Cisco Routers :: RV042 With Two Subnets For A Web Server?

Dec 21, 2011

I have a static DSL  connection and my ISP is giving me 4 static IP's. I have connected my  RV042 to the DSL modem and I have now 1 subnet at What I  want to create is a WEB server/ Email server, but to sit on a different  subnet - For now I have connected the server to the DMZ  port, but I am unable to to access it from WAN, only from LAN. How to configure properly the 2 subnets ( and and how to forward my static address to the server which I  which to be on the

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Linksys Wired Router :: Cisco RV042 With Two Subnets For A Web Server?

Dec 21, 2011

I have a static DSL connection and my ISP is giving me 4 static IP's. I have connected my RV042 to the DSL modem and I have now 1 subnet at What I want to create is a WEB server/ Email server, but to sit on a different subnet - For now I have connected the server to the DMZ port, but I am unable to to access it from WAN, only from LAN. how to configure properly the 2 subnets ( and and how to forward my static address to the server which I which to be on the

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Multiple Subnets

Jan 22, 2013

Here's what I want to do with my RV042: I have a bunch of devices, including a server, inside my network at
I've set up VPN using PPTP. It works, but if my clients have their own remote DHCP set up to 192.168.1.x, they can't get to the server. If their home DHCP is 10.x.x.x., everything works
I am considering changing my internal network to something obscure.
My server has two NICs. So I thought, I why not set one address up to 10.x.x.x But the two nets can't ping each other. I tried using "multiple subnet" on the RV042, setting up, but no luck.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 VPN Tunnel For Multiple Subnets?

Aug 5, 2011

We have 4 RV 042 routers and  cisco router at HQ, we have Site to Site VPN tunnels in between, All branch offices are connected to HQ via S2S VPN tunnels 24 HQ Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4
now lets say i am branch 1, i can access network but cant access network, means i dont have branch to branch connection, it should be through HQ, means my RV042 at brnach  should fwd all traffic to HQ for another branches also. Under VPN tunnel if i try to configure remote destination its not allowing me it says network overlaping with local network, how i can sole it, I know how to do in cisco, we can permit those networks in access lists.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Protocol Binding Multiple LAN Subnets?

Aug 16, 2011

We have Point to point T1 environment where 3 additional WAN sites get internet access through our RV042. When we setup load balancing we have problems with https traffic, so we setup protocol binding for https and everything worked great from the local LAN. When trying to access https content from the remote LAN across the WAN the sites failed and I see no option to add additional subnets to the protocol binding. Is there a command line feature that supports adding additional subnets for protocol binding or is the local LAN the only option?

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Cisco Routers :: 3750 / RV042 And Multiple LAN Subnets Access To Internet

Nov 27, 2011

We have RV 042 deployed for internet access/firewall purposes. Due to growing number for Wireless devices and also to separate WLAN traffic from wired devices, we have created a separate VLAN/IP Subnet for the wifi devices. We are having trouble accessing the internet from the WiFi VLAN/IP Subnet.  Cisco 3750 is layer 2 and layer 3 device. We have VLAN 1 (, all wired devices and RV 042 are part of VLAN 1. Connectivity to internet from VLAN 1 is good. VLAN 2 ( / was created for wifi devices, 3750 does the inter-vlan routing, I have enabled the multiple subnet feature on the RV 042 and added / 24 to the subnet list, we still have issues accessing internet from vlan 2 devices.
As a workaround, I shutdown vlan 2 and added as secondary address to the VLAN 1 interface on 3750 and i was able to access internet from network with wifi devices also on vlan 1, we want wifi devices to be on separate vlan / ip subnet. Looking at the documentation for RV series routers, it talks about supporting multiple subnets access to internet by enabling multiple subnet feature but it doesn't seem to work.Are there restrictions on having multiple vlans?

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Can't Ping Ip Server

Feb 6, 2012

i have setup vpn connection (client-gateway) using quick vpn ( default cisco) and third party like thegreenbow. connection is ok (established) but why from outside I can only ping to IP LAN PC  , if   I ping ip server the result is request time out(failed). I have been trying do this to 3 server ( windows server 2003 as OS).four your information I have made firewall "OFF"  on all of those servers.  the result is same, failed.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Can't Locate DNS Server

Dec 14, 2012

I'm trying to set up an RV042 as a gateway for our home network. I've cloned the MAC address of the cable modem attached to WAN1, and have set up WAN1 to obtain an IP automatically. The System Summary page shows under WAN Status that WAN1 has been assigned an IP address in the right range for Comcast, the provider. The default gateway address looks good, and the DNS server is, in fact, Comcast's main DNS server for this area.
However, when I go to System Management > Diagnostic, the router is unable to resolve basic domain names (e.g., or ping addresses outside the LAN. I can ping the router itself successfully. Attempts to access the web through the router fail on domain name look.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Giving Out Certificate Instead Of Server?

Jan 28, 2013

RV042 router is giving out the outer certificate  instead of server certificate. Outlook anywhere is failing and we are receiving certificate errors for any secure site behind this firewall.  I'm not talking  about remote  management. I'm talking about people trying to access our  web site,  which is secured, and getting an error because the RV042 is  giving its  own SSL certificate instead of the Server's certificate.  Firmware Version:  I don't see any updates for that  hardware.  I do have it working on an RV042 with the same firmware at a different location.  How do we turn that off or keep it from happening?  Output from a test site Attempting to resolve the host name xxxx in DNS.The host name resolved successfully. Additional DetailsTesting TCP port 443 on host xxxx to ensure it's listening and open. The port was opened successfully. Testing the SSL certificate to make sure it's valid. The SSL certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks. Test Steps ExRCA is attempting to obtain the SSL certificate from remote server xxxx on port 443. ExRCA successfully obtained the remote SSL certificate. Additional Details Remote  Certificate Subject:

SN=California, L=Irvine, C=US, O="Cisco-Linksys,  LLC", OU=RV042, CN=68:ef:bd:b8:0f:78, Issuer: SN=California, L=Irvine,  C=US, O="Cisco-Linksys, LLC", OU=RV042, CN=68:ef:bd:b8:0f:78.Validating the certificate name. Certificate name validation failed. Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it Additional Details Host  name xxxx doesn't match any name found on the server  certificate SN=California, L=Irvine, C=US, O="Cisco-Linksys, LLC",  OU=RV042, CN=68:ef:bd:b8:0f:78.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 V3 - How To Activate Telnet Server

Jan 25, 2012

I wish to change ARP table or any else to get a WOL functionnality.
I found how to activate telnet server, but I don't have the right login and password.

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Cisco Routers :: Multiple Internal Web Server RV042

Aug 15, 2012

We have setup a new internal web server so now we have two internal web server and both or hosting sites on port 80. Currently we have port 80 forwarding to one of the web servers and users are able to hit it from the outside. 

Is there any way to configure the RV042 to route web traffic to the correct web server by using the site name or dns?  If a user puts in the address{URL}, be routed to one web server but if they put in {URL}, be routed to our second web server.   I've checked with our vendors and the both web servers applications need to run on port 80.  If we have forwarding setup on the RV042 to forward port 80 to web1 then users can't access web2 from the outside?

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Linksys Wired Router :: Connecting 2 RV042 With Different Subnets And DSL

Apr 30, 2013

Small office, 2 RV042, 2 DSL connections. 1 is used striclty for the business side, and the other is for our CCTV network. They also have seperate DSL connections as we have 2 external IP address for clients to connect remotely. We don't want to take away our exisring setup, but would like to bridge both networks so a few of our internal clients can connect to our CCTV network and use some of the devices. Right now they come in on VPN but its not as fast.Is this doable without adding additional hardware? Both networks need DHCP enable as well.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Giving Out Router Certificate Instead Of Server

Nov 28, 2012

Just installed RV042 router. And it's giving out router certificate instead of server certificate so people who are trying to access our secured server are getting errors. I'm not talking about remote management. I'm talking about people trying to access our web site, which is secured, and getting an error because the RV042 is giving its own SSL certificate instead of the Server's certificate. How do we turn that off or keep it from happenning?
The RV042 firm version is v4.0.0.07-tm (Aug 19 2010 19:19:50)

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Cisco Routers :: Configure RV042 Dual WLan / Web And DNS Server

Aug 19, 2011

I need configuring Cisco RV042 dual wlan and port forwarding for 2 servers web and dns in LAN

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Email Server Not Send Mail When Switch From Wan

Sep 28, 2011

Just installed a RV042 with dual wan connections. Would like to make the WAN 2 (new cable modem as well) the primary connection over WAN1 (DSL), however whenever I switch from WAN1 to WAN2 in Smark Link set up, our email server will not send mail out, even though nothing is blocking the connection.

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Cisco Routers :: No Access Information Logged For PPTP Server On RV042?

Nov 25, 2012

I have configured PPTP Server on RV042, and created 3 accounts. I am able to connect from Windows PC without any problems.
In the router's logging utility, there doesn't appear to be any log entries indicating either successful or failed attempts to connect to PPTP server. The only access logs I see are for access to the router's configuration utility. Is there a way to view PPTP access in the router system log?

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 - DHCP Giving Out Wrong Default Gateway And DNS Server

Oct 3, 2012

I have a RV042 router. The problem that I am having with it is that the DHCP is giving out the wrong Default Gateway and DNS Server. There is no option to change the DHCP server IP on any of the settings pages on the router. I am begining to think that there might not be a way to do it.  I see that there is an option for the DNS under the DHCP page but the Public IP that is being handed out is not the one on that page. I also have 2 WAN connections hooked up as well a DSL link and a Cable link (the cable link is the primary one).
The following information is provided in an effort to resolve this issue:
IP of Router
IP of DHCP Server (the one that is being handed out):
IP of DNS (the one that is being handed out):
What I want to it be.
IP of Router:

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Cisco Routers :: RV082 NAT To Other Subnets?

Jan 12, 2012

Is it possbile to NAT to other subnets with the RV082. It is on a 192.168.41.x and I have a phone system on a 192.168.20.x. After searching all over others are saying no.

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Cisco Routers :: Can RVS4000 Be Used To Bridge Subnets

Dec 10, 2012

At the small church I attend, and where I'm the IT guy, we have an RVS4000 router which has worked well for us including the VPN capability. Our internet connection is through AT&T (not my choice) and last week we had to switch from DSL to U-Verse because AT&T is doing away with the former.

Unfortunately as part of this switch, the old modem was discarded and an NVG510 installed. The NVG510 is a combo modem/router. But since it doesn't have VPN capability and is not as good a router all around as the RVS4000 (even though the 4000 is an aging device), I am trying to run both.
I finally figured out how to set up IP Passthrough on the NVG510 so now VPN is again working to the RVS4000 so that's not an issue. We do have a couple of PCs that are in a room where no wired connections are possible so they are using wireless. But they are not very close to the wireless antennas so they don't have the greatest throughput. The NVG510 does have wireless capability and is physically located to where it would provide a much better signal. However, the NVG510 will only use a 192.168.x.x subnet and our LAN is setup for 10.x.x.x. I'm not about to change the LAN as it runs a Windows domain with enough equipment that I don't want the exercise of changing subnets.Can the RVS4000 be setup so that it will route domain traffic between the 2 subnets? As it is now, connecting a PC to the 192.168.x.x subnet on the NVG510 allows it to have internet access but it can't access domain resources on the 10.x.x subnet. I don't understand networking well enough to know why this won't work. I know it can because when I worked for a large corporation, they had different subnets that were routed so that PCs on one subnet could be on the same Windows domain as PCs on another subnet and all access resources on both subnets.
The RVS4000 may be capable of doing this but my limited knowledge of networking (I know servers, not switches, etc) means I'm not sure of what I see on the router to know if it can do it or not.I'd be appreciative to know first off if the RVS4000 can do it, and secondly if it can, then how to set it up. I've worked with the RVS4000 since we got it 3+ years ago so I'm fairly familiar with it, I just don't know the rest.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Connecting 3570 Switches To Nexus 2232 To Migrate Server Subnets

Nov 17, 2011

I am in the process of migrating our existing server farm subnets to our new Nexus server farm and I discovered something I wasn’t expecting. My intention is to migrate our existing legacy server farm which is comprised of for paired 3750 switches off of our core 6509s and onto the Nexus and connect them to the 2232s via multi gig port-channel connections, two port channels per switch stack. 
NOTE this is expected to be a temporary move as next year we intend to install additional N2Ks and move servers over to these directly. But to minimize the outage/downtime it will be better to move the subnets and switchs all at once.
These connections would be grouped 1 gig connections as port channels, one from each switch into one of the two 2232s.
Problem I discovered is Cisco does not intend to have switches connected to the Nexus and it immediately disables the ports when they see BPDUs.
I found a config that does work and it does fail over from one port-channel connection to the other but with the limitation that when the original port channel comes back online it does not fail back over to the original one, an acceptable situation for us. But I am wondering if Cisco would support this design if we did experience issues down the road.
The only issue I really see is to get it to work the config is different on the two N5Ks, see the pert config below for the connections. Both are running the same OS
augs1-ba-ar17# sh ver
Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software
TAC support: [URL]


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Cisco Routers :: RV180 NAT Five Static IPs To 5 VLAN Subnets

Feb 14, 2013

I have five static IPs that I would like to fully utilize, by NAT'ing them to internal VLAN subnets.I read that the RV180 can do this, but I am having difficulty in finding a working recipe.I have assigned to the RV180 WAN interface.
I have created four additional VLANs 2-5 and assigned to ports 1-4 with subnet interfaces,, and,I have set the default VLAN to untagged on all ports. VLANs 2-5 are set to tagged for their respective port (1-4) and exclude for other ports.I have set DHCP relays to which is my DHCP, DNS, AD services.
I read some months ago that when the first static IP address is assigned to the WAN port, that the VLAN ports will accept tagged packets on their ports and NAT them to the respective successive static IP (sounds a bit like magic to me). Regardless, I read that the RV180 can provide VLAN subnet NAT to up to 5 static IP address. I am not looking for 1 to 1 NAT, not the same.  I want to perform NAT on the four additional VLANs in the similar manner that VLAN 1 (default DMZ) IPs are NAT'd to the static WAN address. As in everything outbound on is NAT'd to
Additionally I would like all DHCP assigned by my DHCP server which I believe is accomplished with the DHCP relay setting on all five VLAN subnets, which point to the DHCP server
Lastly, I am trying to configure VPN connectivity into my DMZ network. I have configured a few accounts, enabled for PPTP. I have configured PPTP and am issuing The VPN connection seems to work great without the use of Cisco quick VPN. I can see the remote picking up the IP address as the VPN connection is made. From the remote I can ping IP addresses on the DMZ subnet 192.168.1.X   How can I configurer the Cisco RV180 PPTP server to provide the DMZ DNS ipaddresses? These addresses need to be and
I feel I am almost there, in working out the VLAN subnet to Static NAT. I suspect it will be some routing configurations. The ISP business gateway on the WAN side that I point my router to which is owned by Verizon, is I have a /29 making IPs  available to me.

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Routers / Switches :: Separate Subnets Not Working As Described

Jun 25, 2011

I'm trying to set up 2 separate networks in my home, both of which have access to the internet through a single ISP.I have set up my networks using 2 routers as described in the "Version 2" scenario found here: url...The problem is, a computer connected to the LAN side of Router 2 is able to ping and map shared folders on computers connected to the LAN side of Router 1. According to the writeup (last paragraph), this should not be the case.I have been over the setup multiple times to ensure it is per the writeup but each time, I am able to ping and map.Is there some additional router/computer settings that I may be missing?FWIW, here's my take on what is happening (with the ping): When a computer on the LAN side of Router 2 (submet 192.168.1.x) does a ping to a computer on the LAN side of Router 1 (subnet 192.168.0.x), Router 2 sends the request to its Default Gateway (since it's a different subnet).Router 1 however, recognizes this as its LAN side subnet and forwards the request to that computer. The ping response is then routed back from Router 1 to Router 2.

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Establish Bi-directional Communication Between 2 Routers On 2 Subnets?

Sep 6, 2011

I have three routers and 2 ISPs but I'd like to focus for now on a configuration with only one ISP provider. Here is my environment:

Netgear Cable (CBVG834G) wireless routerON the cable router are connected multimedia type equipments (TV/ IP set top box/ IP amp ) located on the family room DHCP ON (because I can't get internet connectivity when I assigned Fix IP address I come to that later) IP Adress: DHCP range: 19 Reserved IP : 1292.168.1.10 for the Dlink 4 DEV a connected D-LINK ( DIR-855) wireless router.mainly PCs, NAS (x2) located on the first floor. DHCP ON Lan IP Adress: DHCP range: / 120 WAN Ip address : 6 PCs are connected

Everything works fine from an internet connectivity standpoint:

DEVx can connect to internet fine
PCx can connect to internet
PCx can access DEVx

Now the issue DEVx can't access resources from PCx!

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W VPN Configuration / How To Choose Multiple Subnets

Jan 4, 2013

I have setup 15 x RV180W's so far for a particular client.They have requested that we add a Corporate Wireless VLAN for their laptop users (not guests) and add a Special Use WiFi VLAN for a particular mobile platform that is being deployed (in this case we need 2 separate WiFi VLANs to ensure compliance).Also, none of the VLANs can talk to eachother and they have their own subnets.I have the Wireless and VLANs setup, no problem... but I am having an issue wiht the VPN settings.I have the wired network's subnet working fine. But I do not know how to add the subnets for both Wireless VLANs to the traffic selection.The IP schemes will not allow me to just select a large subnet... here are some examples:
Wired VLAN: 10.10.x.y
Corporate WiFi VLAN: 10.15.x.y
Special WiFi VLAN: 10.18.x.y
x is the octet that defines the physical unit location (unit 1 = .23, unit 2 = .24, etc...) y is the octet the host.Since they are not in a contiguous block, I cannot just use a larger subnet mask.I can add multiple traffic selection rules to the ASA5515 at HQ, so that side of the tunnel is perfect... I just don't know how to add the three VLANs to the RV180. Is it as simple as using commas or semicolons?

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Cisco Routers :: RV110W Unable To Access Other Subnets When Using PPTP VPN

Jan 1, 2013

I've encountered a problem when using PPTP VPN to access my network. I can connect in and able to ping the hosts connected to the RV110W. [code] On the local network, I am able to ping the hosts in 192.168.250.x from 192.168.251.x and vice versa.Static routes are configured to ensure that all networks are reachable.The problem comes when I tried to VPN (PPTP) in from a remote location using the Windows XP's built in default VPN dialer.When connected, I can ping all the hosts on segments, but when I tried to ping the hosts in and segments, I get a request timeout.
The routing table on the RV110W shows the gateway for (the VPN IP address) as and interface is WAN.What am I missing and how should I configure the RV110W so that I can access the other subnets through VPN?

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Routers / Switches :: Why Can't Ping Computers On Separates Subnets

May 21, 2012

My new employer has asked me to determine any issues that could be causing performance issues our LAN. The network has two subnets and one of the first things that I noticed is that I cannot ping computers on subnet A from subnet B. I've looked into this and found a few things.-I CANNOT traceroute to computers on subnet B from subnet A-I CAN NMAP to computers on subnet B from subnet A-Computers on subnet A CAN ping other computers on subnet A and computers on subnet B CAN ping other computers on subnet B-Computers on subnet A CAN ping and access servers on subnet BI am relatively new to networking and not exactly sure where to start investigating this problem.

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Cisco Routers :: RV220W Find Router That Can Do Port Forwarding To Other Subnets

Mar 31, 2013

I'm trying to find a router that can do port forwarding to other subnets. My current linksys has IP of, and only allows me to port forward to 192.168.1.x, but I need to forward to 2.x, 3.x, 4.x
I can see how to do this on the RV215W through the online emulator, but Cisco suggested I use the RV220W. Looking through the device emulator, I can't seem to figure out how I would set it up.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4 / NAT Some Subnets To One IP And Other Subnets To Another IP?

Aug 15, 2012

I need to NAT some subnets to one IP and other subnets to another IP. The range command want work because some of the subnets are out of order.For example  subnets - and, nat'd to  subnet nat'd to

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Cisco Routers :: Auto / Programmatic UPnP Port Forwarding For RV042 And E4200 Routers

Jan 24, 2013

I have RV042 and E4200 routers . I tried the manual UPnP port forwarding using Rv042  router and was succesful ( by typing  in the explorer and  logged in using user name and password )
I am using a linux embedded system  whose  Internal IP ,Internal port  are mapped  .This system is connected to one of the LAN ports    
I want to try auto UPnP port forwarding both for  RV042 router and Linksys E4200 routers 
After  enabling the Upnp option only  and logging out ,Can i add a port mapping entry in this router without logging in  using  a  C++ program  which runs on  linux embedded system .

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 / RV042G / Small Business Routers With Inter-VLAN Capability

Aug 22, 2012

I was looking for a small business router that has VPN support and dual WAN support for load balancing. Upon reading reviews, I think RV042/RV042G is a good choice. Now am thinking if it supports intervlan/ router-on-a-stick configuration?

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Cisco Routers :: Getting VPN Gateway To Gateway With NAT For Multiple Subnets / RV082?

Feb 11, 2012

I have a pair of RV082 routers and I'd like to configure gateway to gateway VPN tunnel as described in a cookbook, "How to configure a VPN tunnel that routes all traffic to the Remote Gateway," (file name Small_business_router_tunnel_Branch_to_Main.doc).  I followed this cookbook and found that my while the Main office has internet connectivity, the branch subnet doesn't have internet connectivity. 
Routing does behave as advertised, where all traffic does go to the main office.  However, the subnet in the branch office does not get internet connectivity.  I've read in other posts that the Main office router will only provide NAT for the local subnet, not the branch office subnet.  Is  there a way to configure the RV082 router to provide NAT for all subnets?
If not, which Cisco product will provide the VPN Tunnel connectivity as well as the NAT for all subnets?  Can the RV082 be used as part of the final solution or are my RV082s a  wasted expenditure?

Following is the configuration that I'd implemented, (real IP and IKE keys are bogus). 
Gateway To Gateway    
Remote                                                   Main Office
 Add a New Tunnel
Tunnel No.                  1                                               2
Tunnel Name :               n1-2122012_n2-1282012        n1-2122012_n2-1282012
Interface :                  WAN1                                    WAN1


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Linksys Wired Router :: Configure Cisco RV042 To Access PPTP VPN Server?

Jun 7, 2012

how i can configure the Cisco RV042 to access PPTP VPN Server (Witopia VPn) or other vpn servers.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Won't Get Second IP

Feb 27, 2012

I have two Internet connections-
1-DSL Modem (WAN1-Internet Port)
2-Cable Modem-Comcast (WAN2-DMZ/Internet Port)
I connected the DSL (WAN1-Internet) port in and the Cisco RV042 was able to get an IP automatically. I tested the connection and it works just fine. Then I connect the Cable Modem-Comcast (WAN2-DMZ/Internet Port) in and I have the RV042 automatically optain IP address. But it just says I've tried release/renew and that does nothing. Also, when I connect the 2nd Internet connection the Internet goes down. The only way it goes back up is when I disable under the PORT MANAGMENT setting.
All the settings have been kept to the default.How can I get the router to obtain an IP address from the Cable Modem-Comcast (WAN2 DMZ/Internet Port).

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