Unable To Log On To Skype

Aug 28, 2011

We have wireless internet and atm only have 1 computer using it and a laptop. The normal browsing works just fine. I play world of warcraft and I log on, select my toon, get to the loading screen, and it either loads all the way and disconnects or goes all the way except a little and then disconnects me. It use to log on but i couldn't swithc specs w/o dcing. Also i would have to log off of skype, log on, then get back on to skype or i wasn't going to be able to get on. I've noticed recently that when i log onto one of my 85's some of the green lights turn red on the modem? I have made all the ports for WoW with the firewalls so I know its not that.

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Cannot Go On Internet On My Laptop - Unable To Skype

Mar 1, 2012

Basically, I manage to connect to xbox live with a bridged connection, but I then cannot go on the internet on my laptop, so I am unable to skype.

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Can't Connect To Skype

Nov 1, 2012

ive tried everything to connect to skype, im already connected but it says i can not connect or hat its sleeping

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Wireless :: How To Stop Skype Lag

Jan 9, 2011

I have TWC internet, I've never had a problem till 6months ago. I play online video games often and well it was all fine and dandy. My brother use to have a desktop which he skyped 24/7 webcam and all, that didn't bother my gaming till he got a laptop. Now that hes on a laptop and only when using a laptop on wireless it makes my internet go crazy. I played wow and my ping was 110 once he got started in a webcam session it would fly up to 1000+ in ping. PS3 would lag to s---. I'm not exactly sure whats causing the horrible lag, I know the program that does it is Skype webcam when ran on wireless. Some people say they use you as a super nod whoring your net out to others. Others thing is too many incoming connections bottlenecking my router. Is there any way to fix solve this problem?. I lag even when QoS is set. He uses a Windows 7 Laptop.

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Remove Skype As Homepage?

Aug 7, 2011

don't recall making skype my default internet application but apparently it has taken over. Not sure how but how do I remove same without losing my skype connection?

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Way To Open Skype - DNS Not Working

Jun 6, 2012

im using windows 7 when i open my yahoo messenger and gtalk its not opening due to dns prob well my skype opens howz it possible ive done all possiblites but no use and even its not conencting in my phone and if if take my lappi and use it in some other network it opens my question is how does skype opens while havin dns problem.

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Why Does Internet Keep Disconnecting When Using Skype

Mar 16, 2011

whenever me or my roommate tries using skype via wireless the internet connection drops. its connect thru my vonage phone line?

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Wireless :: Can Connect To Skype But Not Use Internet?

Jan 3, 2011

Can connect to skype on wireless laptop but not internet.Just says that a problem has caused the program to stop and will notifu you if a solution is available.It shows that the computer has both local and internet access.

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Internet Is Disconnecting On Skype And Battlefield?

Apr 11, 2013

I use Skype regulary to voice chat with my friends (usually while playing Games such as Battlefield 3)This was fine for a year, using a wireless dongle to connect to the internet.However, now Skype plummets in quality until it disconnects. And games just lag out after about 5 minutes.[CODE]

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Skype Crashes When Connection Completed?

Dec 18, 2011

This is a reload. It says that is incompatible. It fixes that, supposedly. I make a new call and the disconnection is repeated.

Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Skype.exe
Application Version:


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Suddenly Get Internet Continuous Disconnections From Skype?

Sep 2, 2011

When there's more than the usual (3) computers connected to our home network, i suddenly get internet problems which includes continuous disconnections from skype and wow (That's those I've noticed so far).Calling my ISP won't work because they will only say that since it's only my computer then it isn't their fault etc.

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Losing My Internet Randomly - Only Skype Working

Feb 27, 2012

Basically I keep losing my internet on my laptop only randomly. It started with only skype working and no internet on the pc. Then it went to alot of crashes that led me to system restore. Then it came back again. Im not sure what i can do about it?

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Laptop Will Connect To Skype But Not To Internet Explorer

May 29, 2012

I Have a problem with Internet connections. My laptOp will connect to Skype but not to Internet explorer. No error message appears, it just struggles to load web page. Wireless works fine as my iPad connects easily.Have looked at previous postings on the site that looked similar and reset the ie tools section to default..Recently had norton security expire and have uninstalled all of norton program.Have just signed up to new online security package through my Internet provider called Homesafe.

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How To Allow Skype Through TMG 2010 With HTTPS Inspection Enabled

Nov 9, 2011

I have got a TMG 2010 and i want to use Skype through it. if HTTPS inspection is enabled skype doesn't work, if it is disabled skype is working.What can i do for using Skype behind a TMG with httsp inspection so i want to use 8080 port only.I have excluded the 1 PC from HTTPS inspection or the destination URLs from HTTPS inspection.

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Broadband :: Can't Open / Connect Skype And Facebook

Apr 15, 2012

unable to connect my fb and skype. due on brown-out last 1 1/2hrs,it was not completely closed.

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Broadband :: Dx Error On Skype Freezes Computer

Oct 20, 2012

dx error on skype freezes computer

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Block Port 443 Only For Skype In Tp Link Router?

Jul 24, 2012

Except email, we want to block every thing for users temporarily through router.If I block all ports from 400 to 65334, skype doesn't work but email also doesn't work.If I open only port 443 among blocked, both email and skype works.

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When Speak Via Computer On Skype Friend Cannot Hear

Jan 18, 2011

My friend cannot hear me when I speak via my computer on Skype

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Using Skype With WRT160N?

Aug 21, 2008

While using Skype I am experiencing poor sound quality, sometimes callers are unable to hear me at all and visa versa.  There is a lot of cutting out.  My internet connection is fine. 

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Cisco WAN :: Skype Prioritize Traffic 3560

Jul 8, 2012

I Do want know what could be best Device to prioritize Skype Traffic i mean should i implement it on Cisco 3560 or squid or Mikrotik according to my current scenario to get best result.Also do Let know how to Prioritize Skype Traffic in Cisco 3560 Switch

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Cisco Firewall :: 5510 - How To Block Skype 5.1 On PIX And ASA

Oct 3, 2012

block skype 5.1 in my network. This version of skype doesn't need Administrator rights to be installed. In my network there are 2 ways to Internet, one filtered by a PIX 525 ver 6.3(3) and the other by a ASA 5510 ver 8.3(2). No IPS system present on my network.

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Windows XP - Skype Works But Browsers Don't Connect To Internet

Aug 30, 2011

I moved to a new place, with a new internet provider (a dorm, so it's all public). In my old place, my PC worked fine (Windows XP), but now it fails to connect to any of the Browsers. My laptop (Windows 7) is fine though with the same cable. No problems at all.

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Skype Works But Web Browsers Not - Firefox / IE Can't Load Any Pages

Aug 11, 2011

I've had problems with my net connection at home, Skype is working; at least just for IM, i haven't tried phone / web cam functions, but nothing else will, Firefox / IE can't load any pages, Live Messenger won't sign in, etc etc. I've had a few phone calls with my ISP who ended up running a line test and they insist that everything there end is fine.


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Cisco WAN :: 3750 Improve Quality Of Skype Calls

Mar 28, 2012

I'm in charge of the IT of a dorm with 200 inhabitants. A lot of people complain about the bad quality of "skype-calls". Audio is delayed and video stucks. The actual speed of our internet connection should be fast enough so I guess it has something to do with the QOS setting. I checked it on our WLC 3750 and right now we use Silver (best effort). Could there be any improvement when I set it to Platinum?

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Cisco WAN :: 2801 NBAR Skype Detection Wrong

Mar 13, 2011

I have a Cisco 2801, IOS  12.4(24)T2 (C2801-IPBASEK9-M) on a WAN link to another 2801, which appears to be wrongly detecting our cross-site EMC replication traffic as Skype.
I am 100% sure that Skype isn't running on any of our PC's, yet the Skype protocol is by far the highest used out of everything. I have watched these traffic stats late at night when nobody is on the network and when the only traffic is replication, and this is the protocol which is constantly increasing.
If I run 'sh ip nbar port' , Skype isn't listed in the port-map. If I use ? at the end of the command, it lists Skype as option. The 'sh ip nbar protocol-discovery' show the following (among others):

Last clearing of "show ip nbar protocol-discovery" counters 6d10h
Input                    Output                            -----                    ------   Protocol                 Packet Count             Packet Count                            Byte Count               Byte Count                            5min Bit Rate (bps)      5min Bit Rate (bps)                            5min Max Bit Rate (bps)  5min Max Bit Rate (bps)   ------------------------ ------------------------ ------------------------   skype                    76133998                 146572068                            6167477623               173614718864                            0                        0                            1221000                  8973000
EMC have informed me that the port used for replication is 8888, but I can't see how NBAR can think this is Skype.
why NBAR is detecting Skype traffic?!

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA5520 Allowing / Blocking Skype

Sep 17, 2012

I have the following: redundant ASA5520s on v8.2(1)proxy server/web filter for blocking access to websites for staff/studentsusers who want to use SkypeCisco Catalyst 4507 corea dozen VLANs for staff/student/WiFi etcCisco core policy that routes 80/443 to transparent proxy on a WiFi VLAN Windows desktops have direct proxy settings in IE .Pretty much all outbound ports are closed with 80/443 and a handful of specifics for various things open. Because of this Skype attempts to use 80/443 which are sent to the proxy server but bnecause they're not HTTP/HTTPS they cannot be understood. Skype attitude is to open 1024-65535 which is just plain stupid!
There's no way to specify which port(s) Skype uses for outbound. I tried opening 33000-33099 which worked perfectly for 2-3 devices (Win laptop, iPad) but others failed all the time.I've seen people mention using an AIP-SSM module in the ASA for blocking Skype (and other things eg torrents). Is it possible to use this module to allow Skype eg on ports 1024-65535 whilst blocking any other application from using those ports?

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Cisco WAN :: 1841 - High CPU Utilization When Skype Call Over VPN

Jul 22, 2012

Cisco IOS Software, 1841 Software (C1841-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.1(4)M2, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
When the client on a Branch Office LAN realizes calls to skype, there is a sharp loading of CPU on Branch router Cisco1841 (all Inet traffic goes through DMVPN-Tunnel Interface to proxy on Central Office).

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Routers / Switches :: Skype Reboots Router Gigaset Se568

Jul 24, 2012

Whenever I connect to Skype, the router gets restarted/ reboot. I am using Gigaset SE568 router.

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Wireless Network Shows Full Signal - Can't Connect To Anything But Skype

Nov 8, 2012

I had a small issue wherein my pc would lose ALL network connection to my pc, but the network icon showed that i had full signal, no issues. as long as i sign in on skype before the internet drops, it will stay on after it drops and i can still chat and everything, and to fix, i had to restart my pc. well, it had gotten better.And now its back, and WAY worse then before. skype doesnt have time to sign in upon bootup, and wont connect. steam wont connect, NOTHING will conect, but i still show full signal and no yellow mark or anything! I have done the following:

reinstall drivers
move wifi adapter
disable IPv6


and no, i am not able to reinstall windows. I am going to try (soon, i am not able to just yet) direct ethernet to my router. all other PCs in the house are working perfectly, even this one that is slow as crap because it has windows 7 and is designed for windows XP.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 Dropping Skype Calls

Apr 6, 2012

I just bought an e2500 to replace my WRT54g, hoping that it would fix my call dropping problem. I had tried installing some friend recommended third party firmware on the WRT54g that he said would fix my problem, and with my infinite technological wisdom and experience ended up bricking it.

My problem is that randomly during skype calls with my family back home, I will lose internet connection. It drops the skype call and then I cannot open a web page or anything for about 60 seconds. My internets dead, then it just starts working normally again by itself. I can have anywhere from 60 seconds of connectivity up to 20 minutes or more while skyping. This all happens over a wired connection. Changing the router didn't change a thing, the problem still happens in exactly the same way. I have good bandwidth and all that stuff.Also, I watch netflix on my Xbox 360 over a wireless connection. Sometimes it will just lose connection in the middle of a show. However, the difference is that I can reconnect almost instantly after an interruption on that device. I have fixed the settings on the two different channels according to one of the other post I found in this community, and have not tried those settings out yet. This doesn't worry me as much as the wired connection issues.

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Can't Make Skype Calling On Any Land Line / Cell Phone Anymore

Jun 26, 2012

I can't make skype calling on any land line or cell phone anymore. I think I Isp have blocked it. Is it possible that any isp can block ant internet calling?

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Login Multiple Facebook Accounts With A Single Skype ID Or A Unique Web-based?

Aug 22, 2012

I have a facebook account for work and another one personal, and another one for my family, sometimes it's distrubing to log in into the 3 accounts at once, is there any solution how to log into the 3 accounts using a single Skype ID? or a chat webpage such as meebo before instant chat which acquired by google on the 11 of july 2012, I used to log in meebo using my 2 MSN accounts an 1 yahoo account at once, it was a great one indeed?

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Cisco Firewall :: 5500 Blocking Skype Application Doesn't Work With ASA CX

May 12, 2013

I'm trying to build different content security scenarios for a potential deployment of ASA5500-X series firewall with CX module and ran into a trivial problem. A simple access policy has been configured to deny Skype. It's as simple as it sounds. To my surprise I don't see that it is being enforced.I have all my pending changes committed, events are now showing with hits, see attached print screens. Tried to start Skype on my PC with the source shown on the print screen it and don't see any effects of this policy.
As a side note, I know for sure that other type of filtering does work, i.e. I have configured a deny filter for gambling URL category and it seems to work nicely.

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