How To Bypass Router When It Has Built In Modem

Jun 28, 2011

How to bypass router to modem when the router has a built in modem? So my wireless router has a modem built into it, or is it the other way around: modem with built in router. I'm not sure...But anyway, because I am having such difficulties with the ps3 online, I have been told by many people to try bypassing the router straight to the modem.


Ubee DDW3611 / Asus RT-N15 - How To Bypass Router In Modem

Jul 25, 2011

I just got set up with time warner, and the modem they gave me (Ubee DDW3611) also has a built in router. I already have an Asus RT-N15 running DD-WRT, and this is what I want to use as my router.

If I connect the Asus router to the Ubee router, is my Asus router going to take control? It appears as though it's handeling DCHP, but what about things like port forwarding? Am I going to run into trouble by having both routers? Is there any settings I should make in the Ubee router, or just leave it be?

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SMC8014WN / Adding A Real Router To A Modem With Built-in Wireless?

Jun 28, 2012

I've been getting internet from a SMC8014WN Wireless Cable Modem gateway and I've been having sporadic connection issues ever since. I use Wireless USB Adapters on my own computer to connect to it from across a hallway and into another room and the connectivity is not very consistent. [URL]No matter what adapter I use (I have many) I sometimes get "now connected" messages and when I'm playing games like TF2 my connection either spikes, or drops and comes back (I'll get DC warnings and the game will freeze, and then come back in)

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D-link Dir-655 :: Arris Docsys3 Modem From Comcast Which Has A Built In Wifi Router

Aug 17, 2012

I have an ARRIS Docsys3 modem from Comcast which has a built in WiFi router. I also have a DIR-655. The Modem is in my office and I have a 100' Ethernet cable running through my attic to my front room where the dir-655 is located.

I use the DIR for WiFi as well I have it connected to my TV and Xbox.I use the ARRIS Modem for WiFi as well I have it connected to another Xbox and a Desktop computer.I want to have everything on 1 network, Dir-655 uses IP address and the ARRIS uses ranges I want to be able to connect to the dir-655 and have the IP for that connection join up with the 10.0.0... network so that I will be able to transfer files freely throughout the network.

I want everything on one network. Right now when I connect a laptop to the DIR-655, I can not access the printer that is connected to the Desktop on the ARRIS modem. I have to connect to the ARRIS modems WiFi to then use the printer on the desktop.Likewise, I want to use the media extender on the Xbox connected to the DIR-655 with the Desktop connected the the ARRIS modem, but I can not because of the to different networks.

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Blu-ray Connected To Wifi Built In Modem

Apr 29, 2012

Can I connect blu ray player to motorola cable box via Ethernet port? My blu ray player won't work with wifi built-in router.

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Bypass Patch Panel And Go From Modem To 24 Port Switch To Individual Wall Plates?

Mar 21, 2012

I currently have the following set up in my basement: Modem to 8 port router which has cables going into a patch panel which in turn provides internet access at 8 wall outlets throughout the house. My data/video streaming needs are expanding and I have had additional wiring pulled to the new locations. I would like to know if I can bypass the patch panel and go from the Modem to a 24 port switch to individual wall plates throughout the house.

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Dell D600 Laptop - Restore Built-in Modem?

Feb 4, 2012

Don't know how it happened but the built-in Conexant D480 MDC V.92 modem on my Dell D600 laptop was accidentally removed. How to get it restored or added back? My OS is Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3.

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Bypass ISP Internet Restrictions When Using A Router?

Jan 27, 2013

My ISP is RDS (Romanian Data Systems) and if i have there cable connected directly to my laptop, i have download speed of 11 MB/s, but if i connect through a router my download speed is just 10% of that. I made a trace and saw that it took 11 points to reach (when i'm connected directly) and 12 when i go through the router. They most certanly cut the band when the ping/trace has a difference of 1 point. They probably do this to preserve the band limits. How can i connect through a router and make the system think i'm connected directly ? So that i can have the same band that i pay for, not just 10% of it?My router is : TP-LINK 300M Wireless N Router Model No. TL-WR941ND . Now i know that in order to make this bypass i can install the Linux version of the router, but i don't know the steps in order to do that.

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Can't Connect Using IP Phone's Built-in Router?

Dec 28, 2012

I have no problems when the computer is connected to a router. That's how I'm posting here now. But my router is old and has no QOS. So the sound quality is choppy when I connect the phone to the router. So I tried connecting the phone directly to the cable modem, with the computer using the phone's router for internet. The phone's sound quality is great that way. But then the computer won't connect to the internet.When I hover over the network icon in the systray, it says "Local Area Connection 4 is now connected. Speed: 1.0 Gbps" The phone's router is a gigabit connection. So I think that tells me that the computer is seeing the phone/router and the cables are okay.I just tried to Repair through the network icon. It fails because it can't renew. I checked Window's Event Viewer to see what kind of error that might have created. This is the error:[CODE]

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DGL-4300 - Router Ping Higher Than Built Pc Serving NAT And DHCP

Feb 22, 2011

"In the past I have noticed if I have one of my rigs running NAT and DHCP that my ping response times are lower compared to my router DGL-4300, when playing games. Is this due to the PC hardware being superior or is it a software/firmware thing?

Or is there a router out there that will perform better ping response time wise/ lag than my DGL-4300?"

Is this due to hardware or is it software/firmware? My NAT and DHCP box was a windows server 2003 configured with just those roles and my pings were in the 20-30 and I could host/join games no problem and no lag, but when I play through the Dlink DGL-4300 my pings would be 70-90 and some games I had lag issues and host/ join issues, sometimes it would work sometimes not.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Using Built-in Switch On 1801W Router?

Apr 3, 2013

I have a Cisco 1801W router, running a DSL connection with wireless connectivity for a school. This is configured on the fastEthernet0 interface on the network (the router is
I was wondering if it is possible to get the built-in switch (fastEthernet 1-8 interfaces) to be used as a part of the same network (
Fastethernet0 is connected to the school's main switch (24 port), but we could use a few more ports. I'd love to use the 8 ports on the router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1200 V2 With No Internet Access Policy In Built

Sep 12, 2012

I just bought a factory refurbished E1200.  The label on the bottom says it is a Version 2 model.  When I purchased it, it was loaded with 2.0.02 firmware but I upgraded the firmware to 2.0.04.My problem is that I'm trying to setup MAC address-based restrictions thru the manual/web-based setup and when I click on the "Access Restrictions" tab, I only have simple "Parental Controls" and not the advanced "Internet Access Policy".Is it possible that I have a mislabeled V1 device?  If that is the case, how is it that I was able to upgrade the firmware using firmware from the V2 downloads section.
Do V! and V2 units use the same firmware but  more importantly, how do I upgrade the built-in software so that I have the advanced "Internet Access Policy" controls?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Access Using USB Drive With Built-in FTP Server?

Jan 23, 2012

I saw it's possible to use an USB drive/stick with the builtin FTP server to allow file access.Would it also be possbile to have the router function as webserver for external access from USB ? Just simple web functionality needed, no php or MySQL.Don't want to be running an extra machine 24x7 just to serve some html code.

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D-Link DCS Network Camera :: 5230L Possible To Record On Buffalo Router Built In NAS

Feb 20, 2012

DCS 5230L possible to record on buffalo router buit in NAS?No option to choose, only can see SD card but Not my NAS.

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Cisco WAN :: Multiple SVI Interfaces On 871 Router / 2911 With Built In 8 Port Switch

Sep 17, 2011

I am wondering if xconnect L2TPV3 feature could be done on multiple SVI interfaces on 871 router and 2911 router with built in 8 port switch?Like I need to extend two ethernet interfaces and can I use two SVIs on router built-in switch module on each side?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Configuration Interface For Built-in Twonky Server On E4200?

Jul 6, 2011

how to get at the configuration interface for the "built-in" Twonky server on the E4200.Specifically, I'm trying to figure out how to get to the "clients.db" file and the area of the UI where I can configure the receiver settings. I'm getting the dreaded "unknown file format" message when streaming mp4 files to my Samsung BD-C6500 bluray player.  Installing Twonky on my laptop and working with the problematic files has shown that the solution is a simple matter for BD-C6500 understand how the files are encoded.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Built In Twonky Media Server Disconnecting?

Jan 28, 2011

I am having problems with Twonky disconnecting from my PS3 while watching movies from the attached USB drive...
How to manually restart the media server other than turning off the drive or resetting the router?  Or perhaps a solution to this in settings...

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2610 Router What Speed Is Built In Ethernet Port

Oct 23, 2011

I have a 2610 router. How can I tell if the built-in ethernet port is only a 10BASE-T or if it's a 10/100 port?  Is there a "Show" command to give me this information or did it only come one way?  I have found conflicting information on this :-(  If it's only 10BASE-T, can I upgrade it to 10/100?

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How To Bypass 8e6 R3000 Enterprise

Apr 28, 2011

I have tried everything including removing the system, changing the network settings, using cmd.exe, ect. they all say access denied and theres no possible way to get around this.

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Bypass The Proxy Of School?

Jan 18, 2012

How can I bypass the proxy of my school? I cannot access my emails since I am in the UK and my email is provided with a server in China, namely; the email means a lot to me as it is the only way I can keep in touch with my friends from my old school.

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Cannot Get Past Password / Way To Bypass Security

Aug 3, 2012

Im stuck working on a moderm, its a speed touch 536 (old school) i cannot get past a password.. Im trying to set this bad girl up with a router, setting up routers in my specialty.Im trying to bridge the modern but on the setup page there is a password, i dont know if its factory or what.. ive tried many of common passwords for networking like (admin/admin, Admin/ Admin, Admin/Password) ive tried everything i can think of. so i need a way to bypass the security. Flashing the software maybe?Ive found a software uploader for it, but i cant find the original firmware for the modern.

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Bypass Gateway Speed Limiter?

Apr 5, 2012

In my campus they restricted our download speed to 30kbps by registering our laptop in It is so ridiculous to download in such a low speed.Even if pages are not opening.

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Cisco VPN :: Use Proxy Bypass On ASA 5510?

Oct 25, 2012

We have a custom web application which is heavily relying on javascript. We're trying to access it via the webportal but this application does not load correctly (it barely shows a white page).
the link is [URL] and SUBIF-ISP2 is the public interface facing the internet. This is the rule as displayed by the CLI:
proxy-bypass interface SUBIF-ISP2 path-mask oursubdirectory target [URL]
Despite having this command in place, nothing changes. I tried multiple combinations adding the xml and hostname rewrite or changing the interface but nothing, the page is the same like if this rule was not applied.

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How To Bypass Proxy Detection On Public Network

Mar 4, 2011

I just switched schools and I work for HP's marketing team part time which entitles me to get on some websites blocked by our school's network (sonicwall block).I then tried a proxy on Firefox and it was blocked as the sonicwall detected that I was using a proxy. Why did this happen and is there a way to bypass?This is mainly on wired connection as the Ethernet isn't god awfully slow like wireless is.

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Security / Firewalls :: How To Bypass Internet Restrictions

Dec 7, 2012

we are provided wifi connections. But most of the sites are blocked by cyberoam. way to bypass this (NOTE)ultrasurf and freegate too failed...

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Work Proxy Bypass On Home Network?

Aug 23, 2012

When I'm at work, I have internet (though a proxy) and remote access to the linux computers at work (the work laptop runs win 7)when I have to work at home, the work VPN that we were given has no internet access but I can connect to the remote linux computer that I need just fine. the linux computer has no internet access and more often than not is missing modules and dependencies. Is there a way to enable my home wifi network and the VPN so that the work computer can access the internet locally while I'm working? just one browser is all I need.... I currently have to disable the vpn, download my modules and then connect, to install them.

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Bypass The Gateway Laptop Internet Switch?

Aug 23, 2012

On my Gateway laptop there was a switch on the left side. It turned the internet access on or off. The switch broke off, and now I cannot access my wireless internet, I have to be corded.Can I turn off the switch within the computer so I can access my wi-fi?

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Servers :: How To Get URL To Bypass Boarding School Internet Filter

Mar 22, 2012

I am living on a boarding school and they have a filter set up so we cannot surf for porn and stuff... but the thing is that all other things are blocked and they want an url number make my school better for everyoneIts from a private server Molten WoW so i need them to unlock the Server oO

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Security / Firewalls :: Block Software With Password Bypass?

Sep 2, 2011

I am currently running a Windows 2003 Server Edition and I have an issue, we run a small piece of software for controlling the nights takings which connects to the tills database on the network.This piece of software is not password protected and is held in a safe, however it has come to our attention that an employee may have taken possession of a copy of this application and we need to block the application been run on the network.Now this is were it gets difficult, I know to stop the application I could just use the Software Restriction Policy with Hash Rules which would solve that. However the problem is that sometimes people WILL need to run this software on the network and not get blocked.These people may not have their own accounts etc so I am trying to workout a way that we can allow someone to bypass the software restriction policy with a password prompt, is this possible or is their another way around this issue?

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Bypass Proxy / Webwasher With Remote Desktop Connection?

May 11, 2012

I want to connect via windows rdp to computer outside the company office and I cannot do that since we have webwasher or proxy installed in the office.I can access this machine with IE (it is a server with open port 80) and I see its website. This is becuase the IE at office has proxy configured correctly.I cannot access the same machine with RDP connection, though. I can access it using other computer outsite the office, so it is not an issue that rdp is not enabled or so. Problem is with proxy at office.I need a way to connect to rdp by using the same proxy.Problem is that that IE at office uses automated proxy script (.pac).I have installed remote utilities server on the machine I want to access and the remote utilities viewer on the computer at office. I set the proxy similary to what is set in IE but I cannot connect anyway. I can connect this way from third computer outside the office though, so the configuration is fine, only proxy is the problem.I managed to get the proxy details like host name and port but I'm not sure those are the right one.The webwasher or proxy is mcafee web gateway 6.8.4.

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Check Off Bypass Proxy Server For Local Address Box?

Dec 30, 2011

Charter tech came today to solve my problem of my new modem not working, he fixed the Modem but i think he did something to the lan proxy settings after.I'm trying to set up my Belkin wireless G router but i do not have the orginal CD. What should my address be under the "Use a Proxy server for your LAN" checkbox and what is the port and should i check off the bypass proxy server for local address box?

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Belkin Routers :: N450 Doesn't Allow To Add To The DMZ To Bypass Firewall

Feb 1, 2013

My Belkin N450 assigns a for an IP address. This does not allow me to add to the DMZ to bypass firewall and open my NAT. It wants a 192.168.2.__. What do I need to do to make this happen?

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Cisco Security :: Mac Address Bypass Not Working On 3560G

Jul 18, 2012

I'm trying to configure MAB on a Cisco 3560G to work with FreeRADIUS.
I have been assured that my RADIUS configuration is fine and the server is functioning properly.
This is my current switch config:
Header 1 
version 12.2
no service pad


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Cisco Routers :: RV082 Bypass Filter For One User?

Aug 1, 2011

I have been asked by a client to restrict access to a number of non work related sites. Easy, blocked them using Firewall> Content Filter. Then I was asked to disable this filter for one user (the Managing Director) so he can access eBay.
I am familiar with doing this on a Netgear device, but so far my efforts with the RV082 have failed.
First I have tried using DHCP to reserve an IP address for this user, then setting 'Access Rules' so that this IP has all access all the time, but this does not appear to work.
I assume setting this IP as the DMZ would achieve what I want but it seems like overkill and not very security wise.

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Cisco :: Full Access To Everything Since The Tunnel Is Set To Bypass Interface ACLS?

Nov 23, 2011

I have ip phones at the remote location that connect into the phone switch(it's a nortel cs1000 system) over the tunnel. Internal calls work just fine, however when somebody calls from the outside, or calls are made to the outside the connection is never finalized. Like if I call from my cell it rings the phones, but when I answer there is nothing but dead air.In the group policy for the tunnel, I gave the remote site FULL access to the phones vlan and vice versa...which obviously works since internal calls work fine. If I remove my group policy and give it the Default group policy which essentially gives that tunnel full access to everything since the tunnel is set to bypass interface ACLS, external calls work fine. So it's definitely related to the group policy.

The group policy is basicallyAllow remote site to X network/host on these ports no denies since it blocks whatever isn't specifically allowed. However since it can get the phone switch and it can get to the internet I'm not seeing why the calls aren't working.The only thing I can think of to try doing as well is remove the allow inbound traffic to bypass interface rules and treat it just like another vlan interface on the ASA. Create the rules on each interface for the remote site network etc and see if it works that way.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750G - How To Bypass Old Configuration In Switch

Mar 7, 2013

I am having an issue bypassing a switch 3750G series. How i can bypass the old configuration in the switch.i have tried the CTRL+BREAK at startup but it wont work.      

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Cisco VPN :: 2911 What Command Should Be Entered To Bypass L2tp And Pptp

May 14, 2012

I am working in GULF and skype and other free voice services are blocked. people sometimes use vpn(ivacy) on iphone in the office and it dont work while if they use vpn at there home it works. At office we have only 2911 router and no firewal and simple NAT is done on ADSL interface.what command should be entered to bypass l2tp and pptp.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5540 And Concurrent Sessions - Bypass TCP Connection For One IP

Nov 15, 2012

in Cisco ASA 5540 Adaptive Security Appliance Platform Capabilities and Capacities, I see Concurrent Sessions: 400,000. Which mean what device can handle 400,000 session and no more. But if I'm using TCP State Bypass Feature (Inbound traffic pass via ASA but Outbound goes via different device). I can see such connections via show conn command with b flag.
My questions: 1. Will this limit (Concurrent Session) affect in this case? Or ASA can handle more such connections (for example 800,000 ...) in bypass state? 2. It's possible to tune timeout for such connection without using global timeout conn? My problem what I want to do by pass tcp connection for one IP with has very high connection/sec rate.

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Cisco VPN :: IKE-UDP500 / Windows Firewall IPSEC Bypass Across Remote Client VPN?

Jun 15, 2011

I am trying to implement IPSec Authenticated Firewall Bypass on windows vista clients within my microsoft domain to avoid implementing numerous windows firewall port exceptions for each client.

This is working internally on our network, between services servers (i.e AV server), and desktop clients. However i am having a problem when the clients are remotly accessing the domain via the VPN client.I have open traffic ports (IKE-UDP500, ESP - IP Prot 50, AH - IP Prot 51) bidirectionally between the remote vpn clients subnet and the services servers, however when the endpoints initiate traffic to the services server, the IKE traffic is unencrypted?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5500 / TCP State Bypass For Traffic - Coming From IPsec Tunnel?

Feb 6, 2012

We have problems on central firewall with restricting traffic coming from remote office from IPsec. (The network sheme is attached) All branch offices are connected to central asa though IPsec. The main aim is to rule access from branch offices only on the central firewall, NOT on each IPsec tunnel According to the sheme: is on of the branch office LANs10.1.1.0/24 and are central office LANThe crypto ACL looks like  permit ip the aim is to restrict access from to When packets are generated from host to all is ok -  they are dropped by acl2 When packets are generated from to they are not dropped by any ACL - the reason is stateful firewall - traffic bypasses all access lists on a back path I thought that TCP State Bypass feature can solve this problem and disable stateful firewall inspection for traffic coming from to, but it didn't work.The central asa 5500 is configured according to cisco doc [URL] 
access-list tcp_bypass_acl extended permit tcp
class-map tcp_bypass_map
description "TCP traffic that bypasses stateful firewall"
match access-list tcp_bypass_acl


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Cisco WAN :: Does The RV016 Port Forwarding Bypass Firewall Default Rules

Jun 20, 2011

when opening SSH service to a Database Administrator within my LAN, that has a RV016 as the default gateway. So confidence, I just set up a port forwarding in Setup > Forwarding and everything works fine, cool.
However, I do not want this to be a public access, I need a specific firewall rule for a specific external IP address (only the DBA fixed IP Internet might connect to my database server through SSH).
O noticed that when a port forwarding is created within RV016, it bypass the firewall default rules and wide-opens the service (port) to the web. Conceptually, this is correct, as port forwarding is a network translation, but I expected that my firewall had work over this.
My current solution was to create a "Deny from all" rule at port 22 and then create one additional rule that allows traffic from an specific IP at port 22.

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Cisco Application :: ASA 5505 To Bypass WCCP For Specific Public IP Address

Jun 29, 2011

Currently using WCCP with squid for content filtering. One of our sites we connect to needs to see the connection coming from our public IP address, not the proxy server IP. I've created a acl in squid for direct lookup, but the website gets angry with the X-Forwarder-Header squid attaches to each packet. Is there a way in a cisco ASA 5505 to bypass wccp for a specific public ip address or url?

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Routers / Switches :: Connect Modem To Wireless Router / Modem Combo?

Aug 23, 2011

My Motorola SBG901 Modem/Router combo has stopped connecting to the internet. I have done all the troubleshooting with Comcast and with Motorola and it is out of warranty, so I will have to purchase a new one.In the mean time, I wanted to use it only as a wireless router connected to my Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2 modem. Is there anyway to do this? Is there a way to disable the modem in the SBG901? Simply connecting with the ethernet cords has not worked. I connected the DPC2100 to the SBG901 via ethernet cord. My computer was able to pick up a wireless connection but there is no cable connection.

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