Cisco :: Transferring Calls Through The Network To A Legacy PBX?

May 1, 2011

As stated in the attached picture, my company has a remote office which its PBX was connected to the main PBX via a pair of leased lines and a pair of E1/HDSL converters. (The distance is about 2 kilometers, so the E1 was converted to HDSL and then back to E1 at the remote site)

Now, IP network is developed between two sites.We want to transfer the calls via a pair of 2811 Routers, both equipped with VWIC2-1MFT-T1/E1, as the second part of the picture. I tried to find an straightforward document, but I was unsuccessful.What configurations should be made at both ends to transfer the calls to/from the remote site ?

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Legacy Application Only Works With Particular Network Switch?

Jun 13, 2011

We have a legacy client/server application, an OCR system. The server runs on Windows 2003 R2. We have client machines running happily on Windows XP.We have for a while had problems with getting the clients to run on Windows 7. Some machines wouldn't work, others worked intermittently, one worked consistently. By a process of elimination I discovered that the one working consitently was on a desk where we had put a small 8 port 3Com gigabit switch on the desk to give us more network ports. If I move this switch to any other desk to one of the non-working clients and connect them using the same uplink but going through the desktop switch they start working.The XP clients work fine using any of the network switches. None of the 100+ devices on our network (desktops, laptops, VoIP phones, printers etc) are showing any other signs of network issues, only this OCR application. The application was last updated in 2004, so was not designed for Vista or 7, essentially the vendor is no longer updating it, but say that as far as they are aware it works with Windows 7.why adding a 3Com 3c1670800B switch between the client and the rest of the network should make the application work with Windows 7. Whilst I have a workaround for the problem I'm uneasy that I don't understand the root cause, and if I was to press ahead and move the client machines to Win7, the whole system depends on a single piece of kit that's now discontinued and I only have one of. It all seems pretty counter-intuitive to me that an application should be sensitive to low level network hardware.

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Home Network :: Gigabit Network Only Transferring At 10MB /sec Speeds

May 19, 2011

Cable modem into cisco-linksys E4200. 2 of the ports going out from the router plug into the wall, where one goes to the master bedroom and one goes to the living room. Once it gets to the wall jack in each of those rooms it goes out to a gigabit switch. Each of those two rooms has a computer and a TV connected, and the living room as a blu-ray also connected to the switch.The third port going out from the E4200 router goes to another gigabit switch, which is connected to a couple more computers in that room.All of the cables are either cat5e or cat6. The long cables running through the wall from the server room to the living room and master bedroom is 24gauge 4pair cat5e, it was run by a general contractor.

When I transfer between any of the computers on the network as it sits I get 11MB/sec. I get that number by clicking more details on the file transfer. In the network tab of task manager it sits pretty consistently at 10%.If I move any of the computers to be connected to the SAME switch (i tested all 3) i can transfer around 60MB/sec.Based on this testing my initial instinct is to say that the cable running between the rooms is limiting the transfer speed. However the cable is cat5e and rated for gigabit. Neither of the runs are anywhere near 300ft long. Plus the consistency of the transfer speeds at 11MB/sec makes me think it's being clearly capped at 100base-T speeds as opposed to just slowing down due to interference of the cable.As a side note there is a place in the router that tells you the speed of each port. For some reason it has one of my ports listed as gigabit and the others listed as 10/100Mbps. The yellow 3 foot cable i have is listing as gigabit, when i swap it with another cable in the router it changes the gigabit port to the one this yellow cable is on, very odd, however regardless of whether the router says its gigabit it only transfers at 11MB/sec anyway.What I'm wondering is what could be causing this limitation besides the two cables running through the wall? Is that the only thing that could be doing it? What is the best way to really test it out? Do I need to buy some kind of network testing device that tests throughput?

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Transferring Files Inside An Network

Feb 8, 2013

I want to transfer big fiiles from PC to another PC, and it has happened frequently, I was wondering is there any way that I can send them directly with high speed if they are connected to the same router (my Router),I got an Desktop with Windows 8 64bit.The target PC (to transfer files) Laptop Windows 7

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Home Network :: 2 Router Setup / Which Way Is Communication When Transferring

Apr 15, 2012

1 Virgin media home home up stairs in the home office. Ether cable running from the home hub, outside the house to the downstairs lounge with an ethernet socket on the end. Cable from the socket into a dlink router (set to operate as a hub).My reason for this setup was due to the rubbish wireless signal from the virgin hub, and the fact that I have various other bits of kit downstairs that I could use an ethernet cable with.The question is, IF my laptops are connected to the router downstairs by an ethernet cable and I want to transfer some files between them, will the data be routed through the virgin media hub upstairs before coming back to the router that both laptops are connected to downstairs? I have just done a test with 30gb worth of files and the transfer speed was 8.7MB/second, is that good for wireless?

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Home Network :: Transferring Personal Files From Office Computer?

Mar 31, 2011

Here a have a quest that can't find the perfect solution for a half year now.I have one machine at office and one at home, both Windows XP SP3, ADSL connection with static IP.On the office machine a have an archive of about 250 GB of files.When i am at home sometimes i need to connect to my office machine, search through those files, maybe preview some, and then download some needed files to my home machine, using a download queue feature is possible.The task doesn't seem so complicated, yet, i did not find a perfect simple solution so far.

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How To Voip Calls In Proxy Network

Apr 5, 2012

in our office private network we are using a proxy server for internet connection sharing, we are unable to make voip calls through this proxy server?

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Cisco Switches :: Legacy PoE On SG200-08P?

Nov 11, 2011

I saw the announcement stating that "200 and 300 Switches now supports Cisco Pre-standard POE" available here:[URL]However, I cannot find the firmware for the SG200-08P in the download center (latest is this mean this doesn't apply to the SG200-08P?If it doesn't apply, any other switches with 16 or less all gigabit ports which support legacy PoE?

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Cisco :: LMS 4.2.1 - Legacy Menu Is Completely Empty

Jun 13, 2012

After an upgrade from LMS 4.2 to 4.2.1 Legacy menu is completely empty. Is it a bug? If it's empty, how to get to some of DFM options (like rediscovery, discovery status etc.) They seem not present in "Site map".

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 7000 And Legacy Nortel Switches

Nov 2, 2011

Connecting a legacy Nortel switch (425/450/470/BPS) to a Nexus 7000 via gigabit fiber? I have a customer trying to do it and they say that the connection never comes up. The support on the Nortel stuff is long since expired, so Avaya is not being particularly useful. Apparently Cisco says the issue is "fast link pulse to the BayStack to determine the capabilities of the uplink and the BayStack is returning all zeros." I have not verified this and actually have not yet gotten my hands on the Nexus side of things

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX Firewall 525 On Voice Network For 5000 CC Calls

Jul 10, 2012

can some one suggest me will it be recommended to use PIX firewall 525 on Voice ( sip ) network for 5000 CC to 1000 CC calls in signaling mode since our server are using public IP so will i be able to use it without NAT / PAT also will there be any issue of QOS.

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Transferring IP4 To IP6

Apr 28, 2011

How can i transfer IP4 to IP6.

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Transferring File Over RDP?

May 6, 2011

I have a media/storage pc set up in the living room, with my main pc (actually capable of handling the newer 3d content im getting) in the bedroom. All files are downloaded to the Media center pc. I recently changed the download location to drive D to alleviate stress on the operating system drive. Usually when I wanted to transfer files from the Media center to my pc I would go through computer - network - media - location of file. I have found I can't do this to access drive D on the remote Media. Is there a more efficient way than copying files from drive D to C on media just so I can pull them to my main pc? I have tried copying while in remote and pasting on my main pc desktop. It worked great for a 1kb file, but fails every time at 5gb files.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Not Transferring Anything

Sep 21, 2010


1) HP nw8440 with Intel PRO/wireless 3945ABG, running Vista Business, all latest driver & Win updates (ok, missing the last few that should arrive soon);

2) Dell m4400 of some sort  (supports 802.11n) running Windows 7 beta. This user says wifi works flawlessly in his home environment.
Transfer type: not even transferring anything - just sit there watching it... pings to otherwise speedy servers up and down like a yoyo followed by drop of ping transmission. At one stage I even saw the unit not responding to pings or admin website directly off LAN port once the problem had occurred - all leds looking normal, but no ICMP response. power cycled the unit, and it all started working again.
Only AP in our network - others in neighbouring buildings, but not under our control.
Can't say I've verified no overlapping IP's. will check tomorrow.
Re logging, I have syslog going off to neaby Linux server... despite having all the log types enabled, the only types of messages I see being logged are those about clients trying to connect, and options being changed. No sign of any error messages.
Ours is also a straight forward network - no Vlans, just one SSID, WPA-Personal/TKIP. Thought it might be to do with MAC filter, so disabled that, but no improvement. Tried channels 6 & 9 so far. I know in years gone by there has been plenty of talk re interference from microwave ovens etc - any chance of this being the culprit? Haven't toyed with any of the options on the Advanced tab under Wireless.
Tried switching back to BG instead of BGN (the Dell has N support) but that didn't work either.
Is there any chance this has anything to do with Vista/Win7 compared to XP? I've not tested with an XP client OS, but the somewhat vague report from a more distant XP user on the network was that he wasn't having problems at around the time we were, though I'd need to probe him more to be sure.
The AP was purchased around 1 week ago, and came with 1.0.12 (latest) installed. I also did a factory reset upon first use, before configuring. WPA key has 13 charcters, being a mix of numeric, alpha (both cases) and special (!@#$ etc...) characters.
This is decidedly embarassing for us since we were finally able to ditch the old Dlink AP we hated so much - but so far this Linxsys/Cisco ain't faring much better. Bring on 1.0.13 I say... :)
Edit: the unit is in regular/default AP mode, with own IP being static (SBS DHCP server has that MAC hard coded to that IP also). I presume teh AP's MAC is the same whether on WiFi or LAN port (??).

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Using Multiple LAN Ports For Transferring 1 Item Between 2 PCs?

Apr 6, 2011

Is it possible to transfer an image (that is broken into parts for transfer) using 4 LAN ports at source end and 2 LAN ports at recieving end.The goal is to minimise the transfer time of the image as we have 4 LAN ports ont he source machine and 2 LAN ports at the destination

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 / Transferring Files Between Servers?

Jan 25, 2012

We have deployed an ACE 4710 and its working perfectly.  But the problem is that after I chage the default gateway of the servers I am not able to transfer files from one server to other.  Is there any special configuration needs to be done on ACE to achieve this?Other than copy Ping, telnet and everything is working fine from the servers. These servers are in the same subnet & VLAN.

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Cisco Firewall :: Huge Files Are Not Transferring - Csc-ssm / ASA 5520

Jul 12, 2011

I am using csc-ssm module in Cisco ASA 5520 firewall, with the csc version as 6.3.1172.0. I have a public Ftp server and when i ever i transfer the zipped files more than 50 MB or 70 MB or more than that, it fails. I used to upload by clicking the ftp site and copy past the file to the location. After a certain point of time, the download fails with the below error on the explorer.An error occured copying a file to the FTP server. Make sure tou have permission to put file on the server.Details: The operation timedout
Firewall log is below.
ABCFTP1|21||1257|Teardown TCP connection 48091783 for Internet:ABCFTP1/21 to XYZ: duration 0:00:27 bytes 656 TCP FINs .
-- When i remove the service policy from the firewall, and try to transfer the files, it goes through without any problem. ena

-- Pls check the attached screenshot of the ftp settings in CSC-ssm. There is no problem with downloading files from the server.

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Cisco Application :: Transferring Existing SSL Certificate From 11503 To ACE?

Jun 2, 2012

We now have a new requirement . We are replacing existing pair of CSS with ACE 4710 appliances. The problem here is that I can see from the configuration that  some SSL certificate installed in CSS .Is it possible to transfer the existing SSL certificate from the 11503 to the ACE? Or, do we need to generate a new key pair and CSR on the ACE?  Is there any document available to know the steps for the same.

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Sharing :: Transferring Files Directly Between Two Computers?

Dec 24, 2012

I have a friend with a mac laptop that I need to transfer roughly ~110 GB from. I have a laptop that dual boots Windows 7 and Kubuntu 12.10. Easiest way to directly transfer these files between our computersNeither of us has a large enough external hard drive.

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D-Link DIR-600 :: WAN Goes Down When Transferring Files Between Pc's Connected To LAN Port

Jan 12, 2012

Wan goes down when transferring files between pcs connected to the lan port.It looks like it's running out of resources or something.  Passing more than 10GB of data to other pc is a pain in the ass because nobody else can access internet (lan and wireless clients).Filled a support request in local dlink site. No response so far.

Model Dir-600 B2
Firmware 2.05

2 pcs transferring lan data.3rd pc (doing nothing) can't access router config at

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Transferring Personal Files From Office Computer Through Internet?

Mar 31, 2011

I have one machine at office and one at home, both Windows XP SP3, ADSL connection with static IP.On the office machine a have an archive of about 250 GB of files.When i am at home sometimes i need to connect to my office machine, search through those files, maybe preview some, and then download some needed files to my home machine, using a download queue feature is possible.

DC++ and many variations of it.

Note: am not allowed, and don't want to install any kind or sort of server application on office machine.

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Routers / Switches :: Transferring A Workgroup Laptop To A Office Domain?

Mar 26, 2011

transferring a workgroup laptop to a office domain

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HP Pavilion Dv6500 Laptop Loses Internet Connectivity When Transferring Files

Nov 9, 2012

Internet connectivity on my laptop is lost shortly after beginning to upload/download files over the internet to my cloud storage provider. I also lose connectivity when transferring files to or from the laptop within my LAN to a desktop computer connected via wireless router as part of a workgroup. Connectivity is only restored once I restart the laptop or uninstall, then reinstall drivers for my wireless network card. The issue then reoccurs once file transfers begin again.The laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium SP1. The driver for my Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN internal network adapter are up to date. I have a Linksys WRT610N ver.2 router, and an HP Pavilion dv6500 laptop.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt160n - Modem Not Transferring Internet Signals?

Feb 1, 2011

I have a Wrt160n router and a Motorola sb120 modem (provided by comcast after my original modem got fried by lightning, no I didn't have my router hooked up when that happened), I have been having trouble trying to get the modem to send the internet signal to my router. I have tried mac address clone that was suggested on this forum for someone with a different router but still no internet to my computer, its all hooked up through Ethernet cables, the computer I have it hooked up with a hard line is running windows seven. When I plug the modem straight to the computer it works and I have internet but when I hook up the router between them it has no internet.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Unresponsive While Transferring Large Files

Aug 9, 2012

I got a refurbished EA4500 (directly from Cisco) last week. I have been having a few issues, which I have found (not too great) workarounds for. However, the latest issue has me stumped, and is unacceptable.Whenever I am transferring files between 2 computers, I get kind of OK speed (5 MB/s). However, while this transfer happens, no other device can connect to the net. Actually, even trying to go to router home page ( times out.The clients still say they are connected to the router, but I just can't get anywhere.As soon as the file transfer finishes, everything goes back to normal.EA4500 replaced a WRT54G. Never had any problems with that router. It was such a workhorse. Just needed to upgrade to a n-router.I am on the latest non-cloud firmware.I have reduced the MTU size to 1200. Not sure that matters.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA3500 USB Shared Storage Transferring At 200kb/s

Jan 18, 2013

I have an EA3500 and a Windows Vista PC, connected through wireless. When I transfer data from PC to USB shared storage on the router the speed seems normal while it goes awful when I do the opposite. The average speed goes around 200kb/s to be specific. This is unbelievable as it is year 2013.

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Lenovo B570/i3-3230/4GB/W7 - Internet Slow When Transferring Files To USB Drive

Dec 26, 2011

On my moms laptop, (month old Lenovo B570/i3-3230/4GB/W7), when transferring files to my Crucial Gizmo! 16GB USB Drive, it is pretty much impossible to surf the web. Loading websites take 30-60 seconds, it's ridiculous. Is this normal? Her router is Linksys WRT54G. Router is not connected via USB, in fact the Laptop is connected through ethernet cable (not currently using wireless).

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Cisco VPN :: H323 Calls Dropping Over VPN?

Feb 9, 2011

We have 2 h323 IP phones (non cisco) that connect to an IP PBX via a VPN connection using PIX 5505's at each end.  The VPN seems to work fine and the phones can be used normally with good call quality, display, status...The problem is that when talking on the phones for any extended period of time, the phone reboots, drops the call and then restarts automatically.  This problem usually happens on phone calls lasting 20 minutes or more but has happened on calls as short as 15 minutes.  I have also made calls which have gone 45 minutes before the reboot.  I have removed everything from the network hosting the remote IP phones except for a single phone and the problem still occurs.  It is not a POE Issue as the phones can use a power brick and it still happens.  The same phones work perfectly on-site when not using the VPN.Someone has mentioned that I should adjust the UDP Timout Timers of the VPN.  I don't see any UDP timers and am at a complete loss on what is causing this.  The data traffic does not seem to get dropped when connected accross the VPN for hours at a time.

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Way To Block Incoming Calls

Mar 16, 2012

I start to use the CM. I received a request to block a number,I need to block the call only on the Call Manager or also on the Gateway that I have?

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Delay With VOIP Calls?

Jan 24, 2011

I am encountering delays when making any calls using VOIP. I understand that there is always a delay using VOIP but not as much. I've done a bandwidth test on my network and everything seems to be Ok, we have 4 T1s with 55 Reps using it. There is nothing choking up the network.

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Get A Modem That Calls Using Analog?

Aug 29, 2011

Can I get a modem that calls using analog and once it reaches my ISP it converts to 64K?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA2700 / SE2800 Switch - File Transferring In Connections

Dec 16, 2012

I have a router connected ea2700 on the Internet port to a switch se2800.e switch is connected and everything is gigabit nas. if I try to transfer a file from PC, gigabit ethernet, the transfer rate does not exceed 8 MB/s. if I transfer a file from the NAS to the PC speed is 15 MB/s. the support advised me to change MTU manufacturer parameters,to disable protection,and clone the mac address.the situation has not changed.if I configure the router in bridge mode, the speed is 22MB/s and 45MB/s.

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Cisco :: E1-CAS With E1 Controller On 2811 - No Outgoing Calls?

Nov 8, 2012

I have programmed two E1 ports on Cisco 2811, one for E1-PRI and other for CAS. My running-config is as below

controller E1 0/0/0
framing NO-CRC4
clock source internal
ds0-group 1 timeslots 1-15,17-30 type r2-digital dtmf dnis


I have made 4 as trunk group access on the PBX for E1-PRI and 8 as trunk group access for E1-CAS.I am able to dial 4-1-6261 to place calls on telephone 6261 from 6000(outgoing and incoming over PRI). And I am able to dial 4-2-6261 to place calls on telephone 6261 from 6000(outgoing on PRI and incoming on CAS).But I am not able to dial out from my PBX extensions over the E1-CAS card using 8-1-xxxx or 8-2-xxxx. I have patched two PBXs back to back on their E1-CAS ports and am able to dial out using 8-xxxx. So this means the trunk group allocation on PBX is working fine. The show controller e1 0/0/0 is showing normal stats.When I do a show voice port 0/0/0:1 I see that one of the ds0 timeslots are being seized when I try to dial out on 8-x-xxxx but the Out Status column entry against the timeslot says clear_bak.When I am placing calls on PRI, I don't see any such indication against the timeslot being seized.Basically since I am able to dial in to my E1-CAS port, the line coding, framing, signaling(to some extent) must be right, or so I guess. But am not able to dial out.

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