Change Default Ip Address On Netopia 3347?

Sep 2, 2012

I would like to change the default ip address on my netopia 3347 frrom 192.168.1.whatever to 192.168.0.whatever

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Default IP Address For A Netopia 3347 Router?

Aug 8, 2012

What is the default IP address for a Netopia 3347 router?

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Port Forwarding On Netopia 3347-02?

Jul 11, 2011

I installed 6 Q-see Cameras, pretty easy to install. The problem is running the port forwarding so I can view the cameras in the internet. I am running a Netopia 3347-02 router. I am not sure how to port forwarding so I can view the cameras over the internet. On the seeting for the DVR. I can see the Ip address ex. 198.168.X.X and the port is 80. On the Netopia 3347-02 router I went to pinholes cause is wher it will let me do the port forwarding, and I name the port Ex. test,

pinhole name ; TEST
start port: 80
end port: 80


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External Access To DVR - Netopia 3347?

Jan 24, 2011

I recently setup a Camera (DVR) system for a good friend of mine who just opened a restaurant. We are able to access the cameras just fine internally (LAN), but not externally (WAN).

I port forwarded, or 'pinholed' as this router uses, ports 9000 and 80 (changed the routers web port to 81 so there would be no conflict). I grabbed the external ip for the network and immediately tried connecting from home (I was doing everything remotely), and could not access the cameras, neither with the dvr software, nor with internet explorer.

EDIT: I believe he has a dsl line. I wonder if we'd need to change the configuration in the modem itself?

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Netopia 3347 With 5 Useable Statics / Way To Go Wireless With This Set Up?

Dec 13, 2012

I have a netopia 3347 with 5 useable statics from att. What is the best way to go wireless with this set up. I do not want DHCP turned on. And i would like to not assign an ip to the laptop.

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Motorola Netopia 3347 - Can View Cameras Locally But Not Remotely

Apr 23, 2012

I need viewing a DVR camera system remotely through a Motorola Netopia 3347 router. I was able to view the system properly for a year with the old ATT modem and a separate router, but recently the modem crashed and ATT replaced it with this Netopia that I can't for the life of me, understand.I can view locally but not remotely from the internet. I need establishing the Pinholes properly. I'm trying to get it working for port 85 for the DVR system. But I'm confused on the Internal vs. External port #'s it asks for in the Pinhole screen. No combination I enter seems to work. I even tried just using port 80 to get it working, but there was a conflict creating a pinhole for 80 since its already mapped to HTTP.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Change Default IP Address On E3500 To 10.0.0.xx?

Jan 21, 2013

since my network (static ip, cameras, and other boxes) is set up using 10.0.0.xx.   How do I change the default ip address on the Linksys e3500 wifi router to 10.0.0.xx?

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Change The Default Name On Sky Router?

Jul 17, 2012

I'm trying to change the default name on my Sky router but when I try a pop up from Windows security is asking for my username and password which I don't have as I never set one up in the first place! is this the default password from Sky, Admin- Sky that I need to use?

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Change The Default Gateway Of RDP On Server?

Oct 11, 2011

I rdp into our server 2008 via IP. This is a router on ip 0.1, this is forwarded to my server on IP 0.3. This server was setup with DHCP default gateway of 0.1. We added a new outside connection on IP 0.2. I was talked through the changes so that internal DHCP requests went to gateway IP 0.2 but RDP still used 0.1. I plan on getting rid of 0.1.Where is the setting to change the RDP to use default gateway of 0.2?

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Netgear WNR2000 - Change Default Settings?

Jun 1, 2011

How do I personalize the settings on my router from default. Netgear wnr2000.

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Change Camera Default Name?

Apr 1, 2012

How can I change the camera name form the default which is the same as the model name

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Change The Default Password?

Dec 30, 2011

I would like the ability to change the default password. Currently, when I change the default password and save the config via the web interface, neither the original password, or the new password work. I am forced to reset the device to the default config to regain access to the device.

DCS-930L firmware 1.04 and Mac OSX 10.5.8

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Cisco :: LMS 4 Didn't Change Default Configuration Of Windows

Aug 18, 2011

I recenly installed LMS 4 on a windows 2008 R2 system , I didnt change the default configuration of windows or ciscoworks.I just added devices and configured basic things on the LMS system .when I open ciscoworks on the server itself it starts a browser session on http port 1741 and then changes automatically to https even though the default config is browser security disabled on ciscoworks.I try to open a browser session on a mgmt station to the cisco server , it didnt work in https ( I did get the login screen but couldnt log on , probablly something to do with the certificate ) , so I open http on port 1741 and it worked , I was able to log in .After a few Hours for some strange reason I didnt have access any more from the mgmt station not in http nor in https , the only way was to access it from the server itself.I went and changed the default setting of the secure browser on LMS 4 hopping that would work , I was asked to restart the ciscoworks service for the changes to take affect , I tried to restart it but it was unsuccesful so I restart the whole server. when it came up ciscoworks didnt work most services didnt start ( like the web server ,tomcat and all the manual services and ciscoworks deamon)

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Cisco Wireless :: How To Change The Default Password On AP1131AG

Jul 23, 2012

I tried to change the default password Cisco to other by command line but the password cannot work out.
The command line I used are as below :
AP#conf tEnter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.AP(config)#enable passAP(config)#enable password 4dMINO123 ?LINE    <cr>


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Linksys Wireless Router :: WRT54G2 - Way To Change Default Password

Oct 3, 2012

Windows 7, WRT54G2 router.  How do I change the default Linksys password from "admin" to something of my chosing?  I appear not to have the Setup CD.  Router is working well but it still has the original password.

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Cisco Security :: Change Default SSH Port On Cat 6500 WS-SUP720-3B?

Jul 17, 2011

I have been net searching this question and I find answers relative to other Cisco products but not for the 6500 series. We are running entservicesk9_wan-mz.122-18.SXF17a.bin and would like to know how to change the default SSH listening port..

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Cisco WAN :: Forgot To Change Default Username And Password Of 1941 Router

May 23, 2013

i forgot to change the default username and password of 1941 router. I have alos performed WR memory on router. When i am trying to recover it through ROMMON mode  i am not getting the initial configuration Dialouge through which i can change the password . I have gone through all documents available through internet for recovering the same but unable to recover it. 

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Cisco Routers :: SRP547w - Change Default IP And Create Additional Users

May 12, 2013

Ive changed the IP address of a laptop to connect to the router with IP but now want to change the router IP address from the defaul to another subnet, so that it is accessable with other workstations on the LAN, but I could not readily find the option to set the Ip address on the router. 
I'm signed in with user admin.
I also wanted to add addiontal users.  The help indicates there is a User List Add Entry option but from the Administration bar, the left hand menu option shows User Management & User Privileges options.  On User Management, it is possible to change the 2 default user names, but I wanted to leve them and create new ones.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: WS-3750-24PS-E Default Value May Be Change Up To 256 DRAM And 128 Flash

Jan 8, 2013

The default value  of  DRAM and Flash memory are 128 MB and 16 MB of Cisco Catalyst WS-3750-24PS-E  switch .I want to know , wherther the default value may be change upto 256 DRAM and 128 Flash.

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Cisco Routers :: 2800 - Change Default Command Mode To Privileged EXEC?

Feb 14, 2013

I am currently setting up a 2800 Series router, and prefer a username/password type authentication rather than a single enable password. To do this, I did:
Router(config)# username <myuser> privilege 15 secret 0 <mypassword>
Router(config)# username2 <myuser> privilege 15 secret 0 <mypassword>
Router(config)# aaa new-model
Router(config)# aaa authentication login default local
This basically does what I want - when I connect to the router through console, it immediately asks me for a username and password. The thing is - as soon as I provide the right credentials, it takes me to USER EXEC mode (the default command mode). Is it possible to change that so that after entering the credentials, I go right into privileged exec mode?
Bonus question: As it is now, I just have no enable password, so when I login with my credentials, I issue "enable" to enter privileged exec mode without it prompting for an additional password. Is it safe to do it this way - having no enable password but requiring a username and password for login?

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Motorola 3347 Modem - Internet Light Will Just Go Red For About 45 Seconds?

Jul 23, 2012

I have Qwest DSL 7MB internet with a motorola 3347 Qwest model modem and for some reason throughout the day sometimes fewer than than others my internet light will just go red for about 45 seconds up to 2 to 3 minutes them it starts flashing green again? I called them multiple times but they just say maybe its the modem. Is there any test I can do to see? I upgraded the firmware to the newest one to see if that would work but no luck.

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Way To Know Default Ip Address Of A Gigaset Se568

Jan 27, 2012


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ISP Blocks Default Gateway Address

Feb 23, 2012

My ISP is changing out all the ADSL routers in our area and they have blocked the Default Gateway Address, so we can not access it via Web Browser. This is frustrating because they changed our Wi-Fi password, instead of just keeping what we had like an Einstein. They said they did it because of Hackers

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Default Ports Are Connected To IPS / IDS And Do Not Have An IP Address

May 2, 2011

I'm trying to configure a 3com 5500 switch with default ports for each vlan.The default ports are connected to IPS/IDS and do not have an IP address. I have a trunked esx host coming in and want to send traffic to specific ports based on vlan id - one port per vlan (10 total). Right now all I'm getting on the ips/ids is stp and arp traffic.

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What Is The Default Ip Address For Paradyne Modem

Jul 6, 2011

I am having problems logging into my wireless router. It was reset and the ssid has changed back to the default name with no security. my paradyne modem ip address in and apparently with ipconfig the default gateway is also The wireless router is not opening for me make changes i can only log into the modem.

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Using Netopia 3347NWG In Bridge Mode?

Apr 22, 2012

I have a Westell 6100 modem. After my old router, a DIR-655, got zapped by some electric charge from a nearby thunderstorm, I bought a Netgear WNDR3800 router. But I have not been able to get the Netgear router to connect to the Westell 6100 modem reliably [URL]

A friend had given me a Netopia 3347NWG router/modem some time ago but I had never attempted to use it. I was able to get into the web setup screens of the 3347NWG and, without attempting to connect the Netgear router to it, I was able to connect to the Internet via the setup screen. But every attempt to actually go to a web address would fail with a timeout, and efforts to ping always failed with a timeout. Yet the 3347NWG setup said I was connected.

Does anybody know how to setup the 3347NWG so it actually can connect to the Internet correctly so that I am able to surf to a web page or ping an address successfully ?

Does anybody know how to setup the 3347NWG in Bridge mode so that I can use it strictly as a ADSL modem and try to use it with my Netgear WNDR3800 router ?

If I can not use the 3347NWG with my Netgear router I had planned to send the Netgear router back for a replacement since it is not connecting relaibly to my Westell 6100 modem. But if I can get the 3347NWG to work as a modem and reliably connect my Netgear router to it, I will not have to send back the Netgear router for another one.

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Servers :: Default Gateway / IP And DNS Address For Client PC?

May 29, 2012

Client is having 1 file server running small business windows server 2003. Server is not configured with domain, it is working only on workgroup. We have around 15 users who are using that server as file server only. Now my main question is do i need to configure DNS server in that server?we also have internet connection running (have problem in that also, will explain next time) with wireless router to connected with switch. So do I need to setup dns in server also or just put static ip (I prefer static then dhcp) & dns server from ip will be ok? If I put dns which I got from ISP, so will it create any problem with using those file from server?the second question is..

What IP address, Default gateway and dns address I should use for Server & also client pc.
router ip -
server ip -
Currently no DNS setupcurrent configuration - Server
IP -
gateway -
dns - (from ISP)
dns2 - xxx.xx.xx.xx (from ISP)current configuration - Client
IP - 192168.1.111(to 115)
subnet -
gateway -
dns 1 - (File Server)
dns 2 - (from ISP)

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How To Change IP Address

Jan 17, 2013

How exactly do you change your IP Address?

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Way To Change Ip Address

Sep 9, 2011

I'm wondering is there a way that i could actually change the IP address of a computer based on its MAC Address that is connected to a network via switch only ? By running some bat file ? I only manage to change a target computer ip,dns,subnet via running the bat file on the physical computer but not through a network with switch.

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To Change The Ip Address

Sep 6, 2011

My IP address was stolen. Someone sent me a file that I was expecting. It had a very misconcieving title. I opened it and it wouldn't work, but I let it slide. A week or two later I found pictures of myself on a forum from a hacker. The file I had opened had been a virus that hacked into my webcam. This creep told me that this had spread to 1000+ people and they all had my IP address. I am so scared! If everyone has my IP address anything could happen. How do I change my IP address without it messing up other settings in my computer and how do I remove this virus from my computer?

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Wifi Router Not Assigning Ip Address Or Default Gateway?

Oct 25, 2012

hrome threw me a DNS lookup failed. I go into my network settings and I noticed that I had limited connectivity. It would switch between no network access and no internet access every few seconds. After a bit of fiddling around, I got it to connect through assigning myself a static IP. This isn't exactly convenient because I use this computer on multiple networks. When I try to have it on automatic IP, I get no IP address or default gateway when I do an ipconfig /all. It would appear that my router quit assigning my laptop an IP for no reason whatsoever. DHCP is enabled on the router, and all other devices work fine. What could possibly be the problem here? I'm 99% sure it's not an IP conflict either. It's not being MAC filtered because I'm on the thing right now posting this through a static IP. It's not my A/V because it's worked great in the past. Perhaps I should also mention it occasionally says "unidentified network" instead of the SSID

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How To Find IP Address / Subnet Mask And Default Gateway

Apr 18, 2013

what my IP address, my subnet mask, and what my default gateway is. I have tried typing "ipconfig" into CMD but then I only got up 100 boxes saying "Permissionisconnected"

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Default Ip Address Of Buffalo Wifi Router Whr-hp-g300n-ap?

May 12, 2012

What is the default IP address of Buffalo Wi-Fi Router WHR-HP-G300N-AP? I just bought new one but I forgot that my PC CD-ROM is not anymore working. I'd like to set this up thru the default IP address.

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