D-Link DIR-825 :: 5 Ghz Enabled Doesn't Show Up When Scanning?

Dec 15, 2010

I am running a DIR-825 I believe one of the original's no updates or anything.  I run it mixed mode.  The 2.4 shows up and I can connect to but the 5 ghz (n) speed says it's enabled but I can never see it when I scan on any of my wireless n products (laptops and other computers).  Dlink support told me to change to mixed mode g and n.  I was running it in mixed mode (a, g and n).  D link told me to change to mixed mode g and n and to make sure they stay on channel 6 and 11.  Is this correct.  Which firmware should I upgrade to and is there any easy way to do this?

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3389 Windows 7 RDP Is Enabled But Doesn't Show Up In Net-stat

Jun 4, 2013

I've enabled RDP on a laptop, but I can't connect to it. Pinging the laptop works. nmap shows ports open, but not RDP. netstat on the laptop shows nothing listening on 3389. I've also tried rebooting. [code]

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Login Page Doesn't Show Authentication Picture

Nov 29, 2011

i have a dir 825 with fw 2.00eu that i wanted to upgrade to the new beta fw.i went to tools and did a factory reset first,when i wanted to log back in to load the new fw,it sudenly asks for a authentication code,problem is the field is marked with a red x so i cant see any code i'm using windows 7 and IE 9?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Connection Drops And Network Doesn't Even Show Up On InSSIDer

Oct 12, 2011

I have had my DIR 615 router for about 6 months, and have had no problems. I have a notebook (Sony Vaio) and I also have a Blue-Ray Player and my DirecTV DVR connected by ethernet. Starting a few days ago I was having connectivity issues. At first I could see the network on my Vaio, but the Internet kept coming and going.I did some troubleshooting on the adapter and that seemed to work. Now I am having an issue where every 2 hours or so the wireless drops and the network disappears from the list of available connections on my notebook. I have had my netbook on (connected wireless) and the issues are replicated on that system.

Both of my wired devices do not see any interruption in connectivity. Living in an apartment complex I suspected interference and indeed there are a ton of other networks in range (as per inSSIDer 2.0). As there is no channel that is clearly open, I have set my router to auto channel scan. I also have tried some of the steps outlined in other threads. The thing I am noticing is that when the network connection drops my network (which has a unique name) doesn't even show up on inSSIDer, it just disappears. When working, my network is consistantly in the -25 range on inSIDDer.I should point out also that my notebook is a mere 8 feet from the router, and there are no obstructions.

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Cisco Switches :: SF 102-24 MGBSX1 Doesn't Show Any Link Lights Or Traffic

Jul 28, 2011

I just purchased a Cisco SF 102-24 unmanaged 100 series swith with a MGBSX1 mini-Gbic converter.  My goal is to connect this to a building that is connected with a Black Box LH1706A-ST media converter that has 100mb ST fiber connections.  In my testing the Black Box shows both a Fiber link and RJ45 port link at 100mb, but the MGBSX1 does not show any link lights or traffic.  So a computer connected to the Cisco switch is not able to communicate over the fiber connection. 
Can the MGBSX1 be connected to a media converter that only has 10/100 ST fiber connectors? 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 - Show Interface Vlan (ID) Doesn't Show In / Out Traffic Rate

Mar 13, 2013

I have configured a vlan interface on a 3750 switch. there is aprox 4Mb active traffic flowing through the interface, but when I do a "show interface vlan (vlanid)" the output show zero bits in and zero bits out. Its a typical L3 config with one IP on the vllan interface acting as the gateway for the VLAN devices. Is this a normal behaviur ? and if so is there any way to get the traffic in/out stats. The end PC/devices are connected to this switch via an L2 TRUNK and I dont have access to the L2 switch on which the actual devices connect. so cant get the real time stats of those interfaces.

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TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless :: TL-WR1043ND Router Doesn't Show 1.5tb External Hard Drive

Jan 6, 2013

Region : UnitedStates
Model : TL-WR1043ND
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.13.12 Build 120405 Rel.33996n
ISP : WR1043ND

The router is not showing my external hard drive in the usb settings. The Hard drive is a seagate 7200rpm 1.5tb. The hard drive works just fine when plugged into my computer. I have tried NTFS and EXFAT. My 2gb usb drive in FAT32 shows up just fine. The external has its own power supply. Is there anything I am missing that would cause it to not work?

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Dell :: 1545 Wireless Doesn't Get Enabled On Pressing Fn+F2 Key

Dec 5, 2011

Wireless doesnt get enabled on pressing fn+F2 key, it turns on for a fraction of a second signified by the sound but it again sounds and turns off.Just cant get it enabled...Is there any other way to turn it on, on my Inspiron 1545?

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Cisco Wireless :: LAP1240 - H-REAP Enabled AP Doesn't Join HQ Controller

Oct 14, 2012

i have configured cisco LAP1240 in H-Reap Mode for multiple branch offices with Local switching and central authentication. one of the branch's AP does not join the controller in HQ while the others are all ok. i have firewall only in HQ, i did priming first for all APs like let them join the controller and configure controller IP in high availbility, and H-Reap config and assign SSID to map with the branch local vlan. when i faced this issue first time i brought back ap and configure a static IP address for AP than recheck them again but the problem still same. since i have only one firewall in the network and also other branches joined the controller through that firewall and no issues.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1142 AP - OEAP 602 Can't Connect To WLC / Doesn't Have DTLS Enabled

Jun 17, 2012

Flex 7500
Software Version:
I have a Flex 7500 with 200 1142AP's working fine in remote office and local setup. We have since purchased 3 OEAP 602's and looking to distribute to teleworkers.
I have configured the OEAP to point to the NAT'd IP of the WLC, the OEAP does connect and is listed briefly in the WLC wireless listing but I am not able to make any configuration changes, it will then dissassociate and try the join process all over again. I have attached below the OEAP 600 event log. I see that the WLC does not support data DTLS encryption and looking to make this work.
I have tried to install the DTLS license file from the Cisco website, but says license failed to install, with no other errors.
*Jun 18 15:18:43.938: Build version (compiled Feb  3 2012 at 01:56:39, [L]).
*Jun 18 15:18:47.859: CAPWAP State: Init.
*Jun 18 15:18:47.860: CAPWAP State: Discovery.


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Wireless :: Connection Doesn't Show Up On Window Xp

Feb 4, 2011

Wireless connection doesnt show up on Windows Xp, I now if it connected to the internet I could just install updates and it would automatically fix it, but I cant until i get it to connect?

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Laptop Doesn't Show Wireless Connection

Mar 1, 2012

my laptop isn't showing my wireless internet connection in the list.But my phone is connecting to my wireless internet connection without any problem.I am using a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows Vista.

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No Internet Connectivity / PC Doesn't Show Up On Network

Jan 15, 2012

Every once in a while when logging into Windows (7 Ultimate 32 bit) My PC decides it couldn't find a network connection, usually restarting the computer solved the problem, however now I have seemed to permanently be stuck on the "identifying" stage of my LAN connection. My mobo is an Asrock p67 extreme, the network adapter is a realtek pcie family card.Now I know it is not my modem since I can connect on my other PC in the living room, I verified this with a phone call to my ISP, they couldn't see my PC connected to the network but could see the other one.It is not the Ethernet cords, I switched them and even used a new one. I tried rolling back, installing updated and installing factory drivers for my network card, no change.

I tried turning off the PC, disconnected the power cord, discharged it, left everything off/ disconnected for 30 minutes and reattached, powered on, no change.I made sure my DHCP was on and that my PC was set to automatically retrieve IP/DNS.I even bought a new Ethernet card, installed it and I still can't connect, so its not the realtek card.I can't even access my modem using its UP address, (Bell 2wire) but I can on my 2nd PC, it sees all other devices, PS3 /Smartphones but not my PC.

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Laptop Doesn't Show Any Wireless Signals

Nov 4, 2011

i have a packard bell network.i formatted the whole laptop.and now my laptop doesnot show any wireless network,however connects to dial up connection.i am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit os

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Connect To Doesn't Show Wireless Networks

Apr 27, 2011

I am trying to connect to a different network, but for some reason when I click "Connect To", where it tells me to click to join another wireless network, it just shows me this: and does not show me the Wireless Networks that are available (I am not sure what it is called)

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Laptop Doesn't Show Any Wireless Networks

Jan 13, 2013

So, I happened to do CD recovery a day ago; *Due to forgetting Administrator password* and now my laptop seems to not be able to pick up any wireless connections when there usually is a ton. Also every time my laptop restarts it always loads saying "Preparing for first time use" Like I used the CD recovery again. which I didn't. I thought that maybe it has to do with the Drivers and such, though im not very tech fancy, so I wouldn't exactly know where to find the correct driver to install, and which to install.[code] Oh and lastly, I happened to notice on Driver manager, that on "other devices" there is a yellow exclamation point, on both of them: Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 and Network Controller.

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Cisco WAN :: 887 Doesn't Support Show DSL Command?

Jun 26, 2011

The Cisco 887 doesn't support the show dsl command, what is the command that I need to use to display the speed my ADSL is operating at? On the Cisco 877 the command I use is show dsl int atm 0 but this doesn't work on the 887

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Wireless :: Laptop Doesn't Show Wifi Connection

Mar 25, 2011

With ibm z60m laptop i want to connect wi-fi internet modem but laptop does not show wi-fi connection

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Scanner Doesn't Show Up At All In Local Network Devices

Nov 12, 2011

Im working for a client at the moment and I've had to setup a network printer for them, I've got 4 Windows 7 machines easily printing over the network to this printer that is connected wirelessly but they want one of there machines to use the scanning functionality of the printer.The scanner doesn't show up at all in the local network devices like the printer does and to be honest i don't really have any experience with scanning over a network to a windows 7 machine, but this printer does support scan to ftp so my idea is to setup a small ftp server on the windows 7 machine with a folder to stored scans on the desktop or something, then put the details of the server in to the printer making it as easy as possible for the customer to scan stuff and just get it from the folder on the desktop, i could also share this folder over the network for anyone to open and get a scan if needs be.

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New NIC Doesn't Show Up In Network Connections Or Device Manager?

Jan 20, 2011

I put Win7 on a customed pc bought online. The motherboard has an Atheros L1 integrated NIC and I installed a Dlink dge530t NIC into a PCI slot. I know I have to disable the onboard nic but the installed card is not comming up either in Device manager or network connections. What gives? In the bios under integrated peripherals i did enable PnP OS.

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HP Laserjet 4050n Doesn't Show Up As Wireless Device?

Feb 1, 2013

I'm trying to connect an HP Laserjet 4050n to my wireless network but it isn't finding it? I've tried disabling firewalls etc and still no luck.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.2.1 Fault Setup Doesn't Show Any Devices

Aug 8, 2012

LMS discoverd all my devices and updated the DCR. This devices are visible in DFM. For some of this devices i would like to change the threshold values. For some reason the devices are not visible in Monitor->Fault Settings->Seup->Threshold Settings (please see screenshot) Is there another approach to change the threshold values?

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Cisco :: LMS 4.0.1 / UTLite Script Doesn't Show Username

Sep 7, 2011

I Have installed LMS 4.0.1 for my client. I have also installed UTLite script on the domain controller as per instruction from cisco. When i look at the utlite.log i'm seeing message displayed below:
Failed to create Tables. Transaction Rolled back
Failed to create Tables. Transaction Rolled back
: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybSQLException: SQL Anywhere Error -110: Item 'getAuthenticatedUsers_ACS' already exists
Intializing the Controler 9 = skt Pkg = com.cisco.nm.cm.ut.ctrlplane.ctrls.SocketCtrl
2011/08/25 14:59:14 main utlite INFO SocketListener: Socket Listener : Port : 16236
Started Socket Listener


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Cisco Firewall :: 5585 - BVI Doesn't Show Up In Multi Context ASA

May 7, 2013

I have an ASA 5585 in transparent mode, multi-context. It seems that the option to configure a BVI in one of the traffic contexts isn't there. In other words, while I see the option to configure a bridge group interface in the admin context, no such option comes up in the traffic context.

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Cisco Wireless :: Lwapp 1242ag Doesn't Show Mesh

Oct 10, 2011

I'm using a wlan controller with 1242ag converted to lwapp, i'm trying to enable 5.8 but when i change the from local to bridge the lwapp disappear from controller. May be that the firmware does not support mesh !I'm following the 4402 wlan manual at page 641.

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Dell Wireless 1390 Windows 7 Doesn't Show In Device Manager

Apr 27, 2011

Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN MiniCard on my Inspiron 1521 with WINDOWS 7 does not show in the device manager. There is a popup window that says Driver blocked due to incompatibility.Ive tried to install new drivers but it doesn't work.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3200 - Network Doesn't Show Up Anymore

Oct 30, 2011

I have a linksys E3200.  Today I got disconnected and when it reconnected it stated that the network was changed to just network and not my usual network name.  I was having connection issues with the network disconnecting me and reconnecting me.  I uninstalled the cisco connect software.  I contacted support who told me to restart the router and modem, which I did.  After reset I tried to reinstall the software.  Cisco Connect likes to insist to do the installation wirelessly but my laptop can't find the router during installation to complete it.  My router is essentially a glorified wire connecting my computer to my modem now. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G Doesn't Show Connection To Internet

Oct 19, 2011

We have a old Router and a new one(the Lynksys). The old one had problems with the Wifi so we bought this one. So when we connect This Router to the Modem it doesn't show connection to the internet. (The Setup fails because of this).But with the old one it does connect to the internet. So either my modem doesn't detect the new router or vice versa. So I am not sure why its not working since on the old one it works fine.

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Linksys Cable / DSL :: WAG320N Network Just Dropped Out / Now Doesn't Show Up In List

Feb 5, 2011

I'm having big problems with my Linksys WAG320N. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to networking.Without changing any of the settings, the other day my Macbook Pro couldn't connect and it kept saying 'Connection timeout'. From that point my iPhone also refused to connect, although accessing the internet on my MBP via Ethernet was fine.
I did a hard reset following instructions from this forum then re-configured with the installation CD. The wireless LED on the router was lit but my MBP couldn't see the network. Eventually I managed to connect after rebooting my laptop, and enjoyed all of 10 minutes of problem-free of wireless internet connectivity before the network just dropped out and now doesn't show up in my list of networks again, although the wireless LED is still on. Connecting via Ethernet still works, just not via wireless.I've rebooted my laptop and the router and tried switching channels on the router, all to no avail.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP1602 Show Run Output Doesn't List Various SSID That Are In Use

Mar 7, 2013

How to approach an overnight upgrade from autonomous AP1231/1242 deployment into a 2504 controller-based AP1602 deployment.I do not have access to the existing 1231/1242 deployment ==> I need to ask network manager for all necessary config info to be ported onto the 2504.Example: the 1231 show run output does not list the various SSID that are in use.Therefore the question is: which commands' output do I need to ask to have all possible config data from 1231/1242 to use when configuring the 2504/1602 deployment.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 Switch Doesn't Show Text

Apr 26, 2013

I am working with 3750 switch.I console the switch and turn it on and it doesn’t show text in hyper terminal with any BAUD (I tried all the speeds).  The hyper terminal works with other switches so the problem is not with the hyper terminal.when I tried to break the password it stuck after I was writing "flash_init" and when I entered or typed text it show only garbage characters. I tried to break the password with all the speeds and it shows garbage output. I tried to turn on the switch and hold control + break and it showed the text only with the speed 115200, but after I left holding and tried to type it showed only garbage again. Also I tried to copy text from the notepad to the hyper terminal.

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Cisco :: LMS 4.0 Doesn't Show The View Image For LAN WS-C3750X-48T-L In Stack Mode?

Aug 19, 2011

I downloaded all updates packages of the device for the Cisco View and I could not the show the image

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Dell :: Intel Centrino N2230 - Computer Doesn't Show WIDI

Apr 16, 2013

Just bought and Alienware m17x, which has the Intel Centrino N2230 wireless card. The N2230 states that it is WIDI enabled but my computer shows nothing regarding wireless display anywhere in the search field. Don't know if there's compatibility issues with other components of my computer. If so the list of specs is as follows: CPU- 3rd gen Intel corei7 3630QM. GPU- 2GB GDDR5 NVidia GeForce GTX 660M. RAM- 16 GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz. Wireless Card- Intel 2230 Wireless-N

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