PK5000Z Nat Strict Encapsulation Fail

Mar 12, 2011

I recently purchased a Zyxel PK5000Z modem from qwest, upgrading from my M1000 actiontec. My reasoning was that port forwarding was not working as part of the router on the actiontec, and the pk saved me some money on my bill. So, what I always start out doing on modem/routers is restrict DHCP to to, limiting the number of devices that could connect, and I don't know if that really matters or not for this problem, but figured I would throw everything out there. So....My actual problem is that now when boot up xbox360 I get a xbox360 live "nat strict" error. I have all the ports suggested for xbox, and the particular games forwarded, and DMZ turned on to the static IP I assigned to the xbox. I started out assigning a static IP reservation in the router for the xbox (the one I set on the xbox), but soon found not needing this. I ran the firmware diagnostic tool in the utilities menu and the "encapsulation test" failed, I called qwest, they have no clue, but sounded like a level 1 dude, but he authorized a new actiontec pk5000.

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Zyxel Pk5000z - Port Forwarding For Multiple Computers On Same LAN?

Jun 15, 2012

I don't know if I'm saying this right but, I have two computers in my LAN hooked up by a Ethernet cables to my modem/router zyxel pk5000z we were using theses computers to play together using Game Ranger. We were having some problems connecting to game rooms with a symmetric NAT. When the port forwarding did work it would only let me open ports for one ip adress for 1 computer it seemed. How do you open ports for all computers on your LAN?

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Cisco WAN :: 2960 Should One Server Fail Other Will Act As Fail Over

Feb 22, 2012

We have two Cisco 2960 TT-L switches. I'd like to reduce single points of failure and have dual servers for most tasks. For example, two firewall servers and two web servers. Should one server fail the other will act as a failover.I'd like to extend the redundancy to the switches, and am thinking of connecting one web server to one switch, and one to the other. In the event a switch failed a set of servers would still run, and be able to talk to each other.I'd like to run two VLANs, one for the LAN, and one of the WAN, and connect the two VLANs on each of the switches with the associated VLAN on the other switch.

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NAT Type Randomly Alternating Between Open And Strict?

Mar 14, 2011

So I use wireless internet because I don't have access to a phone jack in this room; therefore I can't use a ethernet connection.This is entirely random in nature and doesn't seem to be affected by anything I do (Disabling/Enabling firewall, forwarding the appropriate ports, creating a firewall exception and restarting modem/computer. It will be OPEN during a game, and then my wireless connection icon (signal bars) on the task tray will show a little yellow caution sign and then it will disconnect from the network, forcing me to open the list of available networks and reconnect. After this happens, my NAT will change to strict, and thus far I haven't been able to make it OPEN again. I'm at my wits ends here, nothing I do seems to have any effect at all on my NAT type.

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Cisco :: Encapsulation Of Routing Protocols

Dec 8, 2012

encapsulation of routing protocols. Where exactly in the OSI, or TCP/IP for that matter, model does the data of the routing protocol fit into ? Is it encapsulated inside the transport layer segment payload ? So far from the I've gathered, that's where it should fit.

#-Data link header and trailer
@-Network layer header
$-Transport layer header.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Strict NAT On Playstation Using WRT120N

Dec 3, 2012

I cannot get an open NAT with my set up.My play station is plugged into my wireless N router using a cable

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D-Link DIR-655 :: NAT Type Strict For Call Of Duty Black Ops

Jan 12, 2011

i followed the instructions on the link and I can not for the life of me get my NAT to display OPEN or even Moderate. Always says STRICT. I have tried all the link and all the videos about forwarding ports followed all the instructions to the T. But the PS3 in the DMZ. And still, Nothing. It's BS.

Using router FW: 2.00NA
Ports Forwarded: TCP 80-81,443,5223
UDP 2005,3074,3075
TCP 3074
UDP 3478

Assigned QOS engine rule to the IP of my PlayStation and set it to priority 1.UDP Endport Filtering and TCP Endport Filtering Both set to independent?Enabled Anti-Spoof Checking?

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Cisco :: Switchport Trunk Encapsulation Not On Every Switch?

Jul 19, 2012

I've been studying my inter-vlan routing , mainly in this case routing on a stick. I noticed through packet tracer that the 2960 switch doesn't allow for the '(config-if)#switchport trunk encapsulation' command, but the L3 3560 switch will.I am very concerened about this since VLANs are a main topic. What perspective will Cisco be seeing this from for the CCNA exam, I test in 12 days. I have embedded a packet tracer screen shot for more information in case I didn't word this right (which happens all the time to everyone it seems like in NW'ing now and then if not alot).

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Cisco WAN :: 2620 - Encapsulation Dot1q Is Not Working?

Mar 26, 2012

I am trying to config a 2620 Cisco router to perform subintreface (F0/0.1) for Vlan Trunk Protocol, however when I try to configure the encapsulation dot1q, I continue to receive error massage with ^ symbol below the 'c' See below, the platform version is a 12.3(26) which should be acceptable to perform an (encapsulation dot1q). The Ethernet is a fast-Ethernet 10/100 port. I also try the ISL, I receive the same massage.
Router#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config)#int f0/0


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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3200 Strict NAT Type Xbox Live?

Mar 5, 2012

I have a Linksys E3200 and it is connected to the internet by Ethernet cable. Like that is what my ISP gave me. No DSL line or anything like that, just straight up Ethernet cable. I went from having slow internet and connecting to everyone to fast internet and cannot connect to anyone, only when someone that has a open NAT to host it for me even to connect. I have tried DMZ, port forwarding, disabling UPnP and enabling it. Also I can't connect to any of my friends that have the same ISP as me.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT120N - Change NAT Type To Open From Strict

Nov 17, 2011

I'm trying to change my NAT type on my PS3 from strict to open. My router is a WRT120N and I'm using cable internet

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT120N - Change NAT Type To Open From Strict?

Jan 30, 2012

I'm trying to change my NAT type on my PS3 from strict to open. My router is a WRT120N and I'm using cable internet. it down so I can understand what you're saying.

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: WR740N - NAT Types Too Strict To Play Some Games

Mar 3, 2013

Region : Canada
Model : TL-WR740N
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version :

I'm having a problem with my PlayStation and Xbox online gaming. my NAT types are too strict to play some games at all and when i set up my network connection i have a NAT type 3. I am not very handy with networking to fix my problem.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160Nv2 Xbox Live Strict Nat And Need Open Nat?

Nov 16, 2011

I Have a WRT160Nv2 and I am trying to get my nat to become unstrict for xbox live. I have tried port fowarding that has not worked. I tried this site [URL] and that didnt work(I only have one xbox 360 btw). Nothing has worked for me and every time I mess with something it screws up the internet so I have to set it up to the previous defaults. I know how to access my router I just need to know what to enable, disable, or add to the router.

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Cisco WAN :: 4507R+E No Longer Specify Encapsulation Type On Trunk

Feb 19, 2012

I am looking at upgrading our 4503 to the 4507R+E. Just going through the configurations and a couple of commands seemed to have dropped off this release.
1. I can no longer specify encapsulation type on a trunk. Does the 4507 auto sence encapsulation and apply it dynamically?
2. I had dscp trust configuration as below on the 4503, whats the equivilent on the 4507?

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Cisco WAN :: 2620 Router / ASA 5505 And Qwest T1 With Ppp Encapsulation?

Mar 20, 2013

I am trying to setup a cisco 2600 router that will be used to connect to a Qwest internet T1. I will have a Cisco ASA firewall behind the router so that I can build a site to site VPN tunnel. Qwest requires PPP encapsulation. The Lan side network is Qwest gave me their serial IP address and my serial ip address which was I used to configure the route. The ethernet interface was configured for the local Lan side subnet and i natted both the inside and outside interface of the router. I am not sure if this is correct. How do I configure the router so that I can use one of the available public IP Addresses as the outside interface of the ASA?
Here is the config of the router:

version 12.2no parser cacheno service single-slot-reload-enableservice timestamps debug uptimeservice timestamps log uptimeno service password-encryption!hostname cedar!logging rate-limit console 10 except errorsenable secret 5 xxxxxxxxxxenable password xxxxxx!ip subnet-zeroip audit notify logip audit po max-events 100no ip dhcp-client network-discoverycall rsvp-syncinterface FastEthernet0/0description Lan Interfaceip address nat insideno ip route-cacheno ip mroute-cachespeed autofull-duplexno mop enabled!interface Serial0/0ip address 65.121.x.x nat outsideencapsulation pppfair-queueservice-module t1 clock source internalservice-module t1 timeslots 1-24!ip nat inside source list 1 interface Serial0/0 overloadip classlessip route 65.121.x.x (qwest serial IP address)ip http serverip http authentication local!access-list 1 permit

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Routers / Switches :: Thomson Technicolor 587nV3 - Change NAT Status From Strict To Open?

Aug 10, 2011

I'm using a Thomson Technicolor 587nV3. I need to change my NAT status from strict to open. So I can play MW3 online and connect to my friends online games and so I can host multiplayer matches. I have windows 7 laptop to do any of the steps required. I've tried to bind my routers cone through Winscript but without any luck perhaps I done it wrong

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Dot1q Encapsulation On 1721 Router?

Jan 26, 2012

enable dot1q encapsulation on two ethernet ports on a 1721 router.  I am able to configure it on the built in fastethernet port, but not on any interface provided by a WIC-1ENET or a WIC-4ESW.  I have an application that requires two physical ethernet ports that support dot1q encapsulation.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Cat4500e Dot1q Encapsulation Command Fails

Jul 17, 2012

I have a Catalyst 4500 L3 Switch Software (cat4500e UNIVERSAL-M), Version 03.02.00.XO RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2). So I just wanted to verify that the switch only does dot1q encapsulation because the switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q command does not work.

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Cisco Routers :: SRP500 Series And RFC1483 Routed LCC Encapsulation Type?

Apr 14, 2012

I've buy a SRP500 Series Router (ADSL 2+).My ISP need RFC1483 Routed with LCC encapsulation type but this router dont have this type of encapsulation available in WAN settings. What can i do to use this device with my ISP adsl connection ?

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Cisco WAN :: Zone Based Firewall On ASR1002 With Xconnect Encapsulation Mpls

Apr 3, 2013

we have an ASR1002 running zone-based-firewall with 2 zones:

I have a common ZFW-configuration on that interfaces, e.g.
class-map type inspect match-any pass_cmap_in
match access-group name pass-ipv4-in
class-map type inspect match-any ph_cmap_in
match access-group name ph-ipv4-in

There is some basic stuff in the Access-Lists; direction ph-ipv4-in contains basically "permit ip any any" and ph-ipv4-out contains some permits for certain services, but nothing else. The pass-ipv4-in/out ACL contains particularly the udp-500/4500-stuff as well as gre/esp/ah.
Here are the zone-pairs:

zone-pair security zone_ph-zone_outside source zone_ph destination zone_outside
service-policy type inspect ph_pmap_in
zone-pair security zone_outside-zone_ph source zone_outside destination zone_ph
service-policy type inspect ph_pmap_out

The xconnect is only built up correctly when I configure the interface in the zone_outside. The destination for the xconnect is an ASR9k. If I do not configure the zone on the L2VPN-Interface, only arp-packet are allowed to tgo through the tunnel.
The L2VPN connects a branch office to the network of "PH". Now the trouble starts: when they are putting a host in the branch office, DHCP via the L2VPn works fine, they can ping anything from the branch office-PC in their local network and reach all internal servers etc.
BUT if they want to go to a destination outside their network, it will not work properly. For example, the branch-office-PC can ping fine, but when they try to connect to a website, e.g., they run into a timeout. Netstat says, that the http-syn is sent, but no ack is received.

On the router, I see:

Session 1178BAE8 (x.y.225.250:2370)=>( http SIS_OPENING
whereas x.y.225.250 is the PC connected via L2VPN in the branch office to their local lan. When they put the same machine in their local lan directly behind the router (without l2vpn) everything works fine. When I switch off the firewall on the Gi0/0/0-Interface, the PC from the branch office also reaches its destination, so for me it looks like the firewall inspects the traffic going via Gi0/0/1 and L2VPN, what in my opinion, it should not do....

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Switchport Trunk Encapsulation Dot1q Fails On A 4900m?

Jan 9, 2012

I'm setting up a new 4900m running  cat4500e-ipbase-mz.122-53.SG5.bin. I'm attempting to create Port-Channels as a Trunk for uplink to a 4503 running cat4500-ipbase-mz.122-37.SG1.bin.When I attempt the command "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q" it errors out.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 4507 - Dot1q Encapsulation Option Not Showing Up Under Interface

Jun 9, 2012

I am trying to configure a 4507 R chassis with Dual SUP but i cannot see teh switchpot mode trunk encapsulation dot1q?
I have typed:
interface GigabitEthernet5/1
description DOWNLINK toxxxxxx
switchport mode trunk
channel-group 11 mode on
I have have searched all other commands and sub-commands but could only find dot1q-tunnel which I beleive is for QINQ or some QoS featues and lot for L2 encapsulations?
the puzzling is:
XXX-Core4507#sh int gi5/1 trunk
Port        Mode             Encapsulation  Status        Native vlan
Gi5/1       off              802.1q         notrnk-bndl   1
when I connect the dostribution switch a 3507 to this int gi 5/1, both interfaces do come up?

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2 ISPs Second Is A Fail Safe

Apr 17, 2012

I am running a home configuration where there are 2 PC's each using a different ISP. If one of those ISP's goes down, I would like both PC's to switch over to the working ISP.

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Why Does Tracert And Ping Fail

Feb 28, 2013

I can't tracert or ping certain websites or servers for games.Before I go on, no I wasn't doing this because of DDoS-ing. I was doing this so that I could find an exact latency number for a gaming server. Now, to continue.What I mean is if I try to ping this server, the session will timeout no matter what the millisecond limit is (using CMD)

Ping: Pinging (IP Host Name) [IP] with 32 bytes of data
Request Timed Out
Request Timed Out
Request Timed Out
Request Timed Out


Why does this happen? I am pretty sure this is a security tactic used to stop DDoS-ing, but why does it not matter how long I allow the tracert or ping to run? I really want to understand this so I can understand how people don't get traced as well as don't get DDoS-ed. I didn't put any of the IP's just to keep it anonymous. If you really need the host IP, I will supply it, but I will not supply the tracert IP's.

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Fail To Connect With Net Through Wifi

Mar 4, 2011

fail to connect with net through wifi

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Cisco WAN :: 891 Fail Over Configuration

Feb 2, 2012

Cisco 891 configuration Details: [code] I could connect to the Giga bite thernet wan, based on above configuration.When I test on FastEthernet8 for the secondary ISP connection it will not go through the internet.

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Wireless Fail To Connect And Receive IP

Jan 12, 2012

I have problems in the following scenario. I attached an image with a summary diagram of the network in question. The problem is that on the 3rd floor of the site users connect via wireless fail to connect and receive an IP. But they can not navigate. The second and first floor itself. As you see in the diagram are 3 routers, one per floor. The first is the only router that provides DHCP the other two routers are as simple Access Points.

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Wireless Internet Connection Fail

May 18, 2011

my computer cannot access Internet at all. It finds all the wireless routers and can connect to them, but says that the router cannot access Internet. However, it can. All other devices connected to the router have full Internet access. I've tries rebooting computer, rebooting router, reconnecting to router, reinstalling wireless Internet driver, but still nothing

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Testing ADSL Synchronization Fail?

Jan 3, 2013

I have 2 routers on 1 the internet work fine on the other the internet not work and I see this when I start diagnostic "Testing ADSL Synchronization---fail"

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Browsers Fail To Open Webpages

Dec 18, 2011

I have a problem with another computer in the household. To get to this forum, I tried to use my son's computer (he is at college and has not used it in a while) and it shows the wireless is connected, if I click on his weatherbug, it comes up with the current temps, time, etc, but if I try to open any browser (ie, ff, or chrome) it will not connect.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Fail To Backup ACS 5.1?

Nov 27, 2011

I tried to backup ACS 5.1 but i found error messages as below
acs backup25Nov11 repository 25Nov11Repository
% Repository not found
% Error: Invalid repository name 25Nov11Respository

Please use a configured repository.

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Cisco :: Prime 1.2 NCS Fail Webpage

Feb 19, 2013

I have just started my installation of Prime 1.2. I have the OVA loaded (NCS-APL. and I went through all of the setup. I have the webpage loaded but unable to get past the Root login. I then tried to change the password using the "ncs password root password password" command but get the error message "Execution failed: Cannot find user: root". I have seen some people talking about the wrong OVA file but that was for Version 1.1 I think.

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