Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 - Admin Username / Password Versus SSID / WPA

May 18, 2012

The EA4500 web-settings application asks for a username and password.  The username is "admin" and the password is my long (60 character) wpa key.  I see where I can change the password but it says I'll lose all wireless connections.  This doesn't make sense to me.  I would think the router administration username and password are completely separate from the ssid and wpa key. This was the case with my earlier LinkSys router. I'd like a router administration username to be something other than the generic "admin" and a password that is easier than my long wpa key.  I want a separate ssid and wpa key (what I currently have).

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G - Lost Username And Password For Admin Page

Apr 30, 2007

I seem to have lost my username and password for the admin page for my WRT54G router.Is there a way to retrieve or reset the login?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Blank Username And Admin In Password Doesn't Work

Feb 23, 2013

Blank user name and admin in password doesn't work.  How to reset these ?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Change Username / Password In Settings For EA4500?

Oct 25, 2012

How do I change the username password in the router settings for the linksys ea4500? It only lets me change the password, I cant find an option to change the username.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 - SSID With Random Password

Feb 3, 2013

I purchased what I think is a new EA4500 but the box was not sealed.  On setup it had a SSID name of Mischief Dolphin populated with a random password.  Is this a default or was perhaps this router already setup (used)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA3500 Change Admin Username?

Apr 17, 2012

how to change username admin to something different. I can reset the router password but there's no easily identifiable option for changing the username. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Pros / Cons Same SSID For 2.4 Versus 5 (E2500)

Dec 2, 2012

I just got a new E2500 and out of the box the system uses the same SSID for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.  Obviously you CAN configure them to use different SSID's, though.  Should I make them different or keep them the same?  I don't really want to mess around with having 2 different SSID's if I don't get a real benefit.Will most devices that support both (like a new laptop) find and use the 5 automatically?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA3500 - Change SSID In Admin Area?

Jun 9, 2012

I have logged into the admin area 192.168.... And I do not see where to change the SSID.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 -Admin User ID Changed To SSID Name?

Jul 12, 2010

I have manually configured the E2000 and set the admin password. When I was trying to log back in, I could not. I reset and reconfigured and set the password again. I still could not log in using "admin" and the password I set up. I thought I was losing my mind. Just on a hunch, I used the SSID name instead of "admin", then entered the password that worked. I am able to login, but I need the username to be admin, not the SSID. Has anyine else had this issue? Any way to change the administrator name back to admin??

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 5GHz SSID Cannot Be Hidden?

Sep 10, 2012

I have found that if I do not enable the broadcast SSID option on my 5GHz N network that my devices will forget the network and not reconnect on their own.  Yet, I have the 2.4GHz G/N network set up to not broadcast my SSID and I have no problems.  Why can't I disable my SSID broadcast on the 5GHz N network without these problems?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 FTP Server Name Did Not Update With New SSID

Nov 30, 2012

I had a SSID name conflict with one of my devices and the router. I changed the routers SSID which eliminated the conflict.  I noted that after changing the SSID, the name of the FTP server did not update to the new SSID. Is this an issue? I did not see any way to manually edit the FTP name. FTP works fine as is.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 2 SSID Network Names?

Jan 7, 2013

just bought the EA4500 new, setup the router with computer plug-in RJ45, after I change my network network to "LinksysOne", I can connect to the network wireless.  But when I connect it with hard wire/RJ45, it shows "cisco27205", but I cannot see "cisco27205" with wifi, neither with RJ45 connection cannot see "LinksysOne".  Why this happen? is this normal? 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Set Username And Password On WRT54GL

May 8, 2013

I have a problem with my linksys WRT54GL router.  I entered here [URL] and i set it up, i can connect to internet on my PC and wireless works great but i can't set wireless password and name. When i go to the wireless tab, i write the new name but when i hit seve setting i get disconnected from internet. I try to go to status and click on Connect tab, when is connected internet works but the name and the password of the wireless that i set earlier is reset to default. What do i have to do to set name and password and have internet at the same time.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Username And Password For WRT120N?

Oct 16, 2012

I am trying to figure out my WEP code to use to connect to XBOX LIVE. To log on to my internet we just have a WPA-Personal I think, so I have been trying to sign into my router to hopefully obtain my WEP key there, but cannot sign in. I have tried every combination of usernames and passwords such as:

[none]              admin
admin             admin
[none]             [none]

n/a ... and more but nothing works.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Connect Cloud SSID Option Enable?

Sep 17, 2012

Using CCC with EA4500, where do I find the control for enable/disable broadcast of the SSID?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 - Username / Password Required?

Jul 18, 2011

A username and password are being requested by The site says: "E1000"

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA3500 Cannot Find Username And Password

Mar 18, 2013

I have tried using my router name and password when you 1st connect and got nothing.I have held the reset button for a minute straight to try and restore default settings and have got nothing. I'm trying to enter my ISP into the web browser

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EPC2425 - Lost Username And Password

Jul 1, 2012

I'm not a very knowledgeable person when it comes to networking stuff so ill try and explain this the best I can.I have a Cisco router the number on it is EPC2425.I set a user name and password I've long forgotten for access to the web based security protocols for the modem and if there was one I've lost the disk for the control protocol program.I need to get to the port forwarding a such on there and I have no way to a present.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160Nv2 / How To Check Password And Username

Jul 11, 2009

I am trying to access my Wireless router via  When it asks for username and password i did..

 Username: (BLANK)
Password: admin
But it didn't work, i think i may have changed the password at one time but im not sure. Is there anyway to check the password and username?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G - Set Up Username And Password For VPN Connection

Dec 21, 2011

I would like to enable VPn in WRT54G.Cann't find where to set up user name & psw.Is client necessary to set up user name & psw if there was no need to set up user name & psw for in WRT54G ?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54g - Forgot Username / Password?

Feb 17, 2012

I just dug my router (wrt54g) out of the closet and hooked it up but I cant remember my name or password for the router. Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve paying linksys any sort of "fee"

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT320n - How To Enter Automatically Username And Password

Apr 22, 2012

I use an internet network via wifi that require username and password. The router for wifi network in my place and i connect my cisco(linksys wrt320n) to the router. Every time i want to connect to internet i have to enter my username and password.I try to configure my cisco modem but there is no result. Is there any way or program to automatically enter the username and password?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: BEFW11S4 V3 Doesn't Recognise Username And Password

Sep 1, 2006

I get into the router ok, using no username and "admin" for password.I set up the key, hit OK, then when I hit "apply" the prompt comes up for the username and password again. I skip the username, enter "admin" for password (just like I did getting into the setup earlier) except now it says it doesn't recognize, or it's invalid, etc.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54GR - Can't Find Or Remember Username And Password

Jul 6, 2011

I successful set up my WRT54GR router. Now I want to add a new device but can't find or remember my user name and password. So I decided to reinstall the router only to find that  the page asks me for my admin password - having sensibly created one 4 years ago which I have now forgotten or  where I wrote it down. How the hell do I get around this - if at all or do I have to buy a new router and start all over again!

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can't Change Admin Password On WRV210

Jul 8, 2011

I just got a WRV 210 wireless router (three of them actually, planning to set up a VPN). But I can't set the admin password. I've tried 4 times, and every time, i've got to hold the reset button to reset to factory settings in order to access the management pages! I enter the new password in both fields, and then click to save the settings. It restarts. Then i try to log in - and it doesn't accept the new password. It doesn't accept the default password. I've tried with admin/(new password) and (new password)/(new password), and admin/admin. None of them work, forcing me to reset router to factory settings. I've tried a password composed of 6 letters followed by a . Thinking that maybe the . was throwing it off, I tried 6 letters followed by 3 numbers. That doesn't work either. I've updated to firmware version No luck. 

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 Determine Admin Password

Sep 29, 2011

I have an E1000 linksys router.  I am trying to determine the admin password.  I have looked at seeral entries regarding this.  I do not have CICSO connect installed.  Not sure why.  The router works fine.  I have the CD that came with the router.  I have also downloaded current version of connect software.  Both of them want to config the router.  The first item asked for is the admin password.  I know I press reset button.  I am trying to retrieve password without doing that.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G - Default Username And Password For Port Forwarding?

Jan 24, 2013

I have a WRT54G Linksys router and I am wondering what is the default username and password for port forwarding?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRP400 To Upgrade Firmware Username / Password Required

Oct 25, 2012

I want to upgrade the firmware for the router wrp400 , i am asked Username & Password in order to update the firmware.I tried admin/admin does not work. I tried to reset the router, same thing, I have no ISP user and password.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1000 - Reset 4 Times But Not Accept Username / Password Input

Oct 10, 2011

I changed my E1000 router name successfully, and then went into the Administration section to change my password.  After changing the password and clicking on Save a small screen pops up asking me to verify my router's username and password.  When I enter the exact same user name and password it does not accept them.  When I try to enter the old user name and password it does not accept them either.  I then try combinations of the two and it still will not accept the input.  I have reset my router 4 times now and this keeps occurring.  I am completely baffled.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRP160N - Not Accepting Admin Password After Firmware Upgrade

May 9, 2012

I just installed the firmware upgrade 3.0.03 for my WRP160N router.  It is now not accepting my Admin password.  Nothing else has changed expect network name now shows linksys and not my assigend network name (SSID)

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Changes SSID And Password On Its Own

Dec 18, 2011

I just purchased an E4200 and got it up & running.  Everything was fine, until I connected a Wi-Fi DVD player to it.  I followed the DVD player procedure, which was to push the WPS button on the router, and then the appropriate button on the DVD player.  After a few seconds, the player connected, and I successfully accessed YouTube through it.
So far, so good -- except that it turns out that the router, on its own, changed the SSID and password.  When I could not get Wi-Fi access on my iPhone, I checked the Wi-Fi settings, and instead of the original SSID of the E4200 -- let's say ShadeTree -- it was changed to Cisco_WPS_xxxxx (the X's represent numbers).  I started Cisco Connect, and a screen came up showing that the password had been changed from the original, and listed both the original and new passwords.
What is going on?  Why would the E4200 change the SSID and password all by itself, when I connected a Wi-Fi equipped DVD player with WPS?  Is this going to happen when I connect a Wi-Fi equipped TV set, or some other component?  What can I do to keep the E4200 from changing the network name and password all by itself?  Or am I going to have to re-program every other Wi-Fi device (iPad, iPhone, etc.) every time I add a new component?

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Cisco Linksys Ea4500 Versus Asus Rt-n66u

Jun 18, 2012

Does the CPU speed make any difference?I'm reading that the Asus offers great Wifi Coverage - which is nice cause both the wife and myself use the laptops a fair bit.. However - most of my devices are currently on a wired setup..through a belkin 1gbit powerline setup.I run a NAS for storage - a separate machine for media serving, 2x ps3s for media streaming a seagate HD+ media player + a sonos bridge and my desktop on the wired setup..As for wireless normally I'd have 3 Androids along with 2 laptops & 5 sonos players...


I might have been talking rubbish there - I was sure I'd read somewhere that the Asus unit had a whopping 1gb ram installed vs. the 256mb of the Linksys/Cisco ea4500 - however looking at the specs again, both read @256mb.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E1200 - Where To Find SSID And Password

Aug 26, 2012

Where do I find the  router SSDI  and password.  I am trying to reinstall Linksys E1200

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