Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 - Airplay Reboots It

Dec 22, 2011

I have an issue when I use Airplay through my iPhone4S, my router reboots after 30 secs or so.  I have a WRT54G2 v1.5 and the receiver is a Pioneer VSX-1021-K.
However, when I used Airplay through itunes from my laptop, it works just fine.  In addition, when I borrowed my neighbors router's(BELKIN) it was working fine also.  So this lead me to believe that it's my router that is causing the issue. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Reboots Every Time When Use AirPlay From MacBook Pro

Oct 16, 2011

I've just confirmed that everytime I try to stream music from my MacBook Pro (iTunes) that is connected to my WiFi network using the 5GHz mode (channel width is Auto, channel: Auto (DFS)) to a couple Airport Express cubes are connected via the 2.4 GHz WiFi (channel width: Auto, channel: 10) the E4200 router reboots.  When I set the MBP to use the 2.4 GHz mode I can stream music without causing the E4200 to reboot.  The E4200 is running firmware 1.0.03.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 With Airplay Mirroring Hangs

Oct 13, 2011

I have 2 X E4200 router, one is directly connected to the internet and the other is in the bridge mode connected to the first router. I have apple TV connected directly with the bridge router on one of the Ethernet port.I notice that when you start apple Airplay mirroring on the iPad2 both the routers will hangs with no reason and the only way to fix it is to reboot the routers. I have reset both the routers to factory default twice they both are running firmware 1.0.03 build 14 . 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WAG120N - Routers Compatible With Airplay And Bonjour?

Feb 20, 2012

what Linksys routers, e.g. WAG120N, are compatible with Airplay and Bonjour?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Cicso E2500 - Apple Airplay Mirroring Knocks

Mar 5, 2013

I have a problem when doing Apple Airplay mirroring from my iphone5. Every time it kmocks the wifi signal off so I need to reboot the router. This is only happening on the iphone 5, and not other apple devices using mirroring. Our ipad 3 mirrors perfectly without affecting the wifi. There isn't any specific settings on the iphone 5 for airplay apart from setting it on and off.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 Reboots Every Few Hours

Nov 4, 2012

I got my new comcast connection and using CISCO DPC3008 cable modem and EA6500 Wifi Smart Router. Internet works fine and then suddently the internet goes away. Further investigation shows EA6500 Wifi router just reboots every few hours and then wifi devices don't reconnect like it used to do with previous routers.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT400n Reboots Every Few Minutes

Jul 2, 2011

Check to see if there is a firmware upgrade and there is.  Well I updated it with the newest and only one out there.   I did the upgrade, said sucessful and now it will just random reboot or something........ every few minutes the power light starts flashing....... then all the light go out, then power flashes again and it comes back up.   I have tried many times to reflash it with that new firmware but no avail.  I wish I had the old firmware back because it was working fine till I did this upgrade.  

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Reboots At Random Occasions?

Jan 1, 2013

I have a E2500 router that until recently has been working fine, the router currently will reboot at random occasions. I have tried resetting the router to factory defaults to test if the firmware was an issue but both the factory default and the most recent firmware build(1.0.05 build 2) offered on the download support page. I have tried 2 different AC adapters to test power and two different Cat5 cables so hard ware wise everything is looking good. I am concerned that it may be an issue still with firmware or with the cooling fan and the unit may be overheating.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160N Requires Regular Reboots?

Jul 25, 2012

So I have a WRT160N firmware v3.0 wired connection to my PC, and at least once a day my connection speed drops from 2mbs down to almost dial up speeds at 60kps. Just unplugging the router then plugging it back in seems to fix it every time.   I've contacted my service provider and they say there's no issue on their end, and since I don't get this problem when I plug the modem directly to the PC I agree with them.  I've done a factory reset and that didn't work.  I've gone through the FAQ and can't find anything useful in there. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200v2 Frequent Lockups And Reboots?

Dec 25, 2011

New E4200v2 router, latest 2.0.26 firmware.  Reboots on its own <or> locks up and requires power recycle 3-4 times a day.  More frequent if I attach a USB drive to USB port.   Reset to factory, only using as a router (no USB drive, no printer sharing, no TimeMachine backups, etc.)Still locks up or reboots 3-4 times a day.  I need a reliable router that does not reboot so often.

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Linksys Wireless Router ::  WRT45G Reboots On Accessing Web Base Utility

Sep 22, 2011

i have router  WRT45G ver 7 it work but when i want  to access in web base utility the router reboot

led power is on stable
led lan is on
led wlan on  and the access point work

2.enter user name and password (admin,admin)

3.hir the page begin to get  after a few second  the router reboot Page cannot be displayed completelty

i try :

- simple reset

-(30/30/30) reset and i enter in managment mode firmware upgrade
i don't try hardware reset

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Constant Reboots With Media Streaming

Dec 5, 2011

I upgraded my E3000 to a new E4200 several months ago.  I use an SSL VPN to connect to work which worked fine on 1.0.01 and 1.0.02 but I upgraded to 1.0.03 to fix an issue where the router constantly reboots when I stream Netflix or Hulu and now the router reboots with Netflix, Hulu AND the SSL VPN tunnel initiation.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200v2 Giving Non Stop Random Reboots

Apr 1, 2012

Watch youtube? Router resets! Hookup a wired connection? REBOOT! Hookup a tivo wirelessly, use wifi calling, or listen to spotify.. REBOOT!Is there ANY way for this router to NOT reboot randomly?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT310N Loop Reboots / Can't Even Make Ethernet Connection

Dec 5, 2011

My WRT310n router, since yesterday, stopped working "normally".It was disconnected from the power plug in order to put it in another shelve and when I plugged it in, voilá, constant reboot.I keeps rebooting forever... I can't even make an ethernet connection. Reboot, after reboot. Tryied to make a reset with no luck, 5 seconds reset, 30s reset, pressing reset while plugging it in.Even with nothing connected to it (neither wireless nor lan), just the power plug and it keeps re booking one after another.

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Wireless :: Can't Get Linksys WRT54G2 Router To Work

Oct 9, 2011

I have a Linksys WRT54G2 V1and I am trying to hook it up to my broadband modem after hooking up the connections it still does not recognize?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Get Online With WRT54G2

Mar 27, 2011

Yesterday my wireless internet suddenly stopped working. I plugged the ethernet cable directly from the modem to the computer and everything was fine, so I reset the router, reconnected it to the modem, and went to the setup page I reconfigured the router on the setup page, leaving all previous settings the same (except I renamed the network from linksys to our own name and reconfirmed the WPA Personal password). My computer can connect to the wireless network but I can't go online.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 V1 - Can't Access

Jan 18, 2013

Really not grab Router Gateway, even as did the 30-30-30 reset because I had all the lights on, and is still in trouble. I am currently connected via ethernet to the router only. And yet not grab us Links Home door. The lights now are Power, WIFI and Port 4.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 V1 - How To Set Up Internet On TV

Jul 4, 2011

I have this router back in my home office for my wife's Mac laptop. I recently purchased a new Sony TV with internet access capability and was hoping to gain access through my router, however during set-up attempt it will not connect. My wife is able to use her laptop in the same area as the TV.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 - Connection After ISP Down

Nov 28, 2011

I have a WRT54G2 v1 (no new firmware available) with a cable-modem connection (Motorola Surfboard),  every thing works perfect but when my ISP goes down and then back up I cannot get the router work,  LAN or Wifi connection.  I have ping response to the router and I'm also able to get into the admin page.   The only way to recover is restarting the router and sometimes releasing DHCP and then Renewing it,  and the Wan connection actually gets the same IP it had before.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: How To Connect Wrt54g2 V1

Nov 4, 2012

I'm not really computer savy and I have an old wireless G Broadband router model # WRT54G2 V1 .

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Cannot Connect To WRT54G2

Oct 5, 2011

Went away on vacation for a couple of weeks and when I got back my Linksys WRT54G2 has lost it's configuration.  It's showing a WiFi signal, but is no longer password protected.
I've tried connecting with a desktop on the same network, to, but that address is not connecting.  I tried to reach it with my iPad wirelessly, and it's giving me the login screen, but not allowing me to login.  I tried to use the reset button on the back to reset it to the factory default, but then I should be able to login with no username and the password of "admin", correct?  But that's not getting me in either.
I'd like to get this network password protected again and not offer a signal to all of my neighbors.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Connecting PC To WRT54G2 V1

Oct 4, 2008

I've tried to connect my father's laptop and my father's girlfriend's daughter's PC to my Linksys Wireless Router, model #WRT54G2 V1. So far, I have steady and fast internet access on my PC which so far I've only gotten my father's laptop to connect through. However, I can't figure out how to get her PC to get internet access through my router. I'm mediocre at configuring computers, and I'm absolutely terrible at routers. :/ There was the possibility that her computer isn't new or advanced enough or whatever to be compatible with a wireless router, but at the same time she has a Wireless Network Setup Wizard app. in the control panel area, so wouldn't I be correct in assuming that if a computer has a wizard dedicated to it, it is compatible? I've run Wireless Network Setup Wizard as well as just plain Network Setup Wizard, and I've had them both read that it was successful connecting to my Router's network...but where do I go from there? I've never had to mess with a PC before so I'm not entirely sure. She has a modem, which can not be plugged into the phone jack at the same time as my modem otherwise we both do not have internet access, however if one of us plugs in that person is fine, so that's when I figured I'd try to get her PC into my network with my dad's laptop. Also, we have a Broadband connection setup through Verizon, if that matters at all. Does she need a modem to hook up to my network at all? If so, does that modem need to be plugged into the phone jack? If required I'll give her OS and PC specs and such, but from what I know just being on her computer she runs Windows XP as an OS and her computer is an "eMachine".

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Lost It On WRT54G2

Aug 12, 2010

I have been having trouble with my wireless router for the past month and not sure what is up with it. I have recently moved and got it working for a day then the wireless did not work and i was not able to access the setup webpage either. What I ended up doing was upgrade the firmware to the newest one and it worked well for about 2 weeks but then started again and the only way it works is to reboot the router but then the next day it will not work.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 Can't Get IP From PPPoE Server

Sep 19, 2010

I installed a Linksys WRT54G2 router earlier this year and set my Siemens modem from AT&T(Actually from SBC before the two merged) in bridge mode.  I did this so I could change the NAT setting on our internet, which was interfering with my Xbox.  It worked for about 4 or 5 months with little to no problems.  Recently, however, the internet has been disconnecting and when I check the status page on the router it says it is disconnected.  Sometimes clicking on the connect button will work, but usually it will say "Connecting" and keep refreshing the page for a little while without any change, then give me a message saying it couldn't get the IP from the PPPoe server.  Turning it and the Siemens modem on and off and fiddling around seems to solve the problem, but only temporarily.  Interestingly enough, I don't think it ever interferes with my Xbox.  Until recently, the Xbox was set as the highest priority on the QoS page, but I changed the computer to the highest priority and it hasn't worked.  In addition, the small, thin green light bar just below the Linksys logo on the top of the router has just recently started changing to orange occasionally

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Password Protect WRT54G2

Sep 23, 2011

I am trying to password protect my router  but when I go into wireless> security mode and click on WPA or any of the other choices it goes back to disabled.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Select 802.11n Anymore On Wrt54g2

Jan 4, 2012

A couple of days ago I noticed my download speed (from my own webserver) has slowed down. I checked my wireless connection and saw that the radiotype was now 802.11g instead of 802.11n, what is always has been. I looked at the Wireless configuration in the router's webbased config panel, but the only things listed there are "Disabled", "Mixed", "Wireless-G Only" and "Wireless-B Only". A scratched my head a bit, wondering wether or not I really bought an N router or just a G router. But IIRC I really bought an N router. It said so on the bill. Also, when I check the user manual, page 14 says I should be able to select "Wireless-N Only".

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Way To Install New WRT54G2 Firmware

Sep 16, 2008

I just bought this router yesterday. Can someone link me the most up to date firmware, and explain how to install it?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: How To Remove DD-WRT Firmware On WRT54G2 V1

Mar 25, 2009

I Installed the DD-WRT firmware on my linksys WRT54G2 v1 router....ibut now the connection keeps on dropping...not stable, how do I roll back to the original linksys firmware?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 Dying After 2 Hours?

Sep 13, 2011

I've needed to power-cycle my router every 2 hours. Usually it can last 2 weeks before needing to power-cycle (a process I've done for the past 2 or 3 years). This actually happened before for me a couple of months ago, but I did a firmware update along with a reset, and it looked like everything went back to normal.
But last Saturday I had to power-cycle it twice, then it didn't have any problems all day Sunday. But yesterday it went back to needing to be power-cycle it every 2 hours. My computer is physically connected to the router and is working perfectly no problems at all. But my parents use the wireless for their PC and laptop, and I use it for my 360, PS3, and Wii, so having to power-cycle it every 2 hours would be a pain.
I was wondering if this is a sign of the wireless in my router dying and in need of a new one, or is there some possible fixes I can do in order to repair it.
Mixed Mode
Wireless Channel 1
No WPA (Something I'm planning on fixing)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 Ver 1.5 Unstable Ping?

Dec 29, 2011

I recently found that whilst using my WIRED connections, web pages have been opening slower at times. My ping times to usually is around 72-84 ms which I continue to get if I hook up the cable modem directly to the PC. As soon as I utilize the Linksys router, I start getting higher ping times anywhere from 72-300 ms. Firmware version is 1.5.01 which I recently upgraded to. I tried resetting and so on. Is there an older firmware version that works better? I'm currently running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Connect To Internet Using WRT54G2 V1

Jul 8, 2011

When I connect the ethernet directly to my mac the internet works fine, but when I try to connect through my Linksys WRT54G2 V1 Wireless-G Broadband Router I can't connect to the internet. Omitting a few minor problems, my router has been working fine for the past year and a half. Recently it started giving me trouble so i have started trying a number of things to fix it, but I'm no expert in this category. The other day i tried updating the firmware which actually worked for a couple of hours, but then stopped working again.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Best Way To Reconnect WRT54G2 With New Computer

Jan 13, 2012

I will be setting up a new computer this weekend.  I presently have a WRT54G2 wireless-G router and have configured it to an IP address that works with my AT&T(Bellsouth) broadband modem (Westell).  When I reconnect it to my new computer, should I first just connect the ethernet cable to the modem as if I don't have a router (like I did for years) and then go into the instructions for setting up the router via the DVD but enter the IP address as I have it working now? 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Connect To Wifi With Wrt54g2 V1

Mar 11, 2012

I have a Linksys WRT54G2 V1 and since I bought my new notebook with Windows 7 I can not access the wifi. I have another notebooks with Windows Vista and a PC with Windows XP that connect perfectly, but with Windows 7 gives me error when loading the password.I Update the firmware to version 1.0.04 (this the latest version I found on the cisco site), but still don't work.I Try chatting with Cisco support and was told he was no longer under warranty.

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