Default Ports Are Connected To IPS / IDS And Do Not Have An IP Address

May 2, 2011

I'm trying to configure a 3com 5500 switch with default ports for each vlan.The default ports are connected to IPS/IDS and do not have an IP address. I have a trunked esx host coming in and want to send traffic to specific ports based on vlan id - one port per vlan (10 total). Right now all I'm getting on the ips/ids is stp and arp traffic.

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Cisco :: Module In CW To Get MAC Address And IP Address Of All Switch Ports On 6500

Oct 13, 2009

Is it possible using any module in CW to get the MAC address and IP address of all switchports on a 6500?

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Port Redirect With Default Ports On Application?

Apr 26, 2012

I'm running several game and file servers via a dynamic IP, which I unfortunately cannot change to a static connection for several reasons. I've solved this by using No-IP, which is a Dynamic IP resolution service. This solved the first part of my problem - I can give people IP's for their websites, such as and so forth, but they all HAVE to append their ports to the url - i.e.

My main problem right now is the game servers - I'm hosting games that default host to 25565, and though I can change the ports the server hosts from, I must give those who want to connect the ports at the end of their urls, i.e.

I know DNS is essentially agnostic when it comes to ports, so no solution there. And I don't think the game (Minecraft vis-a-vis bukkit) supports SRV records, and even if they did, I'd have no idea how to configure them. How can I resolve static urls redirecting to a dynamic IP by pointing them to ports?

To simplify the question -

How can I make resolve to port 25566, and resolve to port 25567 when the default port is set to 25565?

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Cisco VPN :: 5520 Are RA IPSec And SSL VPN Ports Allowed By Default

Mar 27, 2013

We have set of PC's who will be connecting either RA IPsec or SSL VPN to another location. On our site, our perimeter device is an ASA 5520 8.2(3). The interfaces on this ASA doesn't have Access Lists applied, so from what I understand, there is a default policy applied globally (class-default). Now my question is: If we set up vpn clients on our pc, are the ports used by the clients to the VPN server allowed by default or do we need to tweak the class-default?

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Cannot Forward Ports - Default Access Gateway Corrupt / Missing?

Nov 19, 2011

I need to forward several ports. however it has been complicated by a missing or corrupt default access gateway. [code] I am leaving for quite a while tonight, hoping to come back to a reply I am using a belkin router ( will get model number and stuff later - not sure if its needed ) * and wow cable and internet url...

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DNA-A211-I / Connected To The Internet But Default Gateway Is Blank?

Apr 11, 2012

i want to find out my router ip address, but when i go to cmd & run ipconfig my default gateway shows blank. i want the router ip in order to access my CCTV footage through the internet. my router/modem is BSNL Broadband model no DNA-A211-I. i can however connect to the internet without any problems. just want to find out my router ip address.

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Way To Know Default Ip Address Of A Gigaset Se568

Jan 27, 2012


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ISP Blocks Default Gateway Address

Feb 23, 2012

My ISP is changing out all the ADSL routers in our area and they have blocked the Default Gateway Address, so we can not access it via Web Browser. This is frustrating because they changed our Wi-Fi password, instead of just keeping what we had like an Einstein. They said they did it because of Hackers

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What Is The Default Ip Address For Paradyne Modem

Jul 6, 2011

I am having problems logging into my wireless router. It was reset and the ssid has changed back to the default name with no security. my paradyne modem ip address in and apparently with ipconfig the default gateway is also The wireless router is not opening for me make changes i can only log into the modem.

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Wifi Router Not Communicating When Connected To Lan Ports?

Oct 29, 2012

have the following set up: cable modem>wifirouter>gigabit ethernet switch>to 16 ports throughout house. When I connect a second wifi router to any port around the house, the internet does not work when connecting to that specific router, however, if I use a lan cable and connect direct with my mac or cpu, internet works fine. wifi routers are not communicating with LAN ports

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Servers :: Default Gateway / IP And DNS Address For Client PC?

May 29, 2012

Client is having 1 file server running small business windows server 2003. Server is not configured with domain, it is working only on workgroup. We have around 15 users who are using that server as file server only. Now my main question is do i need to configure DNS server in that server?we also have internet connection running (have problem in that also, will explain next time) with wireless router to connected with switch. So do I need to setup dns in server also or just put static ip (I prefer static then dhcp) & dns server from ip will be ok? If I put dns which I got from ISP, so will it create any problem with using those file from server?the second question is..

What IP address, Default gateway and dns address I should use for Server & also client pc.
router ip -
server ip -
Currently no DNS setupcurrent configuration - Server
IP -
gateway -
dns - (from ISP)
dns2 - xxx.xx.xx.xx (from ISP)current configuration - Client
IP - 192168.1.111(to 115)
subnet -
gateway -
dns 1 - (File Server)
dns 2 - (from ISP)

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Default IP Address For A Netopia 3347 Router?

Aug 8, 2012

What is the default IP address for a Netopia 3347 router?

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Change Default Ip Address On Netopia 3347?

Sep 2, 2012

I would like to change the default ip address on my netopia 3347 frrom 192.168.1.whatever to 192.168.0.whatever

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Wifi Router Not Assigning Ip Address Or Default Gateway?

Oct 25, 2012

hrome threw me a DNS lookup failed. I go into my network settings and I noticed that I had limited connectivity. It would switch between no network access and no internet access every few seconds. After a bit of fiddling around, I got it to connect through assigning myself a static IP. This isn't exactly convenient because I use this computer on multiple networks. When I try to have it on automatic IP, I get no IP address or default gateway when I do an ipconfig /all. It would appear that my router quit assigning my laptop an IP for no reason whatsoever. DHCP is enabled on the router, and all other devices work fine. What could possibly be the problem here? I'm 99% sure it's not an IP conflict either. It's not being MAC filtered because I'm on the thing right now posting this through a static IP. It's not my A/V because it's worked great in the past. Perhaps I should also mention it occasionally says "unidentified network" instead of the SSID

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How To Find IP Address / Subnet Mask And Default Gateway

Apr 18, 2013

what my IP address, my subnet mask, and what my default gateway is. I have tried typing "ipconfig" into CMD but then I only got up 100 boxes saying "Permissionisconnected"

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Default Ip Address Of Buffalo Wifi Router Whr-hp-g300n-ap?

May 12, 2012

What is the default IP address of Buffalo Wi-Fi Router WHR-HP-G300N-AP? I just bought new one but I forgot that my PC CD-ROM is not anymore working. I'd like to set this up thru the default IP address.

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Print In Network Printer With Different Default Gateway Address?

Feb 7, 2012

I can't print in my network printer using my Laptop (WIFI). I have check the default gateway of the desktop PC on which connected the printer and its different from my Laptop. Also I cant "SEE" this desktop PC on the LAN.

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Cisco Wireless :: Default IP Address Of A Brand New AIR-WLC2106-K9 V05?

Dec 11, 2012

I am about to configure a brand new AIR-WLC2106-K9 V05 and didn't manage to find what is the deafult IP address configured on the device. I need it so I could start Web GUI management session.

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Cisco Wireless :: 4095 With 3560 Clients Cannot Ping Default Gateway When Connected To SSID

May 21, 2013

My controller is vWLC installed in ESXi which has to vNet Cards configured with all vlans(4095), then it is connected to a 3560 switch with trunk. The configuration of the switch interface is as belows: The SSID is BYOD and I can connect the SSID and get the IP address such as, but for now, i cannot ping, but i can ping

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TP-Link 8817 Connected To ASUS RT-N66u Blocking Ports?

Mar 10, 2013

My TP-Link 8817 which is connected to my ASUS RT-N66u appears to be blocking my ports. I port forwarded on my router to set up a server. I do have the right IP and ports set up. Originally i thought it was the router but then "netMakeChannDial: err=-3000 rn_p=8050dc14" appeared in the modem log but nothing in the router log even though i turned on the "logged packets type" to Both. I have googled this error but nothing came up so I'm probably just doing something stupid. I have even tried turning off the modem firewall and SPI, but still no luck.

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Routers / Switches :: Default Gateway Ip Address Request Timed Out?

Jul 18, 2011

recently, i have connected the internet to my PC with cable. Here the problem is , the packets are not receiving in the status bar of internet connection. I have checked in command prompt, the ip address is connecting properly but the default gateway ip address is showing "Request Timed Out" message.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Change Default IP Address On E3500 To 10.0.0.xx?

Jan 21, 2013

since my network (static ip, cameras, and other boxes) is set up using 10.0.0.xx.   How do I change the default ip address on the Linksys e3500 wifi router to 10.0.0.xx?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Setting Default IP Address For EA4500?

Aug 27, 2012

I have bought EA4500 router recently in preparations for the Singapore fibre broadband upgrade.
But for the time being I'm using it to connect to my current Linksys WAG200G ADSL Wireless Gateway.
Here's the issue I'm currently facing. I have set my EA4500 router default IP address to to aviod conflicts with my gateway which is using But everytime when I connect my router to the gateway, the router's default IP address changes to or some other random IP address by itself whenever I try to change to back. However, I'm still able to surf the internet and stuffs with that current settings.
Is there something that I could do to prevent the IP address from changing by itself? And will the same thing happen again when I upgrade to fibre broadband?

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Motorola Wireless WR850G Router - Browser Is Not Recognizing Default IP Address

Feb 27, 2013

My Motorola 850G router is several years old and working fine. However, my wi-fi connection is presently "unsecured" and I need some assistance as to how to go about setting up a secure network. My browser is not recognizing the router's default IP address.

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Cisco WAN :: DPC3825 Shouldn't Default Gateway IP Have Same Mac Address As Computer / Router

Feb 23, 2013

I would like to know what ip addresses I should see in this  table. Shouldn't my default gateway IP have the same mac address as my  computer or router? There are 2 different ip address/mac addresses from  different a ISP than mine. I have a cisco DPC3825..I suspect a someone is spoofing my DNS.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3500 XL - Remove Default Gateway IP Address

Aug 9, 2012

I have a 3500 XL switch with the following default gate IP address that i need to clear from the switch but not quite shore how to remove it.
I've removed the customer original Ip for security reason as this is an open discussion forum and just replaced with
switch#show ru
Building configuration...
Current configuration:


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WRT54GL - Default Route In Quagga Doesn't Work If Specified Using Interface Rather Than Address

Apr 4, 2013

I have the following zebra.conf on my router box "A":

hostname nuclear-router
password password
enable password password
interface eth0
ip address


eth0 is connected to a switch and contains the range, and A is connected to my WRT54GL "B" (with IP, containing range, DHCP serves IPs above .100) wirelessly. B is connected directly to my DSL modem.

The problem is that when I specify the default route using the interface name, I can't connect to the internet from A or any hosts behind it - I'm always hit with a "no route to host" error. Name lookup and pinging any local host (even in a different range) or the DSL modem works fine - it's only when going beyond the modem that things stop working. However, when I use the IP of B as the gateway, it works fine. I noticed that route output on A when the default route was specified using the interface alone had only an asterisk in the gateway column. I was under the impression that these approaches should be identical in practice, so though I got it working, I'd like to know what I'm misunderstanding (and/or misconfiguring). Why didn't the default route work when specified using just the interface?

All routers and the modem too have RIP (version 2) enabled, and of course the password isn't really the word "password".

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG200-08p - IP Address Reverts To Default After Reboot?

Dec 1, 2012

I have a Cisco SG200-08p that's acting up.  After setting up 2 larger 200 series switches I pulled this out for its config.  I changed the default password and assigned the new static IP address of, that's it.  The settings applied and worked normally but after rebooting the switch it reverted itself back to the default ip of, it retained the new password.  After this happened a few times I upgraded the firmware to the latest version, reset the device to factory settings and applied the new address again to have the same problem.  It doesn't matter if I reboot the switch in the management interface or physically.  Is there a problem with having a zero in the third octet (that would be lame)?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP4410N / Cannot Access Configuration Utility Or Ping Default IP Address

Sep 29, 2010

We have 3 WAP4410N on our network. Our laptops pick them up but I cannot access the configuration Utility or ping the default IP address. If their IP addresses have been changed how do I find out what their current IP adds are? We currently use static IP addressing for our network.

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Cisco :: Configure Two Ports With Identical IP Address Configuration

May 4, 2012

I have a Cisco 1841 router with Fa0/0, Fa0/1 and Se0/0/0:0 interfaces. Fa0/0 is facing the LAN. At the moment WAN interface is Se0/0/0:0. It has following configuration:

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Cisco Firewall :: 6552 Static Entries With Same Ip Address But Different Ports

Sep 15, 2011

Our proxy/anti-smap/IPS box called PROXY is behind our Cisco ASA firewall. The PROXY is set in transparent mode.The PROXY internal ip is (internal ip)We have the MX record for with public ip (public ip as we entered with ISP public DNS)What happens now is that the emails that come through get "caught" by the PROXY and then we setup a thing whereby the emails are then forwarded from PROXY to our server. Also, we made a static entry in PROXY whereby we can https to our email server for the outlook web access from outside of work therefore allowing for users to see the outlook web access web page.On the Cisco firewall, we put the static entry that is mapped to thus the mail server public ip is mapped to the PROXY.
Now, the box has this thing whereby it sends an email to all staff once a day telling them how many mails are legit, how many rejected and how many are spam - the spam emails are listed within the email and staff can at a click of a release button next to each spam email release a particular email from the PROXY box and make it to into their inbox.  This works fine from the inside network, but I have issues from the outside due to the DNS and other things.I also put in the PROXY that any network can release spam and that our staff vlan can release emails. Also, on the inside of the firewall we did an access list that computers from staff vlan can access on port 6552 (Which is the release spam port).Hence, we can release emails from internal network through the Microsoft Outlook.
On the outside network, we cannot release emails when using outlook web access.The host name for the PROXY release spam is so what we did also today is ask "ISP" to make an A record entry for another public ip which is for meanwhile made an entry on the access list that comptuers from outside can access on port 6552 (which is the release port).Now the only question is in regards to the static entries:
1. do we (and can we?) static map to through a port 3840 on the Cisco ASA (although we have already mapped to - I have a doubt here as this might mean we might not get emails? Or would we have to do the static again for this one specifcying the as an smtp entry and the as a release button?

2. have I made a mistake in general and should I have just told the ISP to make a CNAME entry for with the public ip (which is the public ip for MX record?)?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Get MAC Address From Switch Ports With SNMP V3?

Feb 1, 2013

I have been reading the postings on this site trying to retrieve the MAC address for the client devices (computers, printers) attached to our switches.  We have approximately 500 switches and I need to map the mac address to the switch.  It appears the OID information is for SNMP v2.  We are restricted to using only SNMP v3.  I have tried using the Cisco SNMP Object Navigator without any success. 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Ripv2 Possible To Map Statistically Mac Address To Some Ports

Nov 19, 2012

suppose i have one switch and many RIPv2 routers connected to it.ripv2 destination address is that is mapped to 0100:5e00:0009 normally the switch will send this frame to all ethernet ports              
is there a way to take benefit from the multicast address so that the frame will be sent only to the RIP routers.i know it is possible to map staticlly the mac address to some ports but is there any dynamic solution also?

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