Cisco WAN :: 881w Wireless Firmware Upgrade Required

Oct 15, 2012

I recently purchased a new Cisco 881w router (last Friday).I have configured the 'wired' part of the router with little trouble, but the wireless side is proving a little challenging.I have read a number of posts complaining about the firmware version installed on my device being very buggy.The version of the firmware on the wired part is: Version 15.0(1)M8, however, the firmware on the wireless side seems to be: Version 12.4(21a)JA1 - the version reported as buggy. The former has a version date of 2012, with the latter being 2009.I have tried to download a newer version, but the site is asking me to provide a support contract.I wouldn't mind buying a support contract if the thing worked in the first place and I was trying to add some feature after it had been working for a while.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Firmware Upgrade WRT54G Required

May 16, 2012

I'm currently trying to upgrade my linksys WRT54G v1.1 router  using the WRT54G-EU_fw,0 file, however when I press upgrade it comes up with a message saying "Incorrect Image File!". The current firmware version is  v1.42.2 Is there any way to fix this so I can upgrade it?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRP400 To Upgrade Firmware Username / Password Required

Oct 25, 2012

I want to upgrade the firmware for the router wrp400 , i am asked Username & Password in order to update the firmware.I tried admin/admin does not work. I tried to reset the router, same thing, I have no ISP user and password.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG54GS Firmware Upgrade Required

Jul 30, 2012

I need to upgrade my WAG54GS, but there is no firmware in support. My latest firmware is V1.01.03. Where can I download it?

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Cisco Wireless :: Upgrade IOS Of Integrated AP In 881W?

May 21, 2013

How to upgrade the IOS of the Integrated wireless AP in a Cisco 881W using TFTP server (I do have software)Router side is not an issue it is the integrated AP that gives problem?

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Cisco Wireless :: New Firmware Required For WAP4410N

May 11, 2011

as the subject .. All those who have the WAP4410N ...want the new firmware and solve the AP problems of stops an repeat.  believe in CISCO.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: New Firmware For WRT16N Required?

Jun 17, 2012

I am attempting to install an HP Photosmart 7515 eAll-in-One Printer.  Works OK in the USB "tethered" mode, as a one-computer printer only.  It will not install as a wi-fi device, probable reason being the settings on my (wireless) router, according to the printer's Wireless Network Test Results sheet.  I suspect that the firmware on it (3.0.02) is obsolete.  What is the latest firmware version for the WRT160N ?

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TP-Link Dual-Band Wireless :: TL-WDR4320 - English Firmware Required

Jan 29, 2013

Region : India
Model : TL-WDR4300
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : TL-WDR4320 router

Just buy TL-WDR4320 router but its in Chinese language can somebody provide my English Firmware so that i can use this product.

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Cisco Wireless :: AIR-LAP-1141 / Is License Required To Upgrade From LWAP To Autonomous

Jul 7, 2011

I have a customer who accedentally got a AIR-LAP-1141.  He needs it to be autonomous.  If I convert from LWAP to Autonomous, will there be a licensing issue?

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Cisco WAN :: 881 IOS Upgrade Required Due To Bug

May 15, 2011

Due to a bug int the IOS (F4 loosing routing information) i needed to upgrade the IOS from 15.0.1-M4 to the latest one which is 15.1.Is it ok to do without valid Smartnet contract? Cisco website allowed me to download the IOS and then put it on the router.Due you need some sort of a license to upgrade the IOS?

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Cisco Routers :: RV180W Firmware 1.0 Required

Mar 11, 2013

need The Firmware for the device....URL

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Cisco WAN :: Nexus 5010 Upgrade Required

Nov 4, 2010

We have two Nexus 5010 to test the solution. As part of the testing we upgraded the boxes from 4.2.1.N1.1 to 5.0.2.N1.1 and after the reboot the switch lost all of the VLANs. We put the VLANs back and when we got to the private VLANs we got the following error:

%PRIVATE_VLAN-2-PVLAN_ASSOC_UP_FAILED: Failed to bring up the association between 530 & 531

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560G Upgrade Required

Feb 20, 2013

I have a  WS-C3560G-24TS-S running  12.2(50)SE5 with IPBASE. I have been told that the functionality i seek (multicasting) is only available in the IPSERVICES version of the software. I was reading up on upgrading and saw that i needed to do a show license and get the UID and Serial number and get a license that is tied to my box. But the show license command doesnt work wtih my box. i then found something that said that the 3560's were special in that way. Im not sure how to get this box upgraded. I have a different 3560 running the IPSERVICES elsewhere in my organization. Can i take the IOS Version and  update my switch to that?

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Cisco Firewall :: Is It Required For 3des License Upgrade For ASA 5510 To Reboot

Oct 1, 2012

Is it required for the 3des license upgrade for the asa5510 to reboot for the further configuration of site2site tunnels.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4400N Firmware Upgrade?

Dec 9, 2011

After much investigation I finally found what I thought was the firmware upgrade for my WAP4400N access point, I downloaded the file which is a .img file which seems a bit off I think.  Anyway when I go to the admin page it decides its an unknown file format.  Could someone explain what I am supposed to do with it!
I have to say I am very dissapointed with the whole support function of this site it is very hard to navigate and when you do think you have the correct link, its not. How very helpful!!!  I suppose there are networking gurus who look after multi 1000 user systems who understand how the site works and think its fantastic.  I support 5 PC's and 7 laptops on top of my normal job, it should be easier.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 6509E Upgrade IOS Required Memory Size

Oct 21, 2012

I have Catalyst 6509 E with redudant SUP720-3B (and MSFC3) running 12.2(18)SXF6 IP Services Lan Only IOS (this IOS requires 512MB DRAM and 64MB of flash) SUP has 512MB DRAM (458720K/65536K) and 512MB sup-bootdisk:, but, there is65536K bytes of Flash internal SIMM (Sector size 512K).
My question is can I put 12.2(33)SXJ3 IP Services Lan Only IOS to this 6500 because this IOS requires 512MB DRAM and 512MB od flash?This is "sh ver" and "dir all-filesystems" of my 6500:
cat6500#sh verCisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) s72033_rp Software (s72033_rp-IPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.2(18)SXF6, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)Technical Support: [URL] Copyright (c) 1986-2006 by cisco Systems, Inc.Compiled Mon 18-Sep-06 23:59 by tinhuangImage text-base: 0x40101040, data-base: 0x42D90000
ROM: System Bo

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 10Gb Ethernet Connectivity Upgrade Required Between 2 6509s

May 1, 2012

We currently have 2 6509s with redundant Sup720-3b's and PFC3B daughter cards which are connected together over dark fibre using the Gb fibre connectivity built into the supervisors.
The requirement is to upgrade this connection to 10Gb as inexpensively as possible.
Do I need to purchase new supervisors in order to do this properly or can I use a separate 10Gbe module (we have a spare slot), i.e. can I get away without using the connectivity built into the supervisors?
The other idea I had was putting a couple of 3750-X switches at each end to sit in front of the 6509s and provide the 10Gb connectivity between sites.  I could then use the existing Gb uplinks on the supervisors whilst also providing connectivity for some devices that currently connect to the 6509s but could just as well connect here.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1041N Upgrade To Lightweight Firmware?

Mar 24, 2013

How can I upgrade my 1041N AP to lightweight firmware? I found an upgrade tool which works in only XP and 2000 machines. I do not have these outdated OS so is there another way to upgrade it to lightweight?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP121 Giving Firmware Upgrade Has Failed

Jan 8, 2013

I get the message "Firmware upgrade has failed. Please ensure that valid entries were specified in the required fields." when I try upgrade the firmware rootfs.bin.

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Cisco Wireless :: Unable To Upgrade Lan Controller 4402 Firmware

Mar 1, 2012

I am in the midst of trying to update the controller firmware of a cisco wireless lan contoller 4402, and having some issues getting the file to transfer to the controller.  i am currently running verison 5.0.148 on the controller and attempting to upgrade to the latest version of 7.0.230  and for whatever reason it continues to not transfer. I have tried all 3 methods of cli, gui and using wcs software. all the no avail , I have tried tftp32 and 3cdaemon with the same results.
The error that i am getting from 3cdaemon is got socket timeout aborting code 10054, failing at 66MB transfered. I increased the timeouts both on the wlc and  the tftp client to no avail
the error i get on the wlc is Code file transfer failed - Error while writing output file

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1142N Autonomous / 15.2.2-JA Firmware Upgrade?

Sep 6, 2012

We have some Cisco Aironet 1142N Autonomous access points installed, currently running 12.4(21a)JA1 IOS system software:

System Software Filename: c1140-k9w7-tar.124-21a.JA1 
System Software Version: 12.4(21a)JA1 
Bootloader Version: 12.4(23c)JA3 
We tried to install the following Autonomous AP IOS software update:

Release 15.2.2-JA            ED (c1140-k9w7-tar.152-2.JA.tar)            30-AUG-2012
But the 15.2.2-JA system software release does not install via TFTP Web-GUI (from a accessible PumpKIN TFTP-Server poining on that software update).
What's the problem with that?Is that system software release 15.2.2-JA  ED (c1140-k9w7-tar.152-2.JA.tar)  not compatible to the Cisco Aironet 1142N Autonomous access points
Hardware configuration:

KurzenPartner_1#show hardware
Cisco IOS Software, C1140 Software (C1140-K9W7-M), Version 12.4(21a)JA1, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Technical Support: [URL]
Copyright (c) 1986-2009 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Wed 16-Sep-09 18:09 by prod_rel_team


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Linksys Wireless Router :: Firmware Upgrade For WRT54GS V2.1?

Mar 25, 2007

I would like to upgrade the firmware for my WRT54GS V2.1 router however, I only see versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, etc.. There is no 2.1 listed, so does this mean I can use the v2.0 firmware?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1200 Firmware Won't Upgrade

Aug 4, 2012

I just purchased a new E1200 router with firmware version 2.0.01 and downloaded the latest version 2.0.03 and tried to install it through the router. When I choose the downloaded file and try to start upgrade I immediately get an error "The Image File is Incorrect". I redownloaded it and tried again with the same error. how to get past this and upgrade the firmware? 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Upgrade Firmware On E4200

Oct 18, 2012

The file uploads fine, but I get an error message saying the router can't be updated atthe moment. I want to do the update because as of now, the router can't see my drive connected on usb (one ntfs partition and another one called wbfs, maybe that one is causing the issue about the drive).

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200v2 Firmware Upgrade

Feb 24, 2013

 I tried to upgrade my router firmware to the latest (downloaded from cisco website) but seems like the upgrade didn't go well. I am unable to open the admin webpage. I can get to the login page on, after i enter the admin password the next page doesn't load. It keeps showing 'Waiting' at the center of the page forever.. I have tried to do the 30/30/30 reset  to no avail, i tried to do tftp downgrade to older firmware version but the tftp boot doesn't even start. Is there any other way i can either fix the current firmware upgrade or downgrade it to the previous version?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 Firmware Can't Upgrade

Apr 17, 2013

This is new EA6500 and The firsttime Setup My EA6500,Download New Ver Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Setup,he say Your router was not successfully set up.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: How To Upgrade Firmware On E4200

Jul 2, 2012

I currently have  Model name: Linksys E4200 Firmware version: 1.0.04 build 11  Software version: 1.4.12100.0
I'm trying to upgrade to the second and most up to date version. (Version: 2.0) firmware. Any links or way to do this? I tried doing it through my router settings under administration -> firmware upgrade but it won't update automatically. I have to find the actual update file and update the firmware through that.

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: WR641G / Can't Upgrade The Firmware

Feb 8, 2013

Region : Romania
Model : TL-WR740N
Hardware Version : V3
Firmware Version : 3.8.2 Build 080628 Rel.37228n

I have a problem with my tplink router. In first of all I can't find my model in this forum. I have TL-WR641G [108M] and I cant upgrade my firmware.

My current firmware is:

Firmware version: 3.8.2 Build 080628 Rel.37228n
Hardware Version: WR641G/642G v3 081520C2

I tried to download the latest firmware from this page (V4) [URL] I press browse button from web interface, I select wr641gv4-en-up.bin and I press Upgrade but nothings happened. I read on other forums this router have 1MB internal memory and wr641gv4-en-up.bin have 1.07MB.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT110 Firmware Upgrade?

Jul 27, 2008

I have a WRT110 wireless router which disconnects suddenly and continuously. In addition, its performance is really poor. The current firmware installed is 1.0.03. I found a new firmware for this model ( but when I try to install it, I choose the .bin file downloaded from Linksys TechSupp website, click on the "Start Upgrade" button, but I always get the following message "Please designate the path to the firmware".

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Upgrade WRT160n To Firmware V3.0.03?

Jul 31, 2011

I had issues with my router incorrectly resolving URLs. For example, going to would gtive me a "wiki does not exist" message. Pinging would give me an IP that belongs to wikipedia. The answer was SUPPOSED to be upgrading to v3.0.03.I upgraded and now my router WILL NOT connect to my DSL modem. Oh, it says it's connected and shows the correct IP address for my DSL modem but the gateway is showing Direct connection to my PC works just fine.I have cycled the power on both the router and the DSL modem several times. The DSL modem is working just fine. I have done several IP release/renew on the router. I have reset the router. To no avail. This firmware update (which completed successfully) seems to have killed my routers ability to communitcate with the internet.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Firmware Won't Upgrade?

Jan 1, 2013

When I attempt to upgrade the firmware, I receive error code 0x82BF010E. It wont allow me to complete the firmware upgrade on my Mac OS X (10.7.5)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Upgrade WRT300N V2.0 With Old Firmware

Jun 16, 2011

PS Linksis Online Support said they do not have old firmware andgives me some phones to call .. Others have written about the same problem, saying that prior toupgrade with new firmware to be flash with 2.0.14.I need firmware - version: 2.0.14, where to find it?

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TP-Link ADSL2+ Wireless :: Can't Upgrade Firmware On TD-W8961ND

Feb 18, 2013

Model : TD-W8961ND
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 100722
ISP : Talk Talk

I've downloaded the firmware update 111125 and followed the instructions. The progress bar reaches 100% but the router doesn't seem to restart (judging by the status lights on the front). It does ask me to log back in but when I check the firmware version, it still reads 100722. I also tried factory default settings after the update. Still it reads 100722. I've tried the update 3 times now.

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