Scanning An External Network Through UDP / ARP Scan?

Jun 24, 2011

the setup is as follow: I have two separate network.192.168.90.xx and 10.10.xx.xx the two boxes being connected via an ethernet cable. How would I go about having a 192.(...) machine speak to a 10.(...) box? My boss tells me that via a UDP call the 192.(...) machine can get the IP of a 10.(...) box. Isn't UDP dependant on a subnet mask to limit the # of queries, and in that case would it even be feasable? I was thinking instead of spoofing the 192.(...) IP to an unoccupied 10.(...) IP. Of course to do this would require knowing what IPs are unoccupied on the other network, and I cannot assume the would respond to pings.

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Scanning Open Ports On Network

Jan 24, 2012

My company deals in a video conference software which requires certain ports to be open to work correctly, including tcp and udp ports. Clients who want to test / purchase have different kind of network setup. I usually tell them to open those ports require by the software on their end. How do i ensure if the port range required by my software is open once I am at their location. I have installed a few network scan tools but not sure what ip do i scan. Should I scan my server's ip once I am at their location and connected ? or should I scan their gateway ?

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Refine Nmap Scan For MPLS Network?

Aug 10, 2011

I am trying to use Nmap to determine whether a certain IP address is available or not. However, the output of the scan shows that it scanned the subnet my computer is on and only one address in the network I typed in (MPLS network). Is there any way I can have Nmap only scan that one subnet and not all the others?

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Can't Scan Through Network With Xerox Docucentre Iv 2260

Oct 20, 2011

cant scan through network with xerox docucentre iv 2260

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What Tools Are Available To Scan Network And Give More Information About Stranger's PC

Sep 12, 2011

I'm running Windows 7 Pro. I noticed tonight when I clicked on Network in Windows Explorer that in addition to my home PCs there is a PC with someone's name on it. My suspicion is that my wireless ISP has screwed up in some way. I ran SoftPerfect's Network Scanner and don't see any strange IP addresses, so this stranger's PC is not on my subnet. What tools are available to scan my network and give me more info about the stranger's PC?

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Dell 2155CDN Printer - Scan Files Over Network?

Jan 7, 2013

I have a dell 2155CDN network printer I want to scan files over the network when I scan once it finishes I get a SMB List error and the file does not go trough here is a picture of my settings?

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Can Print From Hp Printer Photosmart C6280 But Cannot Scan Its On Network

Jan 3, 2012

I can print from hp printer photosmart c6280 but cannot scan its on network

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Network Scan To Discover Rouge Apple Device Host Names

Sep 27, 2011

Anyway, I am looking for a way to discover host names of Apple devices (namely iPods and iPhones) that are on our network. I've tried a number of programs like Nmap, Advanced IP Scanner, and LanSpy to name a few. All of them will report back the MAC address with no problem but no dice on resolving the host name.

My goal is to use the host name to identify the device, and ultimately the person with the device. Any thoughts on how I can go about this? Is there a setting in Nmap I'm missing or perhaps a better program to use?

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG120N Router Block Network Scan And App Can't Find Tv

May 15, 2013

i just bought a sony lcd tv and this model can be controlled by a smartphone via an app called mediaremote. The app should scan the local network and find the tv and than, after pairing, you can use the smartphone as remote controller over Wi-Fi.

My problem is that the router block the network scan and the app can't find the tv; is there somethig i can chack in the configuration or that else to permit the local network scan?

I tried to connect tv and smartphone to the neighbour wifi and the app woks perfect so i'm sure that is a my network problem.

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Canon MP 530 / HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer - Network Share Including Scan And Fax

Nov 3, 2012

I have an Canon MP 530 that works great for my home office network, but right now it's being shared off one of my PCs. I would like to network it like my HP LaserJet P2055dn, but not just printing, also fax and scan (via Adobe Acrobat Pro). Does this product really exist.

About two years ago I bought a Linksys device that turned out to be a $100 mistake, but now I'm really needing this sharing functionality.

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My Wifi Keeps Scanning

Feb 14, 2013

My Wi-Fi keeps scanning. Under Wi-Fi networks I get the word "Washing" which is secured with WPA/WPA2PK which I don't want. How do I cancel this for something I want?

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Pause Fax Machine During Scanning?

Feb 17, 2011

I have connected fax machine with line card, line card with Modem (MT5656SMI), and with modem is connected to PC UART. i want to pause the fax machine from PC, while scanning. i gave AT+FTS=10 command. but it did not worked.

how to pause the fax machine during scanning??

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Security / Firewalls :: Port Scanning On LAN

Jul 24, 2012

There are three Win 7 laptops on the LAN trying to connect to the ASA5500 Firewall. They generate a Severity Level 3 alert and try the same port three times then move to the next numerical port and try that three times. Is this a malicious Hack.

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Edimax EW 7612HPn Not Scanning Networks?

Jun 18, 2011

i have a Edimax usb adapter Ew 7612HPn which is brand new, & its not scanning any networks though the light flashes fast, i tried on both my & my dad's laptop, & same problem.Also tried different Usb cables still the same, but sometimes it worked, but mostly dosn't work.Kindly note that i am using this on my vaio Cr 354 windows vista 32 bit SP2 home premium.From day1 it was like kind of faulty, i mean it worked but kind of disconnected in between, but now it dosn't work at all just keeps flashing the blue light.

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Dell :: Scanning From V313w To Mac OS Lion?

Oct 30, 2011

I recently bought a dell v313w and I finally managed to configure the printer with my mac via wifi. 

I'm still very disappointed because I just can't figure out how to scan from my v313w to the mac as it doesn't appear in the possible destination hosts. 

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D-Link DIR-825 :: 5 Ghz Enabled Doesn't Show Up When Scanning?

Dec 15, 2010

I am running a DIR-825 I believe one of the original's no updates or anything.  I run it mixed mode.  The 2.4 shows up and I can connect to but the 5 ghz (n) speed says it's enabled but I can never see it when I scan on any of my wireless n products (laptops and other computers).  Dlink support told me to change to mixed mode g and n.  I was running it in mixed mode (a, g and n).  D link told me to change to mixed mode g and n and to make sure they stay on channel 6 and 11.  Is this correct.  Which firmware should I upgrade to and is there any easy way to do this?

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Cisco Firewall :: 65535 ASA - Port Scanning Protection Through Embryonic Limit Setup

Jul 1, 2011

url...I discovered that it would be possible to be protected from portscan, i mean when someone scan our nework/host from outside, the attacker will see all the 65535 ports as "open" (in that way it will be more difficult for an attacker to perform customized attacks...)So I have follow the setup in that link: policy-map global_policy class class-defaults set connection embryonic-conn-max 15 per-client-embryonic-max 3 service-policy global_policy global . The problem is that I don't have the exepected result..If i do a portscan over Internet from an external host to my hosts the portscan is successfully working and I can view my open ports...I have also tried to set this through a "match" in an access-list but without any sucess.

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Connecting An External HD To Network?

May 12, 2012

Is there a way to connect a Non-NAS external HD to a network? My router does not have a USB connection.I wanted to share a 2TB external drive with the laptops in my home.

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External HDD Access Over Network?

Mar 28, 2011

Is there any way that I can connect my External USB HDD to my wireless network so that any computer on my network can retrieve files on the HDD.

I previously had a Cable router, which had a USB port on the back so I was able to do this.

But as of next week I am moving back to BT, so i will need to change my router to an ADSL version.

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DIR-524 - RDC Not Working From External Network

Feb 29, 2012

RDC not working from External network. all the computers have Win 7 ultimate edition.PC1 & PC2 inside the Home network using DHCP router (Dlink DIR-524)Pc3 outside the network, trying to connect to PC1 & PC2 through Internet.I have forwarded the ports 3389, 3390 on router to PC1 and PC2 respectively.when i do a port scan from PC3 i cannot find the port do i deal with this.also tried by disabling the firewall, DMZ mode on router...but still not working.i can connect to both the computers PC1 & PC2 internally using RDC.

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Share External HDD Over Wireless Network

Nov 23, 2011

I would like to share my external HDD over my wireless Network so I can share my files. All my our comuters are Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Setting Up Ftp Server For External Network?

Jan 20, 2012

i have just bought an external hard disk which i want to use as an ftp server. my internet connection setup at home is like so. I have a standard wireless router that my isp provides, and a wireless router(TPLink tl-wr1043nd). When i first connected the HDD to my tplink router, i had successfully made an ftp server, but just for local access. Now i cannot get how i can make my ftp server externally(access it from outside my LAN).

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External HDD To Wireless Network To USB Port On TV?

Jul 15, 2011

Basically, I need my external hard drive connected to my wireless network so I can have access to it from two computers BUT I want to be able to stream my videos/music via a USB 2.0 wire directly to my TV.The problem with this configuration is that the hard drive has one input/output USB 2.0 port. I am going to hook it up to a network enclosure which will solve the having the hard drive to wireless network...but how can I stream data via a USB cable to my TV?A friend of mine told me that I can have a USB connection from my desktop going to the TV - this will achieve the data going from my external hard drive via the network to my desktop and from my desktop to my TV via USBDoes this sound like I am on the right track? I am unsure as to whether I will need any software solutions to be able to have access to the data on the hard drive from my TV.

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Can't Connect To External IP From Just One Computer On Network

Feb 7, 2013

From our Exchange server, I am completely unable to communicate with one of our partner's mail server. I cannot ping it by either the host name or IP address. Trace route times out at the final hop. The firewall is disabled, and antivirus (ESET) is temporarily disabled. I cannot access the IP through the web browser either, everything times out.However, every other computer on our network can connect fine. I haven't seen any other problems with any other IP addresses, it seems to be only this one that I can't connect to, and only from our Exchange server. All computers are going through the same gateway, using the same internet connection, and using the same DNS servers.The computer that I'm having the problem on is a static IP. All settings look correct, and match another server that I can access the IP from.I've checked the hosts file for anything, and it is in it's default state.

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LAN Not Working After AVG Scan?

Jan 29, 2012

OK- so my computer was going haywire - freezing, lagging, crashing. Only thing I could do was to restart in safe mode and run a full AVG scan which did show viruses that were sent to virus vault. Once I restarted into normal windows mode, the computer seems to be working fine with no freezing, etc.....but my LAN connection won't work. Looking at all the device managers and info on the LAN - it says "device is working properly". I have tried downloading a few "fix it" programs like Winsockxpfix and Complete Internet Repair - didn't work.

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Wireless :: Hook Up Usb External Hdd To Network At Home?

Apr 9, 2011

wireless router doesn't have usb connections. How can I hook up usb external hdd to network at home?

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Netgear WNR2000v2 / Using External HD For Backup On Network?

Aug 13, 2011

Two desktop computers with windows 7 home premium.Router: Netgear WNR2000v2 (which is NOT IPv6 compliant).External HD: 2TB Fantom.I have the external HD connected to one of the desktops via USB. I'd like to use it to back up the second computer to this HD.How do I get the second computer to recognize this as a backup target?Incidentally I've had problems getting HomeGroup setup since IPv6 is required for HomeGroup. I assume the problems are because the router isn't IPv6 compliant. I've tried the Microsoft Fixit 50410 (Use IPv4 instead of IPv6 in prefix policies. I've also reverted using Microsoft Fixit 50440 (Enable IPv6).

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Use TV To Access External Hard Drive On Network?

Dec 8, 2011

I have a Samsung TV, which I can use to stream media from my computer. I also have a Western Digital My Book Essential external hard drive connected via my router. I was wondering if it was possible to access media on that drive, even when the computer is off (that's the goal here).

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How To Use External Hard Drive As Network Disk

Sep 13, 2012

how to use hard drive as network boot-able disk

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Connecting External Hard Drive To Network?

Apr 14, 2011

I have an external hard drive that I used with my oldest laptop, windows XP. I have a newer desktop and laptop that are both running windows 7. I hooked my external drive to the desktop via USB port and want to be able to access from the other 2 laptops as well.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 8.2 How To Allow Access To External VPN Network Via PPTP

Jul 28, 2012

We would like to have the ability to connect to a VPN of a business we recently acquired.  When connecting to it directly from the Internet (no firewall), it is accessible.  However, behind our firewall, there is no access.  We are using Cisco ASA 8.2 (2).Currently, we have an entry as follows:
-object-group service PPTP tcp
-port-object eq pptp
access-list inside_access_in extended permit tcp any host object_name object-group PPTP. we want any device within our network to be able to access the VPN via PPTP.

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Osx 10.5 How Do I Automatically Share External USB Drives Over Network

Jul 21, 2013

I used to have an old G5 tower running OS X 10.5 (Leopard) which I was using as a file server. In this tower I had a USB dock connected where I could plug in 2.5 inch drives from my archive and then access them over the network by connecting to the G5.

Last week I upgraded my "fileserver" and I am running OS X Mountain Lion Server on a regular Mac Pro tower. When I connect to my new fileserver via Finder I am only able to see the local hard drives but none of the external ones. I can add a share-point for the external drives but that is not very practical since I am always connecting different drives from the archive.

So what I would like to have is that when I plug in an external drive to my file server it shows up in the network shares without me having to create a share-point for every different drive I connect.

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Cisco :: Connecting Back To Network Through External Interface?

Mar 4, 2013

I have a ASA 5505 configured with three VLANs: Inside, Outside, and DMZ.I am running an exchange server on the Inside network and have configured NAT to allow connections to it from outside. This works fine. I can also happily connect to it using it's internal address from the inside. In the DMZ I have setup a linksys router to work as a guest wifi network. I configured the ASA to block any traffic from the DMZ to the internal network.This has been working fine for the last few weeks.Wireless users cannot access any internal resoureces, but can browse the internet etc.. etc..

My problem is that I want users to be able to connect to the wireless with smartphones, tablets etc..., if they do so, they can access the internet, but not get their email. From my (limited) understanding, the problem is that the ip address I am trying to connect to is the same ip that I am transmitting from. Is there any way to send the packets to the outside network and then loop them back to the exchange server?

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