Routers / Switches :: How To Change IP Filter Settings

Jul 5, 2011

For some port fowarding reasons I have to change my router setting to these:Maximum Ports: 4096TCP Timeout (in seconds): 600UCP Timeout (in seconds): 120I am using a Realtek router ( Family PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet <NDIS 6.20>)This is supposed to be EXTREMELY easy but I lack any general computer knowledge whatsoever. In laymen's term, I am N00B.

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Cisco Routers :: RV180 - No Ability To Change IPSec Settings On Device

Nov 7, 2012

I picked up this RV180 router because it has one of the fastest thru speeds of all the routers tested that I viewed on smallnetbuilder. That and it has the cisco name. I grew tired of purchasing wireless home routers every year after they fail. So far the thing is nice with one exception.
I have one device that is essential on my network called an airave. It is a small device similar to a wireless access point that works on springs voice network. The thing essentially makes a small cell tower inside your house and connects to the sprint network through an Ipsec vpn. I have not ability to change ipsec settings on the device on my end. The device works fine connected to the cable modem or to the old slow dlink. When I first connect the thing it works fine for about 5-10 minutes on the cisco. Then the thing loses connection and I lose my cell phone service. Just to test any port conflicts I made this the the DMZ with no luck.
I have also tried a firmware upgrade. I have not messed with any of the firewall settings or port forwarding since DMZ should in theory fix that. I have assigned the thing a fixed IP address but that does not seem to make a difference. It did not on my old router and is mostly just for my sanity and to facilitate the DMZ.

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Routers / Switches :: Cannot Open Router Settings

Feb 22, 2011

I cannot open router settings... I had recently opened some ports on my router. However today I tried to access the settings and all it does is a web search for the gateway ( The internet is working. I reset the router and it did not work. I cannot do a hard reset because I will lose all my settings for my company's settings. Also the router is a Netopia modem/router

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Routers / Switches :: Change Two Old DLink Routers To Repeaters

Nov 28, 2011

What are procedures to deactivate di-604+di-704 routers+make the repeaters,connecting each of them,in a wired fashion,to my Belkin wireless N router?

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Routers / Switches :: Tplink Set Up Error - Failed To Verify Router Settings

Dec 18, 2011

I've been trying to set up my TP-Link WR740N router but it always give the error "Failed to Verify router settings" on the last step of the set up screen. Broadband: Globe broadband (Wired)Modem: Siemen Gigaset SE260 I'm also confused on the 2nd Set up screen, it gives the option to select Dynamic IP Static IP PPoEI've tried using the Dynamic IP and PPoE but still getting the same error message

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Routers / Switches :: Unable To Access Virgin Media Router Settings

Jan 7, 2013

to enable UPNP on a Virgin Media Super Hub, I have tried using both the IP addresses provided by Virgin media ( and but regardless of which browser I use the page constantly fails to load.

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Routers / Switches :: How To Configure Settings On Att 3801 Router To Play Xbox Live

Jul 9, 2012

i recently had att u vesre installed at my house with a 2 wire 3801 router/ modem but i cant get my xbox 360 online. how to configure the router for the xbox 360 so i can play xbox live.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: WCCP Settings In Catalyst 3750X And Barracuda Web Filter

May 12, 2013

configuration of a Catalyst 3750X and Barracuda Web Filter using WCCP protocol.
We used various WCCP protocol settings, unable set to redirect traffic to the Web Filter.
This is the current configuration of 3750X:
ip routing
ip wccp 94 redirect-list 194 group-list 50
ip wccp 95 redirect-list 195 group-list 50


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Routers / Switches :: Change CD-R King Wireless Router Username And Password?

Feb 6, 2012

i want to change my username and password of my router cw-5354 of cd-r king but the default user and password doesn't work anymore so i can't access the control panel.

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Routers / Switches :: Thomson Technicolor 587nV3 - Change NAT Status From Strict To Open?

Aug 10, 2011

I'm using a Thomson Technicolor 587nV3. I need to change my NAT status from strict to open. So I can play MW3 online and connect to my friends online games and so I can host multiplayer matches. I have windows 7 laptop to do any of the steps required. I've tried to bind my routers cone through Winscript but without any luck perhaps I done it wrong

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Unable To Change TCP/IP And DNS Servers Settings?

Feb 21, 2013

I have DELL desktop PC with Windows 7 64 bit. Once i have used HotSpot Shield for few days. After uninstalling the HotSpot, I am unable to change TCP/IP and DNS servers settings. My network adaptor is set up to default (automatically obtain ip address). Each time when i tried to change the dns servers settings, it requires a reboot (which is not happened with other PCs). and after reboot, its again set up to obtain ip and dns servers settings automatically.I have Avira FREE antivirus and its not showing any virus.I have cleaned my PC using Malwarebytes, some virus detected and removed but in vain.I am still unable to change my Network Adaptor's dns servers settings.

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Wireless :: How To Change Connection Settings

Feb 10, 2011

I am trying to set up a internet connection to my campus network. i followed there instructions to the T. The network requires me to change my proxy settings. But every time i change my proxy to connect to the to the network, it say that i am connected but i can seem to load any pages. it worked before but i just redid my computer an it doesn't work now. one of the steps in the list of instructions given to me by the university was to select "dial whenever a network connection is not available" but selecting this is restricted for sum reason what do i do ?

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Network Settings - Can't Change DNS Server

May 21, 2012

I can't change my DNS servers. I went to my Network Settings and changed the settings for my DSL adapter. I manually changed the DNS servers to OpenDNS's servers, but when I looked again, the settings always change back to the localhost, I tried to reset my DSL but still no luck.

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How To Change The Encryption Settings On Asus Usb N13

Jan 12, 2012

I am trying to set up a asus usb n13 wlan. I have everything installed and it shows connected to my router but then I get an error message saying that the encryption settings do not match so data will not pass. The WLAN is set up to use WEP but my router uses TKIP+AES (WPA2-PSK). There doesn't seem to be a support phone number or live chat access but I did turn in a technical request form. Just trying to save time and get this thing up and running.

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Dedicated 2nd Wifi Network Or Change Qos Settings?

Oct 22, 2012

In my restaurant, we currently have a password protected wifi network for customers and staff. The load is typically light, so it's worked fine. Now, we're putting in a new cloud-based point of sales system, which effectively means that I need a totally uninterrupted, high quality wireless signal running to the POS terminal (in this case, an iPad). If the terminal is sharing that connection with 15 customers Facebooking on their iPhones, I imagine we'll have some signal issues. I'd rather not install a second network dedicated to the POS terminal. Are there any other possible solutions, i.e. a way to give priority to the terminal over other connections? A way to "split" the existing network so only a portion of it is available to customers?

FYI, current network speed is 20/mbs 2/mbs, and the POS terminal requires a minimum of 7/2 mbs.

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Linsky Router - Change Network Settings?

Feb 5, 2011

When I set up my Linsky's Router,I set it up for 2 old computers (I can do 3 on it.) I bought a new laptop & added that. I no longer own the 2 older computers and would like to remove them & add my sisters laptop + the newer laptop she gave my little girl. I would also like to change it so that it is password protected instead of closed so that family & friends who visit may get online as well.

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How To Change Proxy Settings On A Dell Inspiron

Feb 6, 2011

I have a Dell Inspiron and it had a virus that didnt let me get into anythihng I took care of the virus, but now when I go to internet explorer it says I cant connect (I am connected to the wifi) so it tell tells me something about tools-internet options-connections-LAN settings, but I have no idea how to fix the proxy settings?

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Netgear WNR2000 - Change Default Settings?

Jun 1, 2011

How do I personalize the settings on my router from default. Netgear wnr2000.

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Can Ip Provider Change Wifi Connection And Settings

Jan 11, 2011

we are charter High speed customers and just recently upgraded are connection speedHowever today my sisters netbook wireless connection stopped working. My DS wifi connection is also dead now In the past the the wireless network name was wifi-****** but now its called wireless and the wep key no longer works

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Change Cisco Wireless From A Dynamic To Static Settings?

Jun 28, 2012

How do I change my cisco wireless from a dynamic setting to a static settings.

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Change Security Settings On DLink Wireless Router?

Jan 16, 2012

how to change security settings so my kids can go online on their nintendo ds lite. we have d link router.

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Change The Network Adapter Settings To 100 Full Duplex?

May 19, 2011

If I change the network adapter settings to 100 Full Duplex, is there any changes that will take effect? even if we don't have Cisco switches in our network.

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Linksys Access Point :: WAP610n Can't Change Wmm Settings

May 4, 2010

I try to change the wmm settings to video, but it's always going back to background settings after saving.I already re-uploaded the firmware, but with no result...I noticed that is a newer firmware available for the WET610n where they solved this issue, but they haven't changed it for the WAP610n....

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Cisco WAN :: AP 1242 Change Duplex Settings After Reboot?

Jun 26, 2012

we have over 100 AP1242 with c1240-k9w8-mx.124-23c.JA2 image, tow 5508 controller and WCS running. After the ap reboots, the duplex settings of the fa0 interface change to half duplex. I have to set it manually to full duplex. In my WCS or with the 5508 controller I have no chance to set the duplex settings for my ap's.

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Cisco Wireless :: WRV200 Change Configuration Settings

Jul 18, 2011

I have had a WRV200 wireless router running at the family office now for a several years now and recently I was made aware of an issue with the router. Previously it's function was to provide internet access for the laptops at the office and two workstations. It was a simple set up really, 1 SSID was for the work computers that were allowed on the internet and another SSID for personal and quest wireless devices and I made sure they were in seperate VLANs. This issue came into light after our office moved and with some new upgrades in networking equipment it was deemed safe enough to have the other computers on my wireless router.
What is happening is that all the computers will have a momentary drop of connectivity and will re-establish it's connection to the wireless router. I check the event viewer and it's the same thing accross the board. I'll have several DHCP warings specifically event ID 1003 and finally DHCP error 1000 almost 30 minutes after the first warning. From the looks of it there is something going on with the DHCP addresses about to expire and the systems are having issues trying to get it renewed. The error will happen then the computer will restore the connection.
I have it isolated to the WRV200 because of two reasons. Every machine is having this issue, it's not a random occurance on one computer. The big clue was when I checked Event viewer on my Marketing Director's laptop. These same errors were present all the way back to May which was before the office move and the router was provide access for our laptops to get online. There was no other networking equipment connected to it except for the Clearwire modem.
Between May and now the router has been reconfigured from scratch. New SSIDs, redid the internal IP addressing network wide to incorporate the new computers and would be easier to manage them that way. All wired devices go through a 16 port switch and then through port 1 on the router. Port 1 is on VLAN 1 and the others on VLAN 5. The 3 SSIDS are each on their own seperate VLANs. All systems are on DHCP and the important computers and the printers I am using Static DHCP. In the mean time I set all the important machines to use an alternate IP addressing scheme so hopefully there is no drop in conenctivity. While the drop is minor it could cause issues in the program called SLS (especially during printing) so I can not have this issue to continue. Configuration wise everything is defualt, is there something to change in the configuration settings that I may have missed twice now or the router simply near the end of it's life cycle.

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Cisco :: Discovery Settings Of Scheduled Job Doesn't Change - LMS 4.0.1

Aug 8, 2011

I use CiscoWorks LMS 4.0.1.
I planned a discovery of devices for some time, but if I change the parameters of discovery (adding a seed device) in "Discovery Settings Summary", this change does not apply in the scheduled task.
If I change the settings in the scheduled task, the changes do not apply in "Discovery Settings Summary". We must change the settings 2 times.

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Routers / Switches :: How To Change WPA Security To WEP Security

Aug 22, 2011

my router has a WPA security system and I want it to be a WEP security system, what must i do?

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Linksys Access Point :: WAP54G - Change WPA Security Settings?

Jun 16, 2012

I have a new WAP54G Access point in our network. I would like to change WPA security settings, but am not able to do it.I have done everything as installation leaflet says, and I get to the 5th point Status sheet: Firmware version v.304, MAC address (numbers), IP address, SSID linksys, Channel channel 6 and WEB security Disable
What I would like to do, is change SSID and have WPA2 security. When I am clicking "Yes", it goes to the next sheet "Password",  I write admin and click "Enter". I will have Pop-up window "Setup Access violation at address 0049BDB6 in module 'Setup.exe'. Write of address C933016A."

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D-Link DIR-601 :: Change Regular DNS Settings To Use OpenDNS / Google Public DNS?

Apr 12, 2011

I would like to change my DNS settings and I can not figure it out through the routers gui. I tried Google'ing it but I got nowhere.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160NV2 - Get Screen To Pop Up To Change Settings?

Sep 11, 2012

I have a computer that is connected to a linksys wireless router model WRT160NV2. I also have a laptop. I have never set up a lock or anything on my wireless connection and I think other people are using it. When I type the IP address on my laptop, I do not get the screen to pop up to change my settings. Do I need to do this from the computer?

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5520 - Change Internal Int Settings Remotely?

Aug 24, 2011

I have an ASA5520 that I need to re-address the two internal interfaces (sec level 100) on. If I can connect to this ASA remotely on the outside interface via ADSM, can I be sure I won't lose connectivity with the ASA while I'm changing the internal interfaces? If I can do this, it would save me a 2,000 mile flight and back   Seems doable to me, but thought I'd ask.... I guess I could also engineer a remote access solution that connects to the Mgmt0 interface on the ASA, but that would take time and equipment.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Change Username / Password In Settings For EA4500?

Oct 25, 2012

How do I change the username password in the router settings for the linksys ea4500? It only lets me change the password, I cant find an option to change the username.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GL - No Internet Connection After Change Settings

Nov 24, 2011

I've had my WRT54GL for a few months now and have two computers that are wired and 3 that are wireless. I started having problems with conflicting IP's a couple days ago on one of my wired computers which was set for auto DHCP so I changed the settings and made it a static IP, this is when the problem started. I have Network Magic on all computers and even though it says I'm connected to the internet and the network, I am not able to get online. My other wired computer has been on Static IP for months and works fine.

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