Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Connect To Internet

Mar 4, 2013

In recent days, there was an electrical fault and my computer does not automatically connect to the wireless network in the house, since then. I do not know what happened.

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Protocols / Routing :: Why Can't Connect To The Internet Right Now Using IPv6

Feb 16, 2011

The whole thing about IPv6 has been out for what is probably a couple of years now. But I find it very odd how even my newest modem/router can't even support it yet. Why on earth are manufacturers such as Netgear holding back so much on making their products IPv6 compatible? The IANA has just about given out what is left of the addresses, and we still have time to adapt by working our way over to IPv6 as it can work simultaneously with IPv4. Companies have been given years to prepare.

Why can't I connect to the Internet right now using IPv6? Not only is my router holding me back, but will my ISP hold me back as well?

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Protocols / Routing - Changed IP And Now Can't Connect To Internet?

Apr 6, 2011

Basically, I was following instructions of how to forward a port to get higher speeds on bitcomet.After doing allsorts which I don't understand (yes, very stupid I know, but I've learned my lesson now), I restarted my computer and have since been unable to connet to the internet.

I have tried a system restore which didn't work and also searched google for hours but to no avail.When I diagnose the problem with windows,it states," "Wireless Network Connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration.I am running Windows 7 btw.

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Protocols / Routing :: Can Connect To Internet Without Settings In Modem

Mar 31, 2012

can i connect to internet without settings in modem is dat possible?

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Protocols / Routing :: WRT54GC - Getting Wireless Signal But Cannot Connect To Internet?

Mar 9, 2013

I had a power outage while online and when power resumed, I was no longer able to connect to the internet via my wireless router. My laptops (I have 2, work and personal) both receive the wireless signal from my router (a Linksys WRT54GC) but I get a 'DNS lookup failed' error message when trying to access the internet. My standard set up was Arris cable modem-->Linksys router-->Laptop but I've had to go cable modem-->Laptop via Ethernet in order to access the internet.

Both laptops are running WinXP Pro, SP3 and I ran 'ipconfig/all' on my work one, once when connected via Ethernet and once when I had my wireless connection enabled (but again, not connected to the internet). Results below.

Ipconfig/all when connected via Ethernet to cable modem:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:Documents and Settingsm03015a>ipconfig/all


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Protocols / Routing :: Linksys E1000 Router Failed To Connect To Internet

Dec 14, 2011

I've got a problem with my Linksys E1000 router. When I bought it, it worked without trouble. Setup was easy and straight forward and I was able to connect all my wireless devices (2 latops, a mobile) without any problem. Then, after two months or so, I noticed the laptops were losing internet connection (or not finding the wireless network on start up). Rebooting the router seemed to work the first couple of times to restore the wireless connections, but after a few more days, the wireless network either shows up and the devices are unable to connect to it OR the wireless network does not appear in the network list. However, the wired connection to my desktop PC via ethernet cable has no issues at all. My conclusion is that these wireless routers (E1000) have a defect in the radio card.

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Protocols / Routing :: Cannot Connect Wireless Tp-Link Adsl2+ N300 Modem To The Internet

May 13, 2012

I bought yesterday a wireless modem/router and Tp-Link Adsl2+ N300 Modem Router Td-W8960n.I have 2 laptop computers at home.The first issue I have is that with one of the laptops (quite old - Acer Aspire 2420-2579 with Windows Vista Basic Service Pack 1) I can not connect (wireless) to the internet. It says local access only. However in other countries (IM in NZ) it does connect to internet. It does work when I use an Ethernet cable between my router and the laptop. The second issue is with my other laptop. A HP Pavillion DV-4 windows vista home premium service pack 2. I manage to get wireless access to the internet but every couple of minutes the connections drops and starts again by itself�. After 1-2 min approx�. it is getting pretty annoying!I don�t think it is the routher as I also have an XBOX 360 connectet to the internet usign the same device and works absolutely fine!

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Use FTP

Aug 17, 2011

I've been timing out via any FTP client, including FileZilla, FireFTP, and a few others. I even downloaded a few just to see if I could connect with other clients.I contacted my host who can't recreate the issue on their end. I contacted my ISP who instructed me to use my command prompt in order to connect to their server, and that of mozilla. Both times I was able to connect via the command prompt.I don't understand what's going on.If I can connect to the sample sites that my ISP gave me, why can't I connect using an FTP client any longer. What possible change could have been made to have caused that disconnection that happened a few nights ago, and is now causing the timeouts I continue to receive?

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To View Website?

Oct 14, 2011

I'm going to list out my problem, to make it faster to understand.1] My domain name is registered with a company, X.2] My webhosting is hosted by another company, Y.3] My web developer, Mr. Z is trying to do his bit and upload my website.Here's what happens:Mr. Z tells me that he's not able to upload my website and is getting the error "Connection timed out" and "Could not connect to server" on his FileZilla or something. He also tells me that there is a problem with my domain registry.Now, Company Y tells me that the domain name's A-records has to be pointed to the correct IP address [which is, of course, the webhosting IP I bought.]Company X tells me to login to my account and add an A-record pointing it to the correct IP address. I did that.But still Mr. Z tells me he's getting the same error and is not able to connect to the domain name.Now, when I ping my website on MS command prompt, I get a "Request timed out" error.

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Log On Because Of Account Restriction

Feb 26, 2011

when im entering ip address of other computer in my remote desktop an error msg is coming "unable to logon you because of account restriction" fire wall and virus protection is off.

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Forward Port

Feb 2, 2013

So I need to forward certain ports to play/log-in game:

TCP: 80, 443, 2099, 5222, 5223, 8393-8400

UDP: 5000:5500

I did forward them in my router and checked them with PFPortChecker, every port seems to open except 2099, I don't understand why.Note that I disabled Windows Firewall, Router's Firewall, and I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security which I disable while checking ports/logging to game

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Logon To Gmail Site

May 17, 2012

I have a gmail site,For some reason, I am unable to log into the site.

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Protocols / Routing :: TEW-692GR Unable To Get To Domain From Outside Network

May 21, 2012

We just had a TEW-72GR router fail and replaced it with a TEW-GR. Now I am unable to get to my domain ( from outside the network. Inside the network, all appears to be fine. I can enter that address and get to the site with no issues.We use SBS 2008 with windows 7 clients.All clients can get out to the web, we can send and receive emails, but I can not access the domain.

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Protocols / Routing :: Linksys WRT54G Router - Unable To Set Up Static IP?

Mar 7, 2012

Comcast Cable Internet Linksys WRT54G Router (using wired, not wireless)

I've done this a million times over so I thought I knew what I was doing. I set my IP as and get all of the information I need from ipconfig. When I put it all together though, it just doesn't work. I think I'm not getting the correct DNS information from ipconfig and the blockheads at Comcast have no idea what a name server is. I've called and talked to about twenty different people there and no one can give me my name server. *sigh*

At any rate, below is a screenshot of what I'm getting in ipconfig. My assumption is that I'm not getting the correct DNS info, but I don't even know at this point.

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Do Any Special Downloads Of Music And Movies

Nov 7, 2012

I am having several issues with this router we have from TBayTel. We recently had digital cable installed along with the router ComTrend CT-5374 Multi-DSL CPE. It is both wired and wireless combination. We have it set for dial-up connection. The AV I currently use is AVAST Free.What is the usual port forwarding methods used for this type of router as I am unable to do any special downloads of music and movies anymore. I had contacted TBayTel and they said that they would give me a static address I could use. [code]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2620 - Unable To Connect To Internet

Jul 9, 2012

My configuration is the following
Router ISP >>> Switch 2940 >>> Router 2620 >>> Host (Tacking dhcp from my 2620)
I got servers and other switches 2950 working perfect from the 2940....but the 2620 or even a Switch 3550 (in router L3 port), has the same not share connection with Host's behind them, I got IP on the host, pinging the Fa0/1 (dhcp), pinging the Fa0/0, but cannot ping the GATEWAY and not surf the internet.

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Protocols / Routing :: Connect Two Net On Same Lan With Two Gateways

Apr 28, 2012

I have two different networks on same LAN.One net has public 2xx.x.x.x IPs (some on DMZ, they are servers with their own internal firewalling) and goes through a GBeth switch to a Cisco 25xx router for accessing HDSL modem with several HDSL trunks and then Internet. That router is configured to let external IPs access only DMZ IPs, of course.The other net has 192.168.x.x IPs and goes through another GBeth switch to a DLink router to access ADSL. Mainly for download traffic at a low flat cost.I would like to have a way to let the 192.x.x.x machines access the servers on the DMZ of the 2xx.x.x.x net without going outside the physical LAN. The servers host mail services and so sending heavy attached documents needs a hi-speed LAN connection and certainly not the ADSL upload capability. Not to say about servers web contents maintenance.

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Protocols / Routing :: DIR-620 - Cannot Connect Laptop

Nov 3, 2012

I have a problem, i have a DIR-620 wireless router, i can connect to wifi my both ipad and iphone but i cannot connect my laptop, even cannot access the admin page for settings, cz it seems my laptop cannot see my my network...

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Protocols / Routing :: Cannot Connect Using Real VNC

Feb 4, 2012

I am using RealVNC, have the Viewer and Server installed on three systems on my home network. I have a laptop which I am trying to use to connect to either of my two PC's, but cannot get them connected.With that being said I did have some luck with RealVNC as I have the 5900 and other ports forwarded and was able to connect with my Android tablet and Android Phone to the my two PC's and laptop with no problems....well kind of. I did have issues with this at first till I figured out I had to use a 142.*.*.* ip address because my network ip adresses were behind a NAT IP.Now back to the connecting my laptop to my two PC's issue.I have tried using the 142.*.*.* ip address and I have tried using my network ip 192.*.*.* to no avail. I just can't seem to connect.

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Protocols / Routing :: Rover System DVR 4CH Connect To Pc?

Sep 23, 2012

I have a Rover system DVR 4CH with 4 CCTV camera's connected to it i want to view it through a computer stream it on the internet for free i dont want to use DYN web hosting because it cost money.

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Protocols / Routing :: Can't Connect To Default Gateway

Feb 23, 2011

I was about to portforward to be able to make an minecraft server. but i can't connect to the default gateway so for the moment i use hamachi but i would wannt to portforward it to make it easier for others to join.

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Protocols / Routing :: Cannot Connect To Router Once Passcode Is Set Up

Jul 12, 2011

I set up the password through WPA-PSK, the problems come up. My laptop, HP G62-465DX and my Ipod Touch can connect by inputting the passcode but the other laptop in my family, HP G72-b60us, cannot connect to the router once the passcode is set up because the laptop claims that it is incompatible with the router when it was before. Also, my wireless printer HP Officejet 4500 wireless G510 n-z does not work when the passcode is set-up.

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Protocols / Routing :: Connect A Pc To A Hdtv Wirelessly?

Jan 23, 2012

how to connect a pc to a hdtv wirelessly. The tv is to be used like a monitor. I want to display a PowerPoint file. Currently there is a lan already setup in the workplace. I have looked at some pc to tv devices but am not sure if they would work. My company's TIS department wants to put a wireless card in the workstation pc but is not sure how to connect the tv as a monitor?

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Protocols / Routing :: Using Static IP Now Wireless Printer Won't Connect?

Jan 8, 2011

For some reason, our router donwstairs was kicking one or more of our (4pc's downstairs, one occasionally upstairs) off. My son connected another router upstairs and then created a static IP for everything. It seems when he did that, our Brother 2170 wireless printer quit working. We've tried everything to get it going again and nothing works- even Brother didn't get it rectified. Earlier today, my son finally got it working, connected directly to the router to get the static IP on the printer (I guess). But when he disconnected it (hardwired) from the router, it won't work again

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Protocols / Routing :: D-link Air-card Won't Connect To Wpa Psk Networks

Aug 8, 2011

My dlink aircard wont connect to wpa psk networks.Why is that.

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Protocols / Routing :: NR2000v2 - Cannot Connect To Computer Using Public Ip

Jul 26, 2011

I have set up several types of servers on my computer (ftp, game servers, web servers, etc).

I have had a problem with people connecting to any of my servers. I know for a fact I have port forwarded correctly (I have checked 12 times, and I have never had a problem port forwarding). I know it's not my firewall, the problem persists when I completely shut it down.

I had an ftp and web server working about a week ago. No one can connect to any server, be it ftp...web...etc.

My router is a Netgear WNR2000v2

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Protocols / Routing :: Cannot Connect To Router Page On Browser

Jul 28, 2011

I recently am trying to get an open nat type so I can play Playstation network better. I watched a video and they told me to turn off the NAT and I did now it does not let me connect to the router page now, I can connect to the internet and stuff but I can't connect to the router page

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Protocols / Routing :: Acer Notebook Cannot Connect To Wifi?

May 24, 2011

I am trying to get my daughters laptop re-hooked to the wifi. Other computers and smart phones have no problems. This computer was connected but after the applesauce spill on the keyboard, and subsequent MicroCenter replacement of keyboard, we cannot get the laptop online.It is an Acer Aspire 5517 running Windows 7I have removed all profiles and created a new profile entering parameters from my laptop. I can see the wireless connection, but when I try to connect, I get "Windows was unable to connect to Greg". When I click troubleshoot, I get "Troubleshooting couldn't identify the problem".

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Protocols / Routing :: Unable To Access Any Sites Except Google Sites

Jul 8, 2012

MY ISP installed one router in my lab.for internet connectivity they mail me steps :connect your Laptop directly to gi0/3 port to check internet connectivity with public ip 1.1.1.x and Gateway with subnet mask after connection I surprised because I am able to access only google sites like gmail,google search etc. but I am able to ping/traceroute all sites.from browser I am able to access only google sites only.In Router no firewall no such access list.

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Protocols / Routing :: Two Paths To Internet One Network

Jul 27, 2011

I have a local DSL line in our remote office. We are connecting a microwave antennae that carries our main office internet to the remote office.I want to be able to connect both paths to a Layer 3 switch and route traffic through the main office with the router connected to the DSL as a fail-over solution.I would really like to stick with HP Procurve's if possible.

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Protocols / Routing :: Who Is Your Internet Service Provider

Sep 4, 2012

Is this a wired or wireless connection issue? Both Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Comcast..What type of Broadband connection are you using? Cable..What is the exact Make and Model of your Modem, Router or Modem/Router Combo - (Main)Netgear WNR3700v2 / WNR2000v3(secondary) My current setup is the 3700 router is taking the internet from the modem cat5e and spewing the wireless. I would like to have the secondary router use the wireless from router 1 as the internet source and push the internet out of the 4 hardline ports so I can plug my upstairs xbox 360 into the router via cat5e. I'm just kinda new to this and still learning so I'm not sure how to configure the router to do this. I can get into the settings of the router just fine but finding the right settings to tweak is a little difficult.

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Protocols / Routing :: IP Camera Not Accessible Through Internet

Feb 28, 2012

I purchased an IP Cam for my girl friend to monitor her dog, she lives in an apartment complex that provides internet. I have been able to get the camera setup at my house to be accessed through the internet. I have a cable modem and a router, setup a dyndns account, port forwarded my router and boom it worked. Went to my gf's apartment and I didn't think of it at first until I was frustrated, but realized the apartment complex probably has a router of its own. I can access the cam on her LAN but not through the internet.

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Protocols / Routing :: Connecting To Internet Via Router

Mar 31, 2011

I have att dsl and they supplied me with a modem, a motorola model type 2210, and my belkin surf N300 router is giving me issues connecting to the internet. Im pretty sure my wireless network adapter is a netgear wg311v3.The issue im having is that sometimes i can connect to the internet just fine, and sometimes i cant connect to the internet. I know it is a router issue because when i plug the modem into my comp, i can access the internet 100% fine.I also think it is not a wireless network adapter issue because i ran an ethernet cable from the router to my comp and had the same issues. There are 2 other computers on the network, one of them is a year or two newer than my dell desktop, and has no issues whatsoever connecting to the internet via the router. The other computer on the network is a Wii, and has connection issues when playing online (probly a different issue), but can access the internet no problem.

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