Routers / Switches :: Connecting Network Hp Laserjet 4000 To A New Router?

Jul 25, 2012

I have HP laserjet 4000 tn. Had an old router and upgraded to a new wireless router, when connecting it to the new router, the port I connect to has the amber light come on. I have reset to factory setting thinking it would reset and capture a new ip address. still giving me problems. try connecting it to my macbook pro and cannot get a "fix" on the printer either. I know it has to do with the configuration of the printer.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting Laptop To Desktop On A Network?

Feb 9, 2011

I have a desktop connected to our work network. It's running XP Pro. I also have a laptop running vista home. Is there a way to hardwire that laptop to the desktop, so i can share files between those two computers, while ALSO keeping my desktop connected to my office network?Since it's vista home, I can't connect the laptop to our network, since it can only connect in workgroups, not networks. But if I'm just able to just use the laptop, create files, and then either save them to a shared folder with my desktop or just save them to the desktop with a switch or something, it wouldn't be a problem that my laptop can't connect to the network.

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Routers / Switches :: Trunk Port Connecting But Network Tree Not Available On Pc

Jun 26, 2012

trunk port connecting but not allowing access to tree; i connected 4506 port to 3550 port; and i set both to switchport mode dynamic desirable; the 4506 port was set with switchport mode access and switchport mode access vlan ?; i used the command default switchport access vlan to remove the vlan; the ports are up but as I stated I cannot connect ot our workgroup tree

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting To Kguard H264 CCTV Outside Of Home Network?

Jul 1, 2011

I have a Kguard H264 CCTV system installed that is connected to my BTHome HUb 2 via ethernet cable.The CCTV system is registered on the home hub and has a direct ip address of and is configured to forward port 80 which is correct.Problem is how do i now connect to the CCTV system outside of my home network i.e. using my work computer?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 IPS V1.5 Rejected By Router?

Mar 10, 2012

I attempted to load and received an error message "Signature file is not the correct type of version for this device". I have firmware version, and and current IPS version 1.42. why IPS v1.5 is rejected?

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting 2 Modem In 1 Router

Apr 26, 2012

How to connect 2 cisco modem in 1 3com router.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting DSL Modem Router To RJ45 Line?

Oct 29, 2012

I just got a DSL Modem router (DSL 2750U) which has DSL input for internetconnectivity.My internet service provider provides RJ45 Cable which needs LAN input socket on a router for internet connectivity. How do I connect?

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting A Cable Modem To Wireless Router?

Feb 7, 2011

I am trying to connect a Netgear wirless router to my cable modem. I have followed the instructions on the set up wizard but it fails to get a connection with the IP and DNS info I provide.I got the IP address info by connecting intially direct from the modem to the PC and then went to Run CMD and type ipconfig /all. I then started the set up wizard and followed the instructions, turning things on in specific order etc. After input the IP and DNS info it reports an error and tells me to check the address information is correct.My internet is a static IP connection (so it tells me and the IP information doesn't change).

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Routers / Switches :: Linksys Router Only Connecting To Internet With One Computer

Jul 6, 2012

After a power failure nothing could connect to the internet anymore. I called MTS (ISP provider) and they had me change some setup on my PC. Now my PC connects to the internet, but nothing else will connect (X Box, WII, iPods, Laptop). They were connected wireless before the power outage through my router. MTS said they are only responsible for ensuring their model works, not routers.I have checked some router settings. It is set for DHCP with 50 users.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting A 10/100 Dlink Switch To A New Gigabit Router?

Sep 22, 2012

I've had my network up and running for several years with no issues. Last week I upgraded my router to a Dlink 826L and now anything connected to my downstream Dlink DSS16+ can't be accessed.

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Routers / Switches :: Newer Router CISCO Linksys WRT310N Not Connecting?

Apr 11, 2011

A newer router that I got from a friend, a CISCO Linksys WRT310N, is not connecting to my XP computer via a CAT5e cable. It willconnect for about 5 to15 mins, then lose connectivity. Ihaven't tried with a faster CAT6, since my dog chewed through my other one,and I have yet to get a new one. I used an older NETGEAR B/G router and it worked fine.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting Canon Pixma Mx870 To Dlink Router?

Mar 6, 2011

We had to send our Canon Pixma MP830 all in one printer in for repairs, and we have an mx870 loaner. The MP830 was connected directly to the desktop computer and to a lap top in another room via a dlink router. But we do not know how to get the lap top to recognize the MX870. We tried adding it and entered the name Canon Pixma M870, and the program does not accept the name.

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Routers / Switches :: Setup An Home Network With A Wireless Router And Use Multiple Switches?

Jan 29, 2011

I want to setup an home network with a wireless router and use multiple switches for wired connections through out my home. I currently have an Airport extreme hooked up to a cable modem and a leviton gateway hooked up to the Airport. The 2 computers connected to the Leviton are on a windows 7 homegroup and share fine, but won't share or discover any wireless device connected to Airport. My main goal is to have a wireless/wired network with all computers sharing information with each other. I want 2-3 wired switches/gateways with a min of 2 devices connected to each, connected to my wireless router whiich is connected to cable modem.

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting 5 PCs By Using Switch?

Mar 7, 2011

I have switch.Broadband connection i want to share it among all 5PCs.By ising ICS and switch can do it??

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Routers / Switches :: Browser Not Connecting To

Aug 12, 2011

i m trying to connect to my linksys router set through my browser. i m unable to do so. using chrome browser the site192.168.0.1 is not connecting.

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 - WAN Abnormal Operation?

Feb 21, 2013

System Information Firmware Version:V2.0.2.7CPU:STAR 9202 Router is operated 2y. No problems till now.There is sometimes abnormal lost of Internet connection, detected by LAN devices. I found it 3 days ago. This dysfunction is occasional 2-5 per day in occasional time.Nothing was changed/upgraded/updated in my WAN cable router or LAN or in the Cisco router. Nothing was changed on computers site (OS,LAN cards, drivers, ...). Just the problem is discovered on the router side.LAN operatation is correct, no problems was founded. Just the devices on LAN lose the internet connection (Win7, Lnx, Mac).
This is status of my WAN - does not matter if the internet connection was lost or not. It is still same:

Interface: UP
IP Address is assigned (checked by provider - correct)
Default Gateway and DNSs are assigned too(checked by provider- correct)
What was checked by me:

1.  A. I disconnected the cable router from Cable modem

B. I connected the Cable router directly to laptop. Internet connection was right.
2. I called to my Cable provider to check my connection:

- with direct laptop connection to Cable router - Right

- with Cisco router connected to Cable router - Right, but no Internet connection on LAN side behind the Cisco router
3. Standard procedure was tested:

- Unplugged (electricity & cabling) all devices - Cable modem, Cisco router as well.

- Restart of Cable modem, +30 sec. connection of IP cable to Cisco router, start of Cisco router Still same. No Internet connection.

- SETUP/SUMMARY/Network Settings Status - DHCP Release or DHCP Renew was tryed - Still same.After several minutes - was Internet connection Renewed. Just by itself. how?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS-4000 Dropping Ip Connections

Apr 25, 2012

I have my RVS-4000 configured using static IP addresses in the LAN configuration.  The users use DHCP to get their addresses (for the most part, a couple may have static IPs set on the computer). I have the maximum number of DHCP users set to 1 to restrict the ability of people to log in to the system. That one address is locked down.
The internal address of the router is set to  It doesn't conflict with anything on my network. I have 35 static IPs. About half of them are uing IP Based ACL to limit their access time but that doesn't seem to bear any relationship to what drops off.  
Almost daily one or more of the users will lose their IP address and a hard reset of the router is required.  The user this happens to seems random and it may be more than one but seldom all of them.  The network includes Windows7 (Home & Pro), a FreeNAS, Macs (Leopard and Snow Leopard), iPad, iPods, an iPhone and an AirPort Extreme used as a WAP (DHCP is disabled).  The AirPort is plugged directly into the router and has a staic ip on the RVS-4000 but is set to DHCP.  It seems to be the most common problem child.

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Cisco Routers :: Unable To Connect To RVS 4000 Behind Another One?

Nov 16, 2009

I'am using a modem/router to conncet my lan to internet. unfortunetly it is impossible to switch off the router of my modem. So i connect my RVS 4000 on the modem/router and i assign it static ip as my modem has i disable the DHCP function on my RVS 4000. I m still using it because of its gigabit ethernet capability.

My problem is i am unable to connect to my RVS from the outside. inside the LAN no problem I just use its STATIC IP. I have a NAS on this LAN. I write a NAT/PAT rule in my modem/router to route HTTP and FTP and the port for the interface to my NAS. It's just working smoothly. But not for my RVS. I have checked the remote management and translate the traffic incoming on this port to the same port on the !!. ok that can't be considered as external I disable remote management and all the protection firewall, DOS,BLOCK WAN REQUEST. I route the HTTP port 80 to port 80 I try to connect to /home.htm....unsuccessful !!

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 Drops LAN Devices?

May 13, 2011

I recently updated my network with the following:
RVS 4000 v1.3.2.0 - Linksys by Cisco version
AP541N [WAP]
All devices have the latest version of firmware.Users only connect laptops via wireless, they are a mix of MAC and Windows users, devices such as printers and network storage are all wired connections.The RVS 4000 would drop the internal Lan after several hours or sometimes days, there would be no reason to the periodicity it would retain and then drop the LAN. By dropping the Lan I mean:
Internet Access would cease, devices such as laptops would lose their wireless connection, a laptop requesting an IP address would be ignored. Effectively we were down.Connecting a laptop to the network via a cable connection would eventually get an IP address but all other wired devices such as the NAS Storage and printers would be unreachable and require powering off and on to get an IP.
A reboot of the RVS 4000 by powering off the router would have to happen to restore the LAN quickly. I followed advice on the Internet and this forum by upgrading the firmware and resetting to factory defaults and then reloading the configuration.The only change that seemed to make any sort of differnece was connecting the  AP541N directly to the RVS 4000 rather than the SG200-26. Throughput  increased and the period between LAN drops extended but the RVS 4000 would ciontinue dropping the LAN eventually.
When it dropped the LAN during a work day, that was it!I read a lot of negative feedback on the version of RVS 4000 firmware and as the version 2.0 will not install I purchased the Cisco version of the RVS 4000 v
The new RVS 4000 also drops the LAN! The period between drops is much longer, but it still drops the Lan.Ventilation is good and it is sitting on its edge using the platsic feet that come in the package.The AP541N is still directly connected to the RVS 4000 rather than the to fix the RVS 4000 or an alternative... I would like to stay with Cisco, an alternative, if the RVS 4000 is unfixable should have a browser based admin facility!

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 - Block IP Numbers

Nov 26, 2011

I would like to block IP numbers. When I tried with one the router festively walked straight through it!

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HP LaserJet 8150 Network Set Up?

Mar 4, 2011

I recented purchased a used 8150 with a network card. What do I need to do to it to work on my business network of 5 computers (all running Windows 7 Home)? I believe that it has an old IP address stored on it already. How do I change or delete this also?

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting A Printer To Two Different Modem?

Apr 23, 2012

Currently I have 2 different modem running in my working area which is modem A and modem B. Whenever user from Modem A( or Modem B( would like to print or scan something using the shared printer, I need to manually plug the cable into either Modem A or Modem B depends on the network the user are currently using.How I do previously is only set DHCP on Modem A and disable DHCP for modem B so that Modem B will share DHCP assigned by Modem A. Both modems connect to the same Switch with the printer cable so both network user can use it together.But the problem now is I have to enable DHCP for both modems and causing the previously method can't be use anymore. So is there any other way that I can link both Modem A and Modem B with each assign different DHCP to link with 1

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Routers / Switches :: Windows 98 Is Not Connecting To Internet

Mar 9, 2012

my computer has windows 98 and when i connect it to my router it can not connect to the internet! what do i need to do?

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting 30 PCs To A T1 Line And 1 Workgroup

Feb 7, 2011

I have a building with 30+ pc's, printers and cameras. I do not have a "server" setup, however I want them to be connected to the T1 line comming into the building for internet as well as file sharing, etc.Currently, I have the T1 line connecting to as Linksys E3000 wireless router. From there I have a cable connected to the wireless router (it has 4 ports also) and then going to a Netgear FS524 (24 Port 10/100 MBPS Fast Ethernet Switch) via port number 24. I then have another CAT5 cable connected to a port on this switch, extending to a D-Link DES-1024D (another 24 Port, 10/100 switch)I then have the 30+ CAT5 cable coming into all three of said devices... No then, I get Internet connection on all units, the problem is that I cannot see all of the devices.

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Cisco Routers :: No Internet Access With Static IP And RVS 4000

Oct 26, 2011

I have an RVS 4000.  I have several PC's to which I have assigned static IP addresses.  I have recently upgraded most of the PC's to Win 7 (64) machines.  I updated the firmware on the RVS4000 to in conjunction with this.  After such update (and actually before as well) I could not assign a static IP address to a PC and have access to the internet.  It connects fine to my LAN, just no internet access.  This is also affected on several other machines running Win XP and Win 2003 Server, so it's not just this computer. 
I have:
1.  Shut down (powered off/unplugged) everything, router, DSL modem, switches, server, etc.

2.  As I said firmware is current.

3.  Yes, DNS servers and gateway, subnet, etc. are all correctly specified on the PC.

4.  Router is set for gateway mode.

5.  Set to only IPV4.
The only way it allows internet access is to use DHCP.  I've even tried taking the IP address via DHCP and manually assigning the DNS servers and that works fine, but as soon as I assign a static IP internet access is immediately gone.
There must be something I'm missing, but I can't seem to find it.
Everything worked fine prior to the conversion of the Win 7 machines, i.e. I had several PC's with static IP's and no problems.

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 Features Eat Loads Of Bandwidth?

Nov 29, 2011

After configuring the router and enabling a load of functions to secure our LAN, the download speed halved! Even disabling AcitveX "eats" 10Mbs! I understand that enabling IPsec will drag the speed down to 25Mbps, but I have disabled this.
Even setting the QoS to speeds equal or higher then the ISP's promissises drags the speed down!

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Cisco Routers :: How To Establish Tunnel Between Rvs 4000 And Rv042

Dec 16, 2011

how to establish tunnel between rvs 4000 and rv042 ?

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Cisco Routers :: RSV 4000 - Additional License For IPsec VPN?

Jan 4, 2012

RSV 4000 bundle with IPSECVPN.  Any additional license for IPSECVPN ?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 - Allow Radio Button Stippled Out

Jan 17, 2012

This type of issue has been posted time and time again by others.  In this particular instance the ability to deny and allow access based on a time and day for one or more MAC id or IP address or range of addresses does not work.  Because the code is so "weak" that it cannot handle a policy which passes the midnight threshold into the morning (the test is actually commented out in the code), one is forced to write one, perhaps two inverse permit rule(s).  In this case, it cannot be done because the "allow" radio button is stippled out.
Some simple digging reveals that the file AccessRes.htm gets to the browser with the "allow" radio button stippled out because the token "disabled" appears in the generated html.
<input type="radio" value="allow" name="f_status2" onclick="setBLOCK()" disabled="">
I have several of these devices.  They are all new V2 units. They all have the latest version of the firmware and they are all broken the same way.  This behavior is the same on various flavors of browser.  As an experiment, based on SOP responses I've read, I downloaded and flashed with the latest firmware (same version as delivered), and then performed the factory reset.  No change.  It's broken.

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Trying To Network HP LaserJet 4100 Printer From Xp

Oct 12, 2011

I am having trouble networking an HP LaserJet 4100 series printer from a Windows XP computer to my Windows 7 laptop. I have searched and solved the initial issue of the password being asked. That has been taken care of. I am able to search for and find the printer properly on the network, however when I select the printer it says that there is no valid driver found. The printer connects to the XP computer VIA parallel port. I ordered a USB to Parallel converter and I successfully connected the printer DIRECTLY to my laptop and it installed itself without the need for a special driver. So it prints successfully from either computer when connected directly but when I have it connected to the desktop and I try to network it, I still get the error that there is no valid driver.

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Routers / Switches :: Netgear WPN824v Not Connecting To Internet?

Apr 11, 2011

my Netgear WPN824v2 router won't connect to the internet. It stopped connecting after a power outage 4 days ago. All local connections work fine. wireless unaffected. I tried a different router, but it wouldn't work either. Contacted my ISP, they said get a new router. Tried re-installing firmware, no change. I haven't tried it on a different internet connection yet, but plan to visit a neighbor and do some begging

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Routers / Switches :: Connecting And Installing Netgear WNR1000v3?

Jan 5, 2013

I just purchased netgear N150 single band wireless router WNR1000v3. I cant get to the site to detup manually and when i insert the set up CD it scans the config & says that my ethernet adapter isn't intstalled or enabled....I HAVE A CABLE FROM THE SATELLITE MODEM to my computer which works fine when I am connected direcrtly to it, so I dont get what the problem is. Do I need a different cable connecting my computer to the LAN on the router or am I missing something?

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Cisco Routers :: RVS 4000 Firmware Update Intermittently Going Offline

Mar 10, 2012

My RVS 4000 v1 router firmware version has been intermittently going off-line ... a reset of the power resolves the issue temporarly. My plan was to update the firmware but I haven't been able to download an uncorrupted version of the firmware file on the Cisco support site. The file downloads as a zip file but the winzip program says that the file is not in a valid zip format and cannot open it.

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