Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960G Configuring Ether-channel On Stack-wise Stack

Sep 24, 2012

A site that i am responsible for has the following equipment installed: 

2 x 3750G Switches configured as a stack using Stackwise - Collapsed Core/Distribution Layer
5 x 2960G Switches as Access Layer switches
WAN connections into the Core/Distribution Layer are all Gigabit Ethernet over Fibre.This is a dedicated CCTV Network with 50 Cameras all streaming video into the Core (decoders connected to access switches)Each 2960G has 2 links to the Core/Distribution 3750G Switches, 1 to each switch - Gigabit.I'm running rapid-pvst on all switches, so spanning tree is blocking one of the ports and effectively halving the 2 gig bandwidth. Next year our customer is going to add in a further 50 - 60 cameras.After monitoring the current loading on the ports in use, we have suggested to the customer that the 2 connections to each should be Ether-channeled together. [code]
First interface takes commands no problem, keep getting the message that etherchannel cannot be configured across different switches in a stack when i try to put the second interface commands on.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 - Cross-stack Ether Channel 20Gb And STP

Feb 22, 2012

i want to realize a 20gb ring stp with 6  3750x stacked by 2. I want to install 2 3750x stacked configured in hsrp mode with other 2 3750 stacked. These 2 different stack are interconnected by a cross-stack ether channel 20Gb  fiber. On the other side of the room i want to create a new stack with 2 3750x with cross-stack ether channel 20gb connected with the previous 2 stacks. So, in total 3 different cross-stack ether channel 20Gb stacks interconnected creating a ring stp of 20 Gb.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configuring Stack-power On A 3750X Stack?

Oct 31, 2012

I have 3 switches in my 3750 X stack. I am getting the following error in the logs:  %PLATFORM_STACKPOWER-4-PRIO_CONFLICT: Switch 1's power stack has conflicting power priorities.  Not sure what I should do next. Below is my Stack-power configuration:
Power stack name: Powerstack-1    Stack mode: Power sharing    Stack topology: Ring    Switch 1:        Power budget: 735        Low port priority value: 20        High port priority value: 10        Switch priority value: 2        Port 1 status: Connected        Port 2 status: Connected        Neighbor on port 1: c464.1308.7900        Neighbor on port 2: e8b7.4827.e680
    Switch 3:        Power budget: 729        Low port priority value: 22        High port priority value: 13        Switch priority value: 4        Port 1 status: Connected        Port 2 status: Connected        Neighbor on port 1: 2894.0fd9.9f00        Neighbor on port 2: 2894.0fd8.e200
    Switch 2:        Power budget: 690        Low port priority value: 21        High port priority value: 12        Switch priority value: 3        Port 1 status: Connected        Port 2 status: Connected        Neighbor on port 1: 2894.0fd8.e200        Neighbor on port 2: c464.1308.7900
Each switch has its own 715W power supply in it and all check out OK.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960G Stack To Another 2960G

Oct 23, 2011

I have used all the ports on my 24 port 2960G and need to extend it with another 2960G. These switches do not have trunk ports so what is the best way to stack them and have all 5 vlans on both switches.Can I just use a port Channel trunk  etherchannel ?

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Cisco Switches :: Possible To Configure A Cross Stack Ether-channel Between 2 SG500

Jan 17, 2013

Is it possible to configure a cross stack etherchannel between 2 SG500 (in stack) and 1 SG200/SG300?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750x Replacing 2nd Stack Wise Cable?

Nov 20, 2011

I have two 3750G switches stacked together however it's not in a full ring configuration:

Stack Ring Speed        : 16G
Stack Ring Configuration: Half
Stack Ring Protocol     : StackWise
And as shown below it's obvious which cable is not working:
show switch neighbors
Switch #    Port 1       Port 2
--------    ------       ------
1         2            None
2        None           1
It's not flapping - it's like the cable isn't there at all. I'm going to try reseating the cable in there and perhaps an all out replacement if necessary. My question - is there any threat of a reboot of the switch stack or of partitioning of the switch stack by trying to get the 2nd cable working?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750G Stack-wise Port Error?

Aug 7, 2012

I have a stack of 3750G's where the connection between switch 1 port 1 and switch 2 port 2 are down
Stack Port Status             Neighbors
Switch#  Port 1     Port 2           Port 1   Port 2
  1       Down        Ok              None       3
  2        Ok        Down                3      None
  3        Ok         Ok                   1        2
I have ruled out the stackwise cable as the problem but would like to know which switch has the problem

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 Stack-wise Cable Long Enough To Connect Two Racks

May 8, 2012

We have two dedicated racks for our DMZ. We need to connect them to a firewall. We do all the cabling inside the rack, so each of them must have a top of rack.Problem is, switch in rack 2 will be connected to rack 1 and then to firewall, so if switch 1 fail, we lose both of them.
I would love to stack them like 3750 but I don't think there is stack-wise cable long enough to connect two racks (and I suppose this length isn't supported by technology).We have only one port left in the FW.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: CAB-STACK-50CM Bent Stack Cable

Feb 27, 2013

Is there a stacking cable that is "bent"?Im using this cable:"CAB-STACK-50CM", "Cisco StackWise 50CM Stacking Cable".But it takes up to much room in the back of the switch, is there such a thing as "bent" stacking cable.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Stack 3750X - How To Configure Port Channel To Aggregate Two Links

Feb 18, 2013

I have two stacks 3750X on two different sites with two links L_2_L, and I want to configure the port channel to aggregate the two links.
Site A                                                                                                  Site B
3750X -A1 --------------------------------------(          )--------------------------------------- 3750X -B1
                                                      (  L-2-L )
3750X -A2 --------------------------------------(          )--------------------------------------- 3750X -B2

Below the configuration that I have put the two stacks.
site A
interface Port-channel5
description Etherchannel group entre le stack 3750X-A et Switch Lan_2_Lan
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk allowed vlan 11,12,999
switchport mode trunk
switchport nonegotiate
speed 100
But the problem is only one link is Bundeled in channel group, see below

Group  Port-channel  Protocol    Ports
5      Po5(SU)         LACP      Gi1/0/15(I) Gi2/0/15(P)

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configuring EtherChannel Between 3750-X Cross-stack And 6509E Switch?

Mar 3, 2013

configuring EtherChannel between 3750-X cross-stack and 6509E switch. I use two ports on 3750s, and two ports on 6509. I just need it as a trunk. For some elusive reason one port on 3750 keeps being err-disabled, and one on 6509 notconnected.
Here is what I did so far.
interface GigabitEthernet1/0/22
description ***VSS-RNOC-link***
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport trunk allowed vlan 2

Problem with :

GigabitEthernet1/0/22 is down, line protocol is down (err-disabled)
GigabitEthernet2/1/29 is down, line protocol is down (notconnect)
I tried shutting them down, then no shutting them again. Didn't work.

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Cisco WAN :: 3750G-48PS-E Stack-Wise 50CM Stacking Cable

Jan 21, 2013

just wonder if the Cisco Stack Wise 50CM Stacking Cable is freely available when purchasing Cisco Catalyst 3750G-48PS-E or we need to pay for it?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Port-Channel Members On Different 3750x Stack Members?

Mar 14, 2012

i have a VSS core that has 4 downstream links to 4 stacked switches. I connected each of the 4 links to different switch in the switch stack. I then created a port-channel that combines all the links from each switch. Is there any issues associated with this setup?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 Ether Channel Not Working

Sep 23, 2012

I was configured ether channel between two cisco 2960s series switches. It is working properly. I was replaced two cables in etherchannel. Now one link working remaining link is down(both cables are working cables only). Below are ether channel details.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3120G Ether-Channel Mode ON

Jan 10, 2012

running  ether-channel mode on. I have a 3120G Blade Switch (stacked). The blade  switch connects to the blade servers (internal). Gi1 /0/1 connects to eth0 and gi2/0/1 connects to eth1 on the blade server. [code]
The  issue is when is shutdown eth0 on the server, the corresponding  interface on the switch (gi1/0/1) does not go down, show up and running. 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Catalyst 6509 - Ether Channel Configuration?

Dec 1, 2011

I came across a Catalyst 6509 switch configuration and have noticed some strange thing on the ether channel configuration side, it appears that it have interface port-channel 2 and port-channel 2A, what was that mean? its the ether channel not forming and joined together?
What wrong with the below configuration that cause it to automatic created another port-channel (2A) interface in this case?


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Cisco Switching/Routing ::1002 Layer 3 Ether-channel Vs Two Separate Links

May 19, 2013

We were going to create a 2 port, layer 3 etherchannel between a 1002 router and a 3750X layer 3 core switch. We wanted to create bunled link between them but, now we are going to be putting a Riverbed device between the router and core switch. Because of this, would it be best to abandon the idea of creating a layer 3 etherchannel and just have 2 links from the router and core switch and have traffic load balance between the 2 links?The Riverbed will have 2 connections into it from the Core switch and 2 connections into it from the 1002 router. I was hoping to keep the layer 3 etherchannel but, do you think it would be best to create 2, /29 nets and have the router/Riverbed and Core Switch/Riverbed load balance.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 891W 10Gbs Multi-Chassis Ether Channel

Mar 15, 2011

I have an 891W that I initially configured using CCP Express (2.5).  So it has a WAN IP set, and through CCP Express I had enabled via the checkboxes the various default settings for security.  This includes zone-based firewall.  I then added a number of NAT entries in the setup wizard. 
What never occured to me at the time was that I should have added entries that allow for remote access.  So it seems I've locked myself out of accessing the router via the WAN interface even though I know it's IP.  I'm sure it's just a matter of adding port exceptions for SSH and/or whatever port(s) CCP uses. 
So I"m wondering what the proces woudl be.  In the IOS while showing the running config., I see pages and pages of class-map stuff which at present I don't know enough about to risk editing anything directly.  But maybe I don't have to?  What would be the best way to, for example, enable SSH access through the firewall?  I already have transport input ssh set on the interface itself so I believe it's ready to allow the connection, just that I can't get to it via WAN int. so I assume it's the firewall. 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Ether-channel Between Nexus 2232 And Blade Switch 3020

Aug 6, 2012

I try to connect a cisco blade switch 3020 to Nexus 2232 with etherchannel, but when I connect the second link a obtain flapping on vlans. [code] why the vlans are flapping ? it's something wrong on the config ? [code]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 2960 / Make Ether Channel On Switch 1 Which Has 24 Fast Ethernet Ports

Oct 8, 2012

I have 4 cisco 2960 switches to which many users are connected. No vlans are the only default vlan 1 is there. Now I want to make ether channel on switch 1 whcih has 24 fast etherenet ports. Can I make port 1- 8 as one ether channel which are connected to users or i can only make ethere channel of ports that are connectd to other switchs. If I can, how the other switchs will comnicate with the switch ports bundalled in the ether channel in switch 1.

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Cisco WAN :: Replacing A Stack Master In 3750 Stack?

Jan 22, 2013

We currently have as our stack master a 24 port Non-PoE that we want to replace with a 48 port Non-PoE. The 48 port switch at one time was provisioned as switch 3 in the stack (not the master). Correct me if I am wrong, but theoretically all I should need to do to get this working is to shut off the existing master so it re-elects a master and then provision the 48 port switch as the new switch one and make sure switch 1 has a high priority?
Do I need to write erase the switch that is replacing the current master first?          

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Cisco WAN :: 3750v2 Stack Ports Show Up As Down In Stack

Mar 24, 2011

I have a cisco 3750v2-48TS connected to a cisco 3750v2-48PS in a stack. The stack ports show up as down/down in the stack.Is there a limitation as to if they can be connected.? I mean can we have a PoE and a non PoE in the stack?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Configuring COS On 2960G Switches With Non-Cisco Phones

Mar 1, 2012

I have 7 POE switches that have ESI IP phones attached.  I have two VLANS, 1 and 2.  VLAN 2 is used for voice and is defined in each switch.The ESI IP phones connect to my POE switch ports and the pc attaches through the ESI IP phone.
I have had voice quality issue between floors in my building.  Talking to others on my floor via the IP phone, there are no voice quality issues. [code]

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: QoS On 3750X Stack

May 7, 2013

I'm trying to review a QoS setup, and I'd like to make sure I fully understand the current setup before I change anything. I'm seeing output drops on two different queue-thresholds, but not sure how packets are making it to one of the queues.
Switch Version
CORE#show ver
Cisco IOS Software, C3750E Software (C3750E-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.0(2)SE, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
System image file is "flash:/c3750e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE/c3750e-universalk9-mz.150-2.SE.bin"
cisco WS-C3750X-24 (PowerPC405) processor (revision A0) with 262144K bytes of memory.
Switch Ports Model              SW Version(code)

I can find queue4-threshold3 in the mappings, but how are packets getting mapped to queue2-threshold1? The priority queue is disabled for this interface, so I'm not sure how this queue is dropping packets, according to the maps nothing is mapped to 02-01.

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Cisco :: Connecting And Configuring Two Wlc In High Availability To 3 Switches In Stack 3750 In Difference Ports?

Aug 1, 2011

Is possible connect and configuring two cisco wlc in high availability to 3 switches in stack 3750 in difference ports?For example
WLC B (Secondary) - SWITCH SLAVE
How can i connect the wlc's in HA to get a redundancy in the stack?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Adding 3750 To Stack?

Dec 6, 2011

I have two  3750s stacked and one 3750 standalone all in one data closet. The both have the same versions. I want to combine them to make one stack. How do I force the standalone to be the master? sw 1 priority XX(Higher then the existing stack)? Both the stack and the standalone have management addresses. Would it be ok to delete the stack ip address? That way, the standalone(master's address will be the only management address)?How should I connect the standalone 3750 to the stack? At present, the 3750 stack is connected via a cascade cable going from the stack 1 port of the top switch to the stack 2 port of the bottom switch.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: CPU Spikes On 3750X Stack

Mar 7, 2013

This 3750X stack (3 members) has some 100% cpu spikes. Is this bad enough to start tracking down the cause(s) or is this somewhat typical and not a reason for concern? I just took this reading. How can you detemine when the 100% and 80% spikes occurred? 


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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Multicast In A 3750x Stack

Jan 31, 2012

I recently created a stack using (2) 3750x switches. I have three vlans on the stack (1,105,241) Vlan 105 is configured on 6509 core switches with multicasting and are connected to the stack via gigabit fiber. It is working well with clients on the Master or SW1, however clients on SW2 do not participate in multicasting Any client pc that is connected to SW2 vlan 105 does not show up in the "sh ip igmp snooping group" command. I can statically assign a client on SW2 to the mcast groups but but they fail to register on their own. I can take the cable connection from SW2 and plug it into an SW1 Vlan 105 port and it immediately becomes a member of the groups. I can then connect it back to the SW2 port and it disappears from the group membership. IGMP and PIM are configured with the defaults.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Stack Cables For 3750e?

Nov 13, 2011

Can I get a stack cable longer then 3m?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Is It Possible To Stack A 3750G And 3750X

May 26, 2011

I have a 3750G and bought a new 3750X.  It possible to stack these two together?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: To Stack 2 Switches 3550

May 15, 2013

I would like to know how to stack 2 switch cisco 3550 that IOS C3550-ipservicesk9-mz.122-44.SE6

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 Stack Port

May 19, 2013

I have a stack of 4 3750 Switches.
1. WS-C3750G-12S
2. WS-C3750G-12S
3. WS-C3750X-48P
4. WS-C3750X-48P
The stack cable connected to Switch 1 Port 1 and Switch 4 Port 2 will not come back online. The logs show that there was a Stack line change. I have replaced the 1 meter Stack cable from Switch 1 to Switch 4 three times and it still does not come back online. This is the part that is interesting.. I have disconnected Port 1 Switch 4 and connected it to Port 2 Switch 4 and then Switch 4 came back online. This made me think Port 2 on Switch 4 was working correctly. Then I disconnected Port 2 Switch 1 and connected it to Port 1 Switch 1 and then Switch 1 came back online.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 Stack CPU Utilization?

Feb 20, 2013

i have two cisco 3750 in stack firts, master switch have all swports busy second have only 5 how can i see cpu utilizations of the second switch, and its reasonable to move somme devices from first switch to second for deacreases of cpu and memory utilisatio ns of the master? the stack tehnologies use both cpu as one? or its only for simple management ?

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