConnect is plugged into the WAN and I have tried the ethernet cable to the computer in spots 1 & 2.  Good connection when SmartConnect modem is connected to computer directly.615's Internet indicator will turn green for a while, usually less than a minute or two, then flashes, then may actually cause the routers status indicator to flash off, then back on.  Like a reset.

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TP-Link 3G/3.75G Router :: Unable To Connect MR3220 With BSNL EVDO ZTE AC8700 Modem

Feb 13, 2013

Region : India
Model : TL-MR3220
Hardware Version : V2
Firmware Version : 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.57775n

I am unable to connect my TP-Link TL-MR3220 router with BSNL EVDO ZTE AC8700 modem. Even though my router has the latest firmware version 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.57775n, which is the boxed firmware i got with my router. All the time my modem gets Identified by the router, then it shows connecting phase......and restarts the modem.........Repeats the same step every time I try to connect.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Unable To Connect A Wi-Fi Modem Within 2960 Switch Having VLAN 1

May 19, 2013

I am unable to connect a Wifi Modem wiith 2960 Switch having VLAN 1,Attached is the network diagram,what configurations i have to modified it,I need to Connect A Wifi Modem on VLAN 1 ,Connectivity is working fine between VLAN 10 and VLAN 1.What should be the next step to Connect Wifi Modem to VLAN 1 so that Users on VLAN 10 should connect to Internet.

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Servers :: Switch / Hub Sufficient To Connect All PC's To Modem To Connect To Internet?

Apr 12, 2011

I am in the process of opening an internet cafe. I dont know exactly what a pc server does on the network... or do I really need one? Is the switch/hub sufficent to connect all pcs to the moderm to connect to the internet?

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Install D-link Dsl 2680 Router On Mac?

Dec 3, 2011

mac won't read installation disc.

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Chrome And IE Can't Connect To Internet - Unable To Connect To The Proxy Server

Jun 8, 2011

Few days ago I started to get the following error message while trying to connect to the internet using Chrome and IE:"Unable to connect to the proxy server..."I don't have a proxy server configured - nothing is checked in the LAN settings page.In Firefox I don't have that problem - it seems it gets the proxy configuration from elsewhere.

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D-link Dir-601 :: Unable To Connect To Internet - Devices Able To Connect To Wifi

Mar 1, 2013

In my device I am able to browse through & connect to my HOME wifi network ; But after connecting it says 'No Internet Access'.I tried connecting with my SONY Bluray , iphone , ipad , laptops -- everywhere same story.I am able to plug in the ethernet cable directly from modem & able to connect to network.I am not able to open the -- ( When I am plugged in the modem directly)

Following are my router details

IC : 4216A-IR601
H/W Ver:A1
F.W Ver:1.00 NA

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Broadband :: D-Link DSL-2680 Router Is Slow

Apr 22, 2012

My Router is incredibly slow, what can I do?I currently have a D-Link DSL-2680. My ISP is TalkTalk.I have had problems with it since day 1, I had it running at one point on 300Kbs when downloading, and for me that was good. But now I am running 9.8Kbs when downloading and sometimes slower. I did a speed test and that reports speeds of 0.2Mbs.I have done a tracert and it's results were;Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000].

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Cannot Connect To Internet Using New Modem

Jan 12, 2013

I have an acer aspire 5315, windows vista,32 bit operating system.I recently got a new modem/router (it's apparently 2in1 from rogers) and I cannot connect to the internet. When I attempt to connect i can only connect to the "local" connection. Everyone else in my family can connect via wireless and I can only connect if i use an ethernet cable which is directly connected to my laptop.When i typed in ipconfig/all on the command prompt this is what pops up :

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


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Modem Won't Connect To Internet

Aug 20, 2012

I am having this same problem with the same modem. I can get everything to turn green but the internet which blinks orange

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Connect DNS Modem To Internet

Jul 10, 2012

when i pluggled in my ethernet cable, it started to disconnect from internet after a few seconds.In a desperate attempt i pressed the small reset switch on the modem but as from then i could not connect to internet at all. Could reset have changed some settings?Do you think the problem could be just the isp blocking me for some reason?

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New Modem Won't Connect To Internet

Sep 28, 2012

my problem is that my old modem is connection to the internet i got a new one few days ago DLINK 2750 u ,it wont connect the adsl light is stable every thing is ok , the password and the username are correct . it wont connect at all i rest tried again and again and again.

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Connect To Internet Via USB Modem Without ISP?

Feb 24, 2012

How can I connect to Internet via USB modem without a ISP?

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D-link 2680 Intel Proset Wireless Connection

Jul 13, 2012

I am trying to connect to a d-link 2680 using intel proset wireless but when i try to input the password it will only accept numbers not letters.

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NTL Modem Could Not Connect To Internet Directly

Aug 22, 2012

I wanted to connect to the internet so plugged the same cable into my laptop (running 7) [code]...

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Cannot Connect To Internet Via Modem Router?

Sep 12, 2011

For several years I was connected to the internet via a USB modem (with TalkTalk being my ISP), however, after purchasing a laptop with Wi-Fi for my partner's daughter, decided it was time to get a router so we could all use the internet.I purchased a Netgear N150 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router, model DGN1000, connected (via ethernet as the desktop has no wireless receiver) and installed it as per instructions supplied.However since that point I have been unable to connect to the internet on my desktop through the router. Wireless devices (several laptops, iPhones and games consoles) have no issues whatsoever in connecting and using the internet.

At first the desktop kept saying that I had "limited or no connectivity" which I eventually sorted out, there was some kind of issue with my IP address, but I can't remember what now. Now I when I try to load any website, Internet explorer tells me it couldn't load the page due to .... Google Chrome is more specific and tells me that the DNS lookup failed. I have tried updating the ethernet controller driver, using the 'flushdns' command, and after discovering many other people on TalkTalk tech forums having similar DNS issues, tried using DNS addresses that were suggested by both their support staff and members of the public (i.e. Google's DNS, and still nothing. If I reconnect my USB modem I can connect to the internet no problem, but I'd prefer to only have one modem on the go.I am running a HP Pavilion with Win XP (SP2), and all the laptops that have connected wirelessly (including the one I'm using now) are running Vista.

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How To Connect To 5 Pc With Single Internet Modem

Aug 31, 2012

how to connect 5 pc with single 3g modem i have router & switch

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Modem Connect To Internet But Router Does Not?

May 20, 2012

Last night Comcast reset our modem (from afar) so we could get a free movie to work. After that, we got the movie but my wireless internet now does not work. I can connect when attached to the cable modem but when I plug into the router I don't have access to internet.The router is plugged in and all lights are working (it acts normally otherwise). Also, our landline phone (which is in the bundle of the cable connection) does not work either.Comcast is willing to look at the phone but refuses to get involved in the wireless thing.What the heck is wrong?

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