Wireless Networks Not Showing Up

Mar 22, 2011

I've just installed windows xp pro sp 3 on my laptop and am going through installing the drivers for the problem devices. I've got everything installed minus the drivers for the sound card. I'm trying to connect to my wireless network and am not having much luck. I know the network is available because i'm on it right now sending this message. However with this new installation everytime i refresh i'm getting the "No wireless networks were found in range" message. I'm also not getting any yellow question marks in the device manager window for this device. I know the card works because it worked just fine with ubuntu before i wiped the hdd and installed xp ....

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Wireless Networks Not Showing Up?

Jan 16, 2012

I have added a wireless network on my computer but it isn't visible from the networking connections drop down. Why?

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Windows XP Not Showing Available Wireless Networks?

Dec 29, 2012

Windows XP on an older Dell Latitude. All wireless settings appear to be on, yet "no wireless networks are found in range" All other devices in the house see the same 3 networks (mine, mifi, and next door), so this is specific to this machine.

Also, I normally keep this laptop docked, 95% of the time, and earlier in the week disabled the wireless (right click on icon, disable) as I normally do when connected to the dock, since it seems to perform faster (no testing, just my opinion)

Other factors: The computer got undocked without normal undock procedure taking place.

Don't know if this is related, but the sound wasn't working either the last few days I have redocked, rebooted, restarted, checked every possible config I can think of, checked the router to be sure that my device was still listed, etc.

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Windows Xp Not Showing Available Wireless Networks

Feb 10, 2012

I have a desktop with windows Xp and I too have no wireless networks come up in the box on the right hand side, I know the wireless Linsky cisco wifi is working as I have connected it to another laptop with Vista, but have tried everything to get it wireless and nothing works the Desktop works fine when hard wired?

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Computer Not Showing Wireless Networks?

Oct 30, 2011

I had a wireless network set up between my Dell D630 and a Del XPS M1210 with IS and worked fine. Then we sold the XPS and got a E4300. I set up a wireless network on it with IS and it also worked fine. Both laptops running XP. The E4300 has SP3 and the D630 was set up with SP2 but I upgraded to SP3. The network was difficult to connect at times so I had to bypass the firewall to connect. Once connected, IS worked fineHowever, latetly it refused wireless connection even though the connection was visible. I have now tried to set up a new wireless between the 2 but it doesn't even show when I refresh the wireless connections in range.

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XP Not Showing View Available Wireless Networks Option

Sep 10, 2012

Trying to create a wi fi zone in my apartment from my Virgin cable installation. Following their instructions on how to do this I can't succeed as the "view available Wireless networks" option does not appear on Windows XP  

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TP-Link WN722N USB Wireless Adapter Not Showing Any Networks?

Dec 31, 2012

Having trouble with the TP-Link WN722N that I bought from Newegg. It doesn't show any networks on my desktop that runs on Win7. Took the drivers straight from the CD. It works fine on my other laptops and desktop.

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TP-Link TL-WN722N Adapter - XP Not Showing View Available Wireless Networks

Oct 6, 2011

Have installed a TP-Link TL-WN722N wireless USB adapter.O/Sis Win XP SP3.Np options are showing for Wireless networks under Network Connections.Wireless Zero Conifguration is on.When I run a QSS app I can see neighbours network but not my own (My equipment doesn't support QSS) so the card and driver are working.

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D-Link DIR 635 Not Showing Up In List Of Networks?

Jan 25, 2011

I have problems with my D-Link DIR 635 router. It shows up fine in list of networks on my girlfriends Mac and on my new laptop, but on my older laptop it doesnt show up at all (whereas a lot of other networks do). Seeing as my current laptop is being repaired at the moment, I need to be able to connect to the net with my old laptop too.

I run Windows XP Professional on my laptop, which is a Compaq Presario f700. why the network doesnt show up?

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Dell :: Inspiron N4050 Is Not Showing Any Wi-Fi Networks

Feb 15, 2013

I bought new laptop ( inspiron N4050 ) 1 month ago, bought access point to make home wireless signal from my wired TP LINK router every thing went good that time, now I wanted to change my windows from win7 prof to win7 ultimate so I had to format the system partition, now the problem is in the drivers, everything I got it working. except the wifi .. the lap wont show any wifi networks around it .. any wifi which I can connect to, while my mobile shows about 4 wifi networks besides mine.

you may need to know that the wired internet port when I plug a wire into it , it works .. I mean the wired net is working and also the bluetooth is working, but wireless net is not showing any networks I can connect to.

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Vista Showing Normal Wireless SSID Plus Showing Second Unidentified Network

Feb 5, 2011

my computer is a dell dimension 1100, with a Linksys WMP54G wifi card, running vista home basic.In the wifi thing in the notification area, it shows two wireless networks, One is my normal SSID (Lower Net), and one is "Unidentified network". They are both on one wireless connection (Wireless Network Connection 3). When i try to go on the internet, it says i'm not connected. i tried disconnecting from the unidentified network, but that disconnects me from lower net too.

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Wireless Is Not Showing Under Available Connections

Jan 15, 2011

i am unable to connect wirelessly my wireless connection is not showing under the available connections and i can onhy connect hardwired via my router i have done simple troubleshooting with no results i have also tried to go to routerlogin.com and .net and i cant access them i have also done the pinging and everything seems to be in order what are my next steps

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Wireless Icon Not Showing Up

Aug 6, 2012

From last 2-3 days, my wireless icon is not showing up, neither my computer can catch any signal. The led is working fine. Previously, there was no problem. Suddenly everything stopped. Is it dead???

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Wireless :: Showing Connected But Can't Go Online?

Oct 3, 2012

I recently got a toshiba satellite laptop running win xp.. at first when i connected it had internet..but after adding avg antivirus it began showing limited or no connectivity. ran antivirus ... cleaned up system..changed the ip addresses and now it says connected.. but i cannot go to google or any other online page. it says there is no response from default gateway or dns server... not sure what else to do . I tried rolling back system to before i did anything and still the same.

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Wireless :: Ip Address Is Not Showing In Laptop?

Jul 7, 2011

i am trying to connect(internet) my laptop but its is not connecting through WIFI.diffrent ip addresss is showing on a laptop but my ip address is not showing and it is not connecting.

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Router Is On But Wireless Network Is Not Showing Up?

Oct 21, 2011

Some background first. Last night I went trolling around for a solution to an ip address conflict message I receive when I try to go onto Xbox live via a network bridge on my laptop. What I eventually ended up doing was going into my tp-link wireless router settings (not sure of the exact model number as I am not home right now) and reserving two different ip addresses for my laptop and my Xbox using their MAC addresses. It didn't appear to do anything ( now I think possibly because my Xbox needs the same ip as my laptop?). Anyways I tried to go onto Xbox live and it worked at the start (as it always does) and then 30 minutes in, the ip address conflict message came up (usually meaning a disconnect from Xbox live is imminent). But I actually ended up staying online for another 3 hours until the Internet crashed.

Upon further investigation I noticed that my wireless network was not even showing up on my computer, my phone, or any of my roommates computers. I went upstairs to check the wireless router and it was seemingly working correctly (i.e. no flashing lights or anything). Not quite sure what to do. I would go back and change the router settings but I don't think I can without a connection to it.

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Neighbor's Wireless Not Showing Up So Can't Delete It

Feb 26, 2012

I have a wireless PC laptop and a router that works fine. When I change rooms, there's competition from my neighbor's router and I want to remove it. When I "view wireless networks" I see their connection. When I go to "change the order of preferred networks" (hoping to delete it from there) it doesn't show up. If I go to "change advanced settings" I end up in the same place not showing the neighbor's wireless.

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Cisco Wireless :: 3602i Is Not Showing A Lit LED

Oct 22, 2012

I upgraded WCS to 7.0.22 and the WLC to so that I could add four 3602i's. Funny thing is that they all work fine except that none of their LED's are 'lit' up. They look dead.
Is it the version of sofware?

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Wireless Extender Showing Limited Connectivity

Jul 17, 2011

Wireless extender showing limited connectivity

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Wireless Network Indicator Showing No Connection?

Jan 31, 2012

My wireless netwok indicator on the bottom of my screen show no connection. It says I need the WEP key.

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Connect To Network Vista Wireless Not Showing

Jan 6, 2013

I have vista installed in my HP m/c.Earlier the 'connect to Networ' list was showing my WIFI nw but suddenly it doesn't show now n the list while other wifi n/ws are still shown in the vicinity.I tied to setip the wireless n/w using 'HP Wireless Assstant' wizard but while I select the routr as Dlonk th mdel shown in the list doesn't show Dir-300 so it gives the message as 'HP network assistant currently doesn't support te router you selected'. What can be done to get wifi in the list of availale networks.

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D-Link DAP-1522 :: Nothing Showing In Wireless Setting?

Mar 23, 2011

I got a DAP-1522 and here is my situation. I have a wireless router connected to the internet downstairs. I want to extend the range by creating a new wireless network upstairs. So I want the DAP-1522 to connect to the wireless router, and then become another access point upstairs.

I was able to connect to the wireless router in the DAP-1522 setup wizard, but nowhere was I able to configure that actual DAP-1522 WIRELESS setup. Nothing ever showed up on the "Wireless Settings". Just "Save Settings" "Do Not Save Settings" and the rest of the screen empty. On the status page it does show it is connected.

Am I doing something wrong or will the DAP-1522 not do this?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Wireless Network Not Showing Up Anymore

May 24, 2011

I've tried changing the settings on my DLink wireless router, resetting it and my cable modem (by unplugging them and plugging them in again), and even restoring my iPod, but I cannot find my home wireless network! Both my iPod and my PC can find other networks, but not my own.My network is WPA-2 only, which my iPod should be able to see. The cipher type is TKIP. My wireless channel is 2.437GHz (channel 6, I can't change it). I even tried resetting my network settings on my ipod, with no luck.My router is a DLink DIR 615 wireless router and my computer is a PC that runs Windows 7. The router is able to connect to the internet; it's just the wireless portion that isn't working.

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Cisco Wireless :: MSE Not Showing 7921 Phone On WCS Map

Sep 27, 2011

We just installed MSE with CAS ( software)  and everything works fine and clients are shown on WCS floor maps except for Cisco 7921 wireless phones which dont appear in the WCS map.

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Wireless :: Windows XP Device Manager Not Showing Card?

Sep 13, 2012

after installing xp my wireless card doesnt show in device manager

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Wireless Network Not Showing On IBM Thinkpad Running Windows XP?

Aug 12, 2012

I've come across an older IBM ThinkPad 2687 via work that was just collecting dust, and it was able to connect to a wireless network.Due to other issues with the machine, I had to do a complete refresh on it, so it only had the XP OS.

I had to update the drivers to make sure other things like connecting to a flash drive, and connecting to a local area was possible, which is how I'm able to connect now.However, I've been unable to access the wireless connection within Network connections. I've downloaded the different drivers from the Lenovo IBM ThinkPad website, but still no luck.

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WRT150N - Wireless Signal Showing But No Internet Connection?

Jul 2, 2012

I recently moved and changed computers, but ive been trying to setup my Linksys WRT150N. I had one cable coming from the modem and into the port on the router labeled "internet" and then another cable coming from one of the router's ethernet ports, going into the PC.

I opened a browser and typed in into the address bar and got to the setup page. When I search for wifi using either my laptop or my droid, it shows that there is an excellent signal and will connect to it, but when I try to perform a task that would require internet, it says that there is no internet access.

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My Laptop Is Not Detecting / Showing Wireless Network Connection

Nov 21, 2012

I have a Toshiba Satellite A665 Model Laptop. Which i bought 2 years back. I got a new wireless Internet connection few days back. but I am unable to use that network in my laptop. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS in my system.

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Hp Compaq Nc6220 Wireless Connection Is Showing But Not Connecting?

Oct 24, 2011

I have a Laptop : Hp Compaq nc6220, My wireless connection is showing but not connecting

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TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless :: Router WR642G Ver 3.6 Not Showing QOS

Jan 26, 2013

Region : Australia
Model : TL-WR702N
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version :

I am posting this in the wrong place but thats only because I cant find the forum for the TL-WR642G ver 3.6 device.Basically I am unable to see any QOS configuration and I wanted to know if this is available to this model ?I know the ver 4.0 firmware update states that QOS is added but can I update a 3.6 device using a ver 4.0 firmware ?

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Wireless Stats Showing TX Packets Dropped

Jan 27, 2012

I notice that I have TX Packets Dropped only under the wireless section.This occurs when the wireless network is not in use also.I have tried many different channels, almost all of them.Im using wpa2-tkip+aes, mixed g and n network, auto 20/40, wps disabled.I understand about wireless interference also.wireless devices dont seem to have any issues though, not dropping from network.I usually get 4000 wireless TX drops a day. LAN and WAN show No TX drops

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA4500 Showing 2 Devices With Same IP

Sep 3, 2012

I'm using the EA4500 router with Cisco Cloud Connect.  I've noticed under Devices I'll see devices named "Network Device".  They have a generic MAC address with something like "00:00:00:00:2F".  They will have an IP that's already assigned to another device.

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Showing Xbox Wireless When Connected By Cat5?

Dec 16, 2012

I have tried all firmware and go into router settings and it shows it's sending a wireless signal to Xbox.  I have it connected via Cat5 cable.   

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