Cisco Wireless :: WLC4400 Obtaining IP Addresses

Feb 6, 2012

I have had our WLC4400 in place for around five years.  No configuration changes have been made to it or the 32 LWAPPs connecting to it.  We have begun to have some spotty issues with client devices.  The error message says they are unable to obtain an IP address.  After they wait a few minutes, they connect.  We have plenty of DHCP addresses available.  We have 25 locations with at least one AP and the problem seems to be system wide.  One person can connect and the person beside them cannot.  Many say they have been connecting to our library wireless for a long time with no problems. 

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC4400 - Switching From One SSID To Another?

Mar 8, 2010

on my wlc4400 when i want to move from one SSID (PEAP for eg) to another (Guest Open for eg) i have to : - disconnect from the 1st SSID (no trouble at this stage)- try to connect to the 2nd SSID ... cancel it (or wait for a long time it will stop)- try to connect another time to the 2nd SSID .. and now it works We are using windows client. The trouble is the same with all the cients.
I'm setting up a new 5500 (Software Version ) and i have a similar trouble (but more important I want to move from the entreprise SSID (PEAP)  to Guest (Open) I have to : -

Disconnect from the entreprise SSID (no trouble at this stage)- try to connect to the Guest SSID ... cancel it (or wait for a long time it will stop)- try to connect to the Guest SSID ... -> DHCP assignement waiting ... and fail- try to connect to the Guest SSID .. and now it works

I want to move from Guest (Open) to the entreprise SSID (PEAP)  i have to : -

Disconnect from Guest SSID (no trouble at this stage)- try to connect to the entreprise SSID ... cancel it (or wait for a long time it will stop)- try to connect to the entreprise SSID ... -> Sometimes it works ... sometimes the client display "not connected" very quickly- try to connect to the entreprise SSID .. and now it works?

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Cisco :: WLC4400 Http No Response

May 26, 2012

My WLC 4400 have run the os, my ap type is AP1020.And client user authentication by web-auth.Sometimes my user complain cannot login web authentication, because he connot open the web login page.And I try to monitor the WLC by SNMP, I see the http no response.

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Cisco :: Authenticated Guest Access Of Apple Devices WLC4400

Apr 26, 2011

On my wireless network, I am running guest access that I want to have as authenticated. If I enable WLAN, security, layer 3 web policy, when an iPAD / iPhone connects, they get directed to the Web Auth splash page, on where they must enter username & password. My users do not want to be directed to this page everytime they login - just select the SSID and connect - is there a way of authenticating guests via a WLC4400 without going through the splash page everytime?

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Cisco :: Obtaining Vlan On Trunk / Port

Jun 29, 2012

I'm trying to obtain the vlans on a trunk and also whether the port is a trunk. Ive seen VTP mib, but these dont appear present on my switch (2950).

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Obtaining Owner-pc Network Password?

Jan 13, 2012

My wireless laptop connects fine with my wireless WiFi but, I'm unable to connect to the internet with my Ipad? I don't think it's a problem with my modum. The Ipad asks for my OWNER-PC Network password which I don't have. The one I have written down doesn't work? How do I find or change my password?

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E2500 Router Not Obtaining IP From ATT High Speed DSL?

Jul 3, 2012

So I received a new modem today and wanted to tandem it with an extra router that I have so I can get wireless at work. Here are the steps I've taken:Verify modem connection works connected directlySet modem to bridge modeReset router, set to PPPOE with proper log in Try to connect, and get the message "Could not obtain IP from PPPoE"I've researched as much as I could stand online, and found these to be the major steps everywhere, most people miss the bridge mode but I'm sure I've done it properly (switched back and forth atleast 5 times). I don't currently have access to the connection but I can respond tonight to questions about what else I may or may not have done, and will take what is suggested here to try tomorrow

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Sweex LW050UKv2 - Obtaining Network Parameters

May 13, 2011

I have had this router for about 5 years now, I had problems setting it up from the start as I was fairly young but I eventually found a way around it - no problems since. Through memory I am sure I had this problem previously but I had the disk to give me guidelines on what to do(which I don't have any more). I have phoned up virgin (my ISP) and they said it was an issue to do with the router, to which I searched into the routers address, in this case Scrolling down, I noticed that under the WAN section it says:

MAC Address:00-16-0A-09-CC-69IP Address: IPSubnet Mask: Default Gateway: Obtaining Network Parameters...DNS Server: ,

I have spent a good part of today trying soloutions to get this to work again but I just can't seem to find a way around it. As I said, the router has been working fine for pretty much 5 years now and I really do not know why the WAN went. In addition, it was set up wireless. How can I obtain the newtork parameters?

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Wifi Icon By Clock Shows That Its Still Obtaining Ip Address

Mar 2, 2012

When I'm on a fresh boot on my laptop (full shutdown then starting back up) my wifi connects just fine....perfect.However, when I close the screen (its a laptop) and it goes into standby...when I wake it up again my wifi icon by the clock shows that its still obtaining an IP address or whatever (little yellow dot bouncing back and forth over the icon)....The icon will stay like this until the next time I reset the computer....but the entire time my wifi works as it should....its just the icon thats being weird.

Fresh install of Windows (as of two weeks ago)
Windows XP SP3 - all updates are current
Dell Latitude D610
Dell Wireless 1470 Dual Band WLAN Mini-PCI Card
Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller (wired cat5 disabled)
1GB ram
all drivers up to date

Like I said...everything is working as it should..Its done this since I've done the fresh install of Windows, so it has nothing to do with any software I've installed or any of the updates.

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Linksys Access Point :: E2500 Obtaining IP Address Timing Out While Connecting

Dec 5, 2011

I have a E2500 router and 3 WAP610N access points.  Users are having a difficult time connecting to the AP's.  The client device just sits there trying to obtain an IP and then times out.  If they get within range of the actual wireless router, then connect instantly.  Is there a setting to increase that will allow longer time trying to obtain an IP?
I am using the same SSID for roaming, but am using different channels (1, 6, 11) for the overlap.  See diagram below.  Not sure if this has some impact?

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Cisco Routers :: RV042 When Updating / Adding Mac Addresses / Table Is Always Sorted By IP Addresses

Oct 8, 2012

In  setup for old RV042 (V1),  when updating / adding Mac addresses, the table  is always sorted by IP addresses. But in the new oneRV042 (V3) I have, even with latest firmware  the list  is random, thereby increasing the chance of user entering DUPLICATE IP addr  with diff Mac addr.  That will result in conflict.If the firmware sorts the DHCP entries by ip addresses, user would be  able to catch duplicate ip errors even if the system does not flag the  errors.  All Cisco smart engineers can you all get the dhcp entries SORT by  ip addresses.

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Won't Assign IP Addresses

Dec 17, 2012

I have a Motorola Surfboard Modem connected to a Netgear 24-port switch. I bought the WAP4410N to provide wireless connectivity from the switch.
All my PC's can get perfect connectivity via the switch but none of my wireless devices can connect at all.
Sometimes  I can get 1 PC to connect but what's strange is I can view my networked  folders and such but cannot access the internet.
I've upgraded the firmware to the latest May-2012. IPv4 and IPv6 are both set to automatic.

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Wireless :: 3 Different Mac Addresses Displaying In Network

Mar 5, 2011

In my wireless table of who is connected to the wireless network there are 3 different mac addresses displaying when there is only two computers in the house(its not an outsider, it only shows when the other PC turns on), 2 of them have the same computer name but are connected at different IP addresses(, Side Note:[The 2 PCs in the house were bought at the same time and the mac addresses are similar, but the third is different] Now that i have installed ubuntu i can really see what's going on with my ports, i notice that the mac address, that is not similar to my PC and the 'other pc', is poking around at my ports whenever the 'other PC' is turned on.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC - Incorrect DHCP Addresses Being Allocated?

May 13, 2012

Initially there were 3 SSIDs configured but all of them were assigned a single interface and this interface was configured with the controller management IP address as DHCP server so that the WLC could assign IP addresses to wireless clients, guns and printers etc.
Issue: As part of PCI initiative, we decided to segment the traffic in multiple subnets based on type of wireless clients; so now there are 3 interfaces configured and each SSID is assigned a specific dynamic interface and each interface is configured to use the controller management IP address as DHCP server.
There are 3 scopes configured for each of the dynamic interfaces/SSIDs and DHCP proxy is enabled but wirelss clients are still being allocated IP addresses from the original DHCP scope that was associated with the dynamic interface originally assigned to all 3 SSIDs.
I verified the following:
1. Each SSID is assigned a different dynamic interface (Users, Voice and Handhelds)

2. Each dynamic interface is configured to use controllers management IP address as DHCP server

3. DHCP scopes configured with correct network information for each dynamic interface and enabled

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Cisco Wireless :: Redundacy - Controller 5508 Get Same Ip Addresses

May 8, 2013

[URL] I have one Controller 5508 is my Central Office and I have some Ap's working in local mode in my Central Office, additional I have more Ap's in a remote Office they're are working as H-REAP and I can handles across my WLC. Now my enterprise decided bouth another WLC and wants to deploy a active-passive scenario. This new Controller should manages all the AP's when the central WLC fails...

My questions are... I need to have the same ip addressing on both sites? or they can be different. I nedd to configure some on my Ap's that are working as local mode, for allow the secondary WLC manage them when mi central WLC fails

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N Not Assigning IP Addresses To Wi-Fi Devices

Jan 16, 2013

I have two WAP4410N devices on my network.When I try to connect with a wireless device (iPad, Smartphone, etc...)  it does not connect.However, if I assing that device a static IP, it connects.Here is the setup:

-2 WAP4410Ns that have static IP's assigned to them.  They plug into my 3560's
-Three Cisco Catylist 3560, one of which is my Default Gateway.
-Windows 2008 Server R2 (Domain Controller, DHCP, DNS)

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Cisco Wireless :: Controller 5508 Dropping MAC Addresses?

Oct 13, 2011

Our 5508 Wireless Controller will drop MAC addresses clean out of the system. Addresses that are in use everyday just disappear. It is not a limitation issue because we are adding iPads everyday. And it is not a daily occurance, but maybe once or twice a week. Everything has been updated and it is more of a hassle than anything, I am just trying to understand what is happening.

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Cisco Wireless :: LAP1142N Cycling IP Addresses From DHCP

Feb 12, 2013

I have a LAP1142N that is connected to a 3560 nonPoE switch (using compatible power injector) that will not associate to the controller I have set-up. The wireless is existing and I have about 11 other APs connected to the controller with no issues. The AP will pull an IP address from DHCP running on the primary controller. The AP pulls a new IP address in roughly a minute. I set the pool to be 3 IP addresses and set a contant ping to each, there is about 1 request time out before the next IP address starts pinging. I went to the controller and pulled the following message error from the log.

*Feb 13 14:24:58.614: %LWAPP-3-HDR_ENCAP_ERR: spam_lrad.c:4216 Unable to encapsulate LWAPP header for discovery response; AP (APs MAC address)
*Feb 13 14:24:58.614: %APF-3-PDU_ENCAP_FAILED: apf_net.c:771 Failed to encapsulate a PDU for transmission to station00:00:00:00:00:00. Destination IP address not set in L3 mode.
I have tried a different cable, connecting to a PoE switch, different controller, larger DHCP range, hosting DHCP on the distribution switch, I am awaiting console access to the AP since this is remote work. The controller is running Software Version Thoughts?
console inventory output from GUI
Model No. AIR-WLC4402-25-K9
Burned-in MAC Address XXXXXXXXXX
Maximum number of APs supported 25
Gig Ethernet/Fiber Card Absent
[Code] ....

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 WLC Not Releasing DHCP Addresses?

May 1, 2013

Have a WLC 5508 running 7.0.230 with internal DHCP server. Timeout is 3600 seconds. The IP addresses never seem to be released. The controller will show 70 clients but 254 addresses will be assigned.

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Comcast - Align IP Addresses Using Wireless And Ethernet

Feb 7, 2013

I work in small office with four users and we use Comcast as our ISP. A separate room from the office has our cable modem. The cable modem has a Ethernet cable going to a WRT54G WAN Port. The WRT54G is not being used as a wireless router.Coming from the LAN ports is a Ethernet cable going to a Netgear switch.The office has Ethernet ports and one of them is hooked up to a Netgear WDNR3700 wireless router. All users are utilize the wireless network to get online. There IP Address is 10.0.x.x. When I use a Ethernet cable to a computer my IP Address is 192.168.x.x.

What needs to be done so the IP Addresses of the wireless network and wired network use the same IP Address range?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 NAT Multiple IP Addresses?

Jan 23, 2013

I currently have my EA6500 behind verizon fios router. I have 5 static IP addresses assigned to FIOS router, however the machines I want to connect to are behing EA6500. It's a dual NAT scenario:
Public IP - FIOS Router - network - EA6500 - network
What I would like to do is for each public IP address, I would like to forward traffic to a particular host on network. I can easily configure FIOS router for static NAT and assign one internal IP (from range) for each public IP. However, I don't see a way to assign multiple IPs from network to EA6500 internet interface.
I don't want to use EA6500 as a bridge as it will pretty much reduce my EA6500 to a very expensive GigE switch.
Is this possible? Or should I replace it with something more useful like a business router? This is for my home so I would like to avoid buying an expensive business router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GL Not Releasing IP Addresses?

Aug 17, 2012

Router is setup as DHCP and only allows 7 IP address leases that expire daily.  Lease time is set to 0.  I have the latest firmware. Until recently when our family started using Apple iPhones (2 of them), I didn't have this issue.
Now I'm having a problem where my clients table will show leased IP's with no devices attached to them.  I have to clear those no-name addresses so that the iPhones and other non-Apple wireless devices in the house can re-establish a connection.
How can I get those IP's to be removed without having to constantly log into the router and clear them?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Limited IP Addresses On E4200

Nov 29, 2011

setup the network at his church, they currently have a Cable modem, which hands out 3 external IP addresses, I have that plugged into a Linksys E4200 wireless router, and from the router a line into a netgear 48port switch which hard wires into the offices and a few more E4200s around the church. The linksys is currently handing out IP addresses to all the equipment on the network, the trouble is it only has a limited amount of IP addresses,(50ish wired?) and i am worried that it will become overloaded.  They are also trying to go gigabit as much as possible, as they pass a lot of files around internally.

1. Am I using the right piece of equipment to hand out the IP addresses? The modem will only put out 3, so do I need something instead of the E4200 to do this? If so any recommendations?

2. Do they make a switch that will plug into the modem that is gigabit that will handle internal IPs? I am happy to trash the netgear switch if there is something better to replace it.

3. How can i utilize all 3 external IP addresses? (Well 2 really, I have their VoIP phone system plugged into 1)
I am a low voltage contractor by trade and A/V is usually my department, I would like to get into networking, but on a scale of 1 - 10, I am only around a 4 in the knowledge dept.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GS Cannot Ping Any Of 192.168.10.X IP Addresses

May 8, 2013

I have a Linksys WRT54GS wireless router (, which hands-out DHCP addresses to my wireless/wired clients.  This router is connected to the cable modem which then connects to the wonderful World Wide Web.  Port 1 of this router is connected to a Cisco SG200-8 Small Business Switch (,  My Dell 2950 is then connected to the SG200-8.
I know I'm doing something wrong because I cannot ping any of the 192.168.10.X IP addresses from the 10.77.79.X network, and vice-versa. All VLANs on the SG200-8 are set at their defaults (1 and Trunked?). Are there any additional configuration steps I need to perform in the SG200-8 or WRT54G?Is what I want to do even possible with my hardware?

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Cisco Wireless :: Can Aironet 1130ag Assign IP Addresses Through DHCP Running

Jan 20, 2010

The 1130ag was the LAP model but I upgraded it to run in autonomous mode.  My understanding is that it cannot assign IP addresses but I just want that confirmed.  It is not connected to a WLC nor a server that can do DHCP.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1141N To Make DHCP Server Only Hand Out IP Addresses

Sep 28, 2010

I currently have DCHP server set up on my new 1141N. Everything works great, but I wanted to know if it were possible to make the DHCP server only hand out ip addresses on the wireless connection? Currently the AP is giving out ip addresses from the pool to wired and wireless pc's.

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Cisco Wireless :: Catalyst 6509e - Clients Not Getting Correct Dhcp Addresses

Sep 9, 2012

1. Core switch - Catalyst 6509e
vlans configured:
a. vlan 50 (wired clients)


here's the problem, wireless clients connected to WLAN guest keep getting DHCP leases from WLAN local (scope to 200)

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Cisco Wireless :: Clients Authenticating To 1231G Not Getting Assigned DHCP Addresses

Jun 24, 2007

Here at HQ we have a 4402 WLC. At our remote sites we have 1231G APs running in autonomous mode. I upgraded one of the APs -- IOS 12.4(3g)JA -- to run LWAPP. Per release notes I've read upgraded 1231's do not support REAP/HREAP mode, consequently, it's running in LOCAL mode.
The AP is managed by the WLC. I created a WLAN for the remote site and assigned it to the MGMT interface; the remote site subnet doesn't exist in HQ. The DHCP server for the remote site is presently at that site; AP and DHCP server reside at the same place.
Clients authenticate successfully to the remote site AP, however, they are not getting DHCP addresses assigned.  Does the DHCP server for the remote site have to reside in HQ since the AP is running in local mode? If so, where is that specified, on the MGMT interface config?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 - Multiple MAC Addresses From A Single IP?

Feb 11, 2013

I just bought a Linksys EA6500 (AC 1750). Now after a week, seems to stop rresponding at times and I am get 5+ MAC Addresses from 1 IP address. I have only one NIC installed and it is configured to have a static IP.
See attached screen capture. ( Server-PC, IP:

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Block Individual IP Addresses With A E2500?

Mar 12, 2013

I have an E2500 wireless router and I am trying to block some incoming IP addresses.  I'm trying to prevent a certain ISP from throttling my access on certain websites.  I can do it on individual computers but we have a bunch of devices on this network

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: TD-W8151N - Find List Of MAC Addresses?

Mar 12, 2013

Find list of all the MAC address of the devices connected to the router?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Way To Block A Range Of IP Addresses In E2500

Feb 24, 2012

Is there a way to block a range of IP addresses in the E2500? Like parental controls but with IP addresses instead of URL..

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Configure E1200 To Serve Out IP Addresses?

Aug 7, 2012

I want to put a second router on the inside of my (new, soon-to-be-installed) VDSL router supplied by my ISP.  Reading the E1200 manual I believe that I can use the "Internet" socket to connect to one of the four sockets on the wired part of my ISP's router, and give it a fixed IP address which matches the network defined on the ISP router.  
For example use for the network between the ISP router and the E1200, and then configure the E1200 to serve out addresses in (say).I don't want to buy the E1200 and then find it won't do what I want.

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