Linksys Wireless Router :: Slower Internet When Using The E2500?

Jan 31, 2012

I seem to have an issue when with my new E2500 router Version 1 (upgraded to the new fireware - today to elimate issues with that).I had RCN installed a 50MB connection today.When I connect directly to the Modem, I get almost the 50MB of the server, see link from the speedtest. [URL]. However, when i plug the ethernet cable from my Cable Modem to my Wireless Router I get around 15-20MB. Here is an example:[URL]. I know speeds can vary, but if i unplugged and rest within seconds i get my expected 50MB.The cable modem is in the living room, right next to the Wireless Router. I am situated less than 2 metres from the devices when I get results and have full bars.I've tried varying the MTU on manual and also enabled it to adjust as required.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Disconnects From Internet?

Dec 12, 2011

I've recently installed the E2500, and it's been mostly great....when it's connected.  Set up was easy, all the devices in the house were recognized, the coverage is excellent, and it's nice and fast.  But several times throughout the day, the wireless signal will simply drop off.  Disconnecting and re-connecting gets it back on, but an hour or two later, it's off again.  It;s fairly frustrating because you'll be in the middle of something, and you'll have to manually disconnet, and then reconnect.  The status will show as "Local".  Running Windows XP with Verizin FIOS.  Old Linksys wireless router never had a connection problem. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: No Longer Getting Internet Over E2500?

Aug 25, 2011

My E2500 was working great for the past 3 months, and now it seems to be broken since I cannot access the internet anymore. I can connect to the router via wireless or wired at and play with all the settings. On the status page, I have entries for Internet IP Address, Default Gateway, DNS1, and DNS2 as though I was connected fine to my DSL modem.If I connect my computer to my DSL modem then I can access the internet perfectly fine, so I know the modem is working. However, if I connect the E2500 to the modem, and then my macbook to the E2500 then I cannot access anything other than the router config pages. I have also tried, from the router admin page, to ping "" and "" to no avail.
I have tried without success:

1. Renewing IP address from the router status page.

2. Cycling the power on the modem.

3. Rebooting the router.

4. Unplugging the power from both the modem and the router for 10 minutes and reconnecting it.

5. Resetting the router by holding down the reset button for 30s.

6. Using a different computer.

7. Turning off the firewall.

8. Reinstalling the firmware (1.0.01 build 3  May 6, 2011)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Won't Connect To Internet?

Aug 1, 2012

I installed an e2500 to my cable modem and everything went perfect. Then 2 weeks later the electricity went off for some power company upgrades. when the power came back on the modem wouldnt connect. I have been through every solution in the cisco articles. The computer connects when directly wired to the modem, so I know there is signal. When I place the router into service and use the ethernet connection  the modem no longer displays the active internet led. The e2500 ethernet led to the computer lights and the power led. The Ethernet led from the modem to the router doesn't light. I did a complete reset on the router. The setup software only runs to 75% complete then stops and tells me to check the plugs. Ive checked, replaced and swapped the cables. I've set the MAC to clone, and verified the MAC address via ipconfig. Ive done the complete powercycle at least 20 times.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Keeps Dropping Internet Connection?

Oct 7, 2012

Currently running Windows 7, with internet explorer. I have most recent firmware installed on my e2500. The unit drops wireless connectivity on an intermittent basis. Sometimes after 5 minutes and sometimes after 20 or 30 minutes.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 / Unable To Access Internet

Jan 22, 2012

Here is my setup.Using all MAC OSX I have AT&T DSL ISP connected to a (ISP provided) Speedstream 5100 Modem.I just purchased a Cisco Linksys 5200 N Router and I cannot access the internet. I followed the set-up instructions to the T but to no avail. I cannot find anything online about these two devices being incompatable.  Do I purchase a new modem? If so how can I be sure it's compatible with the router?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Does Not Give Internet Access

Mar 1, 2013

I bought the router E2500 and I followed the steps for its configuration. It so happens that most of the time I turn on my router, it does not connect to microcomputer, because it loses the internet settings, requiring that I turn the CISCONNECT and after that, I have to turn off the microcomputer, wait for 2/3 minutes and then reconnect, for only then will be able to surf the internet. I notice that many times even I doing all this procedure the router does not give access to the internet. What should I do?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Unable To Connect With Internet?

Dec 23, 2011

Ok group here's the issue. I have a E2500 router with a wired connection for my sons xbox and 2 laptops connected to it. The laptop I used to set-up the system will usually connect to the router but not allow me through to the internet then after a shutdown and repowering it connects. what to check? The othhitch. Both arer laptop connects without a e running vista home.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Frequently Disconnects From Internet?

Mar 20, 2012

My Linksys E2500 wireless router frequently interrupts the connection to my ISP. This happens about 2 times an hour. The connections is - due to the automatic reconnect feature - only interrupted for about 20-30 seconds, but is quite unnerving, as it causes downloads to stop, streams to freeze and website loading failures. The reason I know that the connection is interrupted completely is that my IP address changes every time it happens. I know the failure is not on my ISPs side, since the connection does not interrupt when I connect my PC directly to my DSL-Modem (Siemens C2-010-I). The router runs the newest available firmware (1.0.04 build 1 Dec 26, 2011)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Cisco E2500 No Internet Connection

Aug 12, 2012

I already have a desktop and modem at home, but I recently bought a new Sony Vaio laptop for college. I also bought a Linksys E2500 wireless router so my laptop could have internet access at home.I inserted the Starter Guide CD into my desktop, created my ID/password, and connected all the cables like it instructed me to but I still couldn't connect to the internet. Instead, several windows popped up with messages like, "Found new hardware. Locate and install driver software, "Insert disc that came with Internet Access Server", and  "Windows could not find driver software for your device."When I tried to troubleshoot, I get something like this, "There may be a problem with your DNS - Windows attempted to find www. using DNS, but server responded back with unknown."I also tried inserting the disc into the laptop, but I still didn't recieve any internet connection, but it says that my router was connected.I tried following its advice to restart, unplug cables, and wait 2 minutes but none of it seem to work.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Setting Internet Subnet To 255.255.0

Oct 29, 2011

Due to the way I have my DSL and VOIP TA configured I need to be able to set the subnet mask in the Internet connection.  I am currently using  the  Static IP,  putting in an IP of 192.168.1.x  with the subnet of  when I try to do this it gives me an error saying that is reserved for the guest network.  I am not using the 33 at all ANYWHERE.  If I change the subnet to  it will save but I can't connect to the internet with it.   My router I just bought today is the E2500   I have an old Linksys WRT model that worked fine with this exact setup for several years before it crashed on me. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Forwarding Port To See Camera Over Internet?

Feb 15, 2012

I am trying to forward a port to see a camera over the internet.  On the single port forwarding screen under Gaming, I have put in port 8090 (Ext and Int),Protocal both, an IP address and Enabled.  I have also tried putting in a range, but neither seems to work.   After forwarding the port, I check with What's My IP Addrewss to get the external IP, then put the IP in a blank browser page with and without the port number.  I have tried this several times without any result.  

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Randomly Drops Internet Connection

Dec 27, 2011

I have an E2500 with the latest firmware upgrade (1.0.03). My configuration is simple, I have a fixed IP from my ISP with fixed DNS servers. I have one computer connected via cable and one connected via wireless and a laptop that gets connected on occasion wirelessly as well. I also have an android phone that I sometimes have the networking turned on and sometimes not. That doesn't seem to be affecting the router either as I've lost connections under both circumstances. The only thing I have different is I clone the MAC address as the ISP has my IP linked to my old Linksys MAC.
The problem is I randomly lose connection to the internet, the home network is still up it's just the internet goes down. I could be on the computer or not, sometimes while browsing sometimes after I browse for a while sometimes before I get started. Fortunately its not happened during one of my online games but it has happened just after I log off the game. It usually happens a couple of times a day.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - No Internet Access For 2nd PC / Media Disconnected

Apr 16, 2013

I will be working from home half the time and am trying to get set up. So here it goes:
Took PC #1 home and hooked everything up. Could access Internet.Had to bring PC #2 home because #1 didn’t have the programs I needed.Hooked #2 up, no internet access.Tried different network cable – no access.Tried different router port – no access. (router port light doesn’t illuminate, neither does port on PC)My personal PC that uses the same router has internet access.Hooked #1 back up as a test – could access internet.Hooked up #2 again, did a Run, cmd, ipconfig and got “media disconnected”I brought #2 back in for a PC tech to look at. He hooked it up in his office, had internet access.Took it back home and hooked everything up.The port lights illuminated on startup; but after it got to the desktop, lights are off.Tried ipconfig again, "media disconnected”. IP address doesn’t display.
All the while I have internet access on my own PC, plus when I hook up #1 to the same port using the same cable, I have internet access, which led me to believe it's something wrong with PC #2.Tech is saying it’s a problem with my router (Cisco E2500), which I restarted too.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Use The E2500 Without Having Hard Wired Internet Access?

Nov 14, 2012

Is there any way to use the e2500 without having hard wired internet access.  I would like to use with my wii fii hot spot so that I could use my old printers that are not wireless enbled

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Drops Internet Connection Randomly?

Jan 6, 2012

my E2500 drops the internet connection randomly. I have no issues with wired or wireless access to the home network (sharing files, sharing printers etc...). To fix the problem I log into the router and do a soft reboot from the status page.
I posted this earlier and the only response I received was a cut and paste answer to make some changes to my wireless settings. Seriously doubting the relevance of the post I made the changes anyway and as expected nothing changed, the router still loses access to the internet without any warning. When I replied that I hadn't thought that that was the problem but that I HAD made the changes mentioned and as I expected it DIDN'T work I get no response.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Slower Than ISP (even When Wired)

Sep 7, 2012

I have a Cisco E2000. When i connect to my cable modem directly, I get 30-35 MBps down and about 10 up. When I plug in to my E2000 it does that at first... but slowly over time, the speed degrades, usually down to about 5-6 down and 3-4 up. If I unplug the router, it typically restores full speed, but not for long (a few days maybe). Also, when I unplug the router, it is pretty hot.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Parental Control Vs E2000 Internet Policy

Dec 1, 2011

I have in my possession three E2000 and I wanted to buy 3 more, but the model seems to not be on sale anymore so I bought his successor the E2500.In the E2000 I used the Internet Policy menu to block internet access of certain computer by entering their mac address.In the E2500, they seem to have removed this menu to replace it with a Parental Control menu, which offers far fewer options, basically you can only block a computer that is connected to the router, you can not block a pc by the ip or by his mac address.Is there a way to have a menu similar to Internet policy in the E2500? A hidden menu, or a different firmware?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Unable To Establish Usable Internet Connection

Jan 22, 2012

Purchased E2500 1 week ago.  I do not have a problem communicating with the router itself (either hard wired or wireless) but I have been unable to establish a usable internet connection from the router.I live in building that is wired by Restech Services - Ethernet jack in wall - no modem.  Connection works just fine if I bypass router and connect directly to PC (windows XP SP3 desktop or windows 7 laptop.),Very difficult to establish any internet connection at all.  I have to renew IP address many times or go through re-boot sequence multiple times.  Once I get a connection it is unusable.  If I attempt to ping a URL (either from PC or from router admin page) it is unable to resolve host.  If I ping an IP directly (either from PC or router administrator page) I typically get 60 to 80% packet loss.  As noted, if I bypass router and make internet connection directly to PC - no problems - no packet loss.Used Cisco Connect software to set up.  On advice of ISP changed MTU from 1500 to 1300.  Also registered MAC id with ISP and changed from cloning PC MAC to using the router MAC.  Downloaded and installed latest firmware version.  Did factory reset and re-configured the whole thing.  Double checked and swapped wiring.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 Slower On Wifi Than Ethernet?

Mar 26, 2013

my linksys e1000 router compares pretty well to my modem when the Ethernet cable is hooked up.  I get fast DL speeds above 50Mbps either way when the Ethernet cable is plugged into my computer.  However, when I connect wirelessly, regardless of range I can't seem to DL any faster than 20Mbps.  I went ahead and restored my factory defaults so that I could use Cicsco Connect and upgrade the firmware, but beyond that I don't know what settings to tweak.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1500 After Changing Name / Password / Speed Became Much Slower

Jun 24, 2012

After changing name and password, the speed became much slower. Checking it with speed test, download is just 0.19 Mbps while upload is 3 Mbps. Wired speed is much better, download is 20 Mbps. So it is not the problem of I provider, comcast. How to solve this problem? I rebooted and reset it already.

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Linksys E2500 Router Connected But No Internet

Jul 7, 2011

I bought I router today, Linksys E2500 and set it up, for some reason its connected with full strength but the internet does not work on my computer, or any other device connected to the network I established on the router. I've looked through so many articles and posts on here, I've fixed the winsock, I tried the netsh winsock and the netsh int ip reset reset.log, but when I put in netsh int ip reset reset.log in the command prompt, nothing happens after I press enter. I've updated through microsoft updates, and updated some drivers from the hp website. Ive repaired, and tried restarting the router, and even the modem and nothing changed. It's still connected, but the interenet still is not working. The modem is fine, as when I disable the wireless connection, the internet works. Yes, I have Sp3 installed.I am using windows xp and the computer is called HP Pavilion a1013w Desktop PC. [code]

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Linksys E2500 Router - Computer Connected But No Internet?

Dec 28, 2011

Well i recently purchased a Linksys e2500 router,so i connect it to my modem and then to my PC, all by Ethernet cable(no wireless) as i want my pc connected by cable, i go through the set up CD and it finishes and says you are now connected to your router but..... not to the internet and it tells me to restart the modem with i have done, i have also tried power cycling modem, router and PC, but i still get the same old problem and when i go in network connections my local area connection says i am connected but it wont let me use the internet. also above when i have been trying to set up the router this "Internet Gateway" pops up in my network connections and it is disabled and whenever i try to enabled it it just says failed.

I'm on Cable broadband my modem is a Motorola SB5101 SURFboard cable modem and the router is an Linksys Cisco e2500 and i am using windows xp sp 3

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Cabling / Cards :: Router Connects But No Internet Linksys E2500

Jul 7, 2011

I bought I router today, Linksys E2500 and set it up, for some reason its connected with full strength but the internet does not work on my computer, or any other device connected to the network I established on the router.the interenet still is not working. The modem is fine, as when I disable the wireless connection, the internet works. Yes, I have Sp3 installed.


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Wireless :: Why Does Internet Go Slower On Acer Laptop

Feb 25, 2011

I have an Acer Laptop that runs on Vista and run my AT&T 3g wireless card on it and it browses the web as if I had a cable connection, however, the I try to use the same card on my Dell that runs on XP and has 768 MB of Ram but it can take over a minute to pull up a website. Should I get more ram though the min requirements for XP are 256 for this connection?

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: E2500 - Can't Get It To Connect To Internet

Apr 13, 2013

I cant get it to connect to internet, it keeps giving me an error message. I have windows 7 and Linksys WiFi Router E2500

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WRT54GS / Slower Internet Speeds On Wireless Connection?

Aug 17, 2011

I have two computers in the house both HP desktops, both run Windows XP SP3. The first one is connected to the internet by ethernet cable through a WRT160N router to a cable modem, the other is in another room ( about 20 feet away from the router with only one wall). The wired computer averages around 15-20mbps download speed while the wireless only gets about 7-9mbps. I've checked them both using and the results are always about the same, the wireless has about half the download speed of the wired connection. They both have .95-.98 mbps upload speeds. When my old router (WRT54GS) finally gave up I bought the WRT160N which is an N router, I haven't upgraded the network adapter in the wireless computer to N yet. My question is should I lose this much speed through the wireless connection or do I need to change the settings on the router or the wireless adapter?

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Linksys WRT160N Router - Download Speed Slower Than Upload?

Dec 30, 2011

I am getting very slow download speeds on my wireless router (Linksys model#WRT160N). I measured it on with my ASUS laptop, ASUS Transformer Prime tablet, and 2 Ipod touches. All similar speeds.

Download avg: 1.30 Mbps
upload avg: 6.20 Mbps

I measured my desktop speed that is hardwired through the router to the modem.

Download avg: 30.00 Mbps
upload ave: 6.20 Mbps

I have scanned all the wireless connection in my area and found them to occupy channels 1, 6, 11. I tried changing my channels one at a time for all 11 channels. Some did a little better than others but not a lot.Also, if I by a dual channel router, can all wireless devices pick up on the 5GHz spectrim and if some, could this alleviate some interference?Is it possible that my router is going bad and a new single channel 2.4 GHz router will be fine?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Missing MAC Addresses Filtering In Linksys E2500?

Sep 5, 2011

I'm currently setting the MAC address filtering for my Linksys E2500 router. I have about 20 devices which i'm allowing to access my router, so i keyed in the MAC addresses into the config page and save setting. But only 16 addresses are registered, the rest refused to register no matter how many times i key in, it just reset back to 00:00:00:00:00:00 after i click on save setting.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: AE2500 - Slower Speeds Found Since Installing

Mar 9, 2013

I have had an issue with my AE2500 wireless adapter. I am using a LInksys E2500 dual band router but my samsung laptop's wireless adapter doesn't support 5ghz band, so bought the AE2500.I disabled the internal adapter and got the AE2500 connected up. I've set up the 5ghz channel with wireless N, and left 2.5ghz as it was. Somehow I am now experiencing slower speeds on both bands, when using's speed test. It's the 2nd time in my life I am having an issue like this, where I am adding something with capacity for more speed but end up things being worse. Previous was with a netgear adapter and router a few years ago. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I honestly don't think so.Also best sequence to get the new adapter connected? Should I do it before I disable the existing adapter?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Reset Static DNS On A Linksys E2500?

Oct 4, 2012

I previously entered in settings for the "Static DNS" 1 through 3 (using ip addresses from OpenDNS and one from Google DNS).
I want to remove these so the router reverts to using the DNS allocated to it by the ADSL modem (which will likely be the IP of the modem, which then forwards the requests to the DNS from the ISP).But I can't clear the Static DNS settings. I have to put in but the last zero is not accessed. I get the error: The value is out of range [1 - 254].So I end up with and then all Internet access is lost on the computers because they are being given a bad DNS IP.
How can I reset the static DNS ip address back to ?

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E2500 - Wireless Router Stops Working When Neighbor Uses Internet?

Jul 4, 2012

We use our internet to watch Netflix. We have had no problems until recently, I called the satellite Internet company(which is a local co.) they told me my router was going out. I bought a new one, problem solved! Right?!? WRONG   my husband told me my neighbor just got Internet and has been playing Xbox everyday which coincidently is between the 5:30pm to 10ish pm we have been having issues with our router. What can we do to fix this? Do I have to buy a bigger router? He is not stealing off mine because it is password protected that was changed when new router was setup and programmed. I have been running of a Cisco Linksys E2500 advanced dual band n router. The router is in the same room as the TV accessing it, which we previously had no issue connecting anywhere in the house or garage.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Bumped Off VPN When Using E2500?

Feb 28, 2013

I am trying to connect to a new VPN using my E2500 router.  As soon as I connect, the connection breaks.

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