Cisco :: HTTPS Router Login Not Working In Web Browser?

Feb 21, 2013

I can put login into the router just fine.. But the same login doesn't seem to work via web browser

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT120N - Can't Accept Login Credentials When Login From IE10 Browser

May 9, 2013

 We have a Linksys WRT120N wireless router set up at one of our small offices. I noticed recently when trying to log in to the router to make some admin configurations that it will not accept the login credentials when trying to log in from IE10 browser. Works fine from Chrome, IE9, ect. logging in to a linksys router with IE10?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT610n Unable To Login Config Page Via HTTPS

Jul 13, 2012

I'm having wrt610n and there is an issue, i can login to the config page via http, but using the same computer i'm not able to login there via https but the same time i can login via ipad and the other computer, using the https.i even tried to reset the router settings, but the result was the same, so what PC option can cause it?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT610N - HTTPS Secure Login To Admin Page?

Mar 29, 2013

I am trying to log into my WRT610N version 2.0 Router  admin page using the secure HTTPS:// protocol I have the router local management setting to allow both http and https access login: I am using Microsoft IE version 10 and Firefox version 19.02 and latest Chrome browsers and none of them will work using the HTTPS protocol.This used to work in the past using older versions of the browsers though I would see a certicificate error warning.I have 2.00.01 build 15 firmware installed and I already tried reseting the router.  Perhaps the router needs new firmware update to handle this with the latest browsers?

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JavaScript Not Working On Any Browser?

Sep 17, 2012

certain javascript actions are not working on any browser (firefox 15.0.1 IE9, latest Chrome). [URL] and [URL]are two sites which do not work properly for me.

- Both sites worked in the recent past. One stopped working, then some days after, the other did too. Now both sites (eventually) load as simple hmtl but do not function.

- On screen notification from asks me to 'enable javascript to continue using site'

- Javascript is ticked as 'Enabled' on all browsers.

- This problem only present on my Windows 7 laptop and not on either of the other 2 machines which share my home modem

- the problem is present on any internet connection my machine uses (i.e. work wifi, local cafe's wifi)

- the problem persists with antivirus turned off (AVG)

- I've performed a full Firefox reset as per mozilla instructions

- The problem persists when I disable Firefox add-ons (the only add-on I have is ad-blocker) - but again, the problem persists across all browsers

- I'm not using any internet funny business (such as IP blockers or proxy servers)

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No Browser Working But Connected To Internet?

Mar 13, 2011

My daughters laptop is having tones of trouble connecting to the net. All browsers are giving me same "Can't connect" messages but automatic updates and stuff seem to be ok.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft� Windows Vista� Home Basic , Service Pack 1, 32 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 2650e, x64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2


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Hp G62 / Wifi Connected But Browser Not Working?

Dec 17, 2012

My hp/g62 is fine conecting to the wifi, but browser (chrome or Explorer - the same story) is only sometimes richable. It is alike I can see one website every 60 min. browser says: the website is unavaiable, connect later, and down on it: dns is not responding. Other time: connect error: time out etc?

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Laptop Wireless Connected But Browser Not Working

Apr 20, 2011

Out of the blue my wireless connection stopped working, my browser cannot connect, I don't know what to do. I have a Samsung laptop that's running on Windows 7. I thought it was the browser so I installed the Internet Explorer 9 and while doing so it was able to download the updates but when I open up the browser it still doesn't work.

I'm thinking that it might be a network problem but I've ran out of ideas. I have a netgear router that's connecting a desktop computer, two VOIP devices, my sisters Mac works but we have two laptop that aren't working. I've also tried connecting it directly to an ethernet cable from the router but it's still not able to open the browser.

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.3 - HTTPS Access Stopped Working?

Feb 25, 2013

For some reason i can't get access anymore to the web interface of our ACS 5.3 appliance.Where i used to get a certificate warning first, and after that the ACS5 login screen, i now get totally no response anymore in my IE browser.
I can telnet to port 443 of the unit however.  And i (fortunately) still have ssh access to the unit.  So i did a reload (microsoft habits) but that did'nt solve anything.https access to other systems from the same browser is functioning fine
admin# sh ver
Cisco Application Deployment Engine OS Release: 1.2ADE-OS Build Version: System Architecture: i386
Copyright (c) 2005-2009 by Cisco Systems, Inc.All rights reserved.Hostname: <deleted>
Version information of installed applications---------------------------------------------
Cisco ACS VERSION INFORMATION-----------------------------Version : Build ID : B.839Patches :5-3-0-40-55-3-0-40-8

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Browser Stopped Working - Winsock Provider Catalog

Jan 19, 2011

suddenly all of my browsers stoped working,with mozzila it happens nothing at all,even don't show this page cannot be displayed thing,google chrome show that kind of message,while internet explorer suggest testing conectivity and shows message that problem is winsock provider catalog.

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Browser (ff / IE / Chrome) And MSN Not Working But BitTorrent And Gameranger Work Fine

Apr 19, 2011

i share internet with my neighbor (we split the bill) and every so often like in the last 2 days, and usually not again for another 3 weeks for 2-3 more more days each time, am not able to browse(ff, chrome, ie) or use windows live messenger, but yet if i turn on bittorrent, the downloads are fine, the trackers don't update, but DHT and peer exchange update fine.And also, i can get on Gameranger (which uses UDP port 16000) and play games, and this happens to all 5 computers on the network, (4 wireless at my house[3 XPs 1 Win7] and one wired at her house[Win 7]), so it's not something on the computer, also, usually when i check my router the subnet is usually but this morning before i came to work i noticed it was , not sure if that matters, this has been happening for months, usually between every 3-4 weeks, we have no browser and msn use for 2-3 days?

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Dell :: 2320 I7 - When Viewing Video From YouTube / IPlayer - Browser Stop Working

Dec 7, 2011

My 3rd day with my newly bought All-In-One 2320 i7, 2TB, 8MB...This is the seond issue I found on this machine:Browse iplayer page, choose a video to watch, but...when viewing video from iplayer in IE, browser stop working. The whole page freeze.Same thing happened on youtube.

Things I have tried:

- Test it in Firefox. Same result. So bad.

- Update my flash player, java,..etc.

What else can I do? So dissapointed. I have promissed my son to show him the cbb animation cartoon on my new computer (big screen)..

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Cisco :: CNA 5.8 Network Assistant - CCO Login Not Working

Sep 19, 2012

CNA 5.8(1)
32 devices
When I first launch the application, it promots for CCO login information, but then tells me the username or password is invalid.  I reset it once, and it appeared to work.  Next time I launched the application though, it gave me the same login error and did not store any of the device credentials.  This is a new install of CNA and it just has one community setup on it now.  I've tried 2 different CCO accounts and they both give the same login failure.  I know the passwords I'm using are correct though.

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Cisco Security :: ISE 1.1.1 Login Not Working After Install On VMWare On ESX 5.0

Oct 1, 2012

I did an ISE 1.1.1 installation on a VMWare with ESX 5.0. After installation I am not able to login with my credentials(username admin, password XXXX) I can ping my ISE server after initial installation but  I can not ping my ISE server after full installation.I did the installation several times and even did it on a VM with differrent VMversion.

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 - VPN And Admin Login Stopped Working

May 16, 2012

My organization has deployed 3 Cisco RV042 (v3) at our 3 sites. They have been working pretty well up until about a week ago. One of them continues to route traffic and perform port-forwarding, but the VPN has completely stopped working and I can no longer access the web administration interface. I get the standard login page, but any attempt to login (with correct or incorrect password) takes maybe 5 minutes with a spinning status icon, followed by a blank page leaving the browser at: url...
I have the router logs e-mailed to me, and I can see that the system boots up with Jan 1 2010 as the system date, but it eventually gets the correct date from NTP, so I'm doubting this is causing the problem.
These were working for months prior to this happening, and even a reboot of the affected RV042 does not allow me to log into it or setup the VPN tunnels. I have found similar threads on this forum: url...

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Protocols / Routing :: Successful Login Redirects Back To Login Page After Satellite Upgrade?

Feb 10, 2012

I have a website account with fatcow. I created the website with Dreamweaver software and uploaded it to fatcow via port 21.My internet connection was via xplornet and I had no access problems. I upgraded to xplornet's new g4 system and now I can no longer access my account online or upload to my website.We have two computers. The first is a desktop system that has the dreamweaver software. The second is a laptop which connects wirelessly. We share the signal through a dlink router. The modem is a viasat Surfbeam 2 residential satellite modem.1. When I attempt to login to the fatcow control panel, the tab shows successfully authenticated and then re-directs me back to the login page. This happens on both the laptop and the desktop.

I have tried bypassing the router and the problem still exists.I took the laptop to the computer center and I can login to the account no problem.I used a free proxy server page on the internet and can login from my home system on my desktop no problem.I have completely turned off virus scan and firewalls. It doesn't work. I have tried IE7, Chrome, Firefox and they all have the same problem. The laptop runs IE8 and has the same problem.I can ping the page successfully. I can traceroute the page successfully. I can't nslooup any site at all. I get the domain not existant message.My ip and dns settings are the automatically find option.I have renewed ips and dumped the dns cache.Using alternate dns addresses doesn't rectify the problem. When I attempt to upload via dreamweaver, I connect but within seconds I get a Dreamweaver message that says "Connection to remote host has been lost. Click refresh to continue" and the log reads "FTP Error. Dreamweaver could not connect to server." I haven't taken my desktop anywhere to try to see if it works on a different network. I'm in a remote location (hence the satellite internet)and it is an hours drive to the nearest private internet connection and a 2 hour drive to the nearest public connection.

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Cisco WAN :: HTTPS Traffic Slow Over 877 Router

Feb 12, 2013

I have reconfigured the router from scratch using all sorts of methods and can not work out whats wrong, basically when the client is going to their bank the login screen takes upto a minute to load, and the same with hotmail. However using a cheap billion router these login screens are instant
Checking the CPU usage shows the CPU is hovering around 5-20% at the worst of timesThere is about 10 machines behind this router and they do not do that much intensive work over the link besides Outlook Anywhere (HTTPS)I have put a ACL on the LAN connection to only allow 1 machine in and still no luckI have also updated the IOS to c870-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T4.binAll other traffic runs fine over the link and there are no complaints on standard HTTP traffic 

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Router Window Default On Browser?

Mar 14, 2013

Id like to keep private the fact that im using a Dlink router, for exemple, if someone tries to connect to my network they will be directed to a page with something like,d-link error page Oops! The page you requested is not available

Where can I delete this function, so that there is no page at all shown ?

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Setup Https Or Http On Additional Router?

May 5, 2011

I will be adding wireless access points or repeaters on a business network. The business already has one wireless router using a https login, that 15 computers are wired to, through switches. This Secure http router is directly connected to the cable modem.Would I be loosing the benefit of Secure http by adding wireless access points or repeaters that don't support it? Or would they be securely routed by the main https router connected to the gateway?I have never had the opportunity to work with a secure http router before.

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Routers / Switches :: Multiple NAT On Https Router?

Feb 20, 2012

is there any router for small office company that can NAT multiple https and support multiple public ip address?I want to host our multiple website via https.

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Home Network :: How To Access Router From Internet Browser

Jan 31, 2013

I am experiencing problems trying to access my routers HTTP-type configuration. I have a Billion 400G router. The address to access the router was always and that has always worked. A dialog box would appear asking for a username and password. Now it doesn't even reach that screen. It says that the connection timed out. I've tried Firefox/Chrome/IE10. To no avail. My system: Windows 8 build 9500. Also something weird. When I type in this Microsoft thing comes up with IIS 8.

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Protocols / Routing :: Router DC's When Close Browser Window

Jun 17, 2011

I am having a problem with my router disconnecting every time that I close a browser window. I am pretty sure that it is a problem with either my Desktop or my WiFi usb card that is connected to my Desktop. I have tested this on my laptop and it doesn't seem to have the same issue. Has any heard of this or does any have a solution to how I can get this working correctly?

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Netgear Router - Browser Pops Up And Says Cannot Display Webpage

Jul 3, 2011

We have a NETGEAR router that we have been using for at least a year now which has not given us any problem. I bought a new laptop yesterday and created a new network on it to establish internet connection for it. Now however, the internet is not working on another laptop or the XBOX 360. The older laptop even says it's connected but the the brower pops up, it just says cannot display webpage. I feel like I've tried every strategy that I know of and it still doesn't work.

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Protocols / Routing :: Cannot Connect To Router Page On Browser

Jul 28, 2011

I recently am trying to get an open nat type so I can play Playstation network better. I watched a video and they told me to turn off the NAT and I did now it does not let me connect to the router page now, I can connect to the internet and stuff but I can't connect to the router page

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Router Setting - Getting Error On Browser (could Not Find Server)?

May 23, 2012

Earlier today I was attempting to do something with my router settings and ended up reading on the internet that I needed to do a hard reset to access my router interface - when I typed in the IP address, it came to a "could not find server" error in the browser. After doing the hard reset (holding down the reset button for 30 seconds) I was able to access the router, and adjust the settings. After doing this though I was no longer able to connect to the internet through the router, although the router is sending out a signal (it says connected to linksys but "no internet connection"). I am currently connected directly to the modem right now using my laptop.

Additional Information:
Router model: WRT45G v.3
ISP: Bellsouth

TL;DR: Did a hard reset on my router, now it's sending out a signal, but no internet. Modem still has internet, as does the router, (the internet button is green).

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Access WRT54G Through IP Within Browser

Apr 7, 2012

I can't access the router through the IP within the browser. It's an older WRT54G. I've never used the downloaded software that allows you to connect to it, but that's what I was going to try.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 Cannot Access Via Web Browser

Apr 28, 2013

Before the latest update and with the latest update, after about one week, I cannot access the router wirelessly using Using IE 10, Chrome, and FireFox all give me no response. I type in the address and the web page never changes. It keeps me at the home page of my browser. I do not get any errors or messages.
Also I tried to use the DHCP Reservation page, and the names of the devices will not allow spaces or any special characters. Sure would be nice to allow such.
I just noticed that my router reverted back to I have updated twice via the web browser to version and once via direct connection and the downloaded file, but the router keeps reverting back to the older firmware.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160N - Can't Open Https://

Nov 15, 2012

I need to get to my web admin page, but I cannot get into my router to do so.
IE tells mt that there is a certifacte error, and then gives me the option of going in anyway.
When I select that option, nothing happens, and the same IE warning page remains.
I am plugged directly into an e-net port on the router, and it is a WRT160N.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt160nl Management Via HTTPS

Mar 2, 2013

I have an issue with new Win8 & IE10. When I try to access web management interface of my wrt160nl (Firmware Version: 1.00.01 B15) via HTTPS I'm receiving the foolowing message:"Continue to this website (not recommended)." If I click on it another error page appears:"Certification error: Navigation blocked. There is a problem with this website's security certificate"
At the same time I'm able to acccess the management interface via HTTPS, but from my laptop with Win7 & IE9. There if I click on the red Certificate Error > View certificate and the certificate information is:Issued by: Linksys Issued to: Linksys Valid from : 1.1.2009 to 1.1.2010
 So I'd like to know if I could update the router certificate or what settings should I use in IE10 in order to access the web management interface via HTTPS?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Browser Cannot Display E3200 Webpage?

Jun 25, 2011

I have installed my E3200 downstream from the Verizon FiOS Actiontec (going the other way disables FiOS functions). 1.  My browser can get to the E3200 ( when connected via wireless, but not when connected via ethernet cable. 2. When going to connect wirelessly, the 2GHz connection is visible but the 5 GHz connection is not  (I have them named differently).    How do I see both wireless connections?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Can't Get To Browser Based Utility

Dec 31, 2012

When I try to access the browser based utility through the address bar, I don't have the username or password.....tried admin for both and for just the pw.  When I try to access advanced settings through Cisco Connects router settings / advanced settings, it comes up as if many objects were unable to load.  Linksys E2500. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Unable To Access WRT310N Through Browser

Feb 9, 2009

I am unable to access my router through the ip address ( even though I have verified that is the address. To be sure, I did an ipconfig release/renew, but no results. I want to limit a user's network access by MAC address and I don't think I can do that without accessing the router thru the ip address. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 - Guest Access Through Web Browser?

Mar 26, 2012

I have the guest Access enabled on my E4200 but I can't get any of the apple devices or dell laptops to show the LOGIN screen in the web browser.

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