Servers :: ISA Server 2000 Networking - Connecting Ubuntu Desktop?

Jan 27, 2012

windows server 2003,ISA server 2000 Networking :: Connecting ubuntu desktop?

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Networking :: Best Way To Connect Windows Server 2003 And Ubuntu 10

Mar 14, 2011

If I have two servers, one running Windows Server 2003, and one running Ubuntu 10, what would be the best way to 'map' one's drive to another? Either way is fine. They are each in a different state, and each have an external IP. I just need to do some processing on the Ubuntu server, then write the file either to its own drive, and have the web server (Windows) read it, or, have it write to the Windows HDD, and have Windows read it.

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Servers :: Disable Protection Sharing Windows Server 2000

Mar 27, 2011

disable protection sharing win server 2000

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Servers :: Configure Ipchain Firewall In Ubuntu

Feb 5, 2011

I want to set up ipchain firewall of my ubuntu so that it prevents to traffic to an specific IP address?

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Dell :: N7110 WIDI / Unable To Send Desktop To Remote Display (Netgear PTV 2000)

Jan 16, 2012

i purchased a Dell N7110 from Dell last week, and a few days later I purchased a NETGEAR PTV2000 wireless display adapter. It was my understanding the N7110 would support the PTV2000; my N7110 specs are below.Originally, I downloaded the required software (Intel WIDI) and drivers from the Intel website.

The laptop and PTV2000 adapter seemed to start fine in that the security code was given on my TV screen and I was able to enter it in the Intel WIDI software. Next step was to select "connect" to the adapter. The connection was initialized, as the green light on the PTV2000 was flashing and my TV screen said "connecting", then "connected". At the moment it said "connected", my laptop screen immediately flashed black, then restored itself approx one second later with the graphics on the laptop screen larger (larger icons) than normal. Approximately one second after this occurred, the connection was lost and the Intel software stated the following error: "unable to send desktop to wireless display, try restarting the application. If the problem persists, try re-installing the Intel WIDI software".

I retried the software numerous times with same results. I uninstalled then re-installed the Intel WIDI software and drivers with the same results. I also uninstalled and re-installed the software, but got them from the Netgear website, and then later from the Dell website (all had Intel WIDI software to download), which all ended in the same results (original problem still exists).After countless tries of running Intel WIDI, the program would on rare occasions, lock up and become unresponsive, while the green light on the adapter was still flashing (connection being made) and the TV message said "connected". The screen never changed from "connect", the desktop image never appeared on the TV, and I would have to use task manager to shut the program down.

Netgear and Intel websites do not address this issue, other than saying "try uninstalling then reinstalling the software", which I did countless times. Web searches hint the real problem is in the Graphics drivers on the Dell - I did find a thread on this site (Dell site) complaining the PTV2000 would not play DVDs or Blueray, and the person changed the Graphics driver, but now cannot get Windows to boot - I believe the Dell techs are currently mailing him software to correct this problem. Because of this, I am very reluctant to change the Graphics drivers as I do not want to cause the same issue on my machine...I have not had any problems with the wifi side of things, in that I am always able to initialize a "connect" without issues, and it tries to connect but just never completely does... tell me if the original problem I stated above can be corrected, and the steps I need to take, or should I return the PTV2000 and forget the whole wireless display idea?

Side Note: I can provide the exact softeware and driver links I used if required, but didn't as there really wasn't much choice - The Intel site, Netgear site, and DELL site all provided short instructions and only one download option; Win 7 32 or Win 7 64. I used Win 7 64 option.

Parts #
Part Description


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Get Server 2000 To Map Drives On Pc?

Feb 28, 2011

I am trying to get my server 2000 to map different drives on my pc using a logon scripts when myself or my wifw logs onto my pc.

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Best Way To Learn About Networking / Servers

Aug 17, 2012

I'm someone who has a long background of computers but it's generally just giving general advice, building them, overclocking them and troubleshooting standard 'Home PC' type issues mostly with hardware but some software as well. I really want to start to expand my knowledge somewhere else within computer hardware and software to improve my job prospects in this area. I'm trying to move towards more of a Network/Server admin/support type career and I'm just wondering where the best place to start learning about something like this might be? I don't even know where to begin.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Windows 2000 Laptop Not Connecting To EA3500

Sep 16, 2012

I have just purchased a new EA3500 router and have fairly painlessly managed to get my desktop (running Windows XP), my lap top (running Windows 7), ipads 1 and 2 and blackberry all to connect to the wireless hub. I even have it talking to a WD 1T external hard drive.
BUT try as I might I can't get an old sony vaio running windows 2000 professional to connect to the internet. It talkes to the box and even allows the lap top to hop on as a guest but it goes through to a guest sign on web page and no matter what combination of passwords (i am sure i have the write guest sign on) it just refuses to actually connect. I never had a problem connection to our previous wireles router.

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Windows 7 Vpn To Server 2000 With Static IP?

Apr 13, 2012

i have new laptop and trying to vpn into office with static ip. and the rdp into work station. vpn connects fine although says iv6p has no network access.. and rdp will not connect

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Servers :: Os2 Networking To Windows 2008

Nov 2, 2011

I need to connect a OS2 pc with Windows Server 2008. However, I have tried the Netbeau (which can work in connect with Windows Server 2000), I cannot install the Netbeau to Windows Server 2008.

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Servers :: How To Set Up Two NICs For Internal Networking

May 26, 2011

i am trying to use windows server 2008 R2 as a host machine, and i will be using windows server 2008 R2, and windows server 2008 serverCoreR2 as guest virtual machines. I have two NICs on my computer, and my computer has the memory, the hard drive space, and the cpu to handal this.

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Servers :: Networking Nas Box Not Visible In Windows Explorer

Nov 28, 2012

I have a small mixed peer-to-peer network comprising 2 Win7 PCs, an iMac and a Win7 laptop and 2 little file servers: a Netgear Stora and a LaCie-2big.Stora is correctly listed under the Network part of Windows Explorer, but LaCie isn't, although I have been able to map a drive to a share on LaCie.No problem accessing files etc.Why would the LaCie not be displayed in the Explorer file tree?

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Networking Between Laptop And Desktop

Apr 18, 2011

I think that's what I want to do. I have an HP desktop with vista and cable high speed modem and a linkys attached to it for wireless. My laptop is a toshiba with wireless running windows 7 and I use it upstairs wireless to connect to the net. There are times I need a file from the desktop and I have to go down and put it on memory stick to copy it over. Is there any way I can access the desktop from the laptop without having to do that? Would need step by step instructions to set it up if it can be done with 2 different operating systems.

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Ubuntu Server / Unable To Connect To Network?

Apr 12, 2011

We are having a network of 7 computers and a server (Ubuntu server). The problem is, two of them are not connecting to the network. When i check the network card of these two systems, it seems working (the green light is blinking). When i replace these systems with a laptop, it connecting to the network and there is not problem at all.

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Setting Bandwidth Limit On Ubuntu Server?

Aug 24, 2012

I have an Ubuntu Server, when someone is downloading a file from it, my bandwidth significantly decreases, how can I cap it?

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How Do I Make Ubuntu Server Get IPv4 Address

Jan 23, 2011

I'm running Ubuntu Server in VirtualBox. When I select the internal network option for the network adapter and start up the VM, I only get IPv6 address. I need an IPv4 address as well. My host (running Windows 7) gets has both an IPv4 and IPv6 address listed when I run ipconfig. When I run ifconfig on the guest (running Ubuntu Server), it only lists IPv6.

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Connection To Ubuntu 12.04 Apache2 Server Times Out

Jan 26, 2013

I am running ubuntu 12.04, with apache2.My router configuration is set to forward port 80 to my local IP.The problem is I can only access the server as local host. Else it times out (from devices using the same network). I do not have sfw firewall enabled, neither shore firewall.

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Setting Up Home File Server - Ubuntu Or FreeNAS?

Jun 15, 2012

I have a PC ready to use that I want to be used for sharing files, pictures and videos on between our multiple PCs in the house hold. I am going to have it constantly running (I have alot of cooling for it) but I need setting it up. I dont know if I should use Ubuntu Server or FreeNAS?

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Networking A XP Desktop To A Vista Laptop?

Jun 19, 2011

i have a wifimodem router so enabling the wireless access on the setting allows for both the desktop an laptop 2 have internet my problem is i wanna network the 2 system wirelessly using the regular options on my xpdesktop so to access files from either pc once connect what are the steps to go about to use this??the last ting i tried was wireless network on my xp ssytem did the flash drive ting it was accepted on the laptop but on the workplace computer only my system was showin up an not the laptop so i tink the workgroup on both system are called dif names

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Sharing :: Mapped Drive On Windows NT 2000 Server Not Accessible?

Mar 26, 2012

I have a domain with a domain controller Server 2003. I have a backup dc running an application with server 2008. The shared folder I am trying to access is on an nt server 2000. We have had a mapped drive "I:" and have used it for years. Our copier also scans to a shared folder on the server 2000 machine. All of the desktop systems are xp sp3 with one W7 machine. A couple of weeks ago when user attempted to access the shared/mapped drive, an error would occur that "the drive was in use and they could not be logged on". Sometimes the error would say "you don't have permission to access the drive." Mind you no settings have been changed on the network. When either of these errors would occur it would occur for everyone but if I rebooted the server everyone could connect again. The same errors would occur the next day or 6 - 8 hour later. Now the error has occured "Drive is already in use and you cannot be logged in" (I have tried drive Z as well the drive is not in use) and restarting the serever no longer works. No one can access the shared drive. I have unmapped the drive on my system and have attempted to reconnect, I enter the path and check reconnect at logon and it asks for a password. I enter the administrator password (which is what I always used) and it just pops right back up asking for a password as if I entered nothing. I can ping the server with the shared folder and even logon remotely so I know it is not a physical disconnect. I am not sure what changed and have followed many suggestions found to no avail. We cannot access the shares or scan.

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Servers :: Small Office Networking With File Sharing For Certain Users?

Feb 4, 2012

Right now every computer is connected through a workgroup and some computers are sharing files to everyone and some need a login to share other files. I want to run a main server where all the files are on that computer and have it share all the files to everyone else on the network. I'm not too familiar with Windows workgroup networking and file sharing.I want to have certain files accessible to certain computers and certain files accessible to everyone on the network. I'm under the impression that I have to have the main server with all the business documents. Then create separate accounts on the server and hand them out to each individual computer. After, go to each document and specify who can access what with read/write. Can I share some files to everyone and have certain files limited to other computers at the same time? How would someone access the shared files when you need a login and will this login conflict with files shared to everyone and files shared to certain people. I remember on my small business network I need a login for certain computers because it is shared to only certain people then how would I access the files shared to everyone when I have to login to see the server files to begin with?

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Cisco Application Networking :: ACE 4710 Test Web Servers / Need To Use ACE As Their Default Gateway

May 26, 2011

I'm setting up an ACE 4710 in our test lab before deploying in production. Do the test web servers I am using need to use the ACE as their default gateway? The are currently configured to use a multilayer switch on their vlan as their gateway but I'm guessing the ACE needs to see the return traffic for load balancing to work correctly?

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Cisco Application Networking :: How To Configure ACE 4710 Bypass Traffic From Servers To Internet

Jan 1, 2013

I'm looking for a way to configure Cisco ACE4710 loadbalancer to bypass traffic that is initiated from server side to Internet?Are there any way to configure this, so that the loadbalancer will not maintain session for this bypass traffic to maximize throughput?

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TL-SG1005D - Ubuntu - Slow Write Speeds On New Gigabit Home File Server

Jun 26, 2013

So I finally got all my parts delivered to setup a home file/backup server this week.

It's currently running Ubuntu Server and I'm using Samba to share files on my network.

The server currently has a 2TB WD Green drive in it connected to a Asus M5A78L-M

This is then connected via CAT6a to my new Gigabit switch (TP-Link TL-SG1005D).
My home desktop is then also connected to this switch and again also through CAT6a cable.

Currently when transfering files I will get a perfect 100MB/s read from the server to my Windows machine. When copying from my Windows machine to the server I get around 30/38MB/s.

I know this drive is capable is faster speeds.

I have found ftp's write speed is much closer to what my Samba read speed is so I'm going to give it a guess that is a software problem rather than hardware

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Linux - Split Tunnel Routing Specific Port Over OpenVPN On Ubuntu Server 12.04

Jun 10, 2013

(Setup routing and iptables for new VPN connection to redirect **only** ports 80 and 443) Only my goal is a bit different. I am running a headless gui-less install of Ubuntu Server 12.04 that is being used for a variety of different purposes... I would like all traffic to travel un-prohibited through my ISP except for my transmission traffic. I have a VPN i subscribe to that allows me access for which I only want to direct a single port's traffic to. I am currently using a modified version of the code from the above link. My current code is below:

sleep 200


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Routers / Switches :: Home Networking / Netbook Can't Find Desktop?

Dec 7, 2011

Although we have a moderately wired house with cat6 cables runs in many of the rooms that all end in the basement, I am currently having trouble since I cat stream audio and video files from my desktop in the den to the netbook and receiver in the family room. All computers are hooked up by cable.I have tried a friends advice to plug in the exact IP address of the desktop (and vice versa on the netbook) but still the netbook cat find the desktop nor can the desktop find the netbook. I have tried home sharing in Windows 7 to no avail as I have been prompted to initiate a home network both on the netbook and the desktop when I think it is suppose to be initiated on one machine and same home network joined by the other.DSL Modem --> Linksys WRTGL router running Tomato --> switch -->various rooms (cont.)Family room (one of the various rooms) has a Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH AirStation (with one USB port) --> 1) netbook and 2) Denon AVR receiver (with network capabilities)I have a switch in the den and the desktop and laptop computers can read off each other through folder/drive sharing even with Kaspersky Internet Security running in the background so I'm sure it's not Kaspersky meddling with my network sharing. If both are on the wireless network, the netbook can access the desktop and vice versa.Is it possible for the netbook to read off the desktop based on my current set up? I can't bring the desktop down as we use them in the den and will not have room for it in the family room. I am not inclined to purchase a stand-alone HTPC at the moment if there is a network sharing

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Servers :: No Remote Desktop Access?

May 19, 2011

The other computer running XP connects to the server through remote access but the one running windows 7 does not

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Servers :: Remote Desktop Can't Connect?

Aug 23, 2011

Remote Desktop can't connect, so I've got four servers in the same LAN. Whenever I try remotly access the web server, the message (Remote Desktop can't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: 1. Remote access to the server is not enable. 2. The remote computer is turned off. 3. The remote computer is not available on the network) The thing is that I can connect to all servers with any desktop computer in the network, but when I try to do it in my laptop (that is connected to the same LAN) I've got access to the other servers but not to the web server. Sometimes I had to restart this server and works fine for a little while.

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Servers :: Remote Desktop Connection Has Timed Out?

Dec 17, 2011

"Remote Desktop Disconnected - The remote connection has timed out. Please try connecting to the remote computer again."I am not behind any network, firewall, outer...I tried to turn off firewall and antivirus programs to see if they are blocking it. It didn't work. All I could find from Microsoft support site refer to the server side configuration. But I know problem isn't with server, because I am able to connect from another PC (notebook running windows 7 with wireless connection). It is working straightforward with default settings.

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Servers :: How To Remove Remote Desktop Connection

Jun 1, 2011

how to uninstal remote desktop connection, computers are networked

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Servers :: 2003 Show Icons On Desktop Windows 7?

Jul 27, 2011

I use server 2003 in my netwerk now I change the users computer from XP to windows 7, how can i set the icons on the users desktop in windows 7.

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Servers :: Formatted Dell 8300 Desktop But Now Cannot Hook Up To The Internet?

Jan 7, 2011

I formatted my dell 8300 desktop but now I cannot hook up to the internet, there is no local area connection icon. Not sure what I did wrong or what to do to be able to install.

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Servers :: Desktop Icons High Located In Blue Color

Mar 6, 2011

We have 2003 Domain With Active desktop enable for client.Problem Is who ever loging in to my domain they are getting desktop icons in blue color.i have check these but no result

1}My computer properties-advance- performance
2} desktop right click -arrange icons -lock web items on desktop
3} i have checked with display properties.

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