Asus RT-N56U - Cannot Print From Main Computer

Jun 6, 2011

i replaced a lightning damaged Linksys router in my home network with the RT-N56U. My main computer is Win7 64, (Phenom II quad, asus M490GTD) , my wife's computer(wired connection, Dell P5Duo) and my work laptop (wireless connection HP core I5) are XP. I have a USB printer attached to the wife's computer and two wireless Squeezebox receivers. This network worked with the old router. With the new router i can access internet from all computers, and connect to the new network with the Squeezeboxes. I cannot print from the main computer, even though the printer shows up in the devices window and the test page spools.

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Best Firmware For ASUS RT-N56U?

Aug 13, 2012

3 times in the last 2 hours i have had my new rt-n56u give me the message.You have set the wrong dynamic or static IP address for your RT-N56U.

So i reset the router and it pulls the same IP and info it had before from my ISP.Doing some reading it seems some people have had this issue occur over and over.I am upgrading to the new Asus1.0.1.8i from which is installed now, but wanted to ask if i have other options for this router as this problem gets annoying..Example i am used to DD-WRT for my linksys wrt- models..does the NT56U have something similar...

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Run An Asus RT-N56u Behind A Netgear CG3000?

Jun 23, 2012

I have had the Asus working with a netgear CVG824G(in unison, not bridged) for some time with IP cam & usb media, but no DNS access as running through the netgear gateway. I just upgraded to Optus premium speed pack & received a netgear CG3000 & now can't find the Asus when plugged into CG3000 ethernet port. I have tried to plug it in the same as it was so I could access the asus routers page & change settings to bridge but find nothing. When I try to connect wirelessly to it, the security key is not accepted. Have tried original key and '�dmin'' all with no use. I want it to run bridged to make use of the DNS service with IP cam & attached media

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Using 5.0ghz Bandwidth On ASUS RT-N56U?

Sep 24, 2011

I selected WPA-PERSONAL on the router settings and set a different password for each one.

2.4ghz has a password and 5.0ghz has a different pass.

When I go to my new slim 360 downstairs and try to connect wirelessly, it only shows the 2.4ghz SSID but not the 5.0ghz one. And this goes the same with the laptops downstairs and blu ray players.

I wanted my 360 on a 5.0ghz bandwidth.

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Networking :: Printing With Asus RT-N56U

Apr 16, 2013

I have the printer hooked up to the USB port on the router (Asus RT-N56U), and in the router GUI, it recognizes the printer but when I set the printer up on my computers, they seem to not want to connect, or if they do it won't print anything for a few minutes after clicking "print." Is this just one printer that's going to have issues printing through the router?

I've tried both USB ports, and a couple different cables.USB flash memory works just fine and is quick, like it's plugged straight into a computer.Ironically, I bought this router to replace my file/print server.

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Asus RT-N56U - Streaming Media Over WAN Using Only Router

Jun 18, 2013

Here's the key background info:

I've got an Asus RT-N56U router. Attached to the router is a USB hard disk with a bunch of music on it. The music is accessible to devices on my LAN over uPnP/DLNA; this works great. My WAN connection is provisioned at 100 Mbps down / 40 Mbps up. I want to use some of that upstream bandwidth to stream my music to myself wherever I happen to be. I could but don't want to leave a server running on my network 24/7 to accomplish this when the router is already able to share the content locally.

So what I want is some way to make the content that the router is already able to distribute across the LAN accessible over the Internet as well. I've looked around but haven't found any prebuilt solutions to this that don't involve hosting the content on a server behind the router, which I'd like to avoid.

The router does have built-in support for serving up the content over FTP, but I've tried that and found that it really does not play well with media players. It kind of works, but the seek time when switching between tracks is absurd, and some tracks just plain fail.

One thought I've had is serving up the content over HTTP by installing an Apache instance on the router (and/or editing the configuration of the built-in instance that provides the configuration portal, if that's possible?). The router appears to run some trimmed-down version of Linux (I can telnet/ssh into it, it has a filesystem, package manager, and similar things).

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Can't Remotely Access Asus RT-N56U Router Even After Configuration

Nov 14, 2011

We have an Asus RT-N56U router at home, which is connected directly to a cable modem. I am attempting to remotely access the router's interface, and am having trouble doing so even after configuring it properly. I configured the router's firewall to allow remote access, using port 8080. I also set up DDNS, although I tried connecting using both the IP and the DDNS name.I also set the router to respond to pings, and I am able to successfully ping the router (from a remote location) using both the DDNS name and the public IP. But when attempting to connect using my browser, it doesn't work. I have tried multiple browsers, multiple remote locations, and disabling my computer's firewall, all with no success.

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Asus Rt-n56u Connected To Wifi But Unidentified Network

Aug 19, 2012

I'm trying to connect a Sony Vaio laptop with Windows Vista to my wireless network. It connects to the network just fine but it says "Unidentified network" and I'm unable to surf any websites using any browser. It connects with an ethernet cable just fine and I've already updated the driver for my wireless card.Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP): Time Warner.What type of Broadband connection are you using: Cable.What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo: ASUS RT-N56U router / Cisco DPC2100R2 modem.What is the Name of the Anti-Virus, Security or Firewall Software:. [code]

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D-Link DAP-1522 :: How To Setup This Router With Asus RT-N56U

Sep 2, 2012

I use to have a DIR-655 and dap-1522 both worked without any issues. I recently upgraded to Asus RT-n56u and now I want to setup the dap-1522 with it.I have no issues with the Asus RT-n56u everything seems to work fine here the problem seems to be with the dap-1522 where it connects but then disconnects almost instantly.

1) Connect dap-1522 with my desktop computer via Ethernet

2) Change the LAN settings for tcp/ip v4 to manual IP

3) I set the manual IP to subnet mask and the default gateway to

4) I open my web browser and connect to and I see the dlink page and I log in fine.

5)I tried going through the wizard, picked manual and have tried both the 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz bands they are set up as WPA-Auto Personal and I enter in my password. It says settings will be saved

6) The page refreshes to the wireless one but I don't see any options here just the save config one. When I go to status sometimes it says its connected but sometimes it just says it's not I try to unplug from my desktop and take it over to where my apple tv is but it never works..One thing I should note is my asus is connected to 192.168.1.X so do I need to change the dap-1522 to instead of 0.50?

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Home Network :: Unable To Set Router's Subnet IP To 1 With ASUS RT-N56U?

May 29, 2012

I am unable to set router's (RT-N56U) IP adress to default one (, or any other in subnet 1. It always popum message to me which says "IP adress is not a valid adress". Also when I restart device it automaticaly sets its IP to I have static IP which is translated to IP in subnet 1 so I need this working. The router is in "Wireless router mode (Default)"

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Routers / Switches :: Can't Access Any Music Sites With ASUS RT-N56U

Sep 23, 2011

Using router above cannot access pandora, Sirius, etc. No sites/URLs blocked. All other sites -- except music related sites == ok.

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Huawei EC159 Usb Modem Compatible With Asus Router RT-N56U

Dec 17, 2012

I wanted to know whether Huawei EC159 usb modem is compatible with ASUS router RT-N56U as I want to be sure before going for it..!

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Print To A Printer On A Computer Via Wireless From Computer Via Ethernet?

May 22, 2012

I have a netgear router, the pc I want to print from is connected via ethernet strait to router with Vista Ultimate OS. The computer the printer is hooked up to is connected via usb wireless adapter with Windows XP OS. Can I print from my computer hooked up via Ethernet from the computer that is hooked up wireless.

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Servers :: Cannot Connect To Main Computer

Sep 6, 2012

My computer at work crashed so I had to reinstall windows 7.When it was working properly I was able to connect to our main server computer. After the reinstall I am able to connect to the internet however I am unable to connect main server computer. Usually, before it crashed, the server would automatically show up in the networks folder. Now all I can see it my computer and not the server computer.If someone knows how I can get my computer connecting to the main server I have tried everything and nothing is working.The main server computer it Windows XP and my computer is Windows 7.

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D-Link DSL-2740R - Laptop Not Seeing Main Computer

Jun 13, 2011

I have at last got the wireless router today and set it up. A few teething problems but I have the internet and so does my wife now. And, I have my computer back! The new wireless router is a D-Link DSL-2740R. There are two things I can't get sorted out, I put admin into the user name and I can't seem to find a way to change the user name
I managed to get the laptop (WinVista 32bit my comp is Win764bit) seeing the media from my computer but not other files and printer. I had previously set up a user under 'share' to enable the link between the computers and using the old Belkin it worked fine. Alas that is not the case and want it to get the sharing going. The 'Share' user is still setup and I could not see it, or I have forgotten how to access it?

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Routers / Switches :: Cannot Connect Main Computer To Internet?

Aug 1, 2012

main computer will not connect to internet but laptop does

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Unable To Connect To Wireless Network When Main Computer Is On

Jun 27, 2011

I have a desktop computer which is connected to the router by cable, but when this computer is on I can't connect to the wireless network with any other devices.When I turn the main computer off though I can connect fine with any wireless device.

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Can Control Or Share Files On XP With Windows 7 (main Computer)

Apr 28, 2011

I have 2 computers (one is using windows 7, other is using windows xp), one switch and router. I don't have physical access to router. I have plugged the cable from router to switch, and connected both PC's to switch and now I have internet on both PC's.My question is, can I "control" or share files on windows xp with Windows 7 (main computer) and in same time have access to internet? Or to use windows 7 to connect to internet?

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Slow Internet On Main Computer But Normal Speed On Laptops

Jun 13, 2012

My Main computer (which has a wired connection to router) internet is running so slow, i mean so slow that i cannot even do a speed test, it keeps failing, im continuously getting server timed out messages when browsing, and to watch a youtube video of 1 minute long it will take about 5 - 10 minutes to stream it before i can watch it. However despite the above the two laptops and ipad work great, i have a braodband speed of around 16megs. Now here is everything i have done so far. After calling my ISP to se if it was their fault, which it turned out not to be, they got me to change all the DNS and IP settings to manual, they gave me all the numbers to put in. Again that did not work so i used namebench to find the quickest DNS servers for me, that didnt work ethier so i just reverted all settings back to automatic as they were before.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 / How To Setup Main Computer

Jan 16, 2012

I got a problem with my setup main computer, It work wery god wireless, with very fine speed about 82 mbit in and 24 mbit out. The problem is that it almost don't work at all with cable, even if i turn off the wireless network, the speed is about  2-3 mbit in and about 6-7 mbit out All other computers, tv. printer wireless work very fine.

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Sharing :: Deny Access To Folders On Main Computer Using Admin Accounts

Sep 20, 2012

My home network is all Windows 7 computers (4 total), and are Ultimates except for my laptop, which is Home Pro. So that's 3 computers with Ultimate and 1 with home pro. I have one computer (also Win 7 Ult.) that's my primary computer, the other 2 computers are mostly HTPC computers that I have set up to stream from my main computer.I do know how to set up Home groups for sharing files, but I could only set it up that there would be full access to the shares or no access at all. [For simplicity: My primary computer will be PC-1, the 2 HTPC's will be PC-2 and PC-3, and my laptop PC-4.]PC-1 will host all the files I want access to. PC-2 and PC-3 will access my music and videos folders for streaming. PC-4 which is my own personal laptop will have full access to shared folders that I DO NOT want being able to be accessed on PC-2 and PC-3.I have tried many and various types of ways to deny access from PC-2 and PC-3, where PC-4 would be allowed access to on my PC-1, but every time it's either all PC's get access or NO access to the shared folders. I also want to keep all my user accounts as admins.

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Wireless :: One Networked Computer Won't Print?

Apr 28, 2011

new computer installation. networked computers. one prints other doesn't. i downloaded driver on to problem computer. am not sure how to install it though. it doesn't appear anywhere once i downloaded it! windows 7 64 bit

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Asus RT-N12 - Wireless Won't Connect On 1 Computer

Feb 11, 2013

one of my wireless computers (windows 7 pro) won't connect. I am baffled to the problem.

Router: Asus RT-N12 with latest stable firmware version

2 other laptops will connect with no problem. My phone will connect to it no problem. My 3 other laptops also connect to it with no issues as well. A wired computer will get Internet access to it no problem. This computer (a desktop with a pci wireless card) won't connect to it. The SSID will not show up on the computer unless I manually put in the SSID. Then, it tries to connect, fails, and the SSID goes away. It will connect to the wifi tether on my phone with no issues. My phone has the same security settings, encryption protocols, etc. as my router. It will connect to a neighbor's unprotected wifi without issue as well.

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New Computer Asus P8p67 Deluxe Mb - Error 651 And 638?

Feb 11, 2012

just got the computer home and hooked up yo a gateway two wire dsl. new window 7. this mb was supposed to have a built in network. but i can't get it to connect to internet. isp says its the computer because it does not show up to them as even being hooked up. i keep getting error 651 and 638.

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ASUS P7P55D - Computer Making Internet Cut Out

Sep 13, 2011

I just a new motherboard yesterday an ASUS P7P55D. Running windows 7 and using ethernet, the internet would cut out after a few minutes and come back again by itself and cut off again. After turning on xbox live i realised that my computer is causing problems for the router and cutting off the connections.

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Computer Not Recognizing Asus Wireless Card?

Feb 20, 2013

I just bought a Asus PCE-N15 and installed the drivers and utilities but after I restarted the utility told me that I have taken it out of my computer but it was still in there. I have tried all of my PCI slots tried ASUS and Realtek drivers and utilities and uninstalling removing and reinstalling and even contacting costumer support. Costumer support didn't tell me anything but reinstall the drivers.

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Asus N66U Router - Connect Computer To Server That Is Outside Of LAN

Sep 22, 2012

currently i have my server computer in room a, and i have 2 computers in room b. my current setup is.Server---ethernet cable-----router-----modem, for the computers in room b, the setupis.......computers-------ethernet router----ethernet wire-----router----modem.if i remove the switch in room b, then the computer in room b can communicate with the server computer, if i keep the ethernet router then i cant connect to my server. i need the computers in room b to be wired but there is only 1 wire in the room, so that is y i added the ethernet router. how can i get the server to connect to the computers in room b with the ethernet router?

My main wifi router is a Asus N66U
My ethernet router is a dlink dir 130

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ASUS X42J Wireless Driver - My Computer Has Lost Its Connection

Apr 10, 2012

My computer has lost its wireless connection. where can I download the driver?

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ASUS Z77 Motherboard / Internet Connection Being Blocked By ASUS Software?

Jul 17, 2012

I have an ASUS Z77 Motherboard and when I install the AI Suite II which comes on the installation disc it blocks my internet connection. When I uninstall the software my connection is fine. I am using an Ethernet connection by the way. I think it is being blocked by the component called Network iControl. As soon as that component is uninstalled my Internet connection comes back. I want to have the software, but I also want to have my connection.

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Worse Signal On ASUS RT-N66U Than ASUS E1000

Oct 5, 2012

I recently moved into a larger 2 story house, and for the first few months I was using a Linksys E1000 I've had for about 2 years now. It's a fine single band router, but the people upstairs and the xbox/PS3 in the living room didnt have the strongest connection.

I shopped around and finally got a ASUS RT-N66U for a really good, strong dual band router that would supposedly give better range and performance than my old E1000.

Unfortunately, since I got it everyone is having issues they never had before, namely:Signal dropping all around the house and having to search for the network much slower performance than before the xbox/PS3 cant hold a stable connection even for a few minutes now, when before you could watch Netflix HD programs easily

I've upgraded the Firmware to since I heard earlier firmwares had issues, but other than that and opening my ports for qTorrent it is relatively stock settings.

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RT-N56U Router Won't Connect To Cable Modem

Jan 9, 2012

I bought an ASUS Black Diamond Dual Band Wireless-N 600 Router (RT-N56U) to upgrade from my older router but I'm having a problem: It won't connect to my cable modem (via the WAN ethernet port), so I can't connect to the internet. [URL]

When I connect the router to my computer via ethernet cable, the light on the ethernet port of the router comes on (an orange LED light), but when I connect my cable modem (or computer) to the the router through the WAN ethernet port, the WAN port's LED does not come on at all and I keep getting an error message on my browser saying that I need to make sure the ethernet cable is connected.

I've tried three different ethernet cables, including the one that came with the router, with no luck (WAN LED lights never come on, so I assume that this means that there is no activity at all). I've also tried cloning the MAC address, restoring to factory default, updating the routers firmware, and holding the reset button on the modem for 15 seconds, among other things.

Also, something that might be worth noting: While one end is connected to my modem, if I plug the ethernet cord into one of the 4 ethernet ports on the router, the green LED instantly turns on but, as I said before, there's no activity when plugged into the WAN port. My modem is an Arris TM052G (DOCSIS 2.0) provided by my ISP, Time Warner Cable.

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RT-N56U Wireless Drop Every 5-10 Minutes After Router Rebooted

Dec 25, 2012

There are three RT-N56U routers in my family. I have one as does my dad and uncle. Bought all 3 about a year ago. They've been rock solid since.

However, my dad has been complaining of network issues, mainly lag and slow response. During Christmas yesterday, I took some time to troubleshoot it which ended in disaster. He was on an older firmware so I had updated it. After the update, the wireless would drop every 5-10 minutes after the router rebooted. I tried rolling back the firmware and there is still the same issue.I reboot the router, wireless comes up and within 10 minutes, the wireless is down.

Most of the clients on the network are iDevices. There are two iPod Touches, 4 iPad Mini's and iPad, two iPhones and an Apple TV, all wireless. Other than that, there is a PS3 and a bunch of wired clients. Looking in the routers logs, it appears that at least one device keeps requesting a DHCP request even though it has an address. Then at some point, the router spits out this error in the log: [code]

That error just keeps counting up, starting at 1 -- Based on google info it's related to wireless drops due to ASUS firmware issue with certain wireless cards. My guess is one of the new devices has a card that they don't support, causing this issue. I was stating to think, since he has so many iDevices on his network, an Airport Extreme?

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Cisco :: Main Differences Between LMS 3.2 And 4.2

Mar 2, 2012

would you explain the main differences between lms 3.2 and 4.2 cause my company is about to purchase the new version;
- how does it changed in taking reports ?

- how does it changed and improved in monitoring?

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