How To Check Applied Group Policy On Domain Clients

Jun 16, 2012

How to check applied group policy on the domain clients

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Cisco VPN :: VPN PIX 515E Which Isakmp Policy Are Applied

May 23, 2012

crypto map mapName 20 match address NAME_20_cryptomapcrypto map mapName 20 set peer IPADDRcrypto map mapName 20 set transform-set ESP-3DES-SHAcrypto map mapName interface IFNAMEcrypto isakmp identity addresscrypto isakmp enable IFNAMEcrypto isakmp policy 10authentication pre-shareencryption 3deshash md5group 2lifetime 86400crypto isakmp policy 30authentication pre-shareencryption 3deshash shagroup 2lifetime 86400crypto isakmp policy 50authentication pre-shareencryption aeshash shagroup 2lifetime 28800(code)
I need to be sure that when traffic matches access-list "NAME_40_cryptomap" Isakmp policy 50 are used. And then traffic matches "NAME_20_cryptomap"  isakmp policy 10 are used. How do i link the crypto map with the specefic isakmp policy?

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Cisco WAN :: 870 Applied ATM Service-policy Output

Nov 30, 2011

I encountered this problem with cisco 870 atm interface. I applied service-policy output, its being accepted but when you do a show run interface, it's not there.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 8.4 LDAP Group To ASA Group Policy Mapping?

Jul 31, 2012

I try to map LDAP Group to ASA Group policy following documentation:
This is a config for ASA 8.0. I would have expected it to work on 8.4 as well but I do run into problems. The mapping as shown in LDAP Debug and ASA Log will actually happen but it is overwritten by the "GPnoAccess" Group Policy configured locally in the Tunnel Group. From earlier works with RADIUS I would have expected the user specific Attribute to be "stronger"?
ASA Log:
AAA retrieved user specific group policy (correct Policy) for user = XXX
AAA retrieved default group policy (GPnoAccess) for user = XXX

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Get Rid Of Group Policy?

Feb 18, 2011

dell 3000 xl os 149gb I set up a home office. to try to transfer files to my new one.oce i found out you can't do it. there was a group policy in do i get rid of it. it's interfering with a lot of stuff, including my firewall. had to buy another.

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How To Disable Usb Using Group Policy

Feb 1, 2011

how to disable usb using group policy

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How To Block Website Using Group Policy

Oct 4, 2011

I want to block a website timely using group policy on window server 2008.

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Group Policy Change On Remote Machine?

May 27, 2011

I have 4-5 machines connected to each other in network which are in workgroup. Now I want to change one group policy on remote machine. The name of that policy is " Network access: sharing and security model for the local accounts :- Guest only" . How can I change this policy from remotely?

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Group Policy Disable Default Favorites?

Oct 5, 2012

Is it possible via Group Policy to prevent the domain computers from automatically creating default favorites when the users log in? Currently on the Favorites Bar it creates "Web Slice Gallery" and "Suggested Sites", as well as a "Websites for United Kingdom" folder. The domain controller is running Windows Server 2008 R2, and the clients are running Windows 7.

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Cisco VPN :: How To Lock VPN Users Into Certain Group-policy With ASA / ACS 8.2

Feb 10, 2011

I have a Cisco ASA (8.2) with several group-policies setup.  By default, I can hit the SSL page, and have a selection of available group-policies for a user to login to.  I want to have different ACLs for each group, to go along with the subnet that each particular group hands out.  Right now, as long as a user is authenticated through AAA, they can log in to any group they select, and therefore, have more permissions than another group.
I know how to hide the list, but I need to be able to assign a specific group to a user based on an attribute in ACS.
I've setup ACS to use the "CVPN3000/ASA/PIX7.x-Tunnel-Group-Lock" Atttribute, to which I match the group-policy name in the ASA, to the attribute on the user account in ACS.This doesn't seem to work, and it just throws the user into DfltGrpPlcy, which doesn't give the user anything.  So it's either wide-open, or it's broken.
I'm using RADIUS authentication and not TACACS, so it should retrieve the attributes, and according to the ACS, it grabs the attribute during the authentication process.

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Disable Domain Printer Password In Work Group?

Mar 22, 2011

Disable domain printer password in workgroup?????

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5510 - Group Policy In IPSEC Remote?

Nov 20, 2012

I have configured ASA 5510 With IPsec Remote VPN.With local database users(Users are created in ASA).
Internal network has 4 VLANS. Need solution for below.
There are 25 Users created in ASA. where only 5 tp 6 users wants to grant access to Particualr IP and Subnets and rest of the users can access entire lan.
Is it possible to configure Group policy in ASA for IPsec Remote VPN.

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Windows Server 2003 Group Policy Block Downloading?

Mar 31, 2013

I am interested in knowing how to check on my 2003 Server what usernames are blocked from downloading. Many of the clients seemed to have downloaded Google Talk and also Spotify. I was wondering if I can check -where it is located and how to enforce this policy. (or create it if it isn't in effect correctly)

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Cisco VPN :: How To Limit Maximum SSL VPN Sessions Per Group-policy On ASA5510

Nov 25, 2012

How to limit maximum SSL VPN sessions per group-policy on ASA5510?
There are 2 group-policy: in one maximum of 10 connections, in the second - 15 (In total licenses for SSL VPN 25 connections).

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Remove Start Menu User Link - Windows 7 Group Policy?

Sep 29, 2011

I'm running a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition server that is currently the domain controller, and a Windows 7 Ultimate client. I have a 'Test' user for messing around with group policy - anyway, on the client Start Menu it has 'Test User' which leads to some form of libraries folder. Is it possible to restrict the link without removing their name?

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: Installing NAC Agent 4.9.1 Through Active Directory Group Policy

Apr 28, 2012

installing the Cisco NAC agent through the Active Directory Group Policy. (Windows 2008 R2)Currently Cisco NAC CAS servers has been installed, configured and the switches are added. But the ports are not active. Currently users are not passing through the NAC. When the ports are active and the users trying to access the network, the browser will ask the users to install the Cisco NAC Agent.I need t by pass this by installing the Cisco NAC agent through the active directory Group Policy. How to install the Cisco NAC agent (4.9.1) to all the users in the Network (Windows XP / 7 )through Active Directory so that the users will not know that the Cisco NAC agent has been installed in their computers. By this way the users need not install the Cisco NAC agent through the Web browser and will just login their user name and password and get into the network.

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Cisco WAN :: 2821 MS Group Policy Failure / ICMP Size Too Small On Router?

Nov 29, 2010

When you use Group Policy to determine whether a link is fast or slow, fast links may be incorrectly flagged as slow links.
This problem may occur when a network that you are trying to detect a slow link to is configured to control the size and flow of Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets. For example, if a router allows for only ICMP ping packets that have a size of 1,024 bytes, the slow-link detection feature may flag the connection as a slow link. This is because the router discards ICMP packets that are larger than 1,024 bytes. If the router discards the packet because it exceeds the allowed size, fast links may be reported as slow links.
According to Microsoft, the default ICMP ping packet size of 2048 is used.Microsoft recommends changing every single Windows machine's ICMP size...but my customer would rather just change the router. It is a 2821 router, running 12.4(24)T4, using MLPPP to bundle two T1s.

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Cisco :: WLC 2504 - 802.1X Failure On Win 7 Non-domain Clients

May 28, 2013

I have a WLC 2504(code 7.0.235) installed and two AP 3502 (local mode). RADIUS Server is a IAS runnning on my AD server.
I had a domestic AP before Cisco solution, using the same RADIUS server and everything was ok. After migration Windows 7 domain clients and Apple devices connects without issue. However when I try to connect non-domain windows 7 clients into wireless network (802.1X) and got failure. Apple devices out of domain can connect, certificate pop-up appears and connection flows.
I check certificates and everything looks ok for me. I remove a windows 7 client from domain and test it too, an got the same error. Certificate are install on windows 7 clients.
Could Cisco controller interfering in this authentication process ?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA5520 Two VPN Group Clients To Use Two VLAN

May 9, 2012

I have a VPN network (in ASA 5520) with two VLAN (999 and 997) and two remote clients (User1 and User2). The VPN connection with both users is correctly connected but I can't make a ping to another computer of the same VPN network, when the VPN network is connected. For eg: When User1 is connected, has the IP:, but can't make ping to another connected PC (IP: [code]

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Cisco :: WLC 5508 AP Group - Clients Using Wrong VLAN

Feb 14, 2011

I have a network setup as live-ssid.  It is using the Interface for VLAN 14.  All APs under the default-group AP Group obviously allows clients to DHCP an address from VLAN 14.  This is working fine.
I created a new AP Group called 3rd Floor.  This has the live-ssid setup, but instead of using the Interface for VLAN 14 it is setup for the Interface for VLAN 50.  I have all the APs on this floor moved to the 3rd Floor AP Group.
The problem is that 95% of the clients on 3rd Floor are still picking up DHCP addresses from VLAN 14.  I checked and all the clients are connected to the APs on the 3rd Floor.  Only 4 Clients are getting an address from VLAN 50.
I'm not sure if something is configured wrong or not since some devices pick up the new VLAN and the rest don't.  I've manually reboot the APs on the 3rd floor to see if that would fix it.

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Cisco :: WS-C2950-24 Separate Guest Clients From Domain On Network?

Jun 8, 2012

I am playing around with a WS-C2950-24 running IOS 12.1(22)EA13. I would like to separate guest clients from domain clients on the network (for a start) so that guest clients only get access to internet and i have created three vlans for this purpose. Vlan 10 - internet, vlan 20 - internal, vlan 40 - guest. I have also set up a trunk link on the internal network.since the 2950 does not offer routing capabilities i assume i need to to the routing between these networks on another box. I am planing to do this on a linux machine. I have set up the same vlans on the linux box.

My question is how do I configure the cisco correctly so i can reach all the networks on the linux box. The cable that runs between the cisco and the linux box is connected to vlan 20 - internal and is defined as a trunk port allowing all vlans ( switchport trunk allowed vlan all ) with vlan 20 as looks like only vlan 20 is using the cable that reaches the linux machine. 2950 ----- unmanaged switch (not replaced yet) ---servers

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Cisco Wireless :: 1262 Maximum Number Of Clients In Work Group Bridge Mode

Dec 6, 2011

What is the maximum allowed number of wired clients behind a workgroup bridge? In other words, is there a limit on MAC addresses?I assume 1262 AP in WGB mode is connecting to a lighweight AP (1262 or 3502), latest IOS and WLC software. I wasn't able to find the answer from Cisco documentation.

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Cisco :: Console Errors After Aaa Applied

Feb 19, 2013

I have a issue where after configuring aaa and rebooting, logging into the console port seems to be auto trying something before it finally times out and let's the user try. I getting the following sequence: [code] I need aaa to work via vty, however I need the device to boot directly to the Username: prompt so I can continue to use my VB script to clear the config when the devices are return from the field.

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Acl For Public Wifi Not Working When Applied To Trunk?

Jan 17, 2012

So there are two VLAN's traveling over the port attached to the controller (User vlan 100, and Guest vlan 102). I need to block the guest from everything but the internet allowing the free flow of everything else on the User vlan. All info sanitized of course.I think I have the ACL's correct for what I am trying to accomplish I just can not get this ACL to work on a trunk port.Confirmed the ACL to work correctly on access ports however.

ip access-list extended Wireless
permit ip any
permit udp any any eq bootpc
permit udp any any eq bootps
permit udp any any eq domain[code].....

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Cisco Firewall :: Can ASA-5505-SEC-PL Be Applied To ASA5505-K8

Oct 18, 2011

I would like to find out if security plus license ASA-5505-sec-pl be applied to ASA5505-K8. I think the strength of encryption should not be determining whether additional feature can be applied or not, but I need to confirm with you people..

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Routers / Switches :: Dlink DIR 615 Router - Wireless Clients Can't See Ethernet Clients

Feb 1, 2011

I have 4 desktops cat5 to Dlink DIR 615 router. All work fine. Any wireless clients, laptop or netbooks, see the desktop computers for a while then disconnect somehow. All machines can see the Internet through the router at all times. The desktops disappear from the laptop/netbooks but the wireless machines can be seen from the desktop computers but clicking on them gets 'Access Denied' message after a wait.3 desktops = XP, 1 98SE. All laptop/netbooks = XP

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Cisco :: PPPoE MTU Restriction Be Applied At Virtual Template

Aug 1, 2012

I get that to avoid fragmenting the packets we need to reduce the MTU to 1492, fine, but should the MTU restriction be applied at the virtual-template (server)/dialer (client) or on the physical ethernet interfaces?If I apply it to one or the other, which takes precedence? Should I just apply it to both the virtual/dialer interfaces and the ethernet interfaces?

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Cisco :: DHCP Not Allocating Address When Crypto Map Applied

Dec 12, 2012

I have a cisco 887 connected as temp measure to a 3g device via a fast0 port. all works fine. VPN comes up...but the moment i apply the crypto map to the vlan.. DHCP stops allocating ip address. I have remove irrelevant config ( dialer, atm etc as they not been used)

config below
p dhcp excluded-address
ip dhcp excluded-address


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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ISE 3355 - Nothing Applied To Pc When Created Authentication

Apr 7, 2013

I have a cisco ISE 3355 and WLC 5508 and microsoft Active Directory 2008. I joind the ISE to the ADe successfully and I can see all groups on the AD, also I integrated the ISE with the WLC. my problem is when I created the Authentication policy on the ISE and joined to the AP by the PC nothing applied to the PC.
WLC version 7.4
ISE version

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Cisco WAN :: 7513 Router - CS7 Is Applied Without Any Bandwidth Restriction

Aug 11, 2012

my client insisting to set a dscp value of 56  (= CS7 , the highest priority) for their video packet without any bandwith restriction in the input of fast ethernet port and PPP Multilink serial output port of the 7513 router. What will be the outcome at time of video streaming and video conference ?  As this dscp value CS7 is the highest priority and reserved for network only.we are using ospf routing (some of the network is connected through this multilink port via ospf routing), also this ethernet is connected to various statice routed ip network via cisco asa and cisco 4507. The keep alive ospf neighbor router will be  lost or not?

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Cisco VPN :: GRE Over IPSec Applied To Router 3700 And 2911?

Aug 23, 2011

I have a connection between HQ and Branch which connected by GRE tunnel over IPSec. I use Cisco router 3745 that has IOS version: 12.3(18) and Cisco router 2911 that has IOS version : 15.0(1r)M9 with ipbase, security and data license.
I tried to apply command to both routers as follows:
Cisco 3745 (HQ)
 crypto isakmp key test address
 crypto isakmp keepalive 60
 crypto ipsec transform-set myset esp-3des esp-md5-hmac
 crypto map vpn01 local-address Loopback0


When I appied this command that will show a notification as below:
NOTE: crypto map is configured on tunnel interface.  Currently only GDOI crypto map is supported on tunnel interface.
*** After appied this command, I cannot ping or send any traffic to HQ. *** 
I use this command that is working normally on Cisco router 3745 that has IOS version: 12.3(18) and Cisco router 2811 that has IOS version : 12.4(7b).

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Cisco :: LMS 4.x - Device Authorization Not Applied In Topology Services

May 12, 2012

it seems that users with active device authorization - e.g. permitting only a certain user defined group - can anyway view all devices or views?Is it possible to apply the same view rule from user management, so that these users can only view certain devices or topologies?

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Cisco :: Out-Of-Sync Summary Exclude Commands Not Applied In LMS 4.0?

Oct 4, 2011

In earlier versions of LMS it was possible to choose i.e. the Routers category (top level) and enter a series of commands to be excluded from the comparison. In LMS 4.0.1 I experience, in several different installations, that this is not possible. It seems I can enter one exclude command beyond the defaults per category, the rest is not applied even though the feedback from the application is positive. Next time I access the Exclude Commands view, the commands I entered are gone. Is this a change of behaviour or a bug?

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