Cisco :: Migration From Windows LMS 4.0.1 To Appliance 4.1?

Oct 4, 2011

Can't see this in the documentation, as only Solaris to soft appliance is mentioned, so does anyone know if you can migrate data from LMS 4.0.1 on Windows 2008 to the soft appliance on LMS 4.1?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Migration ACS 5 Appliance To ACS 5.1 Vmware

Jun 7, 2011

I'm with problems to migrate the ACS 5.1 hardware to  ACS 5.1 vmware. In my infraestructure I have a appliance with ACS 5.1 and I need to migrate to vmware to do HA. I installed vmware as the Cisco ACS recommendations. I made ​​a backup of the ACS hardware and copied the local disk vmware ACS.
When I start the restore process after a few minutes an error occurs:
UMA/admin# dir
Directory of disk:/
    33293306 Jun 08 2011 16:51:38  bkp-production-110608-1433.tar.gpg
       5862 Nov 07 2009 01:06:32  favicon.ico.1
      16384 Jun 06 2011 17:54:34  lost+found/

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 Data Migration From Windows To UNIX OS

Dec 13, 2011

I was using CiscoWorks LMS4.0 on a Windows server 2008 R2. Now I wanted to do an upgrade to the newest LMS 4.1 version and in the same time switch to the new Linux soft appliance. After that I copied all the backup data to the appliance, I launched the "" script and unfortunately got the error "The Backup archive is from WINDOWS . But the current OS is UNIX. Restore is not supported across OS." Is there eventually any possibility to however migrate the data to the appliance?? As Cisco is offering the 2 platforms, there should be a possible migration path.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Best Method Of Migration From ACS 4.1.(1) Windows To ACS 5.2

May 9, 2011

we currently have 4x ACS 4.1 (1) build 23 windows based and we are going to migrate to ACS 5.2 appliance 11211.the first pair we are using simply local authentication for multiple vendor firewall and routers, with one custom radius vendor-specific attributes, with now she exec.the second pair we are using for wireless clients authentication through AD, with dynamic mapping.
 in order to migrate what would be the most suitable migration, whether to use Migration utility or export those ACS objects and import them into the new ACS 5.2.

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Cisco :: Upgrade LMS Windows 3.2 To Virtual Appliance 4.1?

Sep 5, 2011

currently have LMS 3.2 on a Windows server. I'd like to upgrade to 4.1 on a virtual appliance. I don't care about migrating data and would probably like to just start fresh. My question is If I were to download the 4.1 evaluation virtual appliance and also purchase the 3.2 to 4.1 upgrade license would I be able to apply that license to the evaluation?

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Cisco Application :: ACE4710 Appliance To ANM Virtual Appliance NATed

Oct 12, 2011

We have an ACE Appliance in a DMZ and the ACE Appliance's Admin Context IP is translated between ACE and ANM. The ANM Server does not get translated. It is just the opposite then in another Community discussion.
Our Problem: When adding the ACE4710 Appliance to the ANM imported Device List, we use the ACE's NATed Admin Context IP. Import works well, but ANM reflects the Admin Context IP with it's real configured IP. Polling the ACE Appliance does not work therefore.
Is there a possibility of telling the ANM, that the ACE has to be polled through a NATed IP? I could not find a field to set a NATed Mgmt IP.
Configured IP on ACE Admin Context:
NATed ACE Admin  Context IP: 
Imported ACE with IP into ANM, but ANM polls for Rserver, Vserver, Probes, etc. via - which is not reachable from the ANM.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Windows Remote Agent For ACS 4.2 Appliance?

Jun 7, 2011

The problem is that i had configured the ACS appliance with a remote agent to Integrate with Microsoft active directory and I installed that agent on one of our domain controls and it is working fine.
When I installed another agent on anther domain control and add it to the ACS server it appear that the remote authentication service is working on it but when try to make the new agent the primary and the old one the secondary from External database configuration all the domain users authenticated but only to one group which configured in Unknown User Policy.It appeared like it can't read any more groups from active directory.

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: Windows ACS 4.2.0 Backup Database On 1120 Appliance

Apr 26, 2011

I am running windows based acs 3.3 in my lan environment going to be replaced with acs 1120 appliance running acs , ACS 3.3 database has been built upto ,step by step by upgrade process
1) acs>
2) acs ----> .
now my database is with dmp file , I cannot upgrade my database to because patch is not applicable & executable  on 90 days evalution package of of windows platform .
can i import my windows based datbase directly to my acs appliance running ??? , else its requires any step to be done to modify the windows based databse matching to appliance windows verison once .
I could see on appliance under restore settings the following options (restore from 4.2.0 backup file to acs 4.2.1)

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Cisco :: Migration From WCS (7.0.230..0) To NCS

Aug 15, 2012

I've valid SAU service contract with WCS. Can I migrate from WCS (7.0.230..0) to latest version of NCS by downloading it from software center or I should purchase some SKU for upgrading to NCS?

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Cisco :: ASA-SM Migration Experience?

May 22, 2012

Is anybody deploying ASA Services Module? I am looking for feedback/gotchas/advice for a migration from an ASA-5550 HA pair.I also received confirmation from Cisco that VPN termination is active in the latest 8.5/8.6 code releases, so hopefully should be able to fully retire my 5550's.

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Cisco :: 800 / WLSE To WCS Migration?

Jun 20, 2011

what options are available to a customer with 800 APs that is finally migrating to a centralised model and therefore migrating from WLSE to WCS? Assuming that they move to v8 of WCS can they upgrade their WLSE licenses to WCS?

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Cisco :: Data Migration From LMS 3.2 To 4.1?

Nov 13, 2011

Are there any methods for statistic data importing from old LMS 3.2 to a new LMS 3.1 version? I know about devices invemtory export/import function, but also i want to save all data gathered from previous time.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.2 Best Way To Do Migration

May 19, 2013

I have an ACS 5.2 deployment and i want to upgrade it to 5.4 version.I have 2 server in my deplyement:
1/ Primary Server as Authentication server & log collector

2/ Secondary server as Authentication server.
What is the best way to do the migration? Normaly, i can proceed as follows:
1/ Deregidter each server from the deployement ==> Make both the servers standaone
2/ Upgrade the Secondary server.
3/ Upgrade the Primary server (without migrate the log server).
4/ Join Servers to the deployement.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Migration From ACS 4.0 To ACS 5.0?

Mar 22, 2011

what is the key point to note for migrating data from ACS 4.0 to ACS 5.0? how can I use Migration utility to migrate data from old version to new version??
I have ACS setup running with 1000 devices and more than 2000 users and 60 groups dont want to build new acs from scratch want to import data from old version?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS Migration From To 5.2?

Jan 14, 2012

I need to upgrade my ACS for windows to 5.2 as we have come across the windows 2008R2 AD problem. Now reading the migration document it says I need  to go to at least first which will not be a problem, then I need a migation server, so that means I need another ACS server as the migration server. As I already have 2 ACS servers could I use one of them as the Migration server, ie take it out of production?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 4.2 Migration To 5.3

Jun 11, 2012

If we need to migrate ACS 4.2 installed on appliance 1113 to ACS 5.3 what all the prerequisites...?

whether any hardware dependencies and the same configurations on 4.2 could be operated on 5.2 even after appliance changes...?

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Cisco :: / Data Migration From WCS To NCS?

Dec 10, 2012

I am working on a migration from Windows based WCS to NCS appliance (1.2.1-once it is available).  After stopping WCS, I issued the export userdata C:WCS07Migrate.  The process completed, but did not create a single zip file. I found 2 files created in the tmp directory.  

One contains multiple  a folder called tempDirUserDataFromDb - containing multiple xml files; and another file called ImportExport_ca<number> which contains the maps.  Was there something incorrect in my command?  Can I use still use these files on NCS? Or do I need to redo the export on the WCS?

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Cisco :: NCM Features Migration To LMS 4.2

Mar 5, 2013

NCM is going away. It is recommend to move to LMS. We already have a LMS deployment. Currently just used for Monitoring/Performance.Trying to figure out how to get the Configuration change piece that we used NCM for into LMS. Not really having any luck.What I am really wanting to do is configuration archive, device config change notices (when a device config changes I can run report to see who and what was changed), and configuration comparisions (between old and new configs)

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS Migration From 4.1 To 5.4

Jun 12, 2013

I need to Migrate from ACC 4.1(1) to ACS 5.4, Have configured Network Access Restrictions and Networks Access profiles in ACS 4.1(1), can i go for staright away migration and is the same supported in ACS 5.4

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Cisco Firewall :: PIX To ASA 8.3 Migration?

Mar 8, 2011

As we are all aware that the ASA8.3 has quite some changes interms of configuration method.
I would like to know if it is possible to use the pix to Asa conversion tool for 8.3 purpose.

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Cisco Wireless :: WCS 7.0 To NCS Migration

Dec 24, 2011

I'm trying to get all the templates and Maps I've created in WCS into our new NCS. The instructions say just run the export.bat file on WCS and then Migrate into NCS. I cannot find any export.bat file on version of WCS. Is it only available in WCS version ro Do I have to use the export.bat file or can I just do a regular backup and restore?

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Cisco :: LMS 3.0 To Prime 1.1/ LMS 4.2 Migration?

Nov 28, 2012

A customer is asking to upgrade their LMS 3.0 to Prime 1.1.  However, the customer or their previous system's integrator never actually installed LMS 3.0.  The licensing and PAK were never used as well.  My question is, can I still use the migration top level part # R-PI-1.1-UP-K9 to upgrade LMS 3.0 to Prime 1.1 because there was no licensing ever installed?  How would the migration of the current licensing work with the new licensing PAK if that is the case?  Or does the customer have to purchase a fresh Prime 1.1 licensing (top level part # R-PI-1.1-K9) because LMS 3.0 was never installed?

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Cisco :: Migration From Asa5505 To Asa5510?

Jul 3, 2012

i exported config file from asa5505. i changed this file and i imported in my asa5510. can you tell me that config file allright

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Cisco :: WLC 4400 To 5500 Migration?

May 30, 2012

We have a single 4404 that was setup long before I arrived with Guest networks that timeout and other such tweaks.  Is there a document somewhere that shows a way to migrate the old settings to a new 5508 that we are purchasing?  By the time the 5508 arrives I will have a very small window to setup the unit before a new wing goes live.  I need the new unit as we have reached our limit of licensed AP's on the old 4404.  It seems like everyone keeps talking about an easy way but no one says how to do it.
I have never setup one of these units before from scratch so I don't know how long it will take.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 8.0 Configuration Migration To 8.6

Feb 12, 2013

I have old ASA with 8.0 configuration that includes huge number of ACL, NAT , VPNs , we got a new ASA with 8.6 , and we are planning to move the configuration to the new box , I'm wondering what is the best approach to do this , I'm thinking of one of the following scenarios1- downgrade the new ASA to 8.3 , the apply the config , remove the identity nat commands and names then upgrade to 8.6 and after that reconfigure the NAT rules and object groups .2- convert the old config manually to 8.6 code including NAT , object-group ,ACL and apply it to the new ASA ( this is going to be huge task). What are the commands that I have to look at when I convert to 8.6 and will the VPN configuration be affected ?

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Cisco :: WCS 7.0 To Prime Infrastructure 1.2 Migration?

Apr 9, 2013

WCS 7.0 to Prime Infrastructure 1.2 migration?I am so confused on the migration procedure as I found the documents in Cisco kind of contradictory.Some document said it is required to upgrade WCS to NCS 1.1 before to go to prime infrastructure 1.2.And the other document said WCS can directly upgrade to prime infrastructure 1.2.

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Cisco Application :: CSS To ACE Migration Tool In A4(2.0)

Sep 28, 2011

I'm currently working on migration from CSS to ACE. The ACE appliance is running A4(2.0) code. And i couldn't find the CSS to ACE conversion tool in the Web gui.

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Cisco VPN :: Migration From ASA 5505 To 5510

Jun 27, 2012

my company has the asa 5505 working as the remote access vpn server. my company needs more licenses for vpn than the asa 5505 give it. because of my company purchased the asa 5510. i must migrate configuration from the asa 5505 to the asa 5510. i exported configuration file from asa 5505. i made the changes on them and imported them in the asa 5510. my asa5510 doesn't work. i putted configuration files from asa 5505 and 5510.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Data Migration From ACS 4.2 To 5.2?

Jul 1, 2012

We have to ACS cisco Box running software as 4.2 & 5.2. We want to upload all the data present in 4.2 ACS to 5.2 ACS.

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Cisco :: WCS 7.0 Cannot Edit AP Migration Template

Jun 24, 2010

Have upgraded WCS to 7.0 due to a Mesh network feature we needed, but now see I can no longer edit the AP migration templates. The interface allows me to create or delete them but the command dropdown box does not show an Edit option. So now for every AP I want to migrate I need to create a new template before I can select the AP's and migrate them. I still need to migrate about 220 APs....
Looking though the function it tells me to click on the Migration Template name. However neither in MS IE nor Firefox this works, there is no link activated.

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Cisco Firewall :: Migration PIX 515 8.0(3) To ASA 5525-X

May 28, 2012

I have a PIX 515 with version 8.0(3). We buy a ASA 5525-X for replace the PIX.
The question is, what is the better method to migrade the configurations? Manually?

What is the better version for 5525-X? 8.6.1?

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Cisco :: WCS Database Export For NCS Migration?

Apr 14, 2013

I have done a WCS to NCS migration prior to moving to Prime 1.2.  I followed the instructions to export the WCS database via the export.bat all command and exported the database.  However, when I import this zip fileto NCS there do not seem to be any of the original WCS templates.  All the maps and AP details have migrated but no templates.
I have tried the export again and ploughed through the resultant zip file looking for anything that looks like template files but there is nothing immediately apparent that looks like templates.

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Cisco Application :: 6513 - Migration From CSM To ACE

Mar 13, 2012

clearing catalyst 6513 configuration from CSM module sections?
I am planning to migrate from CSM to ACE module in 6513 and interesting if is it safe just to do the following:
1) powerdown CSM module with command:
no power enable switch 1 module 3
2) clear in 6513 configuration CSM sections starting from line "module ContentSwitchingModule 3"
Is that enough to clear CSM configuration?
Also to return the CSM module back to the service will it be enough just to restore cleared config's sections and power on the module again?

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