Cisco :: Local Subnets Can't Browse Each Other (but Can Ping Ok)

May 21, 2011

I just installed a new ASA 5505 for an office with three internal subnets.* The three networks can each get online fine and ping eachother, but cannot browse to shares on the two internal networks other than their own.* How do I configure the ASA to allow all traffic between these three inside networks?


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Local And Internet But Can't Browse?

Dec 4, 2011

I have an hp laptop running on vista. When I connect my laptop wirelessly to the Thomson router it shows local and internet but I can't browse the internet! But when I connect the router to the laptop with the Ethernet cable everything works fine

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WRT600N - Communicating Between 2 Different Local Subnets

May 8, 2012

I have the following equipments & specifications

1 Mac OS
1 Windows XP
1 Linksys Cisco WRT600N router

My Mac OS will be on a local subnet (example, and my Windows XP will be on another local subnet (example

How am I supposed to configure my router in order for both of my 2 subnets (Mac OS & Windows XP) to "talk" to each other ?

On another note, I would also like my MAC OS IP address to be dynamically assigned from the router (DHCP server for this subnet), while my Windows XP IP address can be statically assigned.

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Can Ping But Not Browse

Jan 19, 2011

We've got about 15pcs at work, all on one network. All connect to one switch, and the router connects to the switch so all has internet access. Four pcs has got windows vista on, the rest XP. Yesterday I tuned on the one pc with Vista on, but could not connect to a mapped drive. I checked in the network places, i could see only three pcs, all three xp pcs. I can browse the internet, but not the pcs on my local network, and I can ping the pcs on the network.

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Local Network Computers Can't Browse The Internet?

Feb 12, 2011

We have Linux server (CentOS) and nearly 120 computers in the local network ( and nearly 20 computers have their own IP-address (real address). Periodically the 192-network computers can't browse the Internet; ping to the server is working; computers which have their own address are working properly

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Can't Browse Local Area Network

Jan 10, 2011

I am not able to browse my local area network. I get internet fine. I have a vista laptop connecting wirelessly and the dir-655 is connected to a giga switch. The rest of my network is connected to that switch.

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New PCs On Network Can Ping But Can't Browse - Old PCs Okay

Feb 3, 2012

I have a very strange problem affecting my LAN. New entrants to the network can ping successfuly but cannot browse. Rest of the pcs that have been on the network before are browsing quite fine. Even when I connect new PC directly to the router LAN ports, problem still persists. I've tried four different new laptops so far. I've even intalled a new router to no avail.

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Ping Everything On Network But Cannot Browse Any Pc

Feb 10, 2012

I can ping all the devices on my network but cannot browse any pc/server, mapped drives now disconnected. I can access the laptop from another machine and can browse the internet from the laptop. It has windows 7 ultimate. I have tried everything from forums, sfc/ scannow, flushdns, all services started.

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Connected But Can't Browse Or Ping?

Feb 6, 2011

I've been stuck with a connection problem on my desktop for 6 months and nothing I do can fix it. My computer technician friends can't fix it either, so here's my last gasp attempt to get it online before I throw the machine out of the window.I'm using XP, don't recall ever having downloaded any Service Packs, and am trying to connect wirelessly to my home network here in France. Laptops and iPhones connect no problem. I don't think it's the wireless network card (which I bought nearly 5 years ago) as I had the same connection problem in my last apartment, with the same internet provider. I eventually borrowed an ethernet cable and managed to get it working wirelessly, but I have no idea how I did it.

The computer connects to the wireless network but I can't browse or ping. I've flushed dns, tried to input the ip manually, checked and unchecked LAN settings, checked and unchecked Internet Protocol TCP/IP, i've tried winsock, I've done the netsh reset and NOTHING worksI've checked the security settings, password and encryption a hundred times, I've disabled the firewall and today I've pulled out the recovery disks It didn't.Interestingly, the desktop has suddenly decided to go online once or twice (after I'd disabled Norton) but as soon as I shut down, I'm back to square one

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Broadband :: Windows 7 Can Ping But Not Browse?

May 18, 2011

3 different browsers fail to see the internet. can ping all domains.

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Wireless Can Ping But Not Browse Windows 8

Nov 27, 2012

New windows 8 laptop, wired connectivity works fine, wireless connects but can't browse. Can ping ip addresses and websites dns but cannot browse.

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Servers :: Ping Server But Cannot Browse On Client?

Mar 16, 2011

two of my workstation can not receive ip address from the server but can ping server. So i can not browse with them

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Cisco Routers :: RVS4000 Connects To ISP Can Ping And Tracer But Cannot Browse

Sep 22, 2012

Router connects to ISP but cannot browse the Internet. I have updated the firmware to and that did not work. Reset the router to factory settings and that did not work either. Router had worked until the ISP changed the ONT. The router worked initally after the ONT was changed, but that changed sometime during the day as it did not work that night. The ISP gave me a netgear router and that works, so I can connect, but I would rather the RVS4000 would work. I assume a setting at the ISP, but do not know which one. I get an error on the computer "name resolution for the name timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded" I can ping, tracert and my little weather gadget works, but a web page will not display

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Cisco :: 1240AG - Unable To Browse / Ping Over Wireless On Laptop

Jun 1, 2011

I have Aironet 1240AG and the 2 laptops connected to same SSID. Unable to can ping each other but can ping/browse server on wired.
Below are my config:
Current configuration : 2646 bytes!version 12.4no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecservice password-encryption!hostname AP2!enable secret 5 $1$7EVQ$2FN7ewjcrwKCICIfmFgCO.!no


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Routers / Switches :: Why Can't Ping Computers On Separates Subnets

May 21, 2012

My new employer has asked me to determine any issues that could be causing performance issues our LAN. The network has two subnets and one of the first things that I noticed is that I cannot ping computers on subnet A from subnet B. I've looked into this and found a few things.-I CANNOT traceroute to computers on subnet B from subnet A-I CAN NMAP to computers on subnet B from subnet A-Computers on subnet A CAN ping other computers on subnet A and computers on subnet B CAN ping other computers on subnet B-Computers on subnet A CAN ping and access servers on subnet BI am relatively new to networking and not exactly sure where to start investigating this problem.

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3Com 4200G Switch (Part 3C17660-91) - Cannot Ping The Device Or Browse?

Feb 16, 2011

I have the above mentioned switch. I assisgned an IP address to the switch some time ago, but never had cause to use it (as it was purhcased as a spare).The problem I have now is that I cannot ping the device or browse to it via IE. Using hyperterminal and the CLI i have attempted to assign the same IP address, but i get a warning along the line of already assigned.I have set IP's to other 3COM model switches without problems. why I cannot ping this device or assist in connecting to it via IE?

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Cisco VPN :: 2801 Can't Ping Local LAN

Apr 23, 2011

i have configured remote access vpn on my 2801 router's gio0/0 int ip x.x.x.1. i connected my laptop through vpn client from internet. i connected successfully and my vpn router gives me the assigned ip block y.y.y.1. from my laptop i can ping the other int gio/1 ip z.z.z.1 but i cant ping the ip z.z.z.2 of my core sw which is connected on router's int gi0/1.

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Can't Ping Loopback Or Local Ip

Jan 4, 2011

I have a cisco router 2811 connected on other two routers but can't ping any of them from any of them too (frame-relay encap correct) DLCI mapping ok all ip configured only router 2 's line protocol is up the rest is down on others and seems LMI sent are not receive and do know how correct that

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Cisco :: 1140 APs - No Ping To Host From Local LAN

Apr 3, 2013

I'm using 3 AP's 1140 with local authentication using local radius (flex connect mode).the radius server im using is MS 2008 R2.authentication is working great on all devices pc's&mobile.authentication method is PEAP wpa2 aes enterprise.after 3 or 4 hours devices loose connectivity to the web.the device seems to be still connected to the ap but there is no ping to host from local lan or any arp learnd on local router.only manual disconnect on device and reconnecting brings connectivity up one case only reseting the AP's worked.

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Cannot Ping Local Domain Unless Specify DNS 1 On Workstation?

Nov 27, 2012

I cannot ping mydomain.local from any computer on my network. In order to this, I have to set DNS 1 as my server's ip address, then I can ping it. The reason this is a problem is because in order to add a workstation to my domain, I have to manually configure DNS to my server's ip. I have two networks, all new systems and this occurs on both. So obviously it is the way im setting things up[CODE]

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Cisco WAN :: 2800 / VPN Client Gets Connected But Cannot Ping Local LAN

Jan 18, 2013

I am trying to connect my 2800 Series CIsco Office router with VPN client software from home. I can successfully authenticate and get the IP address from the pool configured  but couldnt ping any LAN Ips including default gateway. I am pasting my router's configuration.

IP Address Of LAN: 192.168.22.x/ 24
IP Addresses handed out to Clients:
 aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local

I have noticed that my virtual-access interface comes up but the line protocol of virtual-interface remains down as follows:

Virtual-Template100        x.x.x.x YES TFTP   up                    down
Also The client PC picks up a random gateway of which I never configured anywhere on the server.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 - Cannot Ping Local Traffic And Hosts

Jul 24, 2012

I have, what I believe to be, a simple issue - I must be missing something. Site to Site VPN with Cisco ASA's. VPN is up, and remote hosts can ping the inside int of ASA ( There is a PC ( plugged into e0/1.

I know the PC is configured correctly with Windows firewall tuned off. The PC cannot get to the ouside world, and the ASA cannot ping

I have seen this before, and I deleted VLAN 1, recreated it, and I could ping the local host without issue. Basically, the VPN is up and running but PC cannot get out

ASA Version 7.2(4)
hostname *****
domain-name *****
enable password N7FecZuSHJlVZC2P encrypted

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Cisco WAN :: 2610 / Windows 7 Can't Ping Past Local Interface

Jul 18, 2012

Ive got my home lab setup with two 2610 routers hooked togeather with a DTE/DCE Crossover and I have OSPF configured on both routers. Each router has one 3550 switch connected to each FA0/0 inteface. The issue is that Everything can be pinged except my windows 7 PC connected to the R1 LAN. Everything else can be pinged from any other device. I checked the PC gateway configuration, disabled the firewall and checked my switch configuration! Is their something that I need to change in Windows?
Windows PC ------------ 3550 Switch-------------R1-----------------------------------R2---------------------3550 Switch----------------------Linux Box
Windows PC can't ping past the FA0/0 interface between the switch and R1

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.4 / NAT Some Subnets To One IP And Other Subnets To Another IP?

Aug 15, 2012

I need to NAT some subnets to one IP and other subnets to another IP. The range command want work because some of the subnets are out of order.For example  subnets - and, nat'd to  subnet nat'd to

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 1921 Router To Ping The Local Devices Connected To Network

Feb 7, 2013

I wounder if there is any way to ping the local deviceses connected to a network hosted by a Cisco 1921 router? I wan't to be able to ping the device(computer name) but currently cant do that.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54gs / Setup Local DNS Server To Manage Small Office Local-only Domain Names?

Apr 22, 2012

i'm trying to setup a local DNS server to manage small office local-only domain names for our servers. i have the DNS working properly (resolving local machines and using the ISP dns if it can't). so i put the DNS server ip into the "Static DNS 1" field of the router settings. the other 2 static dns fields are empty.the problem is that the router is still using the ISP dns server as the primary and my local dns server as the secondary. i verify this in two places. first, if i go to the "status" tab, DNS 1 shows the ISP server while DNS 2 shows my local DNS server. secondly, if i connect to the wireless device with a linux-based machine, the /etc/resolv.conf file shows the nameserver ips in the same incorrect order.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3560G Can Ping Devices In Enterprise LAN But Cannot Ping Interface

Mar 31, 2012

I have a new 3560G to set up a small network for a remote site. I configured the vlan and an SVI as the gateway. The switch is also the DHCP server for the LAN. I configured Gi0/2 as L3 port, connecting to the nearest neighbor. My network runs EIGRP so i advertised the routes into the EIGRP process. The switch forms EIGRP neighbors and learns all routes in the enterprise network. The problems I'm having now are: 1. The switch learns all routes in my enterprise LAN and can ping devices in the enterprise LAN, but I can’t ping any interface on the switch from the enterprise LAN. 2.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Can Ping From R1 To R3 SVI4 Gateway But Cannot Ping Host

Dec 12, 2011

I set this up and I can ping all the gateways but never the hosts.  I was hoping I could make these links between 6500's a mix of L2 and L3.  Check it out.  They are connected in a linear fashion R1--->R2--->R3.  I can ping from R1 to R3's SVI4 gateway but I can never ping a host on that SVI4.  I was hoping that I could use the port-channels between 6500's as routed links or as trunk links depending on the type of traffic....thought it would ease the migration.  I suppose I could always get rid of the port-channels and just make separate L2 and L3 links between the 6500's.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 4.2.2 Unable To Ping 1 Internet Site From Edge Router Able To Ping

Jan 18, 2013

From My Router that connects to Cable modem i am unable to ping website am able to ping all other websites fines.Same website i can ping from my pc and all other switches fine.Router has only 1 ACL thats for NAT.

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Routers / Switches :: Windows Ping Success But Mac Ping Fails

Aug 15, 2011

When I ping an address from my windows machine, it succeeds, but when I ping to the same IP on my MAC OS X machine, it fails.

1. Why?

2. How to get successful ping on my MAC machine?

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Unable To Browse Anything

Oct 21, 2011

I have just bought a new router and am trying to connect it. I did the basic set up with an install disc to the problem is that when I connect to the Wireless network it only gives me limited access to the internet for instance I am able to use Skype and other applications that rely on internet connection, but when it comes to web browsers (both Mozilla & Safari) it shows the url section loading but only ever makes it mid way (the page always stays blank) .

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Can't Browse To Some Websites

Nov 12, 2011

Well actually now i have another problem. I easily works to like search on google. for example wikipedia works too. But from the moment i want to go to facebook or something similar, it doesn't work?

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Cannot Browse Web Internet

Nov 13, 2012

I am working on a friends vista machine and I cannot browse the web internet is connected I can ping say and get a reply but if I ping (url)it say its unreachable. I have reset winsock and the tcpip stack stopped and started the DNS service tried manually entering DNS servers and no luck.

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