Cisco VPN :: 5505 How To Change EasyVPN Head-end Server Address

Jan 19, 2012

We have a number of 5505 ASAs at remote sites all of which are configured to connect to one of two head-end servers.We need to change the primary head-end IP addresses.  At the moment devices are successfully connected to the secondary.If we issue vpnclient server i.j.k.l e.f.g.h then the device drops off the network and won't reconnect until it is power cycled.If we make the changes in ASDM using the GUI to remove the old primary and add in the new primary the ASDM says "No changes made".Devices are running 8.2 and 8.4 code and behaviour is the same.
how to change head-end server IP addresses without the device disconnecting and not coming back up?  According to the configuration guide the ASA should cycle through the addresses every 8 seconds until it can connect - but it doesn't seem to do this as it won't connect to the good secondary head-end either!

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Cisco VPN :: 5505 - Configure ASA Server And EasyVPN Client?

Apr 28, 2011

So I have three ASA 5505 firewall. my firewalls we are in the test environment. I read on the net that when you have a situation like in my company where are headquarter and two offices, i should put  in each branch office and headquarter one asa firewall and a firewalls should be configured as easyvpn.

VPN server is in headquarter and easyvpn's are in branch offices. i tried everything, but we could not configure them. maybe it's not a problem that in my test environment at my the external interfaces which have static addresses on these three firewalls, respectively serever, and client client. I seted firewalls by following the instructions, but does not work

I solved the problem with the server as a remote access VPN. client workstations that are on the network can access a local LAN via VPN. But when you put the ASA 5505 firewall. clients on the LAN side of the firewall can not access the VPN. I use software products Cisco VPN Client 5.0.06, but when I create a connection and try to connect to get an error secure vpn connection terminated locally by the client. reason 412: the remote peer is no longer responding.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5505 WLC At Remote Head Office

Apr 17, 2012

I have 3 AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9 AP’s on my network now. Its connected directly to a cisco L3 switch now. and through a WAN link it communicates to a cisco 5505 WLC at remote head office (flexconnect).I want to install a low end WLC on my office, so that incase of the WLC fails at head office, still the clients on my end able to connect to the AP .So which of the following models are support for the AIR-CAP3502I-E-K9  APs ? and can that’s WLC talk with the other one at head office(WLC 5505) ?

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Cisco Firewall :: Using ASDM To Change External IP Address Of 5505?

Mar 13, 2013

We have an ASA 5505 and are changing ISPs so we'll be getting a new static IP address. How do I change the external IP address using ASDM? (I haven't done it in 5 years so I'm rusty and just want ot make sure.) The ASA and ASDM are up to date.Am i correct in that I only need to change the external address in the configuration under Interfaces, then under Routing - Static Routes - Gateway IP I just need to enter the new WAN gateway address?

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Change Existing Server Ip Address To A Different Range?

Jan 22, 2013

how do i change existing server ip address to a different range,,what changes do i have to make?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 EasyVPN And 3rd / DMZ Interface?

Feb 23, 2011

We have many new and very small remote sites that will be connecting via an ASA5505 using easy VPN.  Works without an issue and we've got the configuration and process nailed down.
The challenge I was presented with today involve non-standard remote sites where I need to configure a third interface on an ASA 5505 and allow it to pass directly to the Internet and not go through the VPN.  Configuration of the third interface, assignment and configuration of the ACLs / NAT(PAT) are straight forward.
The challenge I face and haven't been able to find a direct answer to is if it's possible to have the traffic bypass the easy vpn network extension process.  At this time the traffic is going down the tunnel which isn't what I want.
I fear I'll have to build classic site-to-site VPN configurations which isn't a huge issue though it breaks all maintenance/operations methods, processes and I'll have to spend time training the support team how to detect the differences. 

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Cisco VPN :: 5505 - EasyVPN Between Two ASAs

Oct 18, 2012

I've two sites, the branch with an ASA 5505 and on the corporate office i've an ASA 5510.I need to make a easy vpn tunnel between this to sites and I've made some configuration, but for now, the ikev1 isn't working.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 EasyVPN Client And Peers

Jul 11, 2011

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 which is setup as an EasyVPN client to e remote VPN concentrator.
The Cisco ASA has the 50 internal user license with 10 VPN peers.
We just upgraded the license from the base 10 internal user to 50 user license but it has not resolved the problem and only 10 internal users still work, the 11th fails.
Does each EasyVPN client on the inside network take up 1 of the 10 VPN peer licences?
This seems to be the issue from what I can see, just need confirmation.

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 Does Each EasyVPN Client On Network Take Up 1 Of 10 Licenses

Mar 8, 2012

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 which is setup as an EasyVPN client to e remote VPN concentrator.The Cisco ASA has the 50 internal user license with 10 VPN peers.We just upgraded the license from the base 10 internal user to 50 user license but it has not resolved the problem and only 10 internal users still work, the 11th fails. Does each EasyVPN client on the inside network take up 1 of the 10 VPN peer licences? This seems to be the issue from what I can see, just need confirmation.

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Cisco VPN :: Wireless Access Point Behind ASA 5505 EasyVPN

Jan 23, 2013

I have a branch office set up with a cable modem and an ASA 5505 as an easyvpn hardware client with network extension mode enabled, and connects to a PIX515E at the headend.I'm working on a separate issue for why the Internet connection drops periodically at the site, but my main problem is as follows.In this location, I have an 1142 LAP.  It can boot up, and join the WLC just fine.  Performance seems a little slow when it's working, but it works.  The real issue is, if the VPN connection drops and reestablishes for any reason, the wireless clients all cease being able to communicate.  All wired clients seem to bounce back without a problem.
The access point still shows to be joined to the controller, the access point never goes down, just wireless clients can't access anything any more.  If I reload the access point, clients reassociate and continue on their merry way.  For now, I am experimenting to keep the connection from dropping, but I'd really like to get it where I don't have to babysit this thing all day and night, and it can rejoin and function normally by itself after an outage.We are changing to this configuration from wireless bridging due to interference and reliability issues - however, I never experienced any similar issues with this particular access point before, so it's not the access point itself.

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Cisco VPN :: 5505 - Multiple EasyVPN Remote Sites Using NEM

Oct 10, 2012

I am installing 2 ASA 5505s at home offices with dynamic IPs. The EasyVPN server is a ASA585x. I am using the 5505s in NEM mode. I configured a unique DHCP scope on each 5505. I have a dynamic crpto map on the server. I configured unique tunnel groups, group policies and usernames for each site on the server. This seems to work fine. Is it normal to configure unique tunnel groups, group policies and usernames for each remote site? 

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Cisco VPN :: Cannot Disable EasyVPN Remote In ASDM 6.4 For ASA 5505

Mar 2, 2011

When ASA 5505 was installed we selected Easy VPN Remote.  Now we want to disable it.  In ASDM we navigate to Configuration > Remote Access VPN > Easy VPN Remote and try to clear the Enable Easy VPN Remote checkbox but it will not uncheck.

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Cisco VPN :: Playbook And 831 EasyVPN Server?

Jun 16, 2011

I don't seem to be able to connect to my cisco 831 router with easy vpn server configured using my Blackberry Playbook.  Looking at the console of the router i can see the debugging but am not sure what it all means. 
Current configuration : 2574 bytes!version 12.3no service padservice timestamps debug datetime msecservice timestamps log datetime msecno service password-encryption!hostname Router!enable secret 5 $1$FM71$y4ejS2icnqX79b9gD92E81enable password xxxx!username CRWS_Ritesh privilege 15 password 0 $1$W1fA$o1oSEpa163775446username shamilton privilege 15 secret 5 $1$wFLF$8eRxnrrgVHMXXC0bXdEGi1aaa new-model!!aaa authentication login default localaaa authentication login ciscocp_vpn_xauth_ml_1 localaaa authorization exec default localaaa authorization network ciscocp_vpn_group_ml_1 localaaa session-id commonip subnet-zerono ip


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Cisco :: CIPC Not Registering On EasyVPN Server?

Feb 25, 2013

How to setup option 150 in IP pool on VPN Client.

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Cisco VPN :: To Configure 1941 K9 As EasyVPN Server

Jul 11, 2012

I have been trying to configure Cisco1941/K9 as Easy VPN Server through CiscoCP.The tunnel comes up but I cannot pass any traffic to the secure LAN (GigEth 0/1). When the tunnel comes up, I can ping the Loopback interface and the GigEth 0/1 interface IPs.

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Cisco VPN :: Configure ASA 5510 As EasyVPN Server?

Dec 5, 2011

I have a Cisco ASA 5510 and a Cisco ASA 5505. I want to configure the ASA 5510 as Easy VPN Server and 5505 as Easy VPN hardware client.Using either CLI or ASDM.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 / How To Use A Host Instead Of IP Address For A NTP Server

Jul 8, 2012

Instead of using a IP address I would like to use a host address that points to a NTP pool.An example would be:ntp server Can this be done on the ASA series?

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Cisco VPN :: ASA 5505 To Create Web Server That Only Some Ip Address Can Access

Feb 21, 2013

we have a cisco asa 5505 and it working great .i want to create web server that only selected public ip address can access.

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Cisco Firewall :: Access Windows Server From Outside Address With ASA 5505

Oct 6, 2011

I just purchased a domain name, that I have forwarding to my WAN address.  I want to be able to access my home websie via this route.  I have an ASA 5505, how do I get the ASA to point to the home server when the WAN IP address is entered?

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Cisco VPN :: Sharing EasyVPN PIX515 Server And ASA5505 Client?

Nov 2, 2011

EasyVPN PIX515 server and ASA5505 client?

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Cisco VPN :: EasyVPN Server (Router 2911) VPN Client On Windows 7?

Oct 11, 2012

I have couple of issues with my EasyVPN server and Cisco VPN Client on Win7.
1: VPN Client establishes the connection, traffic flow, destination network can be pinged. After a few minutes traffic stops passing the VPN. No ping to IP or DNS names can be made. In order to resole it. Users have to re-establish the VPN again. Occastioanl it stays and continue to work.
2: VPN Clients don't pick the same IP address from local address pool even though I specified "RECYLE" option in the IP local pool command.

 TQI-WN-RT2911#sh run
Building configuration...
 Current configuration : 7420 bytes
! Last configuration change at 14:49:13 UTC Fri Oct 12 2012 by admin
! NVRAM config last updated at 14:49:14 UTC Fri Oct 12 2012 by admin


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Cisco VPN :: 3945E ISR Router As EasyVPN Server / Local Usernames Restrict Management

Jun 24, 2012

I am using 3945E Router as Easy VPN Server, with 15.1 IOS. On router I have bunch on usernames for VPN authentication, I want to restrict Router management access for them(ssh,telnet, http and so on).

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Cisco VPN :: EasyVPN Software Client Should Connect To Client ASA 5505?

Mar 20, 2012

i have a question about tunneling a software EasyVPN client to a client ASA Network. It looks like this:
EasyVPN Server Network extension mode to Client EasyVPN ASA This works fine in both directions. But now i want to connect the client ASA network via EasyVPN software client from outside. The user are already able to connect to the ASA Server on its static outside IP obtaining an IP from a pool. This works fine. But how am i able to connect to the network from this client?

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Cisco VPN :: EasyVPN Along With IPSec L2L (Site-to-Site) In Same ASA 5505?

Jun 3, 2012

We have an ASA 5505 in our environment and currently two IPSec L2L VPN tunnels are established. But we are planning to connect using Easy VPN(Network Extension Mode) to another site as Client. Is it possible to configure Easy VPN configurations by keeping the currently active IPSec L2L VPN(Site-to-Site) tunnels?

Following is the warning that we get when tried to configure Easy VPN Client.NOCMEFW1(config)# vpnclient enable

* Remove "nat (inside) 0 S2S-VPN"
* Detach crypto map attached to interface outside
* Remove user-defined tunnel-groups
* Remove manually configured ISA policies
CONFIG CONFLICT: Configuration that would prevent successful Cisco EasyVPN Remote operation has been detected, and is listed above. P

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 To Have Internal Address That Wish To Forward From External Address

Jul 8, 2012

I have an old ASA 5505, and I'm having some trouble with Nat Hairpinning. I've done this with other firewalls before and I am having no luck now. I have an internal address that I wish to forward from an external address- so if someone goes to 123.456.789.012:3456 then it will forward to (All numbers are arbitrary here- only for illustration). I have and Access Rule and NAT and PAT set up so that I can get in if I originate from outside the LAN. What I am trying to do is to have this work from inside the LAN as well- so that if I am at my desk, and I connect a device and type in 123.456.789.012:3456, it will deliver the content at The problem I am having is that it just isn't working, and I cannot figure out why- When I started here, there was an address configured to work this way, and it still works- I just cannot find what is different between what I am doing and what the person who configured it did.

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Cisco Application :: How To Configure HTTPS Head On GSS-4492-k9 Ver 3.2 (0)

Jul 3, 2011

I have upgraded gss to version 3.2(0) because I need to track a server that uses only https.I configured a https head KA VIP answer type but the answer never goes on-line.I tried using url... as the VIP address but not go online too.The gss is behind a firewall.I suspected of the firewall but from the gss CLI it seems that the firewall is open for the https traffic: [code]

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Cisco VPN :: Connecting To ASA5505 From Home To Head-office Using L2TP VPN

Jul 16, 2012

I am connecting to a ASA5505 at from home to the head-office using L2TP VPN.
Head-office then has a connection to other-office via a site-to-site IPSEC tunnel.
When in the head-office ( I can ping/access remote-office ( OK.
When connected remotely to head-office, I can ping/access head-office OK from the road-warrior laptop.
My problem is that when connected remotely from home to the head-office I cannot ping/access the other-office subnet.
On the home laptop the L2TP VPN connection is set to route all traffic to the VPN connection using the HQ as the internet gateway I can confirm this works.
I cant do traceroute (I get timeouts) as my policy doesnt allow and not sure how to enable this properly on the ASA.

name othersite
interface Vlan1
nameif inside
security-level 100


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Cisco Application Networking :: GSS-4492-k9 Does GSS HTTP-HEAD Supports Https

Jun 26, 2011

I am configuring a GSS to check an Web server that responds to https requests.I put 443 as the port but I don´t see replies from the server and the Answer Status is always offline.Other servers using http on port 80 are showing OK.The appliance is a GSS-4492-k9 Version 3.1(0).

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Cisco WAN :: 2801 - Reset Router Password Remotely From Head Office?

Jan 8, 2012

One of my remote office router model is Cisco 2801. Unfortunately I forgot the telnet/vty password of that router. I am sitting 500 KM distance in between in the Head Office. I can ping the router but due to lost password I cannot login to the router. Moreover I dont have snmp enabled in that router. Is there anyway I can reset the router's password remotely from my head office. Additionaly I have a switch directly connected to the router and I can ping and login to the swtich but not the router. I am writing this about the switch or resetting the routers password anyway.

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Cisco Firewall :: ASA 5505 - Proxy Server Send Register To Hosted Server Private IP Changed

Aug 23, 2011

We have Cisco ASA 5505 with ASDM 5.2 We have one Proxy server in our Local Lab and pointed to Hosted service(Simple Signal)issue is, When our proxy server send register to hosted server, ASA change private IP and post with outside IP and src port as 1063 every time.

Here is debug log on real time monitoring.
Aug 24 2011    05:21:19    302015     Built outbound UDP connection 3774 for ( to inside: (
Aug 24 2011    05:21:19    607001         Pre- allocate SIP Via UDP secondary channel for inside: to from REGISTER message
Aug 24 2011    05:21:19    710005     UDP request discarded from to

Here is Our ASA Outside IP address is Hosted server IP address. My ASA config is attached.

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Cisco :: IP Address Change On CSM 3.3.1?

May 8, 2013

How to change the IP address of a Cisco CSM 3.3.1 ?

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Cisco VPN :: Change Gateway Through ASA 5505

May 28, 2011

I have four ASA 5505 devices connected via tunnels.  All of the tunnels have a single point of exit to the outside, an AT&T T1 line.  Because of issues with bandwidth, I added a secondary line to each site.  In this case the secondary line is a comcast high speed internet connection.  What I would like to do is set up a route so that any traffic that is going to the internet (browser or email) be directed through the Comcast line and all internal traffic (file transfer, ERP, VOIP) can be directed to the AT&T line.  Each has a separate ip address.  There is a single default gateway set up on the ASA now. 

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Cisco LAN :: ASA 5505 Vlan1 IP Change?

Dec 27, 2009

In default mode the ASA 5505 is setup with two Vlan's, one inside and one outside. Vlan1 is the default inside VLan, with IP I would like to change the subnet of Vlan1 tot, but when I do, no Ethernet port is assigned to Vlan1 anymore (was 0/1 - 0/7). What I have done is;
#config t
(config)#interface vlan 1
(config)#ip address
But after that, no Ethernet port is within Vlan1, so I tried the following to assign one (port 0/1);
#config t
(config)#interface 0/1
(config)#switchport access vlan 1
(config)#no shut
But nothing happends when monitoring (#show run) interface 0/1 (no Vlan assigned)

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