Dell Laptop With Windows XP Not Finding Wireless Networks Within Range

May 15, 2011

I've a Dell laptop with Windows XP. I was able to connect to my own secured wireless network. Suddenly no networks are found anymore where my other laptops are able to find wireless networks. Repairing the wireless network connection does not resolve the I can find my wireless connections again?

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Laptop Isn't Finding Any Wireless Networks

Dec 9, 2012

My laptop isn't finding any wireless connections, it's a hp windows 7. I also have a toshiba satellite laptop currently connected to the same wireless connection that the hp is not finding.

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Dell XPS Is Not Connecting To Network / No Wireless Networks Found In Range

Apr 7, 2011

My Dell XPS (Windows XP) is not connecting to my network..can't get anything to show up on the networks in range list. My other laptop is fine. But I just upgraded to Firefox 4 on the Dell, and then the connectivity went askew.

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Dell :: 1702 Laptop Not Finding Any Wireless Network Suddenly

Apr 1, 2012

laptop not finding any wireless network Suddenly....and the hardware(dell wireless 1702 802.11b/g/n) not recognized suddenly it was working then start to lose signal sometimes then stopped ....i removed the driver software and re-install but nothing changed.

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Dell :: Vostro 1710 Laptop Isn't Finding 1395 Wireless Mini-card

Feb 28, 2009

I repartitioned my hard drive and reloaded Windows XP.  Now my Vostro 1710 laptop isn't finding my 1395 wireless mini-card.

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Dell :: Inspiron E1505 - Windows XP Not Finding Wi-Fi?

Feb 27, 2012

My Dell Inspiron E1505 was running really slow and usually when this happens we reboot [reset] Windows XP and it is fine again, well the last time we did that it was good just like all the other times. But now my internet wont connect with the computer, we have AT&T DSL.

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Not Finding Wireless Networks?

Feb 23, 2013

I recently had to clean up a laptop of a few years worth of crap and no protection on the machine.i had to do the disk clean up in safe mode as it ran far too slowly to do anything without a monumental level of patience, the problem i have now is that the computer doesnt seem to be picking up the wireless network around the house even though other units laptops are working fine.

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Dell :: XPS M1330 Laptop Suddenly Can't Find Any Wireless Networks

May 11, 2012

My XPS M1330 was working fine until today.  While using the computer, it disconnected from my home wireless network. Windows Device Manager tells me the device is working normally.  The WiFi switch is on but the WiFi catcher doesn't find any networks.  I can connect to my home network with an Ethernet cable and my desktop, which is on the same network, can connect so i know its not my modem or router.

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Finding A Wireless Router With A Range Of Up To 1500?

Apr 6, 2012

I'm looking for a wireless router with a range of up to 1500'.

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Dell :: 2200 BG Back To Windows To Control Wireless Networks

Sep 1, 2012

I switched to Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200 BG by mistake and now I can't get connected through my wireless!  I did not mean to do this, but I have not been able to switch back to Windows to control my wireless. 

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Dell :: D610 Intel PROSet - Wireless In Windows Mode Not Picking Up Network In Range

Apr 16, 2012

D610 - Intel PROSet

tab: Advance>>"Use Windows to manage WiFI" (F10)

When in Windows MODE the view network in range does NOT pick up anything even though the connection still exists.

How do I configure to see the networks in range ?

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Dell :: 1521 Laptop Has Lost Wi-Fi Range

Nov 12, 2011

The inbuilt wifi card on my 1521 laptop has lost it's range, I now have to be within a few feet of my BT hub or else the wifi signal keeps dropping out, have checked it not the hub by connecting another PC through wifi. I've taken various numbers from the original card but none of them matches up with the part No's on the Dell website, of the three numbers on the card I think the Dell P/No is DP-N OPC559.

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Can't Connect To Available Networks With Laptop On Windows 8

Mar 26, 2013

I have the wireless switch turned on and the wireless router is set up correctly - I know the network name, encryption & password.The same setup has worked fine before, but now the laptop isn't letting me connect to it, or even try to connect to it.The internet works perfectly if I connect the ethernet cable directly; and I can bring up the wireless router's settings with; but the internet doesn't work when I remove the cable. I looked on google to try and find the method of bringing up the available networks, but it won't work for me. When I hover the cursor over the icon on the taskbar, it says "not connected - connections are available", but nothing happens when I click on it. I tried moving the cursor to the bottom-right corner of the screen, clicking on Settings, and clicking on the network icon with "Available" written underneath it, but again nothing happens.

I've also tried this:

-right-clicked network icon on taskbar, opened Network and Sharing Center

-clicked Set Up a Connection or Network

-clicked Connect to the Internet - nothing happens and the window crashes, I have to CTRL+ALT+DELETE->task manager->restart Windows Explorer

-clicked Manually Connect to a Wireless Network - I enter the details of the wireless network, then it says that the network already exists; I choose to Use the existing network, open the "connect to a network" dialog so I can connect, but then nothing happens. It doesn't crash this time though.

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Dell :: Alienware M17 R3 Laptop - Cannot Detect Any Nearby Networks

Jul 1, 2012

I have a Alienware M17 R3 laptop with the 1103 wireless card running windows 7.  Until recently I have not had reason to use the Wi-Fi, though when I enabled the card I found that I could not detect any nearby networks.

I have checked the device manager for errors and have found none.  I have noticed that the BigFoot connenction manager does not seem to detect the network card.

Should I reinstall the card driver and the BigFoot helper?

What software might conflict with the wi-fi card?  What services should I check to make they are running?

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Windows 8 Laptop Will Not Connect Or Identify Any Wifi Networks

Mar 28, 2013

I have tried restarting my laptop multiple times (something that usually works for me in terms of reconnecting to the internet) but that didn't work. And like i said it does not recognize a single wi-fi network while my ipod, phone, and the other computers in my household recognize our wi-fi and our usual neighbors wi-fi without any problem.I was torrentingsome music yesterday, and may or may not have stumbled across a bad site with a virus, but that's the only conclusion I could make.(Currently posting this on my brother's computer)I need to get my connection back and get online again asap?

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Dell :: Inspiron 1520 Not Detecting Wi-Fi Networks After Installing Windows 7

Apr 14, 2012

I have a Inspiron 1520 which came with windows Vista and I recently did a Windows 7 clean installation. There were no drivers specified for Windows 7 in Dell Driver Download so I installed Vista drivers, connected to internet via LAN Cable and upgraded most of the drivers.

WiFI networks could be detected when installed for the first time but after a shutdown it never detects again. Sometimes it randomly detects, I tried using the laptop for 2 weeks now and only 2 times the WiFI automatically came up.

There is a switch to pull after turning on WiFI radio, which will display the list of WiFi networks in a window, that Switch is not responding now.

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No Wireless Networks Were Found In Range

Oct 16, 2012

Basically my laptop was connected to the Internet fine and has been for as long as I can remember but today it just suddenly stopped working and when I clicked on 'View available networks' it gave me the message 'No wireless networks were found in range. Make sure the wireless switch on your computer is on. To see an updates list, click "Refresh network list."'. The strange thing is that I'm connected to the wireless network on my phone so it must be in range.I'm using a Samsung laptop (Not sure of the model) that is running on windows xp.It doesn't have wireless connectivity built in so I am connected to the wireless using an 802.11 USB Wireless LAN Card network adaptor that is made by Ralink Technology, which is working properly according to the device status.

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Windows 7 Dell Laptop - Wireless Adapter Not Connected?

Mar 12, 2011

I am using a DELL Laptop, it says wireless adapter not connected, im on windows 7

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Windows Vista On A Dell Laptop / Wireless Works But Using LAN Cable Does Not

Nov 22, 2011

I'm running Windows Vista on a Dell Laptop. Normally I just use wireless wherever I am but now I need to hard wire to the computer. It was initially working for a few minutes but then the connection dropped. Now whenever I plug the cable in, it shows it as being connected but comes up as local only so I can't browse or do anything.

I have tried:

-Restarting the machine
-Ensuring that windows was picking up the IP addresses automatically
-Checking the connection on another computer, works fine.
-Disabling the IpV6
-Disabling/Enabling the LAN connection in the Manage network connections setup
-Uninstalling, re installing the driver for the ethernet adapter
-System Restore

I've also tried in safe mode with networking and have disabled any firewalls that were running.Again, most of the time I never use the hard wired connection, but whenever I have, it hasn't had any problems until now.It always comes up as being connected, but says local only.

Here's the results from the Ipconfig:

Windows IP Configuration

Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : a-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Mixed
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No


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Finding A Wireless Adapter For Windows 8?

Jan 24, 2013

at the moment I'm using a netgear WNA1100 (only because i use to be hard wired but now i moved and i am wireless for the mean time) and it is horrible for gaming, and i have been having problems finding a new Wireless card that will support windows 8, the ones i find do not have drivers on the website for win 8 and the ones that do are complete crap aka companies like Netgear, I was looking at a rosewell but i could not find a windows 8 driver?

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Dell :: Finding C640 Latitude Wireless PCI Card Driver

Jul 1, 2012

Have done fresh install of xp but no driver disk have done all chipset etc in order and all windows updates but wifi card just shows as ethernet controller its an azurewave on the sticker on the card and device manager id is


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Linksys Wireless Adapters :: WMP54GS / Finding Driver For Windows 7 (64Bit)

Feb 26, 2010

I have the above mentioned WMP54GS.  And I just got a Windows 7 capable computer and got it installed.  Now I can't find a driver that will work at all.  Other than the Broadcom drivers that Windows installs naturally.  (The Broadcom drivers are terrible.  I play World of Warcraft and when before on my old Vista 64-Bit system I would get around 50 to 60 MS I now get 180 to 200. ) How to get this to work. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Ea3500 Smart Wifi Device List Not Finding Windows

Feb 16, 2013

I recently upgraded my Wi-Fi router to an EA3500 and am controlling it using Smart Wi-Fi running on a wired Windows 7 machine.So far, I have been able to add devices to the network without issue and each of those connections works fine.  All, except my TV, have been Windows 7 based machines.  Smart Wi-Fi Device List has been able to "see" each device and I have been able to add them to that list as well.
I am attempting to add a Windows 8 desktop computer to the network which is using a external USB wireless adapter.  That computer can see and connect to the network through the EA3500 and the connection seems to work fine.  The only issue is that its adapter does not show up in the Device List.

1)  Does the Device List do anything else besides showing a list of devices I chosen to add to my network?
2) How do I get my Windows 8 wireless adapter to show up in the Device List?

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Dell Inspiron Laptop With Windows 7 Can't See Router

Sep 8, 2012

Its a Dell Inspiron comp with Windows 7 & a BT buisness Hub router/modem,When searching for available wifi several come up in box as normal but his own router name comes up but there is a red cross where the rest have the usual green signal strength bars. When you hover over router name it says "this computer settings are not compatable" His router appears to be working as both him and myself coneccted our phones through it OK.

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Dell 1525 Laptop - Reinstall Windows

Jun 29, 2012

I recently purchased a used Dell 1525 Laptop and in an effort to make it more "Mine" I decided to contact Dell and purchase an original CD so I could wipe the HD out and reinstall Windows.

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Download Bluetooth For Windows 7 Dell Laptop?

Jan 2, 2013

I want to download bluetooth in my dell laptop?

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Dell Xps M1330 Laptop Windows 7 Wifi Won't Connect

Jul 20, 2012

I know the wifi in the laptop works, i know the laptop has no issues.I know this because i switched my hard drive from my 1330 to this laptop which is also a 1330...connects and works fine.Wifi IS turned on In device manager the driver is ok no exclamation marks anywhere When i try and connect with the ethernet i get identifying no network access, then it says currently connected to unidentified network, no network access! You cannot browse.So that being said it must be in the setting with windows 7.I uninstalled and reinstalled the wifi driver it did not make any difference.I also tried using a Ethernet connection and it would not connect either.When i use the win 7 trubleshooter it states a network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken.Remember this laptop functions fine with my hard drive in it with windows xp.

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Dell Laptop With Windows 7 - Ethernet Dropping Connectivity?

Sep 9, 2011

I recently bought an alienware mx14 laptop last week and i am having some strange issues with the Ethernet card.The connection seems to drop from time to time at random periods, altough wireless works fine, the wired connection just loses connectivity for brief moment. The only way i notice this if, i am streaming something and it just stops the buffer or if am at the lobby of League of Legends and get timed out or, any http transfer gets cut out.I have an atheros card and w7 64bits installed with the latest drivers from Dell and have uninstalled and reinstalled them a couple of times, and they seem to work for a couple of hours , after a while getting back to the some problem.

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Download Bluetooth For Windows 7 Free Dell Laptop?

Dec 21, 2012

Download bluetooth for windows 7 free dell laptop?

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Dell :: Studio 1737 Laptop / Installing Windows 7?

Jul 17, 2012

I've got a customers laptop here which had Windows 7 64bit OS Installed when i received it. They wanted a fresh install with there own windows 7 disk (Which is in perfect condition) The problem I'm having is when the windows installation gets to a certain point i.e Completing Installation the resolution changes (which i know is normal) And then crashes!

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Cisco VPN :: Dell E6410 Laptop / VPN Error 412 - Windows XP SP3

Jun 6, 2011

I've got a work laptop (Dell E6410). Now I should qualify I'm a member of my employers IT Service Desk and I'm trying to discover how to fix this problem as its becoming more and more common (to the point we've even opened a Problem Report PR) but I'm unsure if the network ops team have contacted the TAC for support.
What I've done in the VPN client is set "LOG LEVEL 15" against everything so it spits everything out for diagnosis. This laptop I have 2 weeks ago was fine, since then its been spitting 412 error. And its beginning to frustrate the userbase.
- Laptop types: Dell E6400/E6410/E4310
- Connection Types: WiFi, Cabled or NextG mobile devices.
- VPN Version: 05.00.0003.0560a
- VPN Type: We use Group Authentication for the profile, then RSA + Domain login on the other end.
- OS: Win XP SP3
What have we tried:

- Deleting and recreating the RSA SecurID account for the user
- Reimaging the laptop
- Reinstalling the VPN
- Repairing the laptop
- Recreating the *.pcf file for the profile.
Originally I had found if using a NextG device and turning off the WiFi it would stop the 412 error but that has stopped working as a workaround and I've tried on both a cable connection (Direct to modem) and direct to my routed/switched network at home. Same error on 2 different types of internet connection.
In the log when I set L15 debugging I found....

148    17:29:10.890  06/07/11  Sev=Warning/3 CVPND/0xA340000DThe virtual adapter was not recognized by the operating system.
149    17:29:10.890  06/07/11  Sev=Warning/2 CM/0xE310000AThe virtual adapter failed to enable
356    17:29:33.453  06/07/11  Sev=Info/6 CM/0x6310003AUnable to restore route changes from file.
357    17:29:33.453  06/07/11  Sev=Info/6 CM/0x63100037The routing table was returned to original state prior to Virtual Adapter

I will try and find out what kind of end-point we have. But reading those snippits its like trying to activate the virtual adapter but can't seem to do it.

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Dell :: Inspiron 6000 Laptop Running Windows XP

Jan 18, 2010

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop running Windows XP.

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Dell Laptop Error Code - 0x80070005 Running Windows 7

Jul 6, 2011

I have a new Dell laptop inspiron runningwindows7,I get a error message when I try to access folders on network computer, a classroom network.

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