Cisco Wireless :: WAP321 Configure IP Address On Management VLAN

Feb 26, 2013

I have a WAP321 I am trying to set up.  It's connected to gi1/23 and the switch system mode is set to router.  The rest of the network works just fine.I have an SG500-28p and the port. [code] On the WAP321 wizard, configured IP address on my management vlan and also configured the default SSID on that vlan.  That works. (I plan to remove that one) Then I add the two SSIDs for vlan 20 and 22 (private and public access)  and I can't associate to either of the two additional SSIDs. I haven't configured any other settings beyond the wizard and adding the other two SSIDs.  I do want cisco mobile ios (jabber) to work on the private network and also do have a couple spa525g2s that need to connect wireless.

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Cisco Wireless :: Cannot Get WAP321 Guest VLAN To See Internet

Sep 6, 2012

My company has an RV180W Router, a SGE-2000 Managed Switch, and a WAP321 Wireless Access Point. I have about 12 users on a Windows 2003 Server Standard, completely updated. My Win box is my DHCP Server. Now I am running two VLANS, Vlan 1 (default) the main vlan is where the Win box is on. Vlan 5 (guest Vlan) uses the RV180W as the DHCP server.
-Vlan1 is - Issued by Win box
-Vlan5 is - Issued by RV180W

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Configure Multiple WAP321 Wi-Fi At Once

Nov 26, 2012

How to configure multiple WAP321 Wifi at once? Because I need to configure around 100 APs and i want to know if there is any software from Cisco to do it, like a WLC or something else.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP321- Captive Portal SA520 Inter VLAN Routing

Dec 4, 2012

I have setup a WAP321 and configured it for a captive portal. It is connected to a SG300 switch and the gateway is a SA520.The SA520 is setup with two VLANs. The default of ID 1 and a guest vlan ID 2.
The SA520 is assigning the IP addresses to VLAN ID 2. That is working properly.And the captive portal works fine as long as I have Inter VLAN Routing Enabled on VLAN ID 2. But, I do not want VLAN ID 2 to access the local LAN so I Disabled the setting for VLAN ID 2. If I disable captive portal on the WAP321 with Inter VLAN Routing disabled, everything works fine. No access to VLAN ID 1 and Internet access works fine.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP321 Not Passing IP Address To Client

Mar 20, 2013

Our brand new WAP321 is configured manually because the setup wizard would not complete, just hangs at the end.
Anyway, when a client connects to the AP, it cannot get an IP address.  It is able to connect to the AP but does not pickup an IP from our internal DHCP server. I've been up and down tthe config screens and even tried hard resetting the AP and starting from scratch to no avail. This happens with 2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz modes.
I've tried laptops and smartphones with the same result.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP321 - How To Limit Access To Two IP Address Via ACL

Aug 29, 2012

I need to limit access to two ip address via acl but when i add them to the list i lose access to internet.

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Cisco Wireless :: Block Local Server IP Address In WAP321?

Sep 2, 2012

how can i block local server ip address in WAP321?I set captive portal web page and user accounts for guests but I still can map into my local server once the guest account is log in to CP.

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Routers / Switches :: Netgear GSM7248R - How To Route From Vlan To Management Vlan

Jan 20, 2011

I have a Netgear GSM7248R switch with 5 different Vlans including th management Vlan. Each of the vlans are connected to my layer 3 switch for routing. I want to access the management vlan form any of my Vlans so my layer two switch can be detected by my snmp manager.

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Cisco Wireless :: 2504 Management On VLAN?

May 10, 2012

We are installing a 2504 with management on VLAN2.  The management port is on interface 1 which is attached to a layer 3 3750.  From other VLANs in the network we cannot manage the 2504 controller with the web manager.  We are running the latest code,, since we are using 3600 APs.  We have a TAC case open, but spent 3 hrs with them and they can't figure out the problem.  TAC did some debugging and saw that the 2504 is ARPing for the address of the PC on the other VLAN instead of sending the packet to its default gateway. How to get success with the management interface on a VLAN and managing the controller from another VLAN?

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Cisco Wireless :: Management VLAN On All 4 Ports In A 2504?

Feb 29, 2012

It seems like the 4-ports switch in the 2504 can only one port can be used for management VLAN at a time ? I need all 4 ports to be untagged in the managment VLAN.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP54N - Management VLAN-ID Matter In Configuration?

Aug 16, 2012

I am working to configure AP541n AP,  is able to connect to the AP wired, assign AP static IP with proper subnet mask & default gateway, when it's done, everything looks perfectly, but since I changed the management VLAN ID from 1 to 2, I can't even connect to the AP wired from the PC, why does the change matter?

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Cisco Wireless :: New 5508 DHCP For Management VLAN Not Working?

Sep 25, 2012

I have a new 5508 that I am setting up.  My first one from scratch.
managment -> ->dhcp
voice -> ->dhcp
guest -> ->dhcp
Local DHCP (via the 5508) is for the guest network while the management and voice use the Windows DHCP server.
My problem, Voice and guest work fine.  I have two SSID's (one 802.1X and the other PSK) that use the management interface that will not get an IP.  I have enabled  dhcp proxy from the cli on the controller.  I tried with the management VLAN tagged and untagged.

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Configure ACS5.2 For TACACS Management Authentication Of WCS

Sep 12, 2011

Is there a decent guide on how to configure ACS5.2 for TACACS management authentication of WCS?

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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1242 Shows WLC Management IP As Its Own IP Address

Jul 14, 2012

we are using wism 4404 code 4.2 , we are using this old code becuase of 1250 mesh APs, now when a user connect to our network and he is using intel proset software he can see details of our AP, like mac, type and AP ip address 9 which in this case it the controllers ip address) is there a way we can prevent the ap from showing it?...we will be doing an upgrade to 7.0.230 soon. will the upgrade takes care of this problem or there is a way to fix it.

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Cisco Wireless :: 3502 - Set NAT Address For Management Interface

Oct 19, 2011

I have got a 3502 setup and functioning in Office Extend mode. I have found one issue though. I have to set the checkbox on the my Management Interface to Enable NAT Address and put the external address in the box. Once this occurs no internal APs can join the controller.
Need setting this up with a single controller behind a router and not having to set the NAT Address for the Management interface? Should I setup a second interface on the controller to be for external management?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 5508 As Dhcp Server For AP Management Address

May 26, 2013

My 5508 WLC which runs version 7.4 is configured as a DHCP server for the AP management and here's my problem: My AP can get to the address, and can ping the address of the WLC management,But my AP prompts the following log: [code]

In the switch dhcp we can use to do the WLC option43 specified address, but in this case how the address specified WLC, the AP can be registered up?

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Cisco Switches :: SF300-24P / Configure Vlan 10 For Data And Vlan 20 For Voice On The Same Port?

May 12, 2011

We are trying to config vlan 10 for data and vlan 20 for voice on the same port - port 1 of swtich SF300-24P to run both data and voice on different vlans.Do I have to add vlan 10 as an untagged vlan to port 1 and add vlan 20 as an tagged vlan to port 1?If I do not want to assign the native vlan 1 to port 1, how can I remove it ? The GUI page - assign VLAN to port does not allow to remove it.Aslo, what mode shall I set up on port 1? General, trunk or access ?

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Cisco :: What Is VLAN Management

Apr 10, 2013

What is VLAN Management

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Cisco :: Changing Management Vlan On 1131 AP

Jun 29, 2011

Can I change the untagged vlan on a 1131 to a new vlan.  I need to move my management vlan from on vlan 1 , to on vlan 200. I attempted several configuration options including removing the vlan1 ip,  changing my new vlan200 to untagged and mirroring it on the switch,  and adding my new ip to vlan 1 untagged and then untagging the switch with access vlan 200 on the connected port.  Nothing worked.  
Below is a sample of what I changed:
interface Dot11Radio1
no ip address
no ip route-cache


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Cisco :: Change 2960 Management VLAN And IP Without Console

Aug 2, 2012

Apparently on older switches you could just enter the "management" command under the new VLAN interface and it would pull the config from the old one, apparently that feature isn't around anymore. I've tried establishing a trunk to the damned thing and trying to switch over that way, but it doesn't seem to work.

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Cisco Switches :: 3560X - Cannot Reach Management Vlan

Mar 12, 2013

In one of my client location I have deployed one Cisco 3560X (core switch) and one SG-200-18 (access switch). I’ve configured three vlans (vlan 2, vlan 3 and management vlan 1), relevant trunking and I’ve connected two pc to the access switch to vlan 2 and 3 respectively. So far everything (including inter-vlan communication) works fine, except that I couldn’t reach the vlan 1 (management vlan) devices (access switch and core switch) from any pc which is connected to either vlan 2 or 3.
I’ve configured the “port VLAN membership” settings in SG-300 as follows,
Interface                             mode                    Administrative vlans                      Operational vlans
 GE 2                                       Access                                  2UP    


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Management VLAN Frames Blocked By Switch?

Sep 10, 2012

I'm having some problems with a D-Link switch. I believe it's filtering the management VLAN frames, which is really strange. If you look at the graph, you can see that the D-Link is connected to three switches by trunk links. I'll just use the numbers set in red on the graph to explain what's going on, it's simpler to see.So when I'm connected either to switch 4 or switch 5 (or the others on 5's level) I can use the management VLAN (ID = 1) to connect to all switches above number 3 (including number 3) but I can't get to switches numbers 1 and 2.The only way to connect to those switches is to either connect directly to one of their ports attributed to VLAN 1 or by connecting directly to switch 3. So that's why I concluded that switch 3 filters VLAN 1 frames. It's not switch 4 cause I can get from 5 to 3. But at 3, the frames stop.Also, this only happens for VLAN 1. We have some VoIP phones connected to switches 1 and 2 and their frames can communicate anywhere in the network.

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CIsco Switches :: SF300 Possibility To Have Management Vlan In Other One Then In Default

Oct 12, 2011

I got question about Cisco SF300-24P- is it possible to have management vlan in other vlan than in default vlan?I have default vlan 10 and voice vlan 20, I need to reach switch through voice vlan so I need to set up, interface vlan 20 with ip address. I ask these, because in gui, under Management Interface, IPv4 interface,under Management VLAN, I can only choose vlan 10, which is my default vlan, I dont have option to set ,up, in this case, vlan 20 as management vlan.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Sf300 - Vlan Bandwidth Management?

Oct 20, 2012

i have a small network with Polycom phones connected to the sf300 switch and have the pc's daisy chained via the second switch port on each phone. i have the pc traffic running on the default vlan 1 and the voice traffic running on the voice vlan 100. can i do bandwidth management on a vlan/port basis or is that not necessary. i want to ensure that the voice traffic is never impacted by the pc traffic on the same cable.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2950 VLAN Database VTP Management

Jul 4, 2012

spam up the boards with the same basic CCNA level stuff, but I have a couple of questions about ios differences, limitations, and references. I have the following three switches. One appears to be considerably dated in regard to software version. My confusion/ignorance stems from managing VTP settings.
2924XL     12.0 5 WC8
2950          12.1 22 EA6
2950          12.1 22 EA6
When I set either 2950 switch as the VTP server, and the other as a client, the client inherits the server settings as expected. However the 2924 requires that I go into the vlan database from priv exec and manually set vtp client. That's pretty similar to setting any switch to client mode. The problem I am observing is that after setting the 2924 to client, it still doesn't inherit vtp version settings or pruning settings. I still have to manually configure those. Additionally, if I copy run start the 2924 after making these manual settings, and then reload the switch, all the settings are lost and it defaults back to server mode with all features disabled. From my searches, it looks like vlan information is stored in vlan.dat, but all the documentation I've found is on 12.1 ios which doesn't appear to use vlan database for vtp setup, meaning it might still be an issue, but not one I'm focused on at the moment.
Is the vlan database dumped at reload? I've read vlan.dat is stored in nvram and should be saved after a copy run start, but that is not the case for me.I have since set the 2924 as the server, manually configured the server from vlan database, executed copy run start, and reloaded the switch. Oddly, my manual settings saved from the reload, meaning I only lose settings when the switch is in client mode.Am I missing additional necessary client commands to save the config, or is this just a limitation of either the 2924XL or the 12.0 ios?On a related but completed out of scope topic, without a cisco service contract, how am I supposed to make heads or tails of all the different versions of ios, along with the letter-based features and what-not? I can't even find my 2924 in the list of platforms when searching for ios upgrades.

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Cisco Application :: ACE 4710 - Cannot Access Management VLAN In Context

Jan 21, 2012

I have an HA ACE deployment and all seemed to be working well until I tried to access the ACE via the management VLAN in the one non-system context, no go.The ACE is in one-armed mode with an Admin/System context and one user context (named Messaging).  Source NAT has been set up in the user context.  All VLANs are in a port channel back to the core switches.I can access the ACE via the Management VLAN in the system context, all OK.  I can access the load-balanced servers via the VIP in the user/Messaging context, all OK.  I CANNOT acccess the managment VLAN other than ping it (resonds to ping, but telnet, ssh, https, etc. fails).The system/Admin context has a default route to the Management VLAN on the core.  The User/Messaging context has a default route to the core switches on VLAN 5, which is the VLAN where the VIP resides.If I change the default route in the User/Messaging context to the Management interface on the core switches then I can access both contexts for management, but then the load-balancing falls over and I cannot access the serverfarm (via the VIP).  Traces on the rservers show that NAT is being hit on the ACE and the requests are coming from the real IP of the clients.  Put the default route back to the User/Messaging VLAN on the core and NAT is back to what it would be expected to be, and then remote/management access to the ACE is gone.
ACE02/Admin# sh run

Generating configuration....
logging enable
logging standby
logging timestamp
logging buffered 4
logging device-id context-name


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Cisco Switches :: SG 200-18 - Change Management-VLAN And Telnet / SSH Access?

Apr 29, 2012

We've got a SG200-18 switch that is to be used as a workgroup switch in our environment (SW Version Working with CLI on big and mid-range Cisco-gear over the past two decades I'm having a hard time figuring out the following on the SG200:
o) I want to change the Management-VLAN from the default "1" to the management-VLAN used in our environment. Sure enough I created that vlan in the SG200-config, however when it comes to assigning the management-IP and VLAN for the management interface in the corresponding pulldown under "IPv4 interface -> Management VLAN" the only thing selectable is the default "1". (see screenshots enclosed)So how do I set a management VLAN different from 1?
o) How do I enable telnet/ssh-access to the SG200-18 - I'd be far more comfortable with a CLI-environment?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Management IP On 4500X When VLAN Gateway Is A SVI?

Dec 5, 2012

I'm trying to figure out how to (or if I can) setup the management interfaces (fa1) on a couple of new 4500X switches. My issue is that the 4500X's themselves are the gateway for my management VLAN (.1 HSRP virtual, .2 and .3 SVIs on the pair of switches).
I would like to assign addresses from the management VLAN to the router Fa1 management interfaces but the software configuration guide seems to note this is not supported (and indeed it doesn't seem to work).
Physically I have Fa1 from core-1 into a port on an adjacent switch. Fa1 from core-2 also goes into a port on that adjacent switch. Both are in my management VLAN, whose SVIs are on the cores themselves.

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Cisco Firewall :: Pass Management VLAN Traffic Through ASA 5510 In Transparent

Mar 10, 2013

We have a small cisco 1800 series workgroup router that seperates our network from the outside world.  The data coming into our network goes into the router on interface fa0/1 and comes out on interface fa0/0.  fa0/0 is split into 2 sub-interfaces (fa0/0.2 and 0/0.3).  These sub-interfaces correspond to a desktop and server vlan on our network.  The workgroup router is connected to a 3560G trunk port (we'll call it switch 1) and switch 1 connects to another 3560G (we'll call it switch 2). Recently I was asked to add another layer of security to our network by installing an ASA 5510 firewall and forcing certain types of traffic to authenticate using their domain credentials for our network.  The firewall was set up between the router and switch 1 in transparent, multi-context mode.  There are 2 security contexts, 1 for the desktop vlan and 1 for the server.  Both have the same security settings applied to them since we want the same behavior regardless of whether they are trying to access the servers or the workstations.

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Cisco Firewall :: Provide Access To The Management Interface / Vlan On ASA 5505

Jun 8, 2011

I've got an ASA 5505 running 6.3 I've connected the management interface to our management vlan (which contains switch IPs, ilo's etc)Is there a way to allow access to this vlan from another?

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Cisco WAN :: Switch L3 3750 - Bypassing Firewall With Network Management VLAN 20

Aug 22, 2011

I would like to push route for admin services (Vlan20) to bypass the firewall via an other connection (CSI to CSE). So my first choice was to create a route-map in (CSI) but I don't know how to do it. On my Firewall ASA, I don't have any Context License, that is why I would like to do it like this.
I have included some part of my initial configuration CSI and CSE and diagram.

CSI configuration (Switch L3 3750) {
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
description To ASA
no switchport

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2950 Loss Connectivity Management Vlan?

Apr 8, 2012

Randomly when I try to access to 2950 from management tools, switch is unreachable, I have to  access from other switch and reload 2950.
Problem only is from managemt tool to managament vlan 1 2950.
The strange thing is that management interface is encountering a very fast increase of throttles, broadcast and ignored packets:
2950#show interfaces vlan 1
Vlan1 is up, line protocol is up
  Hardware is CPU Interface, address is 0023.3488.fd65 (bia 0023.3488.fd65)
  Internet address is xxxxxxxxxx
  MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1000000 Kbit, DLY 10 usec,
     reliability 255/255, txload 1/255, rxload 1/255

It could be  a hardware problem?, IOS has been upgraded.

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Cisco :: Configure The Switch Remotely If It Loses It's Management IP?

Apr 22, 2013

Is there a way to configure the switch remotely if it looses it's management IP.

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