Recently Repaired Computer Causes Router To Crash

Jul 18, 2011

I just recently had my hard drive replaced by the manufacturer of my computer (Lenovo) because it started clicking. When I got it back it started making my wireless router/DSL modem reset all the time. I didn't have this issue before. I'm running Windows 7 Home 64 Bit. While the computer was off being repaired I was using a Win XP machine and had it connected through Ethernet cable. I did not have any issues with the router/modem while the XP machine was connected. I tried connecting the Win 7 computer up through ethernet cable (hard wired) and it still crashes the router/modem. I also connected the XP machine back up (hard wired) to the router and had no problems. Is it possible that the wrong drivers were installed by the lenovo techs? I have also noticed that my touchpad does not work the same as it did before too. And is it possible that my laptop is making the router crash out due to wrong configurations?

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WRT120N Router Stopped Connecting - Error Saying Wired Connection Was Not Automatically Repaired

Apr 2, 2012

My Linksys WRT120N router was working fine for all of 1 and 1/2 months and suddenly it stopped making the internet connection. At first nothing could access the internet but now that I've reset the router (via the little reset button in the back) my Kindle can access the wireless, but of course no password etc. I actually don't know how to put back the username and password for it. When router is connected: When I troubleshoot the connection by clicking on "Repair Connection" it takes about 2-5 mins "obtaining a new network address" then I get an error saying "The wired connection to your router was not automatically repaired. X Local network: Not connected.

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Broadband :: Reinstall Virginmobile Broadband2go Usb After Computer Crash?

Feb 28, 2012

My computer crash do to a worm, I reinstalled operating system, plugged my Virgin Mobile, Broadband2go USB moden to put back on my computer, but it will not recognize it.

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Internet Recently Won't Connect To Router

Jul 6, 2011

I have an Inspiron 1545 Laptop running Windows 7. Before, i've only had mild connectivity issues, mainly dropping internet for a few seconds, but I've always considered that my router's issue. Latley though, my internet has been slowing down and then dropping for minutes at a time and today I have absolutely no connection. A red X across my "bars." It says i'm connected to my home network when I click the bars, but when I go under Networking it says i'm not connected to any network.

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N600 Recently Installed New Router

Feb 9, 2011

I recently picked up the new N600 Netgear, and installed it without much problem.I've recently been running into a issue while wired in on my desktop.

"Error 7 (net::ERR_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out." Some pages, randomly, but fairly often will be very unresponsive/time out.

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Cisco Wireless :: / WiSM Crash With No Crash Log

Feb 21, 2012

I have many WiSM WLC's running One WLC was rebooted few days ago but there was no crash file and nothing in logs say why this issue happened.There was a power problem at the same time the WLC rebooted (some switches and PE's was rebooted as well) but if it is a power issue why only one WLC inside the WiSM rebooted and the other WLC is still working fine with no reboot?I have 5 WiSM modules connected to the same 6500 box, only one WLC was rebooted which indicates a crash but no crash file registered for it.Is there anyway I can find the reason why that WLC was rebooted?

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Recently Switched Router - Constantly Time Out Browsing?

Jan 1, 2011

I recently got a new router, from BT, and replaced a switch with a cisco one. (which I don't think is the problem, as I have tested without the switch and it still times out) I only ever really notice it when im browsing on the web on any site. I use a wired connections I have not noticed this on any other machine how ever the timeouts are random and streaming/downloading seems to work fine.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT-320N Very Slow Recently?

Feb 25, 2012

After a very unsuccessful attempt to talk with technical support, I decided to post here.  I probably should have posted here first... lesson learned.I have Comcast Cable internet and get approx 24-25 Mb/s download speed when directly connected to the modem.When I connect via the router's ethernet port, my download speed drops to 14Mb/s.When I connect via wifi -- the download speed drops the whole way to 1.5Mb/s?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Recently Started To Randomly Shut Down

Feb 20, 2012

My E4200 recently started to randomly shut down. To say the least this is very aggravating. Nothing has changed, location still the same and it seems to be overheating or in the very least getting warm. In the last  It will also shut down multiple times a day too. I have done some reading and am beginning to regret this purchase.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Recently Bought E4200v2 Very Poor Coverage

Apr 13, 2012

I recently bought a e4200v2 router and installed it by connecting it with my old modem d-link 2730u.I was disappointing to see that the new router i.e e4200v2 has the exact same coverage as my old router which is costing about 35 usd and linksys cost about 200 usd.. this is a terrible waste of money!!

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P4 3.0 2GB Ram PC - Keep Getting Disconnecting Recently

May 1, 2011

My friend who's using a DSL Modem has been recently expericening rnadom disconnecting from the internet. He did hear it might be due to a trojan virus, but after various virus/spyware/malware and internet scans and tests etc. He still keeps getting disconnected.He's using a Sagem f@st 800 E3 modem and using XP+SP3 OS

P4 3.0 2GB ram PC

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Recently Built New PC Can't Get Internet

Jan 11, 2013

It was my first build, and it's saying I have no network adapters. My motherboard's driver disk did not come with network adapter drivers.

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D-Link DIR 835 / Internet Connection Keeps Dropping Recently?

Jan 10, 2013

my internet connection keeps dropping recently. I first thought it was caused by my router, so I bought a new router D-Link DIR 835 but the problem still exists and seems even worse.

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PS3 Has Recently Lost Wireless Connection To Network

Aug 5, 2011

my PS3 has recently lost wireless connection to my network, whenever i try to reconnect i get the following error messages. failed to get ip address, or attempt to obtain ip address timed out.i thought i would try to renew ip addresses but when i try to release ip address , via command line (ipconfig/iprelease) i get the following message. this operation cannot be performed on local area area connection while it has media disconnected.

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Recently Bought TP-LINK MR3420 Only Supports WAN

May 29, 2012

Originally I owned an Aztec router which supports a DSL Cable which my internet provider gave us but now that I bought a new router I didn't know that the MR3420 only support WAN cable what should I do? like find a dsl to wan cable (doubt it exist) or ask from my internet provider or return the router?

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Google Search Has Recently Stopped Working In Both IE And Firefox?

Aug 25, 2012

My google search has recently stopped working in both IE and firefox. When i search bing or yahoo they work just fine. I have tried using an also tried using the toobar on my computer.

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Linksys WRT110 Router / HP G60 Causes Wireless And Wired Network To Crash

Jun 6, 2012

My brother has an HP G60 from 2009 with windows 7 home premium and 64 bit operating system. Whenever he turns it on and connects it to the internet, the whole network crashes. My xbox, ipod, laptop, and the main desktop (Which we also just changed to a Dell one.)downstairs all cannot connect to the internet. This lasts from anywhere between 2 and 15 minutes and it continues to crash the internet in about 15 minute intervals as long as his computer is connected to the internet. No other devices in the house cause this as I can have all of my stuff connected and nothing happens. We have a Linksys WRT110 router but I don't think that or the modem is the problem as we have changed both multiple times. This has been happening for about a year ever since my oldest brother gave my brother the laptop.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Setting (WRT54GL) To Use With CRASH Plan

Dec 29, 2011

About 6 weeks ago my WRT54GL router stopped working properly so I replaced it with another exactly like it. Everything seemed to work perfectly except CRASH Plan.  CRASH Plan, a program that allows me to serve as a backup device or host for another family member via the WEB, no longer works.I don’t recall making any changes to the router configuration for CRASH Plan to make it work originally but now wonder if I need to open a port in the router for CRASH Plan to work. How to open the recommended port in  the router configuration to get CRASH Plan to work like it used to.

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Cisco WAN :: 7200 VXR Router Got Rebooted After Due Software Crash Dump

Sep 25, 2011

7200 VXR router got rebooted after due software crash dump.I have replaced NPE-G1 but still router is rebooting. Currently I am running with 12.4 (15)T 13 IOS.Crash Dump file is attached.

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Cisco WAN :: 3945 Router Generating Crash Info And Booting

Jun 15, 2011

We have Cisco 3945 Router and generating crashinfo while firing PRI from this Router.

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Cisco WAN :: 7500 Router Reloaded After Software Forced Crash

Aug 4, 2011

Our router reloaded yesterday with a Software forced crash . I ant to identify the reason for the crash and also the fix for this problem . Attached is the crash info output .

[Code] ......

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 IPv6 Causes Win7 DHCP Client Crash?

Jun 9, 2012

When I enable IPv6 on my E4200, the Windows 7 DHCP client crashes. It also seems to crash the audio service, the event logger and a few other windows services.

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Gateway Mt6456 Wifi Crash

Oct 20, 2012

Built in wifi causing blue screen of death. Disabled built in wifi and purchased USB N150 adaptor and blue screen of death has stopped. Download speed are 75% back to normal but surfing is extremely slow using chrome, IE, safari. Ethernet browsing is normal with no bugs or bluescreen.

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One Device Crash Down Entire Network

Jul 21, 2011

I am in charge of taking care our small office network (about 25 PC's) and encountered a problem the other day. I got a call that nothing network related was working. I went to look at the switches/router and everything appeared fine. After some troubleshooting i found if i unplugged the switch and connected directly the the router everything worked prefect. Reconnected the switch, network goes down again. I assumed it was the switch at first but then did a walk around and a laptop was in a weird frozen state. I unhooked the network cable and everything started working away like it should.

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All Browsers Slow / Crash And Cause OS To Hang

Oct 16, 2012

Loaned old laptop when hard-drive went out of my own. I knew it would need some maintenance ie defrags, cleanups, updates etc. and have been trying to do so... in the process I am having a very difficult time as all of my browsers (that I thought were updated) are slow, hanging, crashing and causing my entire pc to freeze or hang.

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Cisco WAN :: TAC 900 - Crash Because Of Large Packet

Dec 8, 2010

We are working on taking a port off of a switch and connecting it to a mux (TAC 900). Port is trunked to another switch in another geographic location. From wht I am being told from the engineer who handles the transmission end of things he said once our segment is physically connected the mux will crash. He supplied the error code to the vendor and they said it is crashing because of a jumbo packet in excess of 1536 bytes. Soon it will be a moot point as the hardware will be, upgraded but we need tis running NOW.

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Cisco WAN :: BGP Peering Causes 7200 To Crash?

Apr 10, 2012

I have two 7204VXR with NPE-G2 and 1Gb of ram. One router has 2 eBGP peers and the other has 3. The routers receive all internet routes from the 5 peers and send 2 internal routes. There is an iBGP peering between both routers. On all peers I have a route-map to send only our routes.
All was working fine since a couple of months when I suddenly saw an increase of memory on one of the router (router B), 1 hour later the memory was 100% and router crash and reboot. The other router (router A) with the same hardware capacity, same ram and same amount of routes was working good. After router B restart, I shut all eBGP peering on it, keeping only iBGP with router A, ram used was the same as router A (about 50% used) but CPU was about 30% used by process Router BGP whereas router A which has active traffic and active eBGP is only 20% and bgp process i almost 0%. Restarting peers one by one on router B cause the same issue, increase of memory then crash, even with only one peer.
What I suspected :

- A peer on router B but I can't isolate one because the problem appears with each taken one by one

- Not enough memory,  but router A has the same number of routes and don't have any problem

- IOS version ? same on both 12.4.(15)T1

- Why process router BGP use 30% on router B when all eBGP peers are shut except iBGP and no traffic pass.

- A routing loop but I only send internal routes to peers and only have one iBGP session with no sync nor redistribution with an IGP
Of course I can't run any debu ip bgp on routers as the number of routes is very large (300K).

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Sharing :: IP Conflict Causing Network To Crash

Jan 9, 2012

I am dealing with three office networks, all three have the same conflict. The error messages I get all say there are two devices assigning ip addresses. As soon as I get the computers communicating with each other, two seem to crash overnight, I suspect due to the conflict. Here is the rundown on the networks. All are windows networks - the problem I am having is file sharing mostly and printing.

Network A: server OS is XP Pro - SP3, four workstations, XP Pro-SP3, Windstream DSL and Netgear Router. I have already bridged the router on this one, and it did not correct the conflict.

Network B: Server OS - Windows7 SP1, three workstations all XP Pro SP3, ISP is Clear (formerly clearwire). Router is the old wired Linksys befsr41 v4.

Network C: server OS - XP Pro SP2, ISP - Clear, three workstations - two are XP ProSP3 one is XP Pro SP2. I have had less trouble with this network, but I suspect the conflict exists here as well.

I have tried to get a static IP address from Windstream where I have had my worst problems, but cannot seem to get one. I suspect we have the least expensive service option possible, and are possibly using a service designed for home use as opposed to business, as someone told me recently that getting a static IP address can be expensive. Is this true? Currently all networks have DHCP enabled, and the routers are set up to use DHCP. My thoughts were to disable DHCP and assign ip addresses manually.

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Network Crash - Ping Tests Won't Respond To Anything?

Feb 6, 2013

About a week ago, our network started to experience complete failure.

Our Equipment:

Router: Netgear
Switch: Dlink DES-1024D (we have 6 of these switches in our building)
Wifi Routers: Dlink DIR-601, Linksys wrt54g, wrt54gv2
Computersservers: 40x
Copiersfax: 5x
Wireless clients: (iphones, laptops) at least 30

All has been working together in harmony for many years.Fast forward to last week when my hell began with intermittent crashes.Not sure what's causing the problem.When it happens, everybody loses their internet, the ability to communicate over the network; ping tests won't respond to anything (including the router) that exists on the lan, even with a static IP against other statics.In visually inspection of the switches and router, they seem to be happily blinking away with no apparent issue (visually).The only way I've been able to fix the problem is by power cycling the router.About 1 second after doing that, we're back in action for 2-6 hours (very unpredictable).I never had to power cycle any other devices)

Steps I've taken in troubleshootingeliminating potential culprits:

Replaced the router with a spare (new) FVS318G

Replaced the power supply for the router (suspected because problem remained after router swap)

Replaced cable going from router to lan switch

Removed linksys wifi router from network (the router had needed power cycling weekly and was old. So I unplugged it)

Removed Dlink wifi router from network (I hate dlink routers, so removed it).I'm at a loss.

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Ethernet Card Driver Crash After Power-up

Sep 2, 2012

i upgraded my computer from win 7 ultimate 32 bit to 64 and when i shut down my computer and power up the local area connecion dont recognize the ethernet card my ethernet card is 82578 dc gigabit not onboard card and i installed all the drivers to the ethernet card could it be my motherboard ? dp55wb?

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Laptop Crash After Connecting Ethernet Cable

Sep 6, 2011

laptop crash after connecting ethernet cable

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D-Link DIR-655 :: DNS Server Timeout / Lockup / Crash

Dec 12, 2010

So I just bought a D-link DIR-655.  It's a B1 hardware with the 2.00NA firmware.  After a few hours the DNS server in the DIR-655 stops responding.  This happens on all of the PCs connected to it (both wired and wireless) who have their DNS server set to  The only way I've found to recover is to reboot the router, change something in router's the configuration causing the router to re-initialize, or to ping an external site from the ping test console.  When this happens the external ISP DNS server are still working (confirmed by NS lookup testing manually setting them).

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Cisco Switches :: SG300-10 Crash After Upgrade

Jun 16, 2012

Just updated the fw to and after a while, the device crashed wth the following message in the flash log.
21474836472012-Jun-17 11:46:21Emergency %SYSLOG-F-OSFATAL:    FATAL ERROR: GOAH: ABORT DATA exception   ***** FATAL ERROR *****   SW Version  : Version Date:  11-Jun-2012 Version Tim e:  17:35:31  Instruction            0x150348 Exception vector       0x10 Program state register 0x60000013 0x0015014c  ***** END OF FATAL ERROR *****    Haven't seen the switch crashing before.

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