Networking :: Does MacBook Pro Keep Disappearing From Windows Network OSx 10.5.8

Apr 26, 2011

Running OS X 10.5.8 on an old MacBook Pro on a wireless network. It might be relevant that I recently upgraded the wireless router and the DHCP-assigned IP addresses changed. Before that, everything worked reasonably well.

I can connect to the MBP from Windows 7 computers on the network, logging in with a user name and password, and access the files there as expected.

But the MBP disappears from Windows Explorer after a few minutes. I can usually add it back (always checking the box to remember it) but it just keeps disappearing. Sometimes when it disappears, I can't add it back and when I try, Windows Explorer says, "can't find."

How can I get this share to stick?

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Network Cards In Windows 7 Networking To XP

Jul 12, 2011

My problem is that my XP network cannot access my Win7 server, but its not the same problem that has so many solutions around on the internet.Here is my situation:I have 2 networks in my office.

-Network1 consists of 3 WinXP machines connected via Router1 to Modem1 to the internet.

-Network2 consists of 7 64-bit Windows7 machines connected via a Switch to Router2 to Modem2 and then to the internet.

I also have a server machine running Windows7 64bit with two network cards. One NIC is connected to Router1, the other connected to the Switch.All of the above machines are all under the same work group: WORKGROUP..My Windows7 machines on Network2 can interact fine with the server.However, my WinXP machines cannot access the server "most" of the time, I've had a rare few occasions where it magically worked.

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Keep A Network From Disappearing In XP?

Mar 23, 2012

When I map a network drive it disappears every time I reboot my computer how I can keep it from disappearing? I am running Windows XP Professional

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Networking :: Mac Updated To OSX 10.8 Causing Windows Network Account Lockout

Jul 29, 2012

I updated my Mac to OSX 10.8 and now every time I try to login to my work network (a windows network) it locks my account. Each time, my sysadmin unlocks my account and I am able to successfully login one time but then, if I login again (after restart or sleep) I am locked out.

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Network Disappearing And Disconnecting Constantly

Dec 3, 2012

I have had the virgin media superhub on 30mb broadband for about a month and over the last week I have been disconnecting from my network up to as much as 3 or 4 times a minute or sometimes once in five minutes and other times it just vanishes from the network list for about 30 seconds then re-appears, sometimes when I disconnect it re-connects almost instantly other times I have to wait about a minute or sometimes even longer even though I can permanently see my neighbours network and my laptop does not have this problem.. I payed �50 for a new wireless card to try and fix the problem and it was fine for a few weeks now it is the same. Restarting the router makes no difference and this is happening all constantly over the last week without fail, i have tried updating my wireless drivers and using different wireless cards.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Wireless Network Disappearing Off Available Networks List?

Dec 13, 2011

I have new DIR-615 D-link router. Since we installed it the network has disappeared randomly off the available networks list, and when I try and open Google Chrome it says there's DNS error. Troubleshooting through windows networks doesn't work because it can't find any problems since my network doesn't even show up on the list. We've even done a factory reset and the problem persists, and it does this about once a day. Resetting the router temporarily fixes the problem. This problem is happening on all 3 laptops in our home, two of which run windows 7 and one which runs XP.

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To Setup Printing On MacBook Pro And Windows Laptop

Apr 23, 2011

I'm having trouble printing from anything other than "windows desktop 1" (exclude "xbox 360 & Apple TV their just there encase someone notices them causing a problem)So I need to know how to setup printing on the "macbook pro", "Windows laptop" & "windows desktop 2,These computer (except the macbook) all were connected once and I did have home group successfully connected to share the printer between them all as long as "windows desktop 1" was on. But now there in the setup in the pic and the home group and printers don't communicate with each other anymore.

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Cisco Linksys E3000 Wireless Router / Network Places Keep Disappearing?

Jun 25, 2011

Windows 7 64-bit -> cable directly to router
Windows 7 64-bit -> wireless
Windows 7 64-bit -> wireless
Playstation 3
-> Wireless
Xbox 360
LAN cable from router to 360

Scientific Atlanta 2203C modem to a Cisco Linksys E3000 wireless router.Ok, so if I turn everything on I can see all computers from all computers, but after a few hours/days (random time) everything disappears, and I have to unplug the router and then everything is back. Is there a way to stop this, and just have everything just be there all the time?

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:UsersJohn>ipconfig /all
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : John-PC
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :


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Macbook Pro And The Windows Side Wont Pick Up Wifi Signals?

Apr 15, 2011

i have bootcamp installed on my macbook pro and the windows side wont pic up my wifi signal. It did work once and then wen i had a mac update download ever since then the windows side wont recognize my WiFI name or pw,..

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Windows 7 64bit Networking With Windows 2003 32bit?

Apr 18, 2012

I wan to access a folder shared on windows 2003 server 32bit from a Windows 7 64bit ultimate WS. but after asking password, beside giving correct password, it asks again and agian and do not show folder

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Network Completely Disappeared On MacBook?

Mar 7, 2013

My Network is gone from my list of available networks on my MacBook. I use s NETGEAR router, my network name is simply "NETGEAR" i have never named it anything else since installing this over 4 years ago. I have unplugged the power cord, waiting several minutes before plugging it back in. Also tried unplugging both the cable and the power cord. The router has no small "pin hole" that i can see in order for me to try to re-set it this way. It has literally disappeared from my Mac. Do i need to re-install using my NETGEAR cd?

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Network Setup Between Desktop And MacBook?

Feb 9, 2013

is it possible to set up communication between my desktop Windows 7 machine and my MacBook Pro so that I can access files stored on my windows pc via my Mac?I have most of my music/movies stored on the desktop and want to be able to access them around the house on my mac.Tried searching for a way with no luck,I vaguely remember having had a connection set up automatically when I had a windows 8 laptop, so I would imagine its possible to do this.

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Wireless :: Slow Network When Try To Use MacBook Pro Or IMac Along With The HP PC?

Jan 22, 2011

It works okay with one computer online at a time but when I try to use my MacBook Pro or IMac along with the HP PC it slows to dial up speed or worse!

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Wireless :: How To Establish Network Between Sony TV And MacBook Pro

Feb 25, 2011

I have a Sony TV connected to my Wi-Fi and a MacBook Pro connected to my Wi-Fi. How do I make a network of these two pieces of equipment?

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Macbook Air / IPv6 Sinking Home Network?

Apr 1, 2013

Macbook Air, OSX 10.8.1, on a home network under a Cisco/Linksys WRT110 router, internet via Optimum cable modem TM822G. Other PCs are W7 and XP, plus an iPad, iPhone & droid.

This mixed setup had worked fine until Optimum (Cablevision) replaced our aging cable modem. Since then, whenever the Macbook attempts to connect to the network it kicks all others offline. The Macbook itself can't get online. The network created by the router remains OK, but the connection to the cable modem & internet is lost.A couple of years ago, when a W7 computer was first introduced, it had the same effect, and we determined that turning off IPv6 on the W7 computer resolved it. But since then, we got a new router and it had no problem with IPv6. I mention it only because the behavior is the same. But in this case, it's a new cable modem that was introduced. Now the Macbook Air, which has been working fine on the network, crashes internet.Unfortunately, the Airbook is a high school issued piece, so we can't turn off the IPv6, due to access restrictions; not that that would've necessarily done it, but it's hard to troubleshoot when you can't make changes.So the two pieces involved in the problem are the two pieces we have little control over.

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Macbook Air 2012 / Connecting To Ethernet Network?

Sep 3, 2012

I'm trying to connect my macbook air to a university Ethernet network. I'm using the apple thunderbolt to ethernet adaptor to connect, and it registers a connection in the network preferences, with an IP address and subnet mask number. However, it wont fill the router name, the DNS server number or the search domains fields.When I use google chrome to load a webpage it doesn't load, stating that a DNS lookup has failed.How do I get connected?

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Belkin Routers :: N300 MacBook Pro Slowing Down Entire Network

Mar 2, 2013

I have a belkin N300 router that works decent most of the time, but anytime my roommate connects with her macbook pro the whole network becomes slow to the point of uselessness. If i block her computer using mac address filtering, the latency and download speeds are right where they should be, but as soon as i allow her back on ping jumps to 800-1000 and DL speeds drop to under 1mb.

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Networking From XP To Windows 7?

May 30, 2012

My laptop (Win 7 x64) can currently access all the shares on the XP computers in my home network but,although I can see it, I cannot access the laptop from my main xp computer. I haven't tried to access it from the other xp computers downstairs. I have read the guide on this site as well as 3 or 4 other threads on this subject but am unable to resolve the issue. Completing the network setup so that I can look into my laptop from this main xp computer. My laptop has a wireless internet connection but I also have it plugged into my wired home network for sharing. I will provide other details as needed. I suspect that some essential services for file sharing may not be running on the laptop, but I'm not sure.

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Networking Between Windows 7 And XP

Sep 11, 2011

Trying to network between a Windows 7 computer and a Windows XP computer is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.I have googled for hours and hours and none of the solutions seem to be working.I will try to explain what I have already done. Although I have done loads and I am sure I am missing some things.I have a Windows 7 laptop and for this exercise I shall call it WIN7. I have a Windows XP computer and for this exercise I shall call it WINXP.Both computers are in the same network which I have called SAMNETWORK. I have enabled permission to Everyone in folder sharing settings on WIN7. I have turned on Sharing and I have made myself discoverable with no password set on Network and Sharing Advanced Settings. Both user accounts on the XP and 7 machines are the same and both passwords are the same. I have turned all firewalls off. The WINXP computer has sharing enabled.

I have done a lot more things including installing LLTP (sp.?) and changing registry entries like Lsa/anonymous something like that (can't remember the actual directory) but I have changed registry entries as I have read elsewhere on the web and I have changed the network from home to work but that did nothing etc. etc. But everything that everyone suggests is just not working and I have been looking for about 4 hours now so you can imagine I have tried everything I have found!Anyway, my 7 laptop can see WINXP but when I click on it, it states that Windows cannot access \WINXP. The WINXP computer can see shared folders from WIN7 but it also states that it is not accessible. However, I did once get the WINXP computer to access the WIN7 shared folders. However, that doesn't even work now. I need the WIN7 to access the WINXP files. [code]

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Networking XP To Windows 7

Dec 25, 2012

I am trying to add an XP computer to our (already) Win7 computer.Now...I have connected the xp computer to the external modem that gived the 7 it's signal by way of ethernet cable). I went through changing and matching up the workgroup names, and.....turned on "Network Discovery" on the 7 end....after everything is said and done...I DO get the internet signal to the xp, but knock out the 7, altogether.

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Networking XP With Windows 7 Machine

May 4, 2012

I am trying to link a Windows 7 machine with a laptop running Windows XP. The workgroup on both computers is the same. On the Win7 machine, I have a couple of folders set to be shared. The first is the C Drive and the share name is C-drive. The second is Quickbooks that I have named Quickbooks. On the XP machine, I went to map network drive and in the blank typed \Remote1C-drive. It asked for username and password and just like that we were connected. But I can't see all of the files on this drive. I don't even see all of the folders - one of which is Quickbooks. So I tried \Remote1Quickbooks and Windows XP couldn't find that path even though I'm positive that folder is shared on Win7. So no matter what I try, I can't see this folder on the XP machine, I even tried copying this folder to other locations around the computer and setting up shares in hope that something would work, but it never did. So I went back to the C Drive share on the XP machine. I tried to go in reverse, creating a file and putting it on the root of the c drive (I did this on the XP machine, but the file should have actually been located on the Win7 machine. When I check Win7, the file didn't exist. So I tried the other way. I right clicked on the c drive in Win7 and created a new bitmap image file. Back to the XP laptop, that file doesn't show. But if I look at the c-drive on Win7 from the xp machine, I see several other folders and some of them like Program Files contains actual files. But some of them are just empty such as \Remote1C.

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Networking Windows 7 Starter With XP

Jun 19, 2011

this is crazy - when i came back from out of town i tried to see if my problem still existed. it did - the win 7 laptop still could not "see" the win xp computers on the home network but all of the xp computers could see the win 7 laptop. just before sending this reply, i tried it "one more time". wa-lah, the laptop can see the other computers. this happened once before, it was seeing them, i had to leave the system and come back the next day - when i came back, the problem had returned. i did notice when i came back from out of town, my power had gone off and came back on- but this was b4 i checked it only to find the problem was still there, as just mentioned, i tried it just b4 writing this reply and the problem was no longer there. i just rebooted the laptop and as we speak, i can see all 3 of the xp computers from the win 7 laptop. i really can't make any sense out of what's going on but am beginning to think its in the modem.

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TG782T - Networking Windows 7 To XP Sp3?

Sep 13, 2012

So I have a desktop connected to a Thomson TG782T via the ethernet cable, (this desktop is running Windows7). I also have a laptop which allows me to use the wireless modem for the internet, (Windows XP sp3) but what I cannot seem to do is set up a network between the 2 pc's to share files, printer, and also game together.

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Networking Between Windows 8 / Vista And XP

Feb 21, 2013

I just got a new computer at work and it has Windows 8 on it. My old computer ran on XP and was connected to two different computers with access to the My Documents folder on each computer. That is all I need access to. I have tried everything to get my new computer set up so that I can have access to those two folders as they are extremely important for my job. I mapped the network drives from both computers to my new one and they access to my computer. When I worked from the Windows 8 computer and tried to access those computers I received an error message saying that access was denied and to contact my network administrator. I have access to other folders on the XP and Vista computer except the folder that I need to get into. I have brought in two different people who do freelance work and neither one was able to figure this problem out. For four days that I have been unable to properly do my job and I have just been emailing files and documents to myself. The XP and Vista computer do not need networked together either.

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Servers :: Os2 Networking To Windows 2008

Nov 2, 2011

I need to connect a OS2 pc with Windows Server 2008. However, I have tried the Netbeau (which can work in connect with Windows Server 2000), I cannot install the Netbeau to Windows Server 2008.

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Home Networking Windows 7 And One Blu-ray Player

May 16, 2011

I have 2 computers running windows 7 home premium and wireless enabled bluray player. One of the computer is desktop and connected to router by wire. Another is laptop and is wireless.Bluray is wireless.I want to establish a network (sharing among all these 3 devices) so that i can stream media from both of the computers to the bluray. At the mean time it would be great to be able to share files between 2 computer when needed.I checked it on google, it says creating a homegroup. I did but another computer does not give me option to join the group, it also has option to create.

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Windows 7 Not Detecting Any Networking Hardware

Jan 4, 2011

This is my first post in which I'm looking for some assistance to the above problem I'm having with my new Packard Bell iMedia PC. I am unable to connect to the net through this PC, however, the net connection is working fine as I am currently connected wirelessly via my netbook.The icon on the tool bar has a red cross indicating that I'm not connected, when I click on the icon it tells me no connections are available.When I try to connect to the net via the PC through the control panel, a message pops up saying' Windows did not detect any networking hardware'. When I try and acces the basic information and set up connection page, a msg states 'The dependency service or group failed to start.

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Networking OKI Microline 320 Turbo From Windows 7 To XP?

Feb 13, 2012

At my office we do business that requires us to use a OKI Microline 320 Turbo printer. We have had the two computers set up to be able to both print off this printer with no issues until recently. The computer which was hooked up directly to the printer crashed, and we replaced it. Until this point both computers were running off Windows XP Pro, but the new computer is running Windows 7. I can find the printer on the XP computer, but it says that the driver on the printer's server is incorrect, and asks me to direct it to the proper driver. This is where I'm having issues, I know the driver is on here as this computer was connected to this printer before, and when I try downloading the driver direct from the website it tells me that the driver is native to the XP, but now it won't recognize the driver and I don't know where to direct it to

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Windows 7 Did Not Detect Any Networking Hardware

Aug 5, 2011

I have a problem that ocuppied a lot of time. I have a new laptop, a DELL N7110 that comes with an FreeDos. I have installed the Windows 7, but i can't make internet to work, i even tryied to get a driver from Dell official site, but nothing. If i enter in Device Manager, at Other devices, all the options (Ethernet Controller, Network Controller, PCI Simple Communications Controller, SM Bus Controller, Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller) are with a triangle with an " ! " mark.

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Windows Not Detecting Any Networking Hardware

Jan 21, 2012

Bought a new com done setup put a disc in thought it was Microsoft works however it was windows 7 and deleted the other version on there and put the new one on now it says Windows not detecting any networking hardwear. And I have all the yellow ! On network adapters.

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Networking A USB Printer Between Windows 7 And Vista?

May 14, 2011

a friend of mine has a USB printer (no WiFi and no Ethernet port) and is trying to use the printer from two different computers, without success. He turned to me for advice but I'm not really much use with networks.He's got the printer wired via the USB to his Windows 7 computer and that can print fine. But his Windows Vista computer shows the printer as offline no matter what he does. Both computers connect wirelessly to a router and have working internet connections. Both computers have the drivers and software installed (Epson RX520) and if he connects the Vista computer directly the printer via USB it works fine too. Both computers have fille and printer sharing activated. He just can't get it all networked together.He says it all used to network fine when he had his old desktop running XP but since replacing it with a Windows 7 system it will only work on one Computer or the other, not both.

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Windows Cannot Detect Any Networking Hardware

Apr 14, 2012

Recently my computer will not connect to wireless internet and when i plug in the either net cord directly it still will not connect.. i have tried to reinstall windows 7 but it still will not work.. i am running windows 7 home premium on a Dell Alienware m14x..

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Windows 7 Did Not Detect Any Networking Hardware?

Jul 22, 2011

I recently re-installed Windows 7 and I can no longer connect to the internet because I am unable to find the network, after checking my device manager I need to update drivers for ethernet controller among others and am unsure of how to do this with no connection.

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