Modem Connected But No Internet Access?

Oct 11, 2011

When I looked up the internet connection status, for the packets that I received 236, I only receive 30-40. When I click repair, it said the IP address already renewed. However, the internet still not working. When I use my laptop to browse the internet, it said the same thing, internet connected but cannot browse at all.

I tried so many things, such as clearing the DNS cache, releasing and renewing IP address, I did set the properties of the wireless connection to obtain DNS and IP automatically, I tried pinging, I turned off all my firewalls, I tried system restore, but still not working.

I run cmd /all, it got the following information:

Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :

When I did ping test, it said destination net unreachable, and later on I run ping test again, it said unreleased.

Later on, I did restart everything again, the packets that I received only 26, and didn't receive anything at all.

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Wifi Modem Connected But No Internet Access

Apr 4, 2012

connect my PC/tablet with wifi router, I have bought wifi router which works with USB modem, when i connect my USB Modem i can see all the lights up (singnal- wifi, 2g/3g) and also showing in my laptop that is connect to wifi but unable to open the internet.

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New D-Link Modem / Router Connected But No Internet Access?

May 19, 2011

My desktop recently broke so i bought my first laptop. I have AT&T DSL and i bought a new D-Link DSL-2640B modem/router so i could have wireless internet. I installed it and i was able to use it with the ethernet cable, however when i tried to use wifi, it worked for only about 2 minutes before it disconnected.. Now when i try again it says that it is connected (full 5 bars) but it also says there is no internet access and i cannot use the internet.

Also, before, with the old modem i was able to just connect the ethernet cable to the laptop and just start using the internet. Now i have to connect by putting in my username and password provided by my ISP almost like if it was dial up. I don't know why i have to do this now but not before.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model


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No Network Access Message Even After Getting Connected To Internet Using Modem?

May 24, 2012

I am able to connect to internet using micromax modem having aircel sim.But "no network access" message is shown and so i am not able to accesss any website.

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Belkin Basic Router Is Connected To A Comcast Modem But No Internet Access?

Nov 27, 2011

My neighbor is using my Belkin Router the basic one and has comcast. We both use his internet and have had no problems until the past 3 days. He just got the home phone service from comcast and the phone line is setup through the modem. Ever since comcast came to his apartment and set this up the home phone service to his modem the router is connected but there is no internet access. What is going on and how can I fix this. He has an HP with windows Vista and I have a Toshiba Satellite L675 that has Windows 7 Home premium edition on it.

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Motorola SURFboard Extreme Cable Modem Is Connected But No Internet Access

Nov 7, 2012

Today I purchased a Motorola SURFboard extreme Cable Modem DOCSIS 3.0 in order to replace my old modem which is out of date and has been very slow as of late. I connected the coaxial cable, Ethernet cable(to Linksys wireless router), and power expecting it to simply work. All four lights came on green (power, downstream, upstream, connectivity). The downstream light turned blue which indicates a bonded connection.The device light was blinking on the modem. I connected to my wireless router, but no internet access. I then tried connecting my laptop to the modem directly via Ethernet cable, still no access. I think that rules out the router being the problem. I also ruled out my laptop being the problem as the same thing is occurring with my other laptop and desktop. I called my ISP (Cox Cable) and had them re-establish connection with my modem, this did nothing. I thought for sure this meant I had purchased a faulty modem; I hooked up my old modem and the results were the same, the modem connected fully with no problem (all four lights were green) but I have no internet access.

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BCM5354 Wireless Router Has No Internet Access When Connected To ADSL Modem

May 8, 2011

I own a Broadcom BCM5354-based wireless router (Tomato 1.27 flashed) and an Aztech DSL605E modem. When both are powered up, the wireless router sometimes doesn't get internet access because the modem automatically logs itself in. I have to plug the modem cable to my laptop, manually disconnect the modem, and plug the modem cable back to the router to fix it.

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Wireless :: Netgear Router Connected To Comcast Modem - Internet Access Failing

Mar 23, 2011

Every day for the past week my Internet access goes down. I have a netgear router connected to Comcast modem. I have to reset the modem then the router constantly and it gets irritating. I called comcast and they say reset them. But why should I have to constantly reset.... Sometimes I just ignore it and it comes back up later... what is going on??

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Modem Connected Still No Internet Connection

Nov 22, 2012

From last two days, my internet disconnecting frequently. Modem catching correct ip but no internet connection.modem catches correct ip address n other things, it shows connected to home network (i.e hathway) and internet access is allowed but browser display error 'webpage is not available' (same result for login page of ISP). I have tried different browsers but same result. windows network diagnosis center results as "your computer appears to be correctly configured, but the device or resource is not responding " OR " is online but still not responding after couple of tries"(second error is not correct word to word tht was the over all meaning of it)In ping test, ping to default gateway gives very good result as 5-20ms but 'request time out' for url...So am not understanding whether it is my pc's problem or from ISP.I m using single pc with wired modem. windows 7 no changes made in network n sharing center.

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Connected To Internet Using Huawei Wireless USB Modem?

Feb 16, 2012

I am connected to the internet using a Huawei wireless USB modem connected to my desktop computer(no other type of service available) I would like to set up a Wifi home network so that I can connect using Wifi to all of the other gadget that I have in the house. So the question is can I connect a Wifi router using a ethernet cable comming from my desktop computer? and if so what router would you recommend for this application?

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Protocols / Routing :: Laptop Connected To Modem But Not The Internet

Aug 20, 2012

Just yesterday my laptop could connect to the Internet. Now it would just connect to the modem (via wi-fi), and there would be no Internet connection. All other computers in my house using wi-fi work fine.Here are my results when I type in the ipconfig /all in the command prompt.

Configuration IP de Windows

Nom de l'h�te . . . . . . . . . . : Loc-PC
Suffixe DNS principal . . . . . . :
Type de noeud. . . . . . . . . . : Diffusion
Routage IP activ� . . . . . . . . : Non


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D-Link DIR-655 :: Slowing Internet Down But Fine When Directly Connected To Modem

Jun 9, 2011

I have been using my DIR-655 for about 2 weeks now with Road Runner wideband services. Starting yesterday my internet became very slow and I discovered the cause was the router. I tried resetting it to factory settings and things will be fine and run smoothly for about 5-15 minutes but after that it goes back to being extremely slow. My speed tests would go from 10ms (normal) to 250-450ms. Before this issue occurred the Dlink was perfect, had full speeds. I am running a wire Ethernet connection.

I am currently using revB and tried upgrading firmware to 2.01NA which had no effect, but make my internet seemingly go back to normal for the first few minutes then nosedive again. I have also changed my speed/duplex settings in Network Config to 1gbs Full Duplex. I've also disabled QoS, and still no change. Not sure what else to do. When directly connected to the modem everything seems fine. The modem is also the provided Motorola SBG6580 which I have called Time Warner to set the modem into bridge mode and have the DIR-655 connected to it.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT610N Connected To Ethernet Port Of Previous Internet Modem

Dec 2, 2011

I was very happy working with my WRT610N connected to the ethernetport of my previous internet modem. Recently I had to switch to a new modem CISCO EPC3925. Unfortunately this combination does not work anymore. I don't get an internet connection on my WRT610N anymore. I therefore have to connect all computers (LAN and WIFI) to this EPC3925. Especially for the WIFI I'm not fully happy. My IPAD2 sometimes does not want to connect, a problem which never occurred when connecting to WRT610N.
I probably need to change a setting, but where? In the EPC3925 or in WRT610N?

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Vista - Connected To Network And Have Internet Access But Internet Not Working?

Feb 18, 2012

I am connected to my network wirelessly and I have Internet acces (according to the symbol at the bottom right) bu the Internet doesn't work. At the moment it keeps fluctuating between giving me interne and not I am using Skype to tell me if I have Internet ( when it's green I do when it's grey I don't) I have tried many things on forums like obtaining ip automatically or obtaining a fixed ip. I've tried renewing the ip and all this doesnt work.

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IPv4 Connected To Internet But IPv6 No Internet Access?

Apr 22, 2011

well a couple days of go it was working fine until i updated windows 7 now it says im connected to the internet but when i go on it dosnt load anything, and when i go check it says that "IPv6 connectivity: No Internet access" how ever the IPv4 is connected to the internet, should i restore settings to osmetimes earlier this week

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Wireless Internet Connection Connected No Internet Access

Jan 16, 2012

wireless internet connection connected no bit it says no internet access what is the problem

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Can't Access The Internet Even After Being Connected To It

Jul 16, 2012

for the first time i tried to connect my laptop to a wireless connection... a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark flashed over the wireless said identifying the network and then said no internet access... i tried all the methods... i am not able to renew the ip address or reset it.... the network protection is wpa/wpa2 psk.... i know there is no problem with my router as all my other devices can access net through it.... i tried disabling the firewall and then connecting... but with no the status of the network i have ipv6= no internet access... ipv4= no internet access... when i troubleshoot the network it says invalid ip address... and when i manually enter ip address in ipv6.. there it also says invalid ip address...

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Connected But No Internet Access

Jun 28, 2012

So for a little while now I have been randomly getting a situation where my wireless connection shows "no internet access" while remaining connected to the router. I have tried a couple different wireless adapters and it has persisted. I have had my laptop next to me to see if they both lost connectivity at the same time to see if maybe it was my router or modem losing internet but my laptop remains connected fine. I think I am missing something.

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Connected To Network No Internet Access?

Jan 24, 2012

Santa got a second-hand acer mini-laptop for my daughter this last Christmas and she accidentally pour some coke in it, I took it to the shop and I had to pay to repair it; when I got it back, the first thing is that originally it has Windows 7 and now XP, I thought it was ok, but even though I use my network passkey and everything, it quickly connected to the network showing internet access but when I open IE, it shows a message to diagnose connection problems, I run the repair wizard and nothing, but all the time it is showing that the connection is working, will I need to take it back to the shop or is there something I can do?

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Cannot Access Internet With Router Connected

Oct 24, 2012

I have a cox modem and a liksys wrt54g router. I cannot access the internet to set up the router. I have followed all the required steps in hooking up the router.

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Shows Connected But Can't Access The Internet?

May 21, 2011

trying to network 2 desktops running xp.

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Wireless Connected - No Internet Access

Jun 5, 2012

I'm not sure why I have a broadband connection AND a local area connection, but I cannot connect to the local area connection whereas the broadband connection is fine. I've already set to obtain IP address automatically and still not enabled. The wireless connection was working fine a few days ago, and seems to have been reset by the ISP causing these issues. Other devices are also unable to get internet though they can detect and connect to the router. Here is my ipconfig/all. Note: I am in China so my settings are possibly different than what you're used to.


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Internet Connected But Only Can Access Few Websites

Mar 26, 2013

I see the router and the modem are working just fine as usual and even the guy from comcast says there is nothing wrong with the internet connection itself.The problems I am having right now are

- I can only access to Facebook, Spotify, but nothing else.

- It sometimes randomly comes back and everything works but then it only lasts for a few minutes-hours and it goes off and won't work again. I've tried resetting the modem, router, and I even tried creating a new network but nothing worked out so far.I currently own a mac and a windows 7 laptop.

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Router Is Connected But Can't Access Internet?

Jan 10, 2013

Im having some problems connecting to the internet. my router is perfectly connected but i cant have wireless internet connection. when i plug the cable in the wall socket and in my computer, it works perfectly. But when i try to plug it in my router to have wireless, it doesnt work. Ive tried resetting the router or installing it again. but it doesnt work.

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Wifi Connected But No Internet Access

Mar 25, 2013

I had bought three modems but when i connect them through wifi they are connected but shows no internet i am using bsnl brdbnd through wire.but iwant to connect through netgear DGN1000. WIFI

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Laptop Connected But Says No Internet Access

Mar 30, 2012

Everything worked fine until I went to move my desk to a different area and had to unplug everything. Upon plugging everything back up - my desktop internet works fine, but the laptop says "Connected but no internet access". I've tried working on it for 2 hours unplugging and replugging cords back up and I can't get any internet access on my laptop. I am using a cable modem. Currently I have the blue ethernet cord running from the modem, directly into my computer. I also have a grey cord that apparently was plugged into the router somehow but I don't remember how exactly I had this one plugged up. The cable modem only has one jack, for "ethernet". The router is a Linksys WRT54G and has 4 numbered (1-4) jacks in the back and then one jack for "internet". The laptop is running Windows 7, and the desktop (which the internet runs fine on right now) is running Vista.

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Connected To Router But No Internet Access

Feb 21, 2012

Current set up all worked fine for years (wireless Netgear router, ISP AOL ) until I changed my phone provider to AOL last week. On the day of the switch I lost my internet and have not had it since.Countless calls to AOL, line checks done and all showing as clear. Technician out today and no internal faults found.The internet light on the router is flashing orange, occassionally turning green but not holding. Router problems have been ruled out. Laptop shows communication with router but there is no internet access. This can not be a coincidence, I am sure something has gone wrong on the day of the switch since that is when the problem started.I am in really close range of the exchange and technician said I have good conectivity and wondered if there was a conflict issue somewhere.

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Connected To Network But No Internet Access?

Aug 18, 2012

I can't connect suddenly to the Internet. I tried both Wired and Wireless connection to my laptop. The icon is showing that my laptop has detected the connection but has no internet access.Showing in my screen is: Connected to Network. IPV4 no internet access, IPV6 no internet accessI tried using my iPhone to connect via the wireless connection and I could get browse the Internet with it.. hence i'm sure the problem lies with the laptop.

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PC Connected To Router But Cannot Access Internet

Nov 5, 2012

I have a pc that is connected to my router through an Ethernet cable. The network sharing center confirms I am connected to my network, and that I am connected to the internet; however, I can not connect to the internet with IE, chrome, or any other internet-based application. The icon in the bottom right also says I have internet access. As well, another ethernet-connected PC in the house works just fine, and my laptop has no trouble connecting through the wireless. I have switched the connection ports on the router between the two PCs and the problem still persists.Trouble shooter results without identifying any problems and trying to "set up a new connection or network" says "you are already connected to the internet". This issue occurred over night and had been working for over a year without issue. I have restarted the router as well as the pc, connected to the router and it shows the pc as "inactive"

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Connected To Internet But Cannot Access Through Browser

Feb 13, 2011

I have a problem where my computer is showing as connected to the internet but I can't access the internet through the browsers or updates etc.I have a wireless home network consisting of a computer , a laptop and a playstation conected to talk talk router. my laptop is the problem and is running on vista home basic ! In the corner of the screen it showing that im connected and that im connected to the internet and the router. But if i open a browser it acts like it isnt connected. i have tried system restore but it didnt work. my computer and ps3 work fine.

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Cable Connected But No Internet Access?

Mar 8, 2011

I have plugged my computer into the modem by way of a Ethernet cable and I immediately got a Local Area Network 2 icon that said a network cable is unplugged. Ive checked the cable with this PC, and it works. i tried this:1.) Shut dowm your PC.2.) Unplug the power cord. 3.) If you have a laptop, remove the battery as well. 4.) Walk away from the problem for at least 30 minutes. 5.) When you return, reconnect battery and power cord.5.) Start as usual.6.) If this solves the problem, take 20 minutes and post this to all of those message boards that you didn't find the solution to.

And This:Try a Simple Power Cycle ( as it is called so in Tech Terms )i,e Switch of the Computer/S , Router, Modem of your ISP Wait for 4 to 5 mins Switch on the Modem -- Wait untill all the lights come up and then again wait for 2 mins Switch on the Router -- Wait for 3 mins Switch on all other computers that are working, then check conectivity Switch on this computer that has a problem, then Try browsing.

This resolves most issues ( Basically it is the static in the unused ports that gets discharged )It that does not happen, delete all existing Lan Connection, Uninstall your network Driver, Reinstall the Drivers, then reconfigure you net connection then try It still that does not work out and you still get the " Network Cable Unplugged " Msg Then Unplug the Cable Then go to Start > Run > type regedit Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSIDThen Delete the key below {7007ACCF-3202-11D1-AAD2-00805FC1270E} Then Restart the comp and reconnect the cable and then tryand this:Using windows xp, the quick fix for this is to reinstall the drivers for your NIC

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Can't Access Internet Although Shows To Be Connected

Apr 21, 2011

as gone all of a sudden. Checked cables, restarted both router and PC, and even rang provider with questions.. Router seems to be working fine as laptop and iphone both got internet access with the same router. The Local area connection icon showed limited on no connectivity snd so the provider renewed the IP manually and local area connection says its connected now but there is no internet access.. They suggest it could be something to do with firewall or something else blocking it but as far as I am concerned I did not make any changes to the pc the night before when it was actually proper connected.. The desktop pc is running windows XP and I tried downloading ethernet controller driver from the web and upgrading it but it did not improve the situation.

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Network Connected But No Internet Access?

Jun 4, 2011

network is now connected but not internet access

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