Cisco Wireless :: 2100 / 1130 / 3550 - Couple Of APs Are Down

Feb 27, 2013

I have a couple of AP's that are down and won't let me change to up. When I try to enable admin status I get a pop up window: " error in enabling admin status". 
I have configured the WLC for power injectors with a 3550.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Created Load Balancing Between Two Catalyst 3550 On Couple Of Vlans

Feb 24, 2012

I am testing on lab equipment (2 Catalyst 3550 and 1 Catalyst 3560) HSRP version 1 and 2.I successfully created a load balancing between the two Catalyst 3550 on a couple of vlans (11 and 12) on ver 1
now, just adding the command "standby xx version 2" my hosts on the 2 vlans are completely unable to ping the virtual IP def. gw on debugging i checked that msgs are exchangedthe two cat 3550 are seeing each other on HSRP (active / standby roles)the real ip addresses are pingable rebooted the swiches (just as a last resort try)deleted arp chache on hostsremoved the auth on hsrp  all of this no effect.
i also tried to modify the priority on the cat 3560 (before he was on both vlans in standby) to make it the active one and with the same config it worked flawlessly.
My only idea is that there is a bug on CATs 3550 (IOS: c3550-ipservicesk9-mz.122-55.SE4.bin) [code]

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Cisco WAN :: Connecting 2100 Cable Modem 3550 And E2000

Jan 15, 2012

I current have a Cisco 2100 Cable modem ( connected to a Cisco Linksys E2000 ( that is connected to a Cisco 3550 ( I would like to relocate the E2000 to another room.  This would require me to connect the 2100 and the E2000 through the 3550. I have had to set a MAC address clone on the E2000 of the PC that is also connected to the 3550.
The question I have is how do I get this all to interconnect so that the E2000 is used by the 2100 for validation to the internet provider (Time/Warner).  I am also using the E2000 for DHCP.
Here is a copy of the running config:
version 12.1
no service pad
service timestamps debug uptime
service timestamps log uptime


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Cisco Wireless :: AP 1130 - Possible To Active Option DHCP Server In Ap 1130 Dispositive

May 12, 2012

I convert IOS Cisco AP 1130 LAP to 1130 Autonomous mode. Well, the periphericals - clients connect to SSID AP no recieved I.P Adress, I think that is not possible active option DHCP server in AP 1130 dispositive. In mode I.P static clients the connection is established successfully.

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Wireless Internet Ping Spikes Up To 1k To 3k+ Every Couple Minutes?

Sep 28, 2012

my ping spikes to 1k+ all the time, making online games pretty much unplayable. Sometimes I'll lag up to 3k ms and by the time my ping is back to normal, the game is so behind it is messed up forever.I've looked online for days trying to find solutions, and trying all kinds of things. The problem started after i reinstalled windows xp (it actually started right after my power flickered after i reinstalled, but i think that may be coincidence. I'm not sure though.). I've reformatted since then, but the problem still persists.I think the problem might be WZC, but when I try stopping the program like other people have done, my wireless network disconnects pretty soon after. I've also tried just using the intel software, but that didn't work either. It was fine for a while last night after I changed to the intel software, but after maybe an hour or so it went back to lagging.I have Intel PROSet Wifi agn 5100 as my network card. I'm on a laptop. I also tried doing a ping test in command on my mom's laptop, and it never spiked like mine. Is my network card maybe just too old? I got the laptop almost 4 years ago.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E3200 Lost Internet Connect Every A Couple Hours

Dec 4, 2012

I have a Linsys E3200 router for almost a year. It's been working fine until recently. It kept losing internet connection every a couple hours or even shorter. I have to power cycle the router in order to make it to work. However, sometimes that won't work either. I also tried to restore the router to the factory default but that doesn't seem to work.
I have updated the router with the latest firmware (1.04). I am using a cable connection and it never gives me any problem if I just connect my computer to it. I also test my network with another old netgear router that works just fine.  

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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 AP Not Registering?

Nov 27, 2011

I know what the problemis i need to tell the AP what the mac of the switchport is but i can not figure it out because it is a CATos Switch?on a IOS  I would just use the Show interface command and use the bia but i dont know how to figure out the bia on a CATos?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 Series AP Cannot Be Seen By Switch

Apr 2, 2012

what is the reason that cisco 1130 series ap cannot be seen by switch it connected to, by CDP protocol

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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 AP Rebooting Randomly?

Jun 5, 2012

I've got this weird problem with my AP. It keeps rebooting randomly. It happen to all the AP in my campus randomly. It happens recently. It have been commission for quite a long time. ie user able to connect and use it. its connect back to the controller to back in another campus. Below are the logs i gather.
*Jun  7 11:13:54.287: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to up
*Jun  7 11:13:54.290: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Dot11Radio0, changed state to down


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Cisco Wireless :: Switch Cannot See AP 1130 Series By CDP

Apr 2, 2012

Why it could be that switch cannot see Cisco ap 1130 series by cdp .

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Cisco Wireless :: Getting 3500 AP To Talk To WLC 2100

Jul 18, 2012

I am trying to config my wireless lan controller (WLC) 2106 to discover my new 3500 access points.I followed the example Cisco configuration doc.69719.I am using a Cisco 3760 switch to interconnect the AP and WLC.I set up DHCP in the switch. [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2100 And LAP1131AG Are Disconnecting

Oct 10, 2010

Since few days the WLC 2100 series controller and 3x LAP1131AG are getting disconnected and the controller gets offline via the local ip address.  At that point I have to reboot. To get anywhere and after I connect wirelessly to the AP before I know it it disconnects.  It worked for 3 years straight no fuss. And now nothing. I reconfigured the WLC 10times and no diffference.  


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Cisco Wireless :: To Join 1262 With Wlc 2100

Apr 1, 2012

I have a cisco AIR-LAP1262N-A-K9  and AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9, and i would like to join to Cisco WLC2106 (software version ap 1262N have 3 antennas externals with 7dbi of ganancy,Is possible to do it?

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Cisco Wireless :: LAP1142 Cannot Join WLC 2100

Apr 2, 2013

I'd WLC 2100 series and 9 access point LAP1142N .8 LAP1142N can work fine and join a capwap controller is ok but only one LAP1142  is can not . Part of LAP  is AIR-LAP1142N-A-K9
Apr  2 10:52:42.284: LWAPP_CLIENT_EVENT: spamResolveStaticGateway  - gateway found
*Apr  2 10:52:42.284: LWAPP_CLIENT_EVENT: spamResolveStaticGateway  - gateway found
*Apr  2 10:52:42.284: LWAPP_CLIENT_EVENT: Dropping discovery in LWAPP. This AP model is not supported by LWAPP WLC.
*Apr  2 10:52:42.284:  status of voice_diag_test from WLC is false
*Apr  2 10:52:52.284: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Go join a capwap controller


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Cisco Wireless :: Recommendations For Implementing A Second WLC 2100?

Jan 3, 2013

We have two 2100 WLC's that support 12 access points. One has been sitting in a box for some time, but we're at the point where we need to add additional access points that will put us in excess of the 12 limitation. What is the best way to go for installing the second WLC?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2100 Series DHCP

Sep 1, 2011

I have a problem with our WLC 2100 series (2125). Basycally internal DHCP server configured on WLC is not working. I have one AP connected to port no 7 (PoE) to bypass and eliminate problem with other equipment.
Port no 7 details:
IP Address:
Default router:
DHCP Server:

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2100 Configured To Control Two AP

May 17, 2012

I have a fairly simple WLC 2100 configured to control two APs. We had a power outage a few days ago, and though the WLC was on a surge protector, it did not come back up properly after the outage. The STATUS light sticks at amber and I can't get any console response. At this point I'm not sure what to do except replace the WLC, though I'm loathed to do that as our budget was just cut substantially for next year and we're trying to turn nickels into pennies.

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Cisco :: Setting Up Wireless LAN Controller 2100?

Feb 7, 2011

I am having trouble on setting up a WLC2100 ver 7. we need to implement a private and public network. private network authenticate to IAS - RADIUS (windows server 2003 server) while the public network is open but when a client connect to AP it will redirect to a 3rd party web athentication - HotSpot Server. the challenge is we want to broadcast a single SSID.

1. when a user/guest connect to the AP a radius server will authenticate thru IAS - Radius.

2. when a user is authenticate via radius a dhcp server will give an ip address of the private network.

3. if the user is not authenticate a dhcp server will give the public ip address and netowrk traffic must go to a different VLAN.
my question is, is it possible to broadcast a single SSID for the two network? is there a document which is related to our scenario?

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Cisco Wireless :: Internal Temperature WLC 2100?

Dec 17, 2009

The operating temperature for 2100 wireless lan controllers is up to a miximum of 40 degrees celsius according to the datasheet. We deployed some 2112 controllers all displaing a temperature above 50 degrees celsiun. This during normal operation and deployed proper enviromet (aroco ...)

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How To Switch On Wireless On Compaq 2100

Oct 10, 2012

How to switch on wireless on Compaq 2100

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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 AP Default Factory Setting

Sep 15, 2012

Any info on successfully resetting an light weight 1130 AP to the factory settings? I tried the method described in the doc for 1130 on how to reset 1130 AP to the default settings, but it was not successful. I tried shutdown the AP, and plug in the power while press and holding the Mode button for about 3 seconds.This AP has lost it association with the WLC, is there anyway i can reset the AP to factory default and put in the correct IP address again?

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Cisco Wireless :: Aironet 1130 Can't Join WLC2504?

Aug 13, 2012

I have the problem that the AP1130 can not join to WLC2504.
Console Messages of AP1130:
*Aug 14 09:34:54.029: %CAPWAP-3-ERRORLOG: Go join a capwap controller
*Aug 14 09:34:54.000: %CAPWAP-5-DTLSREQSEND: DTLS connection request sent peer_ip: 192.168.x.251 peer_port: 5246


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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 APs Compatible With 2006 Controller?

Jun 16, 2013

Looking to set up a small office cheaply and quickly and was thinking about ordering a 2006 and some 1130s off EBay. Are the lightWeight 1130s compatible with the 2006?

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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 - IOS Deleted On Access Point

Oct 14, 2012

IOS of my access point 1130 was deleted after bad manipulation. I have just a boot but not a flash on my AP. I can connect it just in console mode. What is the procedure to restore the IOS?

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Cisco Wireless :: Find EOS / EOL For 1130 Power Supply And Not For AP Itself

May 1, 2012

When is 1130 AP going eos/eol? I have tried searching, but could just find eos/eol for 1130 power supply and not for the AP itself.

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Cisco Wireless :: Connect 1130 Lwapp To Controller In DMZ?

Aug 5, 2012

i have lwapp 1130 in internal network , i already configure dhcp with option 43, in my switch connected to ap i set vlan 1424 for management AP and the ap got ip addres from dhcp server. The wlc controller is in DMZ with ip, from switch connected to ap i can ping , it aslo seperated by cisco asa firewall, i already set allow from to udp port 5246-5247 and 12222-12223.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2100 Per-user Bandwidth Contracts

Aug 16, 2011

One of our customers have one Cisco WLC 2100 (firmware 5.2) with 4 AP Mesh 1522, in a city deployment. In order to achieve local regulatory, has to implement bandwidth limitations per user.
I got screen captures of WLC QoS Profiles options, with Average Data Rate in Per-User Bandwidth Contracts. So my question is, do I need any other equipment to achieve per user bandwidth limitation? Can it be done with WLC QoS options?

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2100 Ipv6 Ready Connection

Apr 30, 2012

We have a 2100 cisco Wireless LAN Controller which manages 3 APs and  assign IP address to clients which connects via wifi.  Currently, we are  deploying dual stack IPv6 and our consultant stated that our current  controller does not support IPv6.
This is rather odd statement because there is an option to enable IPv6  in the advance tab of WLAN.  And sometimes clients (win7 and Mac OS X)  are getting v6 addresses, able to ping v6 sites, and reach v6 sites  successfully.   And other times, clients do not..or getting the v6  address for 10-15minutes, then unable to ping/reach v6 sites.
Our consultant is sticking by his words saying it does not support.   If  this is true, then clients should not be able to get v6 at all....not  sometimes and not other times; very inconsistent.
And what is ipv6 pass through? What is ipv6 bridging?

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Cisco LAN :: 2100 - Browser Access To Wireless Controller?

Jul 29, 2012

I have a wireless controller 2100. I can't access it via browser, when I am connected to one of its physical ports. I use the same subnet ip address as that of the management interface of the wlc.

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Cisco :: 2100 / Two Network Connections And One Wireless Controller?

Jan 29, 2013

In the near future my company is looking into the option of adding a second network connection (exclusively for customers visiting our facility) to our pre existing WLAN network. We are currently using a Cisco 2100 series Wireless LAN Controller and probably 6-8 APs. Our main connection is made up of 4 T1 lines and the second connection will more than likely be a cheap DSL connection. I'm wondering if this technology supports two separate connections on one controller and APs. For example, is there a way within the controller web interface to separate what is currently our "Guest" connection from the main Internet line? I was thinking of just plugging from the DSL router directly to the controller and save the hassle of changing routing and VLANs.

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Cisco Wireless :: Lwapp 1130 - Error / Command Is Disabled

Jan 21, 2012

I have a lwapp 1130 here and it's no longer associated with the controller.  I issued the clear lwapp private-config, it went through and cleared the config.  Now when I try to issue the lwapp commands to set the ip and such i get ERROR!!! Command is disabled. I read that this means the static configuration is locked, but it did not say how to "unlock" it.  how to get this re-enabled.

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Cisco Wireless :: 1130 - Flexconnect In Central Switch Not Working

May 1, 2013

1)  Virtual controller 7.3.112  is OK
2)  N° 2 LAP 1130 e 1240   is Joined to controller OK
3)  flexconnect in localswitch is OK
4)  flexconnect in central switch IS NOT work.

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Cisco Wireless :: WLC 2504 Will Support 1130 G Access Point Or Not?

Aug 28, 2012

i have stand alone cisco 1130g ap ,and wlc 2504. wlc 2504 support this ap or not ?

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