G74SX Network Connectivity - Wired Components Aren't Receiving A Connection?

Aug 29, 2011

I recent bought an Asus G74SX-A1. While the machine runs like an absolute dream, it does seem to have a networking problem that I have been attempting to address for about a week. In my college dorm there is an ethernet port that carries an active internet connection. When my laptop is plugged into the port via ethernet, I receive no connection (well mostly no connection, every now and then I will connect for a split second allowing me to load my homepage, Google). This problem also exists on my dorm's WiFi. My LAN card is a RealTek BGE Family Controller (PCIe)

However, on my netbook (an Asus 1000HE, which I am typing this post on) everything is fine. I am quick to blame the retailer who sold me the G74SX seeing as they replaced the stock WiFi card with a Bigfoot Killer 1102 card, and my first assumption is that something was not installed properly during my laptop's assembly or that I simply messed up a driver update. I became quite frustrated with the whole situation and in order to find a quick solution I formatted the laptop back to factory defaults.

Something magical happened.For about a day and a half, my LAN card worked. I packed up my gear this weekend and headed back home, and at my parents' house my WiFi card worked wonderfully.I thought my networking woes were behind me, but this was not the case. When I returned to my dorm this afternoon, my LAN and WiFi cards began experiencing the same problems they experienced before the reformat. A third variable of some interest is that I brought my wireless router back to my dorm in order to utilize a less-crowded private WiFi spot and discovered that it worked fine and I was able to connect to the internet on my iPad using my router. This evening, however, my router decided to stop carrying an internet connection as well. I can connect to the router itself, but I cannot receive an internet connection, even on the netbook.

I have tried uninstalling/updating drivers for both the Bigfoot card and the RealTek card to no avail. My best hypothesis is that the problem lies in some setting that both the G74SX and the D-Link DIR-655 have in common, seeing as they are the only wired components that aren't receiving a connection.

Equipment: D-Link DIR-655, Asus G74SX, Asus EeePC 1000HE

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Asus G74sx Internet Connection Dropping Constantly

May 26, 2012

I'm running an Asus G74sx, and it keeps losing connection to the internet (e.g. Youtube videos stop loading, disconnecting from online games constantly, my voice fizzing and breaking on VOIP programs like TeamSpeak 3 or Skype, etc). While the laptop clearly loses connection to the internet, it doesn't loses connections to the router (The signal strength remains excellent) and I've also tried using the cable, which doesn't fix the problem. The other computers using the same router work fine, though. These problems started about a week ago and I can't perform a system restore as the restore point available is from 05/26 (Yesterday). While I'm not an expert in the area, I've looked on several forums to see if there was a possible solution and done the following to try and solve the problem (none of which worked):

1- Restarting computer
2- Restarting router and modem
3- Opening the cmd and typing "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew"
4- Using a cable connection instead of wireless
5- Updating my wireless driver (Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 6150)
6- Unchecking the "Allow computer to turn off this device to save power" on the driver configurations

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RTL8139D - Wired Connection Limited Or No Connectivity

Jun 12, 2012

I found out my onboard ethernet port was fried, so i went out an bought a RTL8139D ethernet PCI adapter. I fitted the adapter and plugged my cable in. It said Limited or no connectivity. After hours and hours of googling I tried everything. I changed the protocols, created static Ip's went into cmd and reset winsock catalogs, release/renew etc. The cable I am using worked previously in my room and it still works. (I took a laptop up to my room and plugged in the cable and had internet connection). So... I took my PC downstairs and used a different cable. This successfully connected me to the internet. That Rules out that my new ethernet card is the problem. MY cable also allows others to connect to the internet. Windows 7 64X Ultimate edition.

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No Wired Connection - Desktop Lost All Connectivity

Jul 3, 2011

A few days ago my desktop (which is hardlined into a router) lost all connectivity. My wireless connections work fine and i have began basic troubleshooting; changing ethernet cables, taking router out of the mix, etc. Beginning to think the ethernet port on pc is going out (NIC card?). Funny thing is, it will come back intermitantly for 10 minute increments. power cycling does nothing.

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Wireless Connection Give Limited Or No Connectivity But Wired Connect

Mar 29, 2011

My wireless show connected connection give me a 'limited or not connectivity' but a wired connection has no problem?

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No Connectivity To Wired Desktop On Office Network?

Mar 30, 2011

I have one HP Desktop that decided one day it doesnt want to connect to the internet.

On the network we have two HP desktops (wired), one Dell desktop (wired) and 2 dell laptops (wireless) all connected to a wireless D-Link DIR 655 router . All computers are running Windows XP. All are able to connect to the internet except one HP desktop (only recently).

I have tried connecting the HP desktop in question to the wireless router via a different cable and still no connectivity. I tried disabling and renabling the internet/repairing it to no avail. I've restarted the wireless router and modem. Nothing. I've even tried restarting the computer (who knows it's solved problems before).

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Belkin Routers :: N600 Loosing Connection On All Of Components Connected To It

Dec 28, 2012

I have a Belkin N600 model # F9K1102v1 i am loosing connection on all of the components connected to it wired or wireless. They all loose connection at the same time. I also noticed the clock in the router does not set to the correct time it is reading 1970 for the year and never changes.

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Home Network :: Identify Specific Hardware Components In A Network?

Jun 1, 2012

I'm using a coaxial networking system and would like to electronically identify each section of coax in my network with a mac id for tracking purposes. Is there any way to do this without taking much space? Is there a microchip that I can install,preferably something that can withstand extreme environments?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG120N Not Receiving Any Signal From Wireless And Wired

Sep 14, 2011

i have purchased WAG120N exactly one year back. Now I am facing a issue with modem.Power button is blinking and stabilizing after 5 minutes, but internet and wireless are not led's are not on and not receiving any signal from wireless and wired.I have called Linksys, they are not giving any support and saying one year warranty period is over.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GL - Components Required For Outdoor Network?

Dec 8, 2011

My parents for the last few years have discussed a desire to be able to get internet access out at their pond.  The pond is located about 200 feet or so from the house.  Roughly between the house and pond is our barn. I would like to set up an outdoor network that would give them access to the internet at these ranges.
Currently, we have a linksys WRT54GL in the house.  My plan was to add an additional WRT54GL in our garage as well as a wireless expander in our barn (I was considering the EnGenius ERB9250).  Would the WRT54GL have enough range to reach the barn, and would a repeater be capable of reproducing the signal?
If not, do you have any other reccomendations as to how I might achieve this (without reaching too deep into my pockets)?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT190N V2 / Wired Connectivity Lost With Wireless Connection?

Dec 28, 2011

I just connected a WRT190N v2 Wireless Router to my XPS 400. When my wife tried to connect our other desktop to the wireless network, everything seemed fine. I noticed that, when she wasn't actively browsing or using the network, her computer would lose connectivity, but regain it when a browser was opened. When I tried to use the XPS, I found that it had no connection. I regained connectivity after using the Windows Network Diagnostic tool, but neither computer seems to keep connectivity when left alone, at least for very long.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 - Users Aren't Able To Reach Remote Network Through Site-to-site Tunnel

May 21, 2011

Remote-access users aren't able to reach our remote network through a site-to-site VPN tunnel between two ASA 5505's.
I've seen several threads about that here, I've run through the walkthrough at [URL] I've taken a stab at setting split tunnelling and nat exemption, but it seems I'm still missing something. Remote-access users can reach the main site, but not the remote site.
Remote-access (vpn-houston) uses
The main site (houston) uses
The remote site (lugoff) uses

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Home Network :: Limited Connection Or No Connectivity Error?

Aug 2, 2012

I started having this stupid problem after i built my first computer, in my old computer it was all fine, am using an ethernet cable between my pc and laptop, it is crossed or whatever its called, when i plug it in it gievs me an error, limited connection or no connectivity which pisses me off, i have all the drivers installed everything is up to date.. sometimes it connects, but after 10 mins it disconnects again, and sometimes it works fine until i reboot my pc..

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LAN Connection Not Receiving Packets

Aug 7, 2012

I have a home network that does not connect to the internet, but which I use to play games on, or did before this issue happened by.For years my PC's and friends ones had been able to connect into the network with little or no problems, but a few months ago my tower PC just stopped picking anybody or anything up on the network and I have tried tons of different resolutions to solve this.Anyway, the other day I bought a new HD and installed XP SP3 again on it, and for about fifteen minutes I could connect to my Vista Laptop and share files and play games, then it stopped.Next day the same again and off and on till now when its been down for the last week.I have also now bought a new network card - no difference - and disabled the on board network card through the BIOS - no difference.I have done a Winsock repair, replaced automatic IP addresses with manual ones, and countless other remedies which have not solved diddly.

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Internet Connection Is Continuously Transmitting And Receiving?

May 11, 2011

My internet connection is continuously transmitting and receiving, even when there is no application running! is there any way to find out what is being transmitted or received and how to reset the connection?

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Wired Network Connection Keeps Failing

Nov 6, 2012

To start off with, I own the network, and every system connected to it. I run and admin it, so the chances that anyone else has changed anything is essentially zero.This computer has a wired network connection (The issue) and a wireless one. They are connected to two separate networks. A few days ago the wired card stopped getting an IP address from my router, always ended up with a 169 address. Eventually I just disabled it, and installed a PCI network card.

Now what happens is that all works fine for a while, then stops. Suddenly I am "Not connected to network" despite the fact my ip address hasn't changed. I run the network troubleshooter, it tells me the "Gateway is unreachable" Resets the network card, and all is good. Then after a while the network fails again. I did already scan with malwarebytes, and everything is fine as fat as its concerned.

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Set Up Network Combining Wired And Wireless Connection?

Nov 30, 2011

I am getting ready to move into new digs and wanting to set up my network. Main house cable internet will come in with modum to a dlink router for both wired and wireless. desktop and a magic jack wired into router wireless for ipad and laptop. then run wire to workshop about 100' from house where a second magic jack and desktop will be set up (small biz out of workshop). I am pretty sure that the range of the router for wireless will reach to workshop fine for ipad but if not I will need to put a wireless up there tooext kids have a laptop running windows 7 but kids being kids and having had problems with self control on net in past I want to be able to make sure that I can turn them off from net when needed because

1. I do not want them running me past the data limits imposed by cable company and
2. keep them from sites such as those which got them in trouble in the past (kids are older and bought laptop for selves and pop will not go along with me confiscating it if they abuse internet privileges

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Lost Both Wireless And Wired Network Connection?

May 11, 2011

I have a laptop running win xp. It was running fine this morning. I then brought it to a Honda dealer. The problem started there ...At first, I got a strong wi-fi signal but not network connection. I tried to repair (by right clicking on wireless network icon on the lower-right corner). The first time it seemed trying to do something but nothing worked. The 2nd time when I tried to run repair, the process hang and the machine could not be rebooted or shut off. I have to hold the power key for a few seconds to turn it off.Now, I am at home using another computer to post this message, which indicates my home lan and my router are working fine. But my laptop still has no connections - neither wired or wireless

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Creating A Network Off A Hotel Wired Connection?

Jul 24, 2012

I'm currently staying at a marriott in NYC and at night after work the wireless access becomes awful. As a work around I've plugged the ethernet into my apple airport express and launched my wireless network as usual.Things are all fine and dandy for the first hour or so of browsing or watching netflix. But then it seems to lock up and I lose connection. I haven't seen any caps on data transfer that would explain it but is there something else I should be looking at? The fact that it works (albeit for a limited time), is a good sign I think. I'm mostly using it for my ipad to watch netflix etc.

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11.04 X64 Ubuntu Box Keeps Dropping Wired Network Connection

Jul 10, 2011

I have an Ubuntu box, 11.04 x64, running on a Dual Opteron SFF box (iWill ZMaxDP... pretty old machine). Up until a few weeks ago, it was acting as a Windows 2008 Server, but i moved it to Ubuntu.

Anyway, the machine will not stay on the network for any amount of time, without falling off... I have changed network cards, cables, ports on the switch, etc, and nothing seems to work. I have a Windows 2003 box giving out DHCP addresses, and for a while, i actually tured that off and setup a second Ubuntu box to give IPs... it made no difference. The box gets an IP, and can ping outside for a bit (2 min or so) and then just looses connectivity... ifconfig shows it with an IP (i have tried both Static and DHCP config) and nothing seems to work.Restarting the network stack (/etc/init.d/networking restart) some times gets a connection working for a few min, but then it falls over again..

Just to note, the main onboard network card is not showing up for some reason. I have an Intel Dual GigE PCI card installed. Eth2 is the "Working" interface, an ETH3 is not connected to anything.... Also, this is probably the first time since i installed the machine that the connection is staying up.

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Not Receiving Enough Network Packets To Surf Web?

Apr 7, 2011

I have a Asus EEE PC 900 laptop running Windows XP Home. I DO NOT use a modem or router. I connect wireless to someones network (which of course i dont know who it is or how far it is from me) I connect to a Linksys unsecured network. I get good to very good (some times excellent connection from it) The name of my adapter is: Atheros AR5007EG wireless network adapter.Two days ago i was on the internet, and all of a sudden i Lost service ( usually when this happens i wait it out and it comes back)But it hasn't.So I'm checking through my settings and i noticed that im sending way more network packets than receiving. Last i checked it was around 40,000 sent and 5 received. So I wait and wait and wait and the most packets it would go up to is 90 while as sending is still in the thousands.It also says im successfully connected with good to very good connection status (but yet i cannot surf the web because i do not have enough network packets)

I tried different locations in my house (that didnt work)I uninstall and reinstalled my network adaptor (that didnt work)I turned off and on the wireless switch(that didn't work). Im wondering if this has something to do with my laptop or the other persons network? how can I increase the received network packets?

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Wired LAN / Limited Or No Connectivity Windows 7 X64

Mar 5, 2012

I am experiencing an issue with a LAN connection on my Desktop computer running Win 7 x64 with an NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller. I am receiving a "Limited or No Connectivity" message but I know the Router and LAN cable are good as I can plug it into a laptop sitting right next to me and do not experience any issues.I have checked the original manufacturers website for drivers however they do not offer any for Win 7. Trying the Vista x64 drivers results in the same limited connectivity issue.Hardware Specs I have on the Computer:

- Shuttle SN68SG2
- NVIDIA GeForce 7025
- 7 Series Glamor small form factor XPC Barebone

I have also tried the latest drivers from NVIDIA with the same results. [code]

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D-Link WBR-2310 No Wired Connectivity?

Jul 8, 2011

I have an Internet Connectivity problem which I believe was caused by resetting our D-Link WBR-2310 router. We have a strange, perhaps illogical network setup in our office. Although it was set up before my time, I have figured it works as follows:

(1) A wired/wireless router (let's call it Router A) is connected directly to the DSL modem.

(2) An Ethernet cord runs from this router to a 5 port switch.

(3) 4 cords run from the switch to individual workstations. These computers obtain their IP addresses automatically.

(4) 1 cord runs from the switch to another wired/wireless router (let's call it Router B).

(5) Two cords run from Router B to individual workstations (let's call them Workstations C). These computers used permanent IP, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server addresses. I understand that this was done because they could not obtain their IP addresses automatically.

The problem I've caused seems to stem from me resetting Router B to the factory settings while trying to secure its signal and changing its IP address from to (in order to avoid conflict with the modem which has the same IP address). Once I did that, Workstations C could not access the Internet.

I have tinkered with the TCP/IP settings for Workstations C (e.g. by changing the default gateways to the Router B's new IP address), but it doesn't work. What else should I be doing?

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No Internet Connectivity Wired Or Wireless?

Dec 9, 2011

Had a virus that I cleaned on my laptop. After virus removal I can connect to my FIOS router both wired and wireless but cant get to the internet. Can ping laptop and laptop can ping desktop. I have no issue on my desktop machine getting to the internet only issue is with laptop. I have disabled/removed all apparent firewalls/antivirus. Using Windows XP SP3 and both Firefox and IE. Proxy is off in Firefox and IE. . Have reset network adapters. Network adapters are set to get DNS and IP automatically. IP Config shows IP address and the DHCP and DNS Server addresses are correct (FIOS Router). Windows Firewall is disabled. Something is stopping me from going outside the local network.

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Wired LAN - Limited Or No Connectivity On XP Computer?

Jan 17, 2013

In my LAN one of my computer is shown limited connectivity

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WRT54G2 - Adding Wired Connection To Wireless Network?

Nov 16, 2011

I have a Linksys WRT54G2 router upstairs in my house that wirelessly reaches the entire house. I also just bought a Linksys Valet Plus M20 that will be my router once I get it in the mail. The problem is I want to hook up my downstairs Satellite receiver to the internet but it only has a LAN port. I cannot run a LAN cable downstairs. Is there any way to link these routers up wirelessly and then run a LAN cable to my SAT receiver? Or do I need to buy a different product?

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How To Configure Wired Network Along With A Wifi Internet Connection

Mar 23, 2011

I have a laptop connected to internet via a router using WiFi.My desktop computer doesn't have a WiFi connection. I want to connect my laptop and my desktop computer using an ethernet cable in order to access the internet on my desktop computer. I've been fiddling around for over two hours with no luck so far. Both computers are on Windows 7.

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Not Receiving Mail From One Person On Office Network

Oct 31, 2012

In Outlook 2003, I am receiving mail from all others on the office network except one person and wondering what I can check to fix this

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5510 Servers Aren't Able To Connect To Internet

May 14, 2012

So, we've been trying to get our network ipv6 compatible and had to upgrade the IOS on our ASA 5510 to 8.4/Little did we know that upgrade to 8.4 would need me to change all out NATs and Access-lists. We have a 1-1 NAT configuration that I need to keep with a bunch of regular rules to different servers (http, ftp, rdp, etc..)

I've been able to change all of that and was able to test it out successfully in our test environment. But, when I moved this to our prod env, the servers aren't able to connect to the internet. I haven't changed any routes - no changes in IP's - just changing the ASA. [code]

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT120N Drop Connection Just Prior To Receiving A DHCP Address

Oct 14, 2011

After an upgrade of the WRT120N to firmware Ver.1.0.06 (Build 01) every device I have tried to use WPA authentication with will authenticate / associate with the device then drop the connection just prior to recieving a DHCP address.I have tried a Dell latitude laptop with the broadcom chipset, an iPhone 3GS as well as an motorola with google pad device and all experience the same problems.I have removed all mac address filtering, and re-enabled the essid broadcasting only to have the same problem persist despite stripping everything down to just WPA.

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Hp Dv 9317cl Series / Wired LAN - Limited Or No Connectivity XP

Nov 9, 2012

I reformatted using an old XP disc, Got the Ethernet Driver set up fine, but now I can not connect to the Internet, because the card refuses to fetch the DNS Addie, and default gateway, it's the only computer in the house having issues, the computer I am having problems on is an old Hp Dv 9317cl series, with a nivida chipset Ether card.

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HP DV 9317CL Computer - Wired LAN / Limited Or No Connectivity?

Mar 17, 2012

So, I reformatted using an old XP disc, Got the Ethernet Driver set up fine, but now I can not connect to the Internet, because the card refuses to fetch the DNS Addie, and default gateway, it's the only computer in the house having issues, the computer I am having problems on is an old Hp Dv 9317cl series, with a nivida chipset Ether card.

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Limited Or No Connectivity Via Wired LAN - Belkin DB N600

Jul 19, 2011

I just purchased the N600 DB Wireless Router with my ISP (Road Runner) I can connect wireless thru a laptop and a tablet, but when I try to connect wired(LAN) thru desktop (XP Pro SP3) I receive the Limited or No Connectivity. If I bypass the router and plug straight into the cable modem I can connect without issue. I have tried resetting the router, modem and computer to no avail.

Here are the results for ipconfig and ipconfig /renew C:>ipconfig

Windows IP Configuration
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :


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