Windows 7 No Longer Likes 2000 / Log On Error

Feb 29, 2012

I have a windows 7 computer and a windows 2000 on a wired network. The windows 7 and 2000 previously played nicely although it was a bit of a pain to get it to work the first time, don't really remember what the issue was. I have a big old CAD plotter connected to a parallel port on the windows 2000 computer and previously was able to use it from the windows 7 computer. I was also able to access any file on the windows 2000 from windows 7, it all worked fine a few months ago. I haven't had the win 2000 computer on for a while but recently needed to use the plotter. I now get a log-on error when trying to access the win 2000 from the win 7, but it shows up on networks. The log-on error window shows a domain with the name of the windows 7 computer listed as the domain name, but nothing is set to be on a domain. I can access the files on the windows 7 computer from the win 2000 computer with no issues in that direction. There is no home group set up (think that was the issue the first time) Windows 7 is always updating itself and I suspect that's part of the problem, I am guessing something went back to a default during an up-date but I can't find it.

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Lan Card Not In Windows 2000 Hcl

Oct 6, 2012

Am switching from windows95 to Windows 2000 Professional, & During the Pre - Installation preparations, I discovered that the Machine contains a LAN Card, But i cant find it in the HCL FOR WINDOWS 2000 PROFESSIONAL.What should i do to get the system back in the service?

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Windows 7 Vpn To Server 2000 With Static IP?

Apr 13, 2012

i have new laptop and trying to vpn into office with static ip. and the rdp into work station. vpn connects fine although says iv6p has no network access.. and rdp will not connect

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Webstar 2000 Series Windows 7?

Mar 26, 2012

i need a software for webstar 2000 for windows 7

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DSP Error 5 - Wireless Network Adapter No Longer Connects

Nov 18, 2012

About 2 weeks ago, my wireless adapter and ethernet port stopped working all of a sudden. When trying to diagnose, I got the Dagnostic Policy error 5. On the basis of other postings on this subject, I have tried restoring an earlier restore point, uninstalling/reinstalling the network adaptors, have tried to run net localgroup Administrators /add networkservice & /add localservice, have tried adding permissions for mpssvc in regedit (DSP parameters). For the hardwired ethernet adapter, it worked but for my wireless adapter all failed so far. Output from sc queryex DPS > 0 is as follows:

WIN32_EXIT_CODE : 5 (0x5)
PID : 0

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Integration With AD Windows 2000 Advanced SP4?

Dec 13, 2012

I'm having a issue when configuring Cisco ACS 5.2 appliance 1121 to integrate windows 2000 Active Directory as an External Users Database.I'm using an account with administrator privileges on AD (can create computer objects).The ACS register itself successfully to the domain but it doesn't retrieve the AD Groups, even when i change the seach base and filter.At this link says that ACS supports AD over Windows 2003, 2008 and 2008R2 but it doesnt say that not supports Windows 2000.[URL]

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - Setup Something Likes Protected Port On WLC?

May 30, 2012

Let's say I have 3 APs, all connected to a WLC 5508,Each AP has a computer that is connected to it, Computer A, B and C, all on the same Vlan with same SSID
Is it possible to configure so

A and B can not talk to each other but both can talk to C  ?
Something like "protected port" feature in the switch world.

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Servers :: Disable Protection Sharing Windows Server 2000

Mar 27, 2011

disable protection sharing win server 2000

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No Ip Address Using Netgear Wireless Adapter On Windows 2000 Professional?

Jan 3, 2012

This is an older desktop, Been utilizing the net gear to get on the Internet for months and it was working fine,shows it is connected to ssid but ip shows up as I have other home computers hooked up and work g so I located there ip address, can I input it myself ? If so how?

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Sharing :: Mapped Drive On Windows NT 2000 Server Not Accessible?

Mar 26, 2012

I have a domain with a domain controller Server 2003. I have a backup dc running an application with server 2008. The shared folder I am trying to access is on an nt server 2000. We have had a mapped drive "I:" and have used it for years. Our copier also scans to a shared folder on the server 2000 machine. All of the desktop systems are xp sp3 with one W7 machine. A couple of weeks ago when user attempted to access the shared/mapped drive, an error would occur that "the drive was in use and they could not be logged on". Sometimes the error would say "you don't have permission to access the drive." Mind you no settings have been changed on the network. When either of these errors would occur it would occur for everyone but if I rebooted the server everyone could connect again. The same errors would occur the next day or 6 - 8 hour later. Now the error has occured "Drive is already in use and you cannot be logged in" (I have tried drive Z as well the drive is not in use) and restarting the serever no longer works. No one can access the shared drive. I have unmapped the drive on my system and have attempted to reconnect, I enter the path and check reconnect at logon and it asks for a password. I enter the administrator password (which is what I always used) and it just pops right back up asking for a password as if I entered nothing. I can ping the server with the shared folder and even logon remotely so I know it is not a physical disconnect. I am not sure what changed and have followed many suggestions found to no avail. We cannot access the shares or scan.

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How To Update Windows 2000 Settings For Gigabit Internet Speed

Mar 19, 2012

Have been running win 2000 pro for last 5 yrs with trendnet pcitxr 1 gigabit nic card. Never had any problem running & connecting. Now cannot access internet @ 1 gigabit, ok @100mbit, for the most part. sometimes browser will lock-up, firefox or IE. Never had any problems like this before. Have changed nic card, replaced cable modem, wires. Have delete trendnet software and reloaded, ran winsock fix, move router cables, ran directly from cable modem, bypassing router, move nic to new slot, ran ipconfig /release & reset. All to no avail. when I ping comes back good. NIC cards I have tried all seem to be working.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: Windows 2000 Pro SP4 WPC54GS Ver.2 No Connection

Jan 24, 2013

I had this card working on this notebook with Windows XP, but with only 256mb ram it ran too slow. So I went back to 2000 on it. But I can't get the card to work, I've tried using the setup, the link light on the card does flash on and off. But in the linksys program just says no association with access point and says WPC54GS is inactive. I tried just installing the driver when it detects it but that didn't work. Also I try to start the wireless configuration and just get error 1747 the authentication service is unknown. What do I need to do to get the card working on here so I have internet access? 

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Linksys Wireless Adapters ::Windows 2000 PC Can't Detect WMP54G

Nov 30, 2009

I just bought this wireless g pci card and installed the software from the cd on to a windows 2000 pc.  When I went to run the software I can only click on the exit button.  I looked on the forums and saw that for win 2000 you should only install the drivers by allowing your computer to detect the card.  I uninstalled the software but my computer wont detect the card now and if I reinstall the software I cant even open it up anymore.  The card is not listed in the device manager at all.  Would installing i the first time have created anything in the registry that would  have been left behind in the uninstall and would it be blocking the computer from detecting this as new hardware?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Windows 2000 Laptop Not Connecting To EA3500

Sep 16, 2012

I have just purchased a new EA3500 router and have fairly painlessly managed to get my desktop (running Windows XP), my lap top (running Windows 7), ipads 1 and 2 and blackberry all to connect to the wireless hub. I even have it talking to a WD 1T external hard drive.
BUT try as I might I can't get an old sony vaio running windows 2000 professional to connect to the internet. It talkes to the box and even allows the lap top to hop on as a guest but it goes through to a guest sign on web page and no matter what combination of passwords (i am sure i have the write guest sign on) it just refuses to actually connect. I never had a problem connection to our previous wireles router.

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Cisco Routers :: WRVS4000 VPN Client Installer On New V2 Runs Only In Windows 2000 Or XP

Aug 18, 2011

I just got my first WRVS4400N v2.Nothing has changed, the definition of small business means there are USUALLY one office, and several people runs around thus the need of a VPN server sitting at the home office Router. I think most of us small business operators had wished for a connection away from office, NO REMOTE GROUPS, just clients on phone, or laptop. Using this connection to get to some files which isn't sitting in the cloud, or perhaps using it to hop over firewall restrictions that some overseas countries had imposed.
What you should have is a setting for Stand-alone VPN server, NOT Router to Router.. What you should have is feature that generates the various psk for different platforms. What you should have is made things simple, instead of these magicabbage which goes no where for the small businesses.Through out this thread the original poster is presenting the same problem, he and I don't have a Remote Group router to enter an IP address, tell us to use the QuikVPN client DON'T work, the Server isn't UP to begin with!Moreover, the VPN client installer on the this new v2 runs only in Win 2000 or XP??? What the (*&^! Doesn't seem like a large business like Cisco should have in their boxes.

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1240AG Error - Previous Authentication No Longer Valid

May 8, 2007

I am an IT professional that is installing my first extended range wireless AP in my companies warehouse. I am very excited!
Now I have set up many a linksys and repeater wireless networks, so when I was looking into the Aironet 1240AG I thought ?No Problem!?
And at first, it is not!
I have the AP and antenna set up here in my office before I take it out and mount it in the warehouse. And I can get connected to it, no security for now, no filters, I just want to connect and make it work.
I stay connected for maybe 3 minutes, I can get to the internet, I can ping all my servers. Full connectivity. But then for no reason the connection fails and I cannot reconnect.
The error I get in the log is
Interface Dot11Radio0, Deauthenticating Station 0006.2510.bbe3 Reason: Previous authentication no longer valid
So strange! So I have reset the AP to factory defaults and then set the SSID, and I can connect, again for a second, then nothing.
I have tried with multiple wireless cards, even laptops. Thinking maybe the problem was on the computer side.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G / Unable To Connect Laptop With Windows 2000?

Jul 7, 2012

I have Lynksys router WRT54G. I have 3 laptops in house connecting to internet with no problem. A new person has moved in with a laptop that has windows 2000. The new person is not able to get an internet connection.

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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: Install WMP54G PCI Version 4.1 In Windows 2000 Pro SP4 Computer?

Mar 26, 2011

I'm trying to install a WMP54G PCI Version 4.1 in my Windows 2000 Pro SP4 computer.  I ran the setup cd before installing the card, then took out the disk.  After installing the card and powering the computer, the Available Wireless Network screen didn't appear.  I also didn't get the Network Monitor icon on the taskbar.  Network Monitor appears in the start menu, but can't be started.  Device Manager says the card is working properly and there are no conflicts.
I uninstalled the software, removed the card, and repeated the installation process with the same end result.  The card light blinks like it is receiving data.  I'm using a Linksys WRT54G2 router.  Both my desktop (W7) and my laptop (Vista) connect just fine.  How can I get my W2K computer on the network?

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Wireless Adapter No Longer Recognized By Windows

Nov 6, 2012

I just reformatted the hardrive on my old Gateway MA3 dinosaur laptop and reloaded Windows XP. Once loaded, no Wireless Network Connection icon appears in Network Connections and is not showing up as a Network Adaptor in Device Manager. The adptor is a Broadcom BCM94318MPG(802.11b/g) device on my. I have an XP CD and the original Gateway Windows XP CD and cannot get Windows to find the driver on the cds. Can't connect to the internet so I can't get anyupdates. Is there a way test the adaptor to see if it's cooked or not? Is there a procedure to get the machine to recognize the adaptor?

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Windows 7 Machine No Longer Sees Share From WHSV1

Sep 23, 2011

I've been running WHSV1 for at least 3 years now without any problems. Upgraded my client to Windows 7 and stream movies etc.. no issues at all. I gave "guest" account enabled with full access on the WHS server machine and just mapped theshares on my laptop..Anyway, I did some updates on my windows7 laptop and now the computer can no longer see the "server" machine."Server" appears in "other devices" in windows explorer but I can't do anything with it. Just takes me to a page by godaddy.Also, I can no longer use RDP from within my own network! Says the SERVER machine does not exist.I can log in to the server just fine using logmein.

Also, made sure the windows machine has the network that it joined set to "home." I've had a similar problem years ago when I used to use zone alarm but I don't know how to fix it now. It's as if a firewall is blocking it or something.

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Cisco VPN :: Why RV082 PPTP No Longer Working With Windows 7 Clients

Nov 2, 2011

RV082 Firmware Version Firmware Version

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Dell :: Vostro 3550 / N1030 - Complete Reinstall No Longer Recognized By Windows 7

May 29, 2012

last week i noticed a lot of connectivity issues while surfing the web through wifi. my setup: dell vostro 3550, wireless adapter n1030, win7 64-bit after several attempts of fixing the issue following recommendations wrt the n1030 adapter (eg deactivating bluetooth, changing channels of router to 1 or 11, etc), I decided to complete erase all driver and hardware entries of the blue-tooth wireless adapter (like suggested in this thread: [URL]

afterwards i installed ALL available and latest drivers from dell or/and intel regarding this wifi adapter. the result is that the wireless adapter is again shown in the hardware manager and also in the system information of win7 which is great.BUT, somehow the win7 wifi network software/tools does still not recognize the adapter by the means of unplugging the lan cable i just see the wifi symbol with a red x. also opening the network and sharing console does not show the adapter to me although when clicking on "configure wifi networks" and "adapter properties" it is there and active "ready to use". additionally, the intel wireless diagnosis tool tells me that the adapter must have been deactivated or deinstalled. well, the tool is partially right, but the adapter was reinstalled and shows up in the hardware manager. somehow it missed that point ?

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Getting An Error 651 On Windows 7?

Dec 11, 2012

Any simple solution for error 651 on windows 7 ?

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Windows 7 PPTP VPN Error 807 And 800?

Mar 21, 2011

don't steer the topic from PPTP to IPsec and other types of VPN which is more secure than PPTP,,,,etc have got this scenario windows 7 is acting as vpn client at home and windows XP is acting as vpn server at workAt home (LAN address is 192.168.10.x/24)And I configured windows 7 as VPN client same as here [CODE]

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS Windows Error

Jun 4, 2013

I have the message error in my ACS 5.4 after migrate the versión (5.3 to 5.4)

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Windows 7 - No Internet Connection DNS Error?

Apr 21, 2011

what should i do i have no internet connection at all but just under time warner cable, im running a laptop with windows 7 .i had try everything but no luck im thinking it maybe incompatibility with the modem/router

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Network Connection Error In Windows 7

Jan 29, 2011

I have 3 laptops running through a wireless lan. All laptops connect to the router, and 2 of them connect through to the internet. One of them will not connect to the internet. I have tried using an ethernet cable connection, and this did not work either. The more worrying thing for me (not being so computer literate) is that I could not even get a response when I pinged the modem when it was connected with a cable to the PC. The network sharing centre says that I have a default gateway access issue or that "wireless network connection" doesn't have a valid IP configuration, I have lost the ability to print with wifi and my Sonos system now no longer connects. I also get a media disconnected message when I do an ipconfig.

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Cisco :: Installing LMS 4.2.3 For Windows Error?

Dec 23, 2012

im trying to install Cisco prime LMS 4.2.3 for Windows 2008 R2 standard x64.however i have received this error message.
----- end of Dependency Handler Log File
-----Dependency Handler Errors
ERROR: csjre not found
ERROR: Component csjre is not found.
cdone : depends on :csjre
----- end of Dependency Handler Errors


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Windows Cannot Connect To Printer Error 0x0000046a

Jun 11, 2011

Running Windows 7 32-bit on remote system and Windows XP 32-bit service pack 3 on system where printer is connected by USB cable. printer is HP Color Laserjet CM1312nfi. Windows 7 driver is loaded on remote computer.

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Error - Windows Could Not Setup Internet Connection?

Mar 14, 2011

I m facing Internet sharing problem in windows 7, when I m creating wireless adhoc network, so that on other(wi-fi enabled) system, I can use internet, At that time error like' Windows could not setup internet connection sharing' appears...

& after pressing ok... when I m doing it mannually( By going to the Properties of local area network-> then in Sharing tab option ] when I m selecting checkbox for internet sharing at that time error comes like' An error comes while internet connection sharing was being enabled The dep[endency service/group failed to start '

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Can't Network Windows 7 With XP Home - Login Error

Sep 3, 2011

I have 2 PC at home and would like to network them together so i could share the resources between them. But i could only manage to setup 'one way' - the XP Home could access the Windows 7 Ultimate but not the other way Whenever i double click on the XP Home, it will prompt me to login. But no matter what i enter, it will say its wrong. What weird is the 'domain'. The login dialog will show that im login into 'Domain: Windows7PC' when im trying to login into the XP. And after i have enter 'wrongly', it will show the username as 'Windows7PCusername' and ask to try again - it means im login into the Windows 7 And if i try to prefix the PC's name in front - \WindowsXPusername then it will prompt \WindowsXP is not accessible..... The specified username is invalid

Here is my 'settings'-

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Windows XP Home SP3
Both is on the same Workgroup/IPGroup/Netmask
Both has File & Printer Sharing Enabled
Have patch XP with KB922120v6


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Windows 7 Error Network Cable Unplugged

Apr 11, 2011

Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 RealtekPCIe GBE Family Controller With no apparent change in software or configuration, I am getting the 'Network cable unplugged' error. The cable connects another PC just fine so both the cable and router are OK.

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Windows 2008 R2 Server - Error 105 For Gmail Only?

Mar 8, 2013

I run a tiny home domain with 1 Windows 2008 R2 server and 2 clients (one for me and one for the hubby). Our server is DC, DNS, and DHCP server (and some other roles). Our clients are both Windows 8 but we use the standalone Chrome installation, version 25.0.1364.152 m.The problem is that on my Windows 8 client, every once in a while (not the same time period each time, but roughly every 6-15 days) I get the error in the title on one site when using Chrome only, which is Gmail. I can access and resolve Google and every other site, and my DNS server itself can resolve Gmail, but not until I flush the DNS of my local client will Gmail work again. Also strangely, I have left it on the morning when it happened before, and when I came home from work it had sorted itself out. The other client, hubby's Win 8 PC, also sometimes gets this issue, but not nearly as often as I do. Flushing the local DNS cache resolves it for him as well.

I used my ISP's DNS servers for forwarding initially, but changed to Google's and when this kept happening, and it didn't seem to make a difference. I've enabled scavenging and aging and all sorts and those are faithfully renewing themselves as expected, but as the problem only lies on the clients and never the server, I'm quite lost as to what to try next.I've had a look on the Chrome forums (gulp) and nothing seems to be as specific as this fault

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