Increasing Wifi Reception Without Access To Router?

Oct 19, 2011

My apartment complex offers free wifi but it is always unreliable, sometimes it is slow and I can't load pages. Often it says my signal is good or excellent and I still have problems. I'm pretty sure its not just my laptop because when I am home where we have our own network and my connection is great there. I have looked around on the internet for solutions and have not really found anything. All solutions say to do something to the router and I do not have access to it. I saw these things called usb wireless network adapters. Would they be able to increase my wifi connection?

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Cabling / Cards :: Increasing Wifi Reception On Laptop Without Access To The Router?

Oct 15, 2011

I live in an apartment building that offers free wi-fi. The connection on my laptop is bad and extremely inconsistent. I was wondering how I could improve this. I was wondering if a usb wireless network adapter would improve my connection.

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Wireless :: Getting The Best Wifi Reception In A High Rise Apartment?

Sep 12, 2012

I live in a high rise apartment and my router is on channel 1 and other tenants are on cnannel 6 or channel 11.I have installed InSsider on my computer and according to the graph the channel one is riding around 47-51 khz which is better than everyone else.Do I need to change my router to a higher channel to get the best reception for my Wi-Fi internet?

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Asus X73e-bh51 / Improve The Wifi Reception On A Laptop?

Mar 30, 2012

How do I improve the Wi-Fi reception on a laptop? My visually impaired friend purchase a new Asus X73E-BH51 17.3" Laptop with 2nd Gen Intel Core i5-2430M with Turbo Boost 2.0 8GB DDR3 640GB HDD. She is happy with the purchase. However, the wireless signal strength on her machine never seems to go higher than three bars, while on my laptop (a different make) sitting next to hers is up to five bars and working very quickly. I feel terrible having recommended this laptop based on research done by another friend the previous year. Is there a way to make her laptop receive the wireless signal at a higher strength? "This laptop should go like the wind with 8GB RAM and turbo boost,but, it loads slow as molasses. She is able to Skype with folks, but,often the video breaks up or is otherwise not clear.

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Increasing Wifi Receiving Range On Laptop?

Apr 11, 2012

We frequently camp at campgrounds that offer free WiFi, but many campsites are on the fringe of receiving a signal. Is there anything I can add to my laptop to increase receiving range- ie usb adapter with antenna?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT160N - How To Boost Reception

Mar 28, 2012

How do I boost my reception on my WRT160N so I may receive internet in back room of house?

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Home Network :: Increasing Network Card Wifi Signal?

Jan 30, 2013

In the bottom floor there are three computers, an iMac computer that receives an average wireless Internet signal, desktop computer and a laptop.I want to take care of the desktop computer and buy a network card, the next card:TP-Link TL-WN951NNow it has three antennas, each of its reception range is 2 dbiI should buy three of the 10 dbi antennas and connect them to the network card?It will give a good solution strong wireless signal and good speed?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200v2 / Increasing The LAN Speed?

Jan 22, 2012

i just bought the E4200v2 and configured for my network. the router found the latest firmware and has been updated. i tried multiple configurations/channels etc with no change.basically, coverage is horrible, and even when in the same room as this router copying files from a linux server and a window7 machine is extremly slow.... almost as if its G speed. my mac is showing the transmit rate >108mbps and should be copying at 60,70 even 80 mbps (megabits), but im getting on average ~28mbps however, uploading from my mac to those 2 machines flys. im seeing speeds at 80 to 90 mbps, which is again, what i would expect.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6500 Increasing Ping Significantly?

Jan 2, 2013

Plugging directly into the university's network I get a solid consistent ping to any website. This might be 10ms to google, or 5ms to something really close - but the point is its bang on exactly the same every time.However when I pugin the EA6500 and use the internet via the router the pings go crazy.

etc, no longer consistent and between 2-3x higher. I've turn off all firewalls and filtering that I can see on this router, but it seems absolutely crazy I've paid close to £200 for something that just destroys my ping?

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Hook Tv Connections To Computer Monitor To Get Reception?

Jun 27, 2011

My 3 year old 32" Vizio plasma just "died" and I'm trying to connect its connections from the cable box to my computer monitor to enable tv watching there...

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Linksys Wireless Router :: EA6300 With Less Coverage - Increasing Output Strength?

May 12, 2013

I just upgraded my router from the WRT54GL to the EA6300, and it appears there is less coverage with the new unit.  Previously, my neighbor could share my router and now with the EA6300 my phone switches to 4G at the end of the driveway.  Has anyone seen any specs which publish to output of the ea6300?

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Wireless Reception Became Poor After Recent Windows 7 Updates

Jun 21, 2011

Wireless reception became poor after recent Windows 7 updates.Can't find recent windows 7 64 bit driver for this card.

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Cisco Routers :: RV016 Blocking Wireless Reception?

Feb 25, 2013

We cannot access our wireless modem because the Cisco router is blocking it.  When I try to access the router through a browser I get a message that the router is blocking access.

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Dell :: Weak / Spotty Reception With DW1525 WLAN PCIe Card - Windows 7 64-bit

Jun 23, 2010

I have an XPS 8100 and have been very satisfied for the most part, but have had a persistent problem with the wireless card, the Atheros DW1525 WLAN PCIe Card. The wireless signal swings wildly between 3 bars and 5 bars - and the computer is close to the router. The card only weakly picks up other signals and it is often weak and spotty. I compared with my Dell Inspiron 13 (which has an Intel wireless N card), and it is literally 5x as fast on speed tests, picks up a lot of other signals, and is always 5 bars.

I tried to reinstall the Atheros drivers from the Dell support site, and that seemed to do the trick for a while.... the card was picking up as many signals as my notebook and at the same strength and speed. But after a Windows Update, the problem returned. I tried to reinstall the drivers again but got blue screen errors when I attempted to install Atheros' drivers... I spoke to a Dell tech, did a full factory image restore, and while I'm not getting blue screens now, the signal continues to be weak and spotty. I have Windows 7 64 bit..

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Increasing Ip Address Range?

Dec 24, 2012

I have an IPAD, pc , laptop, mobile and my daughter comes over with her ipod and mobile.As I understand things my IP address range is not big enough and as a result my IPAD keeps dropping and saying not connected

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Reasons For Increasing Bandwidth

Aug 31, 2012

what are the factors leading to bandwidth increase

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Sent And Received Bytes Increasing When Idle?

Jan 20, 2011

When i check the status of my Internet Connection I notice that the sent and received bytes keeps increasing. I'm sure there are no downloads taking place that I'm aware of. No torrent clients, no antivirus nothing. I checked my PC for malware but that didn't work. As a result of this, i keep getting high pings in online games and can't even watch videos in youtube anymore. like, some software to monitor all the programs that use the itnernet connection without my knowledge or something??My primary concern is gaming (Call of Duty 4) so I wouldn't mind this idle downloading (whatever it is) as long as the major chunk of my internet connection is directed towards Cod4!

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Broadband :: Bytes Not Increasing In Network

Jun 7, 2012

This has been happening of late. When i check the status of my Internet Connection I notice that the sent bytes will be more than 200 and received bytes will be low as 2 to 4

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Sent And Received Bytes Keeps On Increasing Even When Idle?

Jan 20, 2011

This has been happening of late. When i check the status of my connection, i notice that the "sent" and "received" bytes keeps on increasing when i'm idle. I'm pretty much sure there's no downloading of any sort in progress that I'm aware of. As a result of this, I can't watch videos in Youtube or play online games due to high ping. 

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Increasing Broadband Speeds Safely

Aug 25, 2011

[code] just came out with a new package called Roadrunner Broadband Extreme ($10 extra). The claimed speeds are 30GB down and 5GB up. I have a friend in another area of town who is getting these speeds consistently, although i will admit he lives in a much more "technologically advanced" area where there are several big technology businesses like IBM. I just had the service installed last week, and have even had the cable techs to the house, but i am not even close to getting what i paid for.On average a normal day i would test at between 14-17GB down and maybe 2.2 up (using Time Warner's speed test, on tests from places like Speakeasy the speeds show much lower).So the question after the long winded description is this. Is there any program i can use that may be able to safely tweak my system and get closer to the speeds i should be getting? I know i may never reach 30 down and 5 up, but if i could at least be in the 20's down and maybe 3.5-4 up.

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No Wifi Access From Working Router?

Apr 28, 2012

No WiFi access from working router.I was trying to set up my AppleTv and by accident unplugged my router...I have unplugged my router & modem several times and they all show the light that the network is on..But I cannot access the WiFi network from my Ipad or Mac?what else can I do???

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Routers / Switches :: Increasing Connections And Security?

Jan 24, 2012

I'm not sure about my title, it;'s the best I could come up with. I have approximately 7 computers, two iPhone, and iPad, wireless printers and a network attached storage. Most are connected over via wifi, the exceptions being one pc, the nas and a printer. I plan to add six more devices plus some ip cams. The way the router or network is configured whenever a guest connects to our wifi they can "see" our computers. I haven't been able to tell if they can see the files or just the name of the computer. Question 1: How can I tell if the guests are able to access the data on our computers or networked drive? Question 2: If I add a switch will I need to do anything special with regard to security?

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Increasing LAN Speed Form 10Mbps To 100Mbps?

Aug 15, 2011

My LAN speed was 100 Mbps but now it is 10 Mbps and too slow when I am using internet. So how can i increase the speed to 100 Mbps from 10Mbps?

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ADSL Connection - Increasing Downloading Time?

Jun 25, 2011

I am using my ADSL Internet Connection especially for downloading files those past few months.I have even purchased an account at filesonic.However,the speed remain the same except that there are no waiting period and I can download multiple files at the same time.What are the tips for increasing downloading time? I am now using the latest 5.0 Firefox and Windows 7 and using or not using the download them all add-ons does not add much to the download time.

What about the telephone line cable? The position of the beetel modem, does that play a role in speed limit? Are there some hardware equipment that can cause a subsequent increase in download speed?

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Increasing Bandwidth For Internal Network Not Internet?

Dec 4, 2012

ok i have setup a subnet on my uncles network on which i am running a domain with server 2008. i am using a dlink di 624 router and wanted to know if i upgraded to a 300mbps router would this increase the bandwidth within my network?i know i am limited to what i am receiving from my uncle who is also limited to what he is receiving from the ISP. im not worried about internet speed. i want to increase client to server speed for both lan and wireless.

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Cisco :: LMS 3.2 / EDS-GCF Log File Size Increasing Rapidly?

Nov 22, 2012

We have lms 3.2 that we are facing a problem with it. When we start the server the EDS-GCF log file size start to increasing rapidly until it consumes up all free space and it only stops when we stop the Daemon Manager service. I tried to do the pds how command but I get no output from it. I included the portion of the EDS and EDS-GCF log files. i searched and didn't find the cause of this error.

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Cisco WAN :: 7204VXR OC3 Output Drops Increasing

Jul 29, 2012

Why my OC3 interface is showing increasing output drops its starts happening as soon traffic exceed 60Mbps   ( FYI my traffic never exceeded 75Mbps MAX, and circuit is 150Mbps from carrier , full OC3)
Below are few stats as starter. IOS i am using is c7200p-is-mz.122-31.SB10.bin
sh int pos1/1
POS1/1 is up, line protocol is up
Hardware is Packet over Sonet


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802.3ad Ethernet Bonding - Increasing Bandwidth Or Throughput?

Aug 4, 2012

Even without Open vSwitch, and using the stock, Linux bonding module with 802.3ad mode I had the same problem.

From what I have read about bonding, it seems like if you bond (for example) 2x 1Gbit Ethernet connections on two servers (ie so both have two ports bonded), then if using something like 802.3ad, a file transfer should utilize both ports, and you should see a throughput of 2 Gbit/s. So this would be an increase in throughput and bandwidth, right?

But, what I generally see, is for any single TCP connection, only one port is ever utilized at a time.So for example if I'm SCPing a large file from server1 to server2, I generally see that the scp session is only using one interface, at 1 Gbit/s. I can then also run a second SCP session which will use the second port, and also move at 1 Gbit/s.

This would be increasing the bandwidth, but not the throughput, correct?Which of these behaviors is what I should be seeing with 802.3ad? I guess it depends on the hashing method? Is there a hashing method which will allow a single connection to be spread over two interfaces, allowing 2Gbit/s transfers?

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Increasing Number Of Addresses And Dhcp Address Range

Dec 2, 2011

A small network and uses the Linksys Router BEFSR81 as dhcp.the default Number of addresses is 50 and starts to new Cisco IP Phone just introduced requires ip addresses and have noticed running out of addreses.Can I increase the number to 120 so that the address range would start from to, also, I have a VPN device which automatically configures itself for address and this is /24 network configuration.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 1121 V 5.3 NTP Offset Increasing With Server In Same LAN

Oct 31, 2012

Im installing & configuring a new ACS 1121. Ive updated to version 5.3 with patch:This temporarily solves my Active Directory problem but i still would like to have the NTP server pointing to the same reference as the Active Directory.

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Networking :: Subnetting Network DGND3700 For Increasing Performance

Apr 10, 2012

I wanna subnet my Network to increased performanced but im alil confused hereWhen looking at my ROUTER STATUS this is what i have.

gateway ip XX.XX.X.X
ip address

Which one of this ip addresses do i have to subbnet?,my router is a ,NETGEAR N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ Modem Router DGND3700 Wireless router - 4-port switch (integrated) - EN, Fast EN, Gigabit EN, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n.

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Dell :: Increasing Inspiron 5520 Wireless Range

Nov 23, 2012

My laptop is inspiron 5520 new one just one month old ?I have similar problem like that ( my wireless is working but in very closed distance to the connection point, if I change the site to about 5 or 6 metter from the connection site, the Internet become interrupted,

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Cannot Roam Between Wifi Router And Access Point On Same Network

Jan 5, 2012

I have a seemingly simple desire: to achieve acceptable wifi coverage of my entire house and the ability to use my wireless devices in multiple locations within that house. To achieve this aim I have tried a variety of hardware combinations over the last two months but am now at the point where I'm almost ready to abandon the project.In my current setup I have:Downstairs: A new & working Wireless Router (TP-Link TD-W8961ND) from which I can connect to (1) the internet, and (2) the internal network devices (NAS, printer, and network shares). Broadcasting on channel #1. DHCP = On.Upstairs: A new & working Access Point (TP-Link TL-WA801ND).The AP is connected by a physical cable to the downstairs router. The AP is in "Access Point Mode" with the same SSID and security settings as the router.

From the AP I can also connect to (1) the internet, and (2) the internal network devices (NAS, printer, and network shares). Broadcasting on channel #11. DHCP = Off.Clearly therefore, parts of my setup are correct and complete. However, I cannot roam between these two devices. Once a device is connected to one of these devices it cannot connect to the other. When downstairs, if I connect any device (iPad, iPhone, Win7 ThinkPad, WinXP Netbook) to the router's Wifi network, it connects to the router as expected and is fine.

When upstairs, it connects to the second router but cannot get to the internet (it gets an IP address beginning with 169.). It reports a "Strong" connection but simply cannot establish a useful connection with the world outside the house. The same is true if I take a machine that is successfully connected to the upstairs network and move downstairs.Have you successfully setup a wifi network with a TP-Link router and a TP-Link Access Point so that roaming works? If so, what's the secret?! Should I use the "Bridge with AP" mode for the AP?

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