Cisco WAN :: 877 - Virtual Interface Goes Down But Not Physical Interface

Apr 5, 2011

I have five 877 routers connected to ADSL circuits provided by Vodafone. Each has a VPN tunnel back to a PIX.
Occasionally one of the sites will lose it's connection to the PIX.
When we check the log, we find entries like these:-

Apr  5 01:31:54.085 UTC: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Virtual-Access2, changed state to downApr  5 01:33:19.344 UTC: %CRYPTO-

As you can see, the physical interface (ATM0) is not being reported as changing state to down, neither is the Dialer interface.
When the router is in this state we have to SSL to the public IP address of it and manually restart the ISAKMP SA.
When the router sees the ATM interface go down and subsequently come back up, the VPN connection to the PIX also recovers.
So - in a long winded way I think I'm asking....why does the Virtual interface go down and is there anything I can do to stop it happening?

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Cisco WAN :: 4506s - Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) Versus Routed Physical Port

Feb 28, 2012

What are the pros and cons of configuring a Switch Virtual Interface (SVI) versus a routed physical port between layer 3 switches?For example, if I have two 4506s and have a need to run HSRP and route between them which feature is better and why?
interface vlan 25
ip address
interface fa0/1
switchport mode trunk


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Bandwidth Allocation To Vpn Interface Under Physical Eth0?

Feb 15, 2012

I have my wan connection on the eth0. The bandwidth is 2mbps. I am running qos on that interface saying can use 80% of the bandwidth and can use 20% of the bandwidth. I Also have vtun VPN inteface to our branch office. I also wan to run some qos on that interface. How do i go about allocating the bandwidth on this interface? it is actually going via the eth0 interface, but the system actually see's it a an independent interface on its own right, so it requires it's own qos policy.

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Cisco VPN :: Lan To Lan Dynamic VPN With IPSec And QOS On Physical Interface 3800

Feb 3, 2011

I have a network with Two 3800 Cisco Routers as Central and many Cisco 2811 Router as Branches. Now I set two Tunnel on each router connection Interface FastEthernet from each 2811 to SubInterface Fastethernet on 3800. I set OSPF as Routing Protocol and I configure QOS on Tunnel connections. Then I have a safe connection with backup connection between 3800 Router and each 2811 Router. Now I want to set VPN with IPSEC and Certification Authentication with CA Server for Security all connection. I set IPSEC and ISAKMP and Certificate on each Router and Set Dynamic VPN on Cisco 3800 Router and Static VPN on each Cisco 2811 Router. Now when if I configure tunnel with Crypto map, it works correct and all packets are encrypt. But if I try to set crypto on physical Interface(because I want to set qos on tunnel then protect packets on physical interface) however all packets are routed but crypto and encrypt d o not work. Set qos on tunnels and crypto on fastethernet interface.

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Cisco WAN :: ASR 1002F - Per Tunnel QoS And Physical Interface CBWFQ

Jun 5, 2012

I am preparing configuration (currently in lab) for Per-Tunnel QoS in DMVPN on ASR 1002F for one of our customers, and I came across one issue. According to restrictions for this feature, I cannot apply per-tunnel QoS in conjunction with interface based QoS. This means, I can provide shaping with hierarchical CBWFQ for each spoke, but I cannot guarantee anything on physical interface! What if there are services in native MPLS? I am also unable give reservations for BGP which is used on PE-CE link! How about monitoring spoke PE-CE links natively? I can only apply policy-map with class-default on physical interface. When I add anything related to queuing for that class (or any other non-default class) I get the message:
R1(config- pmap)class routing
R1(config- pmap-c)#bandwidth 16
service-policy with queuing features on sessions is not allowed in conjunction with interface based
[Code] ........

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 Can't See Any Elements About Physical Interface

May 30, 2011

I enabled snmp config  ASA 5505 with Version 7.2(4), the NMS/reporting system can give graphs for CPU & Memory usages. But I can't see any elements about physical interfaces.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2800 Router Physical And Sub Interface

Oct 25, 2012

I have a pair of router Cisco 2800 running in HSRP, now I want to configure one sub interface with another sub net, Will my current IP on physical interface work or do I need to create two Sub interfaces for each network. Do i must need encapsulation on sub interface

Current Config:-

Router 1:-
interface FastEthernet0/1description Connect to LAN_SW1 Gi1/0/1ip address ip redirectsduplex autospeed autostandby 1 ip 1 priority 90standby 1 preempt
Router 2:-
interface FastEthernet0/1description Connect to LAN_SW2 Gi1/0/1ip address ip redirectsduplex autospeed autostandby 1 ip 1 priority 110standby 1 preempt 

For second network I do not require HSRP
Router 1:-
interface FastEthernet0/0description Connect to LAN_SW1 Gi1/0/1no ip addressduplex fullspeed 100
[ code]...
Router 2:-
interface FastEthernet0/0description Connect to LAN_SW2 Gi1/0/1no ip addressduplex fullspeed 100

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Cisco Firewall :: 5520 Recreate Logical Interfaces For Each Physical Interface

Nov 29, 2012

We have to enable FIPS 140-2 on our ASA5520's for all our IPSEC VPN connections.   We currently have failover on our 5520's. I found a lot of information out there but some seems to conflict one another.What are the things I need to look out for - caveats? Does the clients that connect to the VPN had to use different clients once the FIPS was enabled.Do we need to recreate logical interfaces for each physical interface we have?

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Cisco Firewall :: How To Find Which Context Group Physical Interface Gi0 / 2 Belongs

May 2, 2013

ASA  have two context groups say admin and and x. Its interface gi0/2  has 6 subinterfaces  from 1 to 6.3 subinterfaces ----0/2.1 to 3 are in admin and last 3 are in context x.when i went to system context  it does not show where interface gi0/2 belongs to it only shows up can i find which context group physical interface gi0/2 belongs?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Vlan And Physical Interface Counters 3560x

Dec 9, 2012

vlan interface and physical interface (that is serving for this vlan ) have different input/output counters, there is only one physical interface in this vlan .
sh int vlan 64
30 second input rate 9000 bits/sec, 9 packets/sec
30 second output rate 0 bits/sec, 0 packets/sec


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configure Port-Channel Or Physical Interface On 3750

Jan 12, 2012

how to configure this. I did it in the past but kind of forgot how I did it.I have a stacked 3750 (two physical switches) connecting to a 2960.
I am creating trunk ports with limited access to VLAN 300, 600, and 700.
There is two interfaces connected from the 3750's(one on each physical stack member) to the 2960.I have the physical interfaces configured exactly the same.
3750 Config:
interface Port-channel2
 interface FastEthernet1/0/46
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk allowed vlan 1, 300,600,700
switchport mode trunk
speed 100


Should I keep the configuration on the physical ports and not configure the Port-Channel Interfaces? Do I need to configure port-channel load balancing? Is the channel-group mode sufficient? Goal is to basically create 2 links to the 2960 to double the bandwidth and provide redundancy.

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Cisco WAN :: 1841 With Virtual-Access Interface

Dec 22, 2010

I have a problem in my Cisco 1841 in Virtual-Access Interface  all interfaces is UP Except Virtual Access is Down . [code]
when i want recover the virtual access to up ,should i do shut & no shut to the ATM interface.What is the cause of the problem, and how I can solve this issue?

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Cisco WAN :: 3745 Virtual-Access Interface For VPDN

Feb 11, 2012

We have a 3745 LNS router, currently there are less number of users connected.when a user dials request authenticated and one virtual-access interface is formed in LNS router.Now the user is disconnected the vpn and connected to VPN again in this case, whether the user is connected to the same virtual-access interface which was assigned before disconnecting or different virtual-access interface is created.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5580 Not Pinging Virtual Interface

May 1, 2012

I have got new cisco ASA 5580 running 7.2(4) on it  when i am trying to configured Virtual interface on vlan 400 in  Gi0/0.400 to the problem is from my MZ zone to Lbase virtual interface iam not able to ping.

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Cisco Switches :: SG500 Possibility To Bind ACL To A Virtual Interface

Mar 24, 2013

I have a switch from SG 500 Series the works as Layer 3 Routing Switch with the Firmeware I have create some diferent VLAN´s and have defined one ACL for each VLAN. Now i try to do a binding from the ACl to a VLAN but i have only the option to bind the ACL to a phys. Interface or  a the a possibility to bind the ACL to a virtual interface like in other Cisco serieses and how it works ? the Backround is i have connectetd 2 Hyper-V Server where the Guests are in different VLAN´s and the server is connectetd with a 10Gb Trunk to the Switch now the switch routed the different VLAN´s and i must have some restrictions between the VLAN´s.

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Cisco Firewall :: Load Balancing Using Virtual IP On DMZ Interface Of 5520 ASA

Feb 21, 2012

We want to achieve a load balancing scenario using Virtual IP on DMZ interface on a Cisco ASA 5520.
The IPs we are going to use on DMZ are and
These IPs are going to be NATted to all inside IPs.
Lets say our outside IP is X.X.X.X
This IP points to and with .2 being the primary and .3 being the secondary. When I hit the outside IP, it should point me to .2 and that .2 should take me to the inside IPs.

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Cisco Firewall :: 4710 - Unable To Ping From MZ To Virtual Interface Of ASA

May 3, 2012

one of my SNMP server sits in MZ zone,and ACE 4710 is connected to core switch,coreswitch is connected to firewall asa.
Now iam trying to ping from MZ zone SNMP server to loadbalancer ip,iam unable to ping my LB interface to discover SLB on my SNMP server.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 4500 Internal Virtual Interface On SUP7

Jul 22, 2012

We recently had a contractor deploy a 4500 catalyst switch with a WS-x45-SUP7-E. After installation and configurations, HP openview is detecting a "downed" interface on the 4500 chassis that is not in the configuration. I have attached an image with the interface circled. We assumed that it may be a configuration issue with openview, however after running diagnostics with a network analyzer, the same ip address for the down interface is still detected. Is this some sort of internal virtual interface on the SUP7?

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Cisco Infrastructure :: Removing Unused Virtual-access Interface On 3725 Router

Sep 8, 2004

I had the 2 circuits go down at the same time from our ISP and I had to power cycle the router and when it came back up I went from VA # 2 to now VA 3#....I know what is what but it is confusing for my counterpart and I can not remove the old entry for VA#1 and VA#2. [code]

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VRF On Cisco 3550 Create Multiple Virtual Switch On Physical

Oct 17, 2011

can we create VRF on Cisco 3550 EMI switch so that we can create mutiple virtual switch on physical switch.

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Cisco WAN :: 1941 Router - Enable IPSec Virtual Tunnel Interface With Tunnel Mode IPv4

Sep 23, 2012

I'm in process of purchasing a new Cisco routers for our branches that will be used primary to enable IPSec virtual tunnel interfce with "tunnel mode ipsec ipv4". does the default IOS IP Base supports this feature? or i need to purchase DATA license or SECURITY license?

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Cisco WAN :: 1841 Router - HWIC Interface Card - Cannot See Interface In Configuration File

May 9, 2012

i have a 1841 cisco router and i recently purchased a 1 port HWIC wan interface card. My problem is that I cannot see the interface in my config file. Is there something i am missing?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: ASA 5505 Cannot Ping From Inside Interface To Outside Interface

May 1, 2012

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 and I have my internal and external interfaces configured but I currently cannot ping from the inside to an IP Address on the outside.  I had this setup and working and I have another set of equirement that I am replacing that is working with my service provider so I know it is a configuration issue.  When I ping for example I get:
Destination host unreachable
Do I need to add a static route from my inside interface to my outside interfaces?   

: Saved
ASA Version 8.2(5)
hostname pxasa


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Cisco WAN :: Set Up WAN Interface On Fast Ethernet Interface Of 877 Adsl Router

Apr 9, 2011

Is it possible to set up a WAN interface on a FastEthernet interface of a Cisco 877 Adsl Router ?Due to my ISP, i've to use an external VDSL modem and must connect it to my cisco 877 router (and leave it's adsl interface unused).But i don't know how to set up a wan port, other than the adsl interface itself (dialer0), on my cisco.

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Cisco Firewall :: 5540 ASA Interface Input Error On Outside Interface

May 28, 2013

We are having Cisco ASA 5540 having Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.0(5)23 at certain time of moment daily wer are facing latency and packetdrop wherin when I checked for ASA Interface which gives me " Input Errors" on outside interface ,so can any one tell me what are the causes to get input errors on cisco asa outisde interface.

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Release Interface Loopback Pseudo - Interface 1 / System Do Not Find File

Oct 31, 2011

I share a modem and router with my building, and connect to the internet using an ethernet cable which plus right into the wall in my apartment. When I hover over the network/internet icon it tells me that I have a local connection only and can't get online. No changes were made to my computer between it working and not working - I have not installed any new software and the modem+router have not been changed.

When I try ipconfig/release is says it can't perform the operation while the media is disconnected. It also tells me that "an error occurred while releasing interface Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1: The system cannot find the fie specified".


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Cisco WAN :: 1T3 / E3 / 2951 - No Interface Corresponding To Module When Show IP Interface Brief

Feb 13, 2012

I have a 1t3/e3 card in a new 2951. When I statred the router, I found no interface corresponding to this module when do "show ip interface brief"

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX 501 / Can Traffic Goes From Inside Interface To Outside Interface

Oct 9, 2011

I have Pix 501 firewall and I'm just configuring the device for "Email Server" to allowing POP/SMTP.
Inside Interface Address:
Outside Interface Address: ISP provided IP address
My question is can my traffic goes from inside interface to outside interface? (because the inside interface address not from 10.0/172./192.168 private address)Also I'm allowing internet from this email server ( so what my access list to be configured? and what my subnet mask shoud be there?
Pix(config)#access-list outbound permit tcp any eq 80
Pix(config)#access-list outbound permit udp any eq 53
Pix(config)#access-group outbound in interface inside

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5550 - Interface Failover / Interface Goes Down

Mar 18, 2013

I've got a ASA 5550 firewall interface failover issue. (File attached).
when I shut down the inside interface Gi 1/1 of the left firewall(Active firewall), It failed to failover. but when I shut down the Gi 1/12 of the Core 1 switch, The firewall failover very well.
I followed this guide but I was not able to failover. [URL]
how can I configure so that when the Gi 1/1 or Gi 1/0 interface goes down, it can failover ? Code...

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Cisco WAN :: 2900 - Bridge From WIC Interface To Ethernet Interface

Apr 22, 2012

Needing to bridge from my wic interface to an ethernet interface on a 2900 series router so that I can pass through the ip address given to the WIC, to my ASA so that I don't have to give my ASA a private range address. (Just like a service provider might do when bringing a T1 with managed router in to my prem)

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Cisco :: E1/PRI Interface Vs ISDN/BRI Interface?

Mar 3, 2013

what difference is between these two ports?

I have a router with ISDN/BRI interface and i am planning to buy router with E1/PRI interface. Will i be able to connect them?

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Get Virtual Adapters One Face Connected To Laptop Another Connected To A Physical

May 10, 2012

I need to have some (maybe four) virtual network interfaces, one face of them connected to my laptop and another face bridged to one of my physical network interfaces.How can i do that?Ive tried VirtNet and Microsoft Loopback Adapter but no success.

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Cisco :: Does ACS Express Have Same GUI Interface

Jun 13, 2012

Does the ACS Express have the same GUI interface that the full ACS appliance? I mean if I know one I know the other?

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