Sending Information From Laptop To Desktop Through Wireless Router

Jan 30, 2011

My desktop pc is currently wired into myowireless router and my laptop is fully wireless. How do I send data(pictures,music etc) from my laptop to my desktop & vice versa?

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Desktop Sending And Receiving But Still No Internet?

Apr 18, 2013

I had a customer call me and her desktop (wired connection only) is sending and receiving packets but she still cannot connect to the internet. Customer has tried power cycling her modem, router and desktop with no avail. Her system is running XP.

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Add Ip Information For Wireless System On Acer Laptop With Vista?

Dec 29, 2011

How do I add the ip information for a wireless system on a acer laptop with Vista.

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Hooking Up Non-wireless Desktop To Laptop Through DSL Router

May 3, 2011

How do i use my wireless laptop to hook up my non-wireless desktop, to the internet using a linksys DSL router (non-wireless)

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Sharing Files Between Desktop And Laptop Using A Router?

Aug 5, 2011

I have been trying to share drives between my dekstop and laptop using a router. I have connected both PCs to the router and has made changes to the file sharing enability to both. However, when I changed the ip address to and respectively, the one using the ip add could not access internet. And if I set both to default networks, my laptop failed to see the shared drive.

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Connect Laptop To Desktop Wireless Pc?

Jul 22, 2012

How do I connect my laptop to a desktop wireless pc?

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Connect Laptop To Desktop Via Wireless?

Feb 14, 2011

enable file sharing between a XP desktop and a Win 7 64bit laptop? Both computers are on a wireless home network and can only share a wireless printer. I need to open and edit files on both computers from either computer.

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Connect Laptop To Desktop Via Wireless Lan?

Jul 18, 2011

how do i connect my laptop to my desktop via wireless

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Using Laptop Wireless Pci-e Cards In Desktop PC?

May 6, 2011

Can you use laptop wireless pci-e cards in a desktop PC?

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Routers / Switches :: Secure Linksys Router So Only Laptop / Desktop And IPad Can Use It?

Jul 8, 2011

How to secure router on my mac - neighbor tapping into my internet service. How do I secure my Linksys router so only my laptop, desktop and iPad can use it? I tried going to but got nothing?

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Desktop Pc And Wireless Laptop Unable To Connect

Feb 21, 2011

Last night i was changing some settings of my router(linksys WRT54G) trying to assign a gaming console a static ip. I thought i had succeeded and everything was working fine. 12 hours later, it appears everything can no longer connect. all the regular lights of the router are on, but my desktop pc and my wireless laptop seem unable to connect.

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Desktop PC Turns On When Wireless Laptop Is Turned On?

Mar 29, 2011

He has a Linksys wireless router installed. He only uses the router for use with lap top for the wireless convenience around the house. The desktop PC is Ethernet wired;.

When both laptop and PC are shut off, and then he, in another room turns on the laptop, the Desktop PC start up all by itself.

Is there a setting on either of these PC or router that need adjustment?

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New Desktop Wireless Slower Than Older Laptop?

Jun 12, 2012

Just got a new desktop computer (running windows 7). I'm using a DWA 125 dongle (DLINK) and connecting to a wireless router we just bought about 2 months ago...Now, I did a speed test ( with the desktop computer... I'm getting about 8 mb/sI did one with my older latop (intergrated wi-fi)... I'm getting like 17 mb/s ??

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D-Link DIR-600 :: LAN Setup Between Laptop With Wireless And Desktop

Aug 6, 2011

Presently I'm using the Wireless 150 DIR 600 router to share a internet connection between my desktop (with LAN cable from LAN port in Desktop PC connected to LAN port in router) and Laptop connecting wireless to router. Now I also want to create a LAN connection between my Desktop (LAN cable connected to router) and Laptop (wireless) using the same router. Is it possible ? If yes, how can do it ?

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MTNL Model - UT-304R2 Router / Ethernet Works Fine On Laptop But Not On Desktop

Dec 19, 2012

Earlier my desktop was to b in d same place where the router was der. Everything worked fine. Now I decided to shift my desktop to another room. I have kept the router at the earlier place only. I have brought a 25m long new cat 5 cable. When I connected it to my desktop, the orange led on ethernet port do not light up and the desktop is unable to detect the ethernet cable and hence the internet connection. On the router, a light of ethernet keeps on blinking every 1 second. I was worried whether my ethernet port got fried. So i inserted another ethernet cable, but then the ethernet orange light came and the pc detedted the connection. Therefore I thought the cable might be faulty. Therefore I connected my laptop with that 25m cable. But my laptop detected it and showed the internet connection. But now when i again connect the cable to my desktop, there's no light and the pc does not detect it. However, if i connect the 25m cable to my desktop then during boot the ethernet light on router is stable just as when it is normally connected to the internet. But when i go into windows it starts blinking every 1 second.

My router is MTNL Model No. UT-304R2
Desktop - Asus P7H55, core i5
Laptop- HP 2000
Windows 7 Ultimate on both desktop and laptop.

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Can't Access Wireless Laptop Files From Wired Desktop

Sep 7, 2011

I can't access my wireless laptop files from my wired desktop. I have tried to set up a homegroup, and it actually worked for a week or two, but now we are unable to access the homegroup or the printer.

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Can't Access Wireless Network From Laptop And Can't Find It On 2nd Desktop Computer

Jun 21, 2011

I have a Linksys wireless G Router (WRT54G5 model) and I've recently had some problems with it. First problem, I cant find my wireless network from my desktop, but it shows up on my laptop but it wont let me access it from there. The power, wlan, port 1, and internet led lights are all on and green. How can I get my wireless network to show up on my desktop and how can I access it from my laptop? If I unplug my router for 30 seconds and plug it.

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Wireless Laptop Cannot Ping Wired Desktop On Home Network

May 7, 2012

I have a wired desktop PC (HP dx2480) running XP SP3 connected to a LinkSys Wireless 4-port router, and a laptop (Lenovo X61) running XP SP3 connected wireless to the same home network (192.168.0.x). The LinkSys connects by cable to a DSL router for internet access. Both PC and laptop get DHCP IPs from the Linksys (which I have hard-coded - mapped MAC to IP). They are on the same Windows Workgroup "HOME". Both Desktop and Laptop have same Windows User Logins. My desktop had a virus attack (trojan), which I removed and re-installed XP SP3 (from HP disks). Since then the PC seems to have "network sharing and discovery issues" on the network.

- The wired PC CAN ping the laptop, but laptop CANNOT ping PC.

- Both laptop and PC CAN access the internet.

- The laptop and PC COULD NOT see each other on Windows Workgroup, or see shares. This got resolved once I added IPX/SPX/NetBios Protocol on both the wired and wireless NICs on both PC/laptop respectively. NOTE: Before adding this protocol, I double-checked that File-Printer Sharing was enabled on both NICs, Windows Firewall had File-Print Sharing as exclusion. I tried everything including disabling firewall on both, disabling McAfee scanning on both, disabling Firewall on Linksys, but nothing worked.

- The laptop CAN see the NAS (Seagate GoFlexHome - connected by cable to LinkSys) using Seagate Dashboard software and direct IP. The PC CANNOT access the NAS using the Dashboard software but CAN access through direct IP. The NAS is named "goflex_home", which both can discover as \goflex_home from explorer.

- The laptop CAN see ITunes Home Share from a NAS, but the PC CANNOT see any home shares on the NAS (or from the laptop). I even added Home Sharing TCP/UDP ports as exceptions on the Firewall on the PC, but it still doesn't work.

- Some blog checking the node type on IP addresses given by DHCP. The laptop has Node Type "Hybrid", and the PC has "Unknown". I even went to PC regedit.exe and modified the and Change EnableProxy to 0 or 1 (instead of 2 that was in the PC as default).

- I have used SG TCPOptimizer on both laptop and PC to revert to Windows default?

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Atheros AR5B91 Adapter - New Desktop Wireless Slower Than Old Laptop

Nov 28, 2012

I just got new desktop and the wireless internet is about half the speed as my old laptop. The network adapter on the new desktop is 802.11n Wireless LAN Card, the laptop has Atheros AR5B91 adapter. the wireless router is a netgear N300.

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Cisco Wireless :: AP2600 Experience And Information Of Router

Nov 29, 2012

My site is thinking of using AP 2600 instead of the trusty AP 3502 since it has better thru put. Any experience on 2600 as we want to ensure stability for our deployment.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 Sending Request Delays?

Aug 26, 2011

Replaced my DLink 655 (had stopped working) with the E4200. Every time I enter a new url, there is a 10 second delay while the 'sending request' message is showing at the bottom of the browser. When the website is connected, there is another 'waiting for xxx' delay  for several seconds.I am on a Mac system (laptop and desktop).This never happened with the The delay occurs with wireless or with wired access. Happens with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Does not happen if I plug the desktop directly into my cable modem. I have Optimum  Boost which is the fastest ISP in the area (possibly the country).I emptied the cache thinking it is  DNS problem, works for a few minutes and then back to the same routine. I've tried every setting I know.

What's the use of paying for the fastest internet access and (supposedly) the fastest router if I have to wait 15 seconds each time I visit a website. Frustrating thing is that this sometimes, not always, even happens when I am going back to a page I just visited (back button on the browser).This has to be router issue since it does not happen when my laptop or desktop is plugged directly into the modem. This does not happen to me at work either. It does not happen when I use Cablevision's wireless network in Nassau county.

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Connect CAT5e Cable From Laptop Connected To Wireless Network To Desktop

Feb 6, 2013

Can I connect a cat5e cable from my laptop connected to my wireless network to my desktop and receive internet on the desktop?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Loses IPv4 And IPv6 Information?

Dec 21, 2012

No changes made but router will lose all information for IPv connectivity.  I have paid twice to support to fix this issue and it still occurs every few months. I tried rebooting router, and doing an IP Release/ Renew and router does not get IP address.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: RE1000 Wired PC Prompting User For Login Information For Wireles

Oct 30, 2012

I recently installed an RE1000, which seemed to be working fine. Then, on 3 PC's with no wireless adapter installed we began being prompted for user name and password for the wireless router. Once I unplugged to extender the problem went away. I know what you're thinking: Maybe I just think there's no wireless adapter on these PC's. NO, I looked in device manager and the only network adapter installed is the ethernet adapter. These are all 4+ year old machines with no hardware changes made to them. Wireless adapters are not necessarily standard issue on old towers--even on new towers. The Acer I'm using right now was purchased new in November 2011 and did not come with a wireless adapter installed.

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Connect Laptop With Desktop?

Jul 6, 2012

Laptop is dell,running on windows 7 home basic and desktop is running on windows xp to configure both computer network to share huge files between them..

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How To Get Mac Os9 Laptop To See Desktop Windows 7

Jan 8, 2011

how do i get a mac g3(old) to see my windows 7 system. my windows 7 can see my mac but ican not get the mac laptop to see the win 7 desktop. i need to be able to get the mac to use the win dvd drive to load mac osx(no cd/dvd drive in the mac).running mac os9.2 on mac currently, would like to upgrade, i have the mac osx disk.

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Laptop And Desktop Not Detecting Each Other?

Sep 23, 2012

I have a simple home lan setup. Desktop(Windows 7 Ultimate) wired to router and laptop(Win Home BAsic) using WiFi. Both have All Printer and file sharing Enabledhe desktop cann see the Laptop in 'Network' but not the other way around. However, even though I cannot see the Desktop from the Laptop's 'Network' I can access the public folder of the desktop by using : \desktop-pcuserspublic command in cmd or search.Now why Is the Desktop not visible on the Laptop's network(though I can access it) and why can't the Desktop access the Laptop's shared public folder even though it can see it in his network?

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Networking Between Laptop And Desktop

Apr 18, 2011

I think that's what I want to do. I have an HP desktop with vista and cable high speed modem and a linkys attached to it for wireless. My laptop is a toshiba with wireless running windows 7 and I use it upstairs wireless to connect to the net. There are times I need a file from the desktop and I have to go down and put it on memory stick to copy it over. Is there any way I can access the desktop from the laptop without having to do that? Would need step by step instructions to set it up if it can be done with 2 different operating systems.

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How To Network A Laptop To A Desktop

Feb 20, 2011

I have a desktop and a laptop. Both use Windows XP. The laptop has wireless access to the internet. The desktop is wired to the Internet. How do I use the laptop to access files on the desktop.

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How To Use A Laptop Monitor For A Desktop

Feb 2, 2013

Work with VNC to a remote computer. It has an old monitor with 800x600 resolution. Laptop that worker has higher resolution. How do I set a higher resolution monitor remote computer without buying one.

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Print From Laptop Through Desktop PC

May 18, 2011

I have a laser printer that's connected to a desktop running Win 7. The printer is set to SHARE. I got a laptop that I want to print from through the desktop. Is this possible? The printer is not wireless and I don't have a print server. I have wireless network running on my Linksys router, but the desktop and the printer are not on it.I have the desktop and laptop on the same WORKGROUP, but when I try to add the printer on the laptop by selecting a NETWORKED PRINTER option, I get an error.

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Get Net To Desktop By Connecting To Laptop?

Jul 27, 2011

how i get net to desktop by connecting to laptop.

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How To Connect Laptop To Desktop

Feb 5, 2011

i have laptop and desktop both and i want to connect to transfer files and share

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