Cisco Firewall :: No Outgoing Calls To Outside After ASA5505 Installation

Dec 6, 2012

Have a asterix PBX running my system and I upgraded my security with a cisco ASA 5505. Now all the extensions are working including the remote once. Everything elase like internet.Other servers all working fine. Only problem is that when ever someone dials a landline number from an extension it does not go through.seems like the firewall is blocking it but I cannot figure out why or how. All the NAT and Access list is fine. Although I have no idea how to accept the SIP PROXY IP through the firewall and I am guessing that might be the problem.  There is no any other problem and I am 100% satisfied with the ASA5505 except this problem

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Cisco :: E1-CAS With E1 Controller On 2811 - No Outgoing Calls?

Nov 8, 2012

I have programmed two E1 ports on Cisco 2811, one for E1-PRI and other for CAS. My running-config is as below

controller E1 0/0/0
framing NO-CRC4
clock source internal
ds0-group 1 timeslots 1-15,17-30 type r2-digital dtmf dnis


I have made 4 as trunk group access on the PBX for E1-PRI and 8 as trunk group access for E1-CAS.I am able to dial 4-1-6261 to place calls on telephone 6261 from 6000(outgoing and incoming over PRI). And I am able to dial 4-2-6261 to place calls on telephone 6261 from 6000(outgoing on PRI and incoming on CAS).But I am not able to dial out from my PBX extensions over the E1-CAS card using 8-1-xxxx or 8-2-xxxx. I have patched two PBXs back to back on their E1-CAS ports and am able to dial out using 8-xxxx. So this means the trunk group allocation on PBX is working fine. The show controller e1 0/0/0 is showing normal stats.When I do a show voice port 0/0/0:1 I see that one of the ds0 timeslots are being seized when I try to dial out on 8-x-xxxx but the Out Status column entry against the timeslot says clear_bak.When I am placing calls on PRI, I don't see any such indication against the timeslot being seized.Basically since I am able to dial in to my E1-CAS port, the line coding, framing, signaling(to some extent) must be right, or so I guess. But am not able to dial out.

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX Firewall 525 On Voice Network For 5000 CC Calls

Jul 10, 2012

can some one suggest me will it be recommended to use PIX firewall 525 on Voice ( sip ) network for 5000 CC to 1000 CC calls in signaling mode since our server are using public IP so will i be able to use it without NAT / PAT also will there be any issue of QOS.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.3 Outgoing NAT Not Working Right

Jul 11, 2011

We recently upgraded our ASA to 8.3, most everything went ok, but I am having problems with outgoing nat. It seems that when one our systems that needs to be natted to an outside IP address when connecting out is not doing it. When that system goes out the ip address is our internet IP and not the natted address, however, inbound everything works.
We have one rule that does PAT
nat (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) source dynamic OG_IP_NAT_DMZ obj- is the natting statement that should be translating the addressesobject network obj-
nat (INSIDE,OUTSIDE) static think I need to double nat, is that right if so how?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5510 / PAT / ICMP Echo Outgoing IP

Apr 16, 2013

I have ASA 5510 with soft version 8.4(5) installed. There are two interfaces:
IP - inside
IP - outside
I have configured PAT, so network gets NATted to address. Everything works fine, except I can't reach via ICMP from the internet.
X.X.X.X Deny inbound icmp src OUTSIDE:X.X.X.X dst OUTSIDE: (type 8, code 0)
But I have configured an access list allowing ICMP from any to any: access-list outside_access_in extended permit icmp any any
Thus address, which is binded to outside interface itself, is perfectly reachable via ICMP.
I've got two questions:

1) Is there a way to fix it? It will be handy for diagnostic purposes.

2) is it possible to configure the secondary IP address on the interface on ASA? I've read, that there are some complications.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA-5520 - Cannot Hear Outgoing Message

Dec 9, 2009

We have setup the IP phone proxy on our ASA-5520, we had a couple of issues with the initial setup, but nothing major. It has been up and running for a few weeks and basically everything works perfectly just like we designed it except for 1 strange audio issue on outbound calls. We can make a call to anywhere, no problem, if the call is answered, no problem, perfect call setup and good quality 2 way audio. But if the person we called doesn't answer the call and that call goes to their voicemail we loose all audio from that point forward, we do not hear their outgoing message or get any prompts just dead air. The same situation appears to be true for any "recorded" service on the other end of the call.

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Cisco Firewall :: SA520 Blocking Incoming Calls?

Nov 8, 2012

I have an SA520 that is being used as a front end firewall.  Behind it I have an IP PBX.  The VOIP provides are registered and I can make outgoing calls.  However It appears that the SA520 is either blocking or not routing the calls.  I have opened the ports recommended by both the IP PBX and the VOIP provider.  What do I need to do to make incoming calls through the SA520?                 

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Blocks Outgoing Smtp (port 25)

Nov 25, 2012

i cannot send emails to outside, i have an access rule on interface inside permit source: inside  destination: any servic: tcp/smtp and when i make paket tracer  it shows me that the packet is dropped but i cant see through which rule!!
ASA version: 8.4(3)
ASDM version 6.4(7)

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Cisco Firewall :: Does ASA 8.4 Automatically NAT Outgoing Traffic To Outside Interface By Default

Apr 25, 2012

For ASA v8.3 and above we don't need to use nat-controll, traffic from high security interface can go to low security interface without matching NAT statements.So does the ASA automatically NAT s the outgoing traffic to the outside interface by default?

For example

ASA inside int---
outside int---

when the inside hosts try to go out they will be NATed to by default on version 8.3 and that right?

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Cisco Firewall :: Polycom HDX 7000 - Video Calls Through FWSM Ring But Cannot Answer

Dec 26, 2010

Running FWSM Firewall Version 3.1(4)
The problem is that calls originating from the outside of the firewall to the inside will ring but you cannot answer. The internal video conference server is a Polycom HDX 7000. There are ANY/ANY rules to/from this server and the default application inspection policy is set for h323/ras/h225 as follows:

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5520 / Monitor Largest Outgoing And Incoming Traffic Per Ip In Real Time?

Mar 4, 2013

We have a Cisco ASA 5520 and im looking for a way to monitor largest outgoing and incoming traffic per ip in real time so to know which of my internal computers are using the most of our Internet Line. Is there a way to this through ADSM ? We use version 6.3.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5510 - Transparent Firewall Installation Using ASA Version 8.4(3)9

May 14, 2012

I'm trying to install an ASA 5510 transparent firewall using ASA version 8.4(3)9 but I don't understand how traffic will ever pass through my firewall if both interfaces are on the same sub net(V lan) as the host and it's default gateway? The reason I'm doing this is were installing UAG (or Direct Access) and the UAG appliance need to have public IP's but still be behind a firewall (see attached diagram).
Looking at the documentation (which all seems to be for 5505's running 8.2) it almost seems like i need to have the transparent firewall 'in-line' to the ISP router?, but this router services another IP address range on another v lan for other (routed) firewalls (not shown on diagram) so putting it 'in-line' is not possible. Surely this can't be the case can it? If not how is it supposed to be cabled up and configured so packets go through the firewall?

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX 515 - Installation / Invalid Input Detected

Mar 16, 2011

I've just got my hands on a Cisco PIX 515. I mainly brought it too learn and play with, i done some Cisco stuff in the past but not much.

I just need too get this up and running with a IP Address on ethernet1 ( but when I run the command "name if ethernet1 inside security100" in enable mode all I keep getting is ERROR % Invalid input detected at '' maker

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Cisco Firewall :: Active Directory Agent Installation ASA 5505

Jul 26, 2011

I'm trying to install Active Directory Agent in Windows 2003 (not R2) to configure Identity Firewall with ASA 5505  8.4.(2). The installation runs ok but the agent doesn't start because the WatchDogService.exe fails. I don't find any information about AD_Agent.

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Cisco Firewall :: SSM-4GE Module Installation On Active And Standby Firewalls

Jul 23, 2011

We are planning to install a new SSM-4GE module on both Active and Standby firewalls. how can we install an new SSM-4GE with a minimum outage. I was planning to install the module in the following steps.
1. Power off the secondary firewall(FW02).
2. Install a new module.
3. Power up the secondary firewall
4. Power off the primary firewall(FW01)---> in this step will the secondat firewall become active as there is a hardware conflict.
5. Install a new module.
6. Power up the Primary firewall(FW01)
or do i need to power down both the firewalls and then install the modules?i have is that after the installation only one port on the new SSM-4GE module would be in use on Primary firewall(FW01) which is a terminating link from a router. No link would be terminating on the new SSM-4GE module on secondary firewall. Will the firewalls still fail over in this case or does it require a link going to the secondary firewall on new SSM-4GE module(same port as on primary firewall) from the router.

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Cisco Firewall :: Users Behind ASA5505 Firewall Are Unable To Access Internet

Feb 24, 2011

I have a normal setup of ASA5505 (without security license) connected behind an internet router. From the ASA5505 console I can ping the Internet. However, users behind the Firewall on the internal LAN, cannot ping the Internet even though NATing is configured. The users can ping the Inside interface of the Firewall so there is no internal reachability problem. In addition, I noticed that the NAT inside access list is not having any hit counts at all when users are trying to reach the internet.

When i replace the ASA5505 with a router with NAT overload configuration on it, the setup works normally and users are able to browse the internet.

The ASA5505 configuration is shown below.

hostname Firewall

interface Ethernet0/0
description Connected To Internet Router
switchport access vlan 10


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 Lose Configuration If Upgrade Firewall

May 17, 2011

i have asa 5505 with the asdm v5.2 (4), and the asa v7.2(4). This platform has a base license. if i upgrade adsm and asa on v6.2(1) and v8.2(2) if I lose my license and that you need to activate them? i configured site to site vpn (this firewall and the another) that i lose my configuration if i upgrade my firewall.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 Can't Ping New Firewall On Inside Interface

Jul 14, 2011

I've recently upgraded my old firewall from a PIX to an ASA5505 and have been trying to match up the configuration settings to no avail. I have is that I can't ping the new firewall on it's inside interface, despite having "icmp permit any inside" in the running config. Secondly, the server I have on there ("Sar") can't connect out to the internet.I've included the ASA's running config incase anybody can see if something stands out. I have a feeling it's either not letting anything onto the inside interface, or there is no nat going on. Lastly (and possibly relevant), the firewall is actually going at the end of a vlan, which is different to the firewall's inside vlan number. I don't know if this is actually the problem because the server can't connect out even if connected directly into the firewall.

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Cisco Firewall :: Unable To Ping Internet IPs From ASA5505 Firewall

Jan 9, 2013

Internet ISP -> Juniper SRX 210 Ge-0/0/0
Juniper fe0/0/2  -> Cisco ASA 5505
Cisco ASA 5505 - >Inernal LAN switch.
1.  Internet  is connected to Juniper Ge0/0/0  via /30 IP.
2. Juniper fe0/0/2 port is configured as inet port and configured the Internal public LAN pool provided by the ISP. And this port is directly connected to  Cisco ASA 5505 E0/0. Its a /28 pool IP address. This interface is configured as outside and security level set to 0.

From Juniper SRX, am able to ping public Internet IPs (

1. From ASA am unable to ping public ip configured on Juniper G0/0/0 port.(/30)
2. From ASA no other Public internet IP is pinging.
Troubleshooting Done so far.
1, Configured icmp inspection on ASA.
2. Used the packet tracer in ASA, it shows the packet is flowing outside without a drop.
3.  Allowed all services in untrust zone in bound traffic in Juniper SRX.
4. Viewed the logs when I was trying the ping in ASA. It says "Tear down ICMP connection for faddrr **** gaddr **

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 Firewall Rule Not Blocking

Apr 1, 2013

I'm trying to troubleshoot an ASA5505.
The original goal was to block "Mumble/Murmur" (a voip app) traffic, which runs on TCP/UDP 64738, both inbound and outbound, except to a certain host (
However, when nothing I tried seemed to make a difference, just to troubleshoot, I decided to try blocking all inbound traffic.  I first disconnected ethernet port 0/0 to ensure that it was cabled correctly and the outside interface went down when I did.  That worked as expected, so I confirmed I had the right interface and it was cabled correctly.
I then applied a "any any deny ip" rule as the first element in the outside interface access_list, as you can see below.  However, it appears to have had no real effect and the hit count is very low (it should be astronomical).
show ver 
Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 9.0(2)
Device Manager Version 7.1(2) 
Compiled on Thu 21-Feb-13 13:10 by builders
System image file is "disk0:/asa902-k8.bin"


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Cisco Firewall :: Using IP Aliases On ASA5505

Nov 29, 2011

Is it possible to use IP "aliases" on an ASA5505 to use as static NAT public IPs to private IPs?  For example, I have int e0/0 connected to my ISP using a /30 subnet and I have my private LAN connected to e0/1 with a /24 subnet.  At the moment I can use the one usable IP from the /30 to NAT to the private LAN.  The ISP is also routing a /28 subnet to the one public IP of the ASA. I would like to use some of the /28 IPs for NAT also.  Can it be as easy as just adding the NAT commands? I figure I would have to add that subnet to the ASA somehow, no?  In other devices (including the SA520) they use a concept called IP aliases whereby you define what additional IPs the device can use in its NAT config.  Does the ASA support aliases?  Maybe I have to do something with VLANs?

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Cisco Firewall :: Use 1 / 2 Gb Memory With ASA5505 Only 512 Mb

Jun 15, 2011

it is possible use 1 or 2 Gb memory with ASA 5505 or only 512 Mb ?

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Cisco Firewall :: Routing Using ASA5505 And Pix 501?

Jun 16, 2011

I have 1 network that I'm trying to make secure, and it needs to access 2 seperate networks.   I tried using an ASA5505 that I had on the shelf to accomplish this but discovered that I had the basic license and that was prohibiting me from getting my connection to my 3rd network.  I scrapped that idea and grabbed an old pix 501 off the shelf to bring my connectivity to my 3rd network online since the 3rd network is only passing ip traffic to a small group of servers on the outside I figure the 501 should be just fine.
So, here's the problem I am running into:My internal network is, I have a new domain controller with DHCP on it handing out addresses in the range.External Network 1 is  The services I need from that network are primarily in range, however there is a comcast router (Changed of course) that provides high speed internet I need for my www traffic.External Network 2 is  I have about 4 servers I need to access on this network and that's it.   This network has it's own domain and DHCP controller and I've been given a range of ip's to use on this network of My switch is just a plane jane 3com switch with minimal management so I am attempting to use my ASA5505 to handle my layer 3 routing. 
So here's my issue:ASA5505 (IN:, OUT:  Passes traffic to External Network 1 and to the comcast router, no problem.   All my computers on my network have access to everything on as well as getting full name resolution and www traffic across the comcast router.  Can NOT access no matter what.  From inside the ASA or from on the inside LAN ports.  It CAN ping the PIX 501  PIX 501 (IN:, OUT:  Can ping EVERYTHING.  Can ping, can ping and can ping    Set to globally assign the other IP's in my range as addresses for outgoing traffic.Workstations (IN: 10.10.16.XXX DHCP, using as gateway)  Can only access everything on External Network 1.  ZERO access to External Network 2. ATM I have both INSIDE and OUTSIDE ACL's wide open for both firewalls just to get connectivity going.  I will be tightening it up after it is operational.Attached find a log file (Sensetive data removed of course) that contains the sh run and sh ver for both the ASA5505 and the PIX 501.

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Cisco Firewall :: Asa5505 Do We Need Ios Update

Mar 14, 2013

I just got an ASA 5505 with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(4) alredy loaded on it.  Should I update/upgrade it to the newest IOS release, or is the 8.0(4) good and stable?

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Cisco Firewall :: Setup DMZ Using ASA5505?

May 3, 2012

I'd like to setup a DMZ network with the ASA5505. Do I need the "Security Plus Bundle"?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 With WRVS4400N On COX?

Apr 25, 2012

I've been trying to get my WRVS4400N connected to my ASA5505 on the internet through a Cox connection, but it isn't working. I cannot get the ASA to be the DHCP server for the wireless router. I've configured the wireless router as a gateway and pointed the DHCP server to the ASA but no addresses are being passed through to the wireless router. I've included a copy of my config.

ciscoasa# sh run
: Saved
ASA Version 8.4(2)


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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 With Multiple WAN IPs?

Jul 24, 2012

We are trying to utilize a 5 ip block of addresses provided by our ISP. What we have assigned from them is like this: - is our ip range. is the gateway. Subnet is If we assign to the outside interface how do we accept inbound traffic from the other addresses?

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Cisco Firewall :: Can't Ping Or RDP ASA5505

Sep 4, 2012

I have Vlan 100 (inside) and Vlan 65 (Outside)I'm trying to configure RDP and ping traffic from Vlan 100 to Vlan 65 One way.If I connect 2 PCs on E0/0 and E0/1 they can happily ping the their own VLAN ip add and've copied my config,

ASA Version 8.4(4)1
object-group network A_Network


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Cisco Firewall :: Configure Dmz On ASA5505

Dec 20, 2011

I have a asa 5505 Sec plus with 3vlan, inside, outside and dmz.
On the outside i have 5 ip's for my use, and in the dmz i have a webserver that need to communicate with one sql server on the inside.
The "sql" also needs to be accessible from outside and thus has a static nat with a dynamic nat so it replies from same ip as on nat ie webserver is natted with
sql inside ip is, gw
webserver ip is gw 
sec lvl on inside is 100 and on dmz 50
with a dynamic policy  running inside-net/24 to dmz-network/24 translagt to dmz i can get it to ping 1 way from inside to dmz, but not the other way around...
All i need is to open 1 port  ie 6677 both ways for this communication to work.
I'm not very familiar with the CLI and do most stuf in GUI  (know i should learn CLI, but time doesnt let me)...

on access rules i have just added everything from any to any using , ip, icmp, tcp and udp just to be sure...  :-)

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Cisco Firewall :: DNS Redirect On ASA5505?

Feb 29, 2012

I want to make it so if a user tries to use a different DNS server the request will be redirected to the one they should be using.I thought this might work but the ASA doesn't do PB routing
ip access-list extended transparent_dns
permit udp any any eq 53
route-map redirect_dns permit 10
match ip address transparent_dns
set ip next-hop ip.of.your.server
route-map redirect_dns permit 20

The DNS server is windows 2003?Would policy based NAT or WCCP work for this? If so how would I go about it?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 As LAN Router?

Nov 22, 2011

I would like to use an ASA5505 as a simple LAN-to-LAN ethernet router.  My plan is to configure two interfaces with the same security level and then use the command that allows interfaces with the same security level to communicate with each other.  I can get this to work without having to setup and ACLs or NAT stuff.

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Cisco Firewall :: Use Dual ISP's With ASA5505?

Oct 1, 2010

for the purpose of a redundency, incase the primary ISP goes down the backup kicks in.Can this be done with the basic license (max 3 vlans) or you need to have the security plus license. (20 vlans) Currently not using the 3rd vlan (dmz)

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5505 For Passive FTP?

Apr 18, 2012

setting up ASA to allow passive FTP connection! I can get the FTP client to connect but it does not pull the directories. I have opened 21 and range of 55536-55566. I had some trouble gettting the range opened and saved. Normally with other small business routers (GUI) I make sure those ports are forwarded and ftp works.
Is the ftp inspection killing connection or is it my config?
ASA Version 8.4(2)
hostname ciscoasa
enable password vRLm0eRL2O14iLM6 encrypted
passwd 2KFQnbNIdI.2KYOU encrypted


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