Cisco Routers :: WGR614v10 - Can't Open During Setup

Sep 18, 2012

I am replacing a Netgear wireless router (WGR614v10) with a Cisco WRVS4400N.  When I go to set up the device on my Mac, will not open in a browser.  Do I have to do the setup on a PC?

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Open Nat On Netgear Router WGR614v10?

Jan 3, 2011

I have a netgear router model wgr614v10 and a ATT motorola modem. I've been trying everything to open my nat so i can get my xbox live to work better. I've tried portforwarding, enabling UPnP, enabling DHCP, and more.

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Routers / Switches :: How To Open The Tp-link Interface Setup

Aug 16, 2012

how to open the tp-link interface setup for my TD-W896ON? i have a user and a password but where do i add them ??

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Get A New WGR614v10 Router For Gaming?

Mar 3, 2012

I am wanting to get a new router for gaming, because the one I have is really bad in my opinion.. I got this one at the time I bought it cause I needed one really fast.Setup:Time Warner Cable 30Mbps Down 1Mbps Up (In speed test I get this):

Killer 2100 Network Card (Latest FirmWare)
TCP Optimizer
System Mechanic Pro Network Optimizer

*I don't know if the TCP and System mechanic did anything or not to my network stacks/registry but that could be a possibility*

Time Warner Cable Modem
WGR614v10 Router:


CAT5E and CAT 6 Cables... Would having two types in the same connection make the connection weird?I just want to really make my connection overall sufficient for gaming.. I don't want to worry about lag coming from client side at all.

1. I lose connection a lot, and I doubt it's on Time Warner's end cause I have called them multiple times about this..

2. I have to power cycle a lot with this router.

3. The Time Warner Cable people came out and put in new cable lines and connectors, so I doubt it's the cable lines.

4. No I don't suck at gaming, I am a pro E-sports athlete so I am very good   I am just concerned about client side network lag,cause even on perfect registration servers from Eoreality that have a dedicated server boxes, I still get updated a lot... I have times where I shoot and I get the kill, and other where I know I should have gotten them?

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WGR614V10 - Can't Connect To Router Wirelessly

Mar 21, 2011

Yesterday everything was working fine, but when I got home today I couldn't connect to my router. I tried connecting on my computer, my mac, and my netbook ALL couldn't even find the SSID. I directly connected my mac and netbook to my modem and was able to connect to the internet, so I know it's not an ISP problem. I then re-connected the WAN cord from my modem to the back of my Netgear Wireless-G Router WGR614V10. All the lights come on but I still can't find the router when I tried connecting wirelessly. When I connect an Ethernet cord to a LAN port on the router, I can get connection.

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Wifi Working Only When Lan Is Connected Wgr614v10

Jan 2, 2013

my netgear wireless modem model - wgr614 v10. When I connect router to PC via LAN cable the wifi speed on my mobile goes to around 8MBPS and as soon as I disconnect LAN cable from PC it went down to almost 0. In short wifi only working fine when LAN is connected to my PC . I have selected channel 11 and Mode upto 54 MBPS and WPA-PSK key. My region is North America and latest firmware is available on my router. As recommended by some netgear support representative I changed the Fragmentation Length and CTS/RTS Threshold to 2304 but the problem is still there. What I noticed after that is as soon as I remove the LAN cable from my PC the wireless network start showing me no Internet access. And as soon as I insert LAN cable again to my PC wifi start working.

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Netgear WGR614v10 - Connecting To Internet With 3 Computers On 1 ISP

Feb 28, 2013

I have 3 comps, a desktop and two laptops. Desktop pc has a Netgear WGR614v10 router w/ a wireless connection to a laptop. I'm trying to get the 3rd to connect and will not .. What steps do I take to connect that one? I have a CAT5e cable connecting from one laptop to the one that will not connect, it says it connected but there is no globe over the tv set icons on the 3rd one.

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Netgear WGR614v10 - Network Driver Keeps Failing?

May 12, 2012

So I keep running into an issue with my internet connection. My router and connection work no problem, until I try to update my video card drivers or even my tablet drivers. Once I install those drivers, The next boot up my computer has no internet connection, and it says the network driver has failed. I can't seem to recover internet connection until I do a system restore, then all is well. My netgear WGR614v10 is up to date, on factory settings.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Setup Ea6500 With Two XBoxes / Open Nat On Both?

Jan 13, 2013

How do I setup the Linksys ea6500 with two xboxes so I can have open NAT on both of them?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: Wrt54g When Open Adviser It Goes To Setup Wizard

Feb 28, 2012

I upgraded my router Linksys wrt54g to Linksys x2000. I was able to install the equipment with no problem, my problem is with the Linksys Advisor. When I open the adviser it goes to setup wizard, I get a screen that tells me to disconnect my old router which I have done. The next screen gives a list of routers to select from my router x2000 is not on the list. How can I get passed this screen? So I can use the adviser to set up other computers and printer.

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Belkin Routers :: N600DB - Cannot Open Routers Homepage

Mar 21, 2013

I have the N600DB Wireless Router I am connected to the internet, but cannot open My Routers Homepage with http://router or How can I get to this page to reset the router settings? I also cannot connect any of my wireless devices to the network..

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160N - Upgraded Firmware Now Setup Page Won't Open?

Aug 7, 2011

I was having problems with the speed being between 30-58 kpbs when going through the WRT160N router, whether its hooked up wired or wireless, the speed with both was extremely slow and wouldnt fully open pager or would take dsl day slow. I hooked up straight to modem and I got 100+ kpbs so I figured its not my ISP, so I read that upgrading my firmware might make it faster, so I upgraded and hit and held the reset button for 30 secs like it recommended but now the wont open, I get a message saying it cant open this page

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Cisco Routers :: QuickVPN Setup On RV120W Without Changing Internal Setup

Nov 8, 2011

Is there a way to set up Quick VPN on the RV120W without changing the internal subnet? I have just taken over responsibility for a network and I don't know all of the nooks and crannies yet, so I'd rather not change the internal sub net. I've tried setting up a user then changing the LAN settings afterward, but it automatically removed the VPN user when I did so.

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Cisco Routers :: SRP527W - Setup - Cannot Find Web Console To Setup

Jan 1, 2012

I've just purchased a couple of SRP527W routers. I've been unable to even browse to the default to start my configuration. My local network is 192.168.1.x. At risk of showing my stupidity, what am I doing wrong.

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No Ports Seem To Open Up According To Routers GUI

Apr 6, 2012

No ports seem to open up when they are supposed to be open according to the routers GUI.When i use "port checker"-websites, they even say that port 80 is closed until i actively open it in the router, then it shows up as open. This however only applies to port 80, no other ports shows as open OR allow any traffic through.The same thing happens when the router is in DMZ.What I have done so far is google my butt off without any results, I have tried a new router, a new network card, formated, re-installed windows and made sure that my ISP is not blocking the ports that i have tried to open.My purpose of opening a port is to run a mumble server, which I have run on a Hamachi VPN so far, and that has worked fine.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Can't Open Any Port

Jan 17, 2012

I have a RV042 Dual Wan. Two internets balanced wow! who would've thought that the headaches were waiting patiently right down the corner.
I was working with a 2wire Gateway that came with my ISP. I was able to open the ports in order to have public access for my students and teachers to upload their work. All I had to do was to allow my server ip address to have access to different ports blocked by the ISP. I used [URL]
I bought the RV042 for various reasons like excellent content blocking, load balancing, quick vpn, among other. But I just can't open the port 80 while having having my two ISP connected with load balancing, not even while having only one modem connected.
I have resolved many issues using the protocol binding. I have tried everthing. I just don't undertand something.
Whenever I connect my server to my old router, "" tells me that my port 80 is open. Whenever I connect my servet to the RV042-DW, my port appears closed.
So it's not any OS issues. 
I've tried:
- To forward the TCP 80~80 port to my server static ip address... but failed

- To enable UPnP function with the same port... but failed

- To configure the port triggering with the same port.. but failed.

- To disable the firewall.. but failed.

- To use transparent bridge in the WAN1 with my 2wire Gateway... but failed

- To set up an account in DNS.ORG already had one, everythings is in green.. but failed.

- To change the configuration in my old 2Wire Gateway router to allow a DMZ zone so all ports are public... but failed.

- To assign RV042 router ip address in my old 2Wire allowing that specific address to allow certain ports to be public... but failed.
I have the  Firmware v4.0.4.02 from DEC/11

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 V3 And Two Xbox360s - Open Nat And Can't Get There

Dec 12, 2011

I have been trying for about a week to get open nat on my three xbox 360's I have in my home. Things came to a head last week when the gaming group and I tried to play over xbox live, but our games kept disconnecting. When I checked my network, none of my xboxes had open nat.
I had only one public ip at the time we had the trouble, but now I have 5 public ip's from comcast. Currently, I only have one of them setup with my router working as normal.
On that router, I have given the two xboxes static ips:
One of the xboxes is setup with port forwarding with the following ports:
3074 UDP/TCP
88 TCP
80 TCP
the other xbox is setup as a dmz host. The xbox that is setup with port forwarding gets open nat, but the other one, despite being the dmz host, does not get open nat.
The router is setup as follows: - router ip - dhcp server range - subnet mask

My dns servers are from open dns. I have only one wan connection coming into the router also. That is through comcast business class. The connection is a 30/5mbps connection. One last thing, I have the latest firmware on the router as well. I updated it last thursday evening 12/8/2011.

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Cisco Routers :: Why Won't WRVS4400N Open Ports

Jan 30, 2012

I'm using a WRVS4400N and have all the proper ports open as well as the corresponding ones in the windows firewall. I've tested this with multiple port checkers online, such as I've even go so far as to put one computer on a dmz and turn off the firewall on others. I've tested multiple ports on different computers. As well as from different remote gateways (other people's computers) just to see if it was a loopback problem.
I have the latest firmware installed and have done this from a clean install as well. This problem won't go away. My addy is nbcr [dot] if you'd like to have a test yourself and see that 118 is indeed closed.
I have an extensive computer repair background and run my own shop repairing computers, however networking is my weak area. Oh and its version 2.

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Cisco Routers :: RV110W Port 443 Always Open

Mar 31, 2012

I just bought and setup a RV110W. I noticed while scanning it from the WAN side that it always has port 443 open, even when remote management and VPN access are disabled. Why is this port still open, and how do I close it? Or is this a bug in the firmware? I am using firmware version, which is the most up-to-date for this unit. Having open ports allowing unsolicited contact from the WAN side, especially inadvertant ones, is a major security hole.

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Routers / Switches :: How Do FPS's Open UDP Ports

Nov 29, 2011

How do FPS's open UDP ports without needing to configure the router to forward them?I never have to forward ports from my router to my PC. Every game i have somehow manages to open the UDP ports it needs without me having to configure my router. Yet when i check to see if those ports are open (prior to starting the programs) they always come back as blocked or closed. Now I'm currently working on a UDP Internet program and need to know how to do the same thing - open ports on a router without having to make the customer configure their routers. I'm THINKING that other programs start with a TCP/IP connection on the desired port and that opens the UDP port. Is this the answer or is there another method used?

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Routers / Switches :: How To Open Three Ports

Jun 25, 2011

to access VOD database i must open three ports on the router - not sure how to

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Cisco Routers :: How To Open Range Of Ports In RV016

Jun 28, 2012

I am trying to add a couple VOIP phone units that do not have their own router.  They are designed to run of the existing router and have three ranges of UDP ports opened up.  They also do not advise using internal (private) statics on the phones. So what they are asking for is three different ranges of UDP ports to be opened up to all behind the router?

I cannot figure out how to do this (or if it is possible) with a RV016.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 V3 And XBox 360 / Can't Get Open NAT To Work

Dec 14, 2011

How to set this new router up correctly in a way that they can get open nat with one Xbox on the network?I have tried to setup the router so that I port forward the following ports:
UDP/TCP | 3074
TCP | 80
TCP | 88
UDP/TCP | 53
The xbox is setup with a static ip address:
IP |
Subnet Mask |
Gateway |
In addition to simple port forwarding, I setup access rules in the firewall with any source to go to the single ip destination. I have also tried with port forwarding off, but upnp on, and the ports setup specifically in that screen for this xbox. Finally, I disabled the port forwardingin the upnp, as well as the port forwarding screen and simply setup port triggering, while leaving the upnp service enabled. After all of that, the xbox would not get open nat. It doesn't make any sense to me that this doesn't work. I even tried turning off all port forwding and triggering and putting the xbox in as the dmz host. No dice. I'm honestly thinking now that there is a problem in the firmware or something that requires some special workarounds. I'm on the new firmware (i.e. and at the end of my rope.

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Cisco Routers :: RV220W SSL Connection Via Open VPN Client

Sep 27, 2011

I'm wondering if it's possible to setup SSL VPN connection via OPEN VPN client?I'm a Mac OS 1.7 user with Tunnelblick.
I tried to use "built-in" SSL VPN Tunnel client but unfortunately it's not working - during installation Java exception appears saying that either I don't have admin privileges or there is not enough space.. Of course I'm admin and there is plenty of space...

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Cisco Routers :: How To Open Support Ticket For SMB RV220W

Jan 24, 2012

I am trying to open a support ticket with Cisco for an SMB router (RV220W) using the link: URL
When I reach the point when I am asked to supply the serial number of the device I do and then I get an error message that the serial number cannot be found in some database. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to register this product's serial number somewhere?

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Routers / Switches :: Cannot Open Router Settings

Feb 22, 2011

I cannot open router settings... I had recently opened some ports on my router. However today I tried to access the settings and all it does is a web search for the gateway ( The internet is working. I reset the router and it did not work. I cannot do a hard reset because I will lose all my settings for my company's settings. Also the router is a Netopia modem/router

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Routers / Switches :: Why Is Port Forwarding Not Open

Dec 25, 2011

When checking my port forwarding, it says that it is not open.

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Belkin Routers :: N600 Will Not Open Any Web Browsers

Feb 9, 2013

One of the laptops in my home connects to the wireless network provided by my brand new Belkin (N600 Dual Band) router with no difficulty at all - the other will not connect at all (it SAYS it is connected to the network, but it says that it is a 'Local Connection Only, and will not open any web browsers or allow you to get on to the internet) why is this happening and, more importantly.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 Leaves Ports 80 And 443 Open To Shields UP?

Jan 2, 2012

Is there a way to use QuickVPN with the RV042 without leaving ports 80 and 443 wide open to Shields UP! scans?  As a workaround, I am forwarding these ports to a non-existent IP and forcing QuickVPN to use port 60443.  Yes, 60443 shows as open too if I scan it, but at least it's not in the first 1056 ports.
Router is Linksys-branded, using latest firmware for this hardware (

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Routers / Switches :: Unable To Find Open Port

Feb 7, 2011

I have just upgraded my AIM and Skype messengers and now it won't let me sign in. I did before with my old versions. It is saying that my internet connection is bad which it is not. I have looked up ports in my Yahoo messengers, Control Panel and Bit Torrent still nothing.

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Routers / Switches :: Open A Port On A Motorola Modem?

Aug 26, 2011

how do i open a port on Motorola modem

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Routers / Switches :: When Checking Port Forwarding - It Says Not Open

May 23, 2012

When checking my port forwarding, it says that it is not open. Why?

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1723 Open On Routers But Can't Telnet From Internet Address?

Feb 1, 2011

I have small business server 2003 setup as a DC and did not install exchange, i use hosted exchange. i am trying to setup vpn and have opened port 1723 on both of my router. my network routes through a wireless router( (port 1723 forwarded to .1.104) to a second wireless router ( to my server with two nic cards (.2.2 - external and .2.103 - internal) (port 1723 forwarded to .2.2) i can telnet 1723, .2.103, .1.104 - my ip of my second router handed by the first router. my server in handling dhcp and it is disabled on my .2 router. I CAN NOT telnet my public ip handed to 1.1 from the ISP(my internet IP). it tries for about 30 secs and dies.

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