Isolating IPad From Rest Of Network

Apr 27, 2012

My home network is up to now all hard-wired, nothing shared etc.I just got an ipad though, so do want to have wireless available now. I would like the ipad wireless router to be isolated so that the desktops run no risk from getting a virus via the ipad wireless connection.So, I was going to buy another router - would I be able to plug that into the wired router, and the desktop also plugged into the wired router, would that keep every part of the network isolated from the others?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 5510 Isolating Switch Ports For A Separate Network

Feb 2, 2012

I have to configure failover Active/Standby on my ASA 5510.I am wondering how i could do for the outside interface, i mean, actually the ASA1 outside interface is linked directly to our Internet router.So now if i have to add ASA2 connecting to that router i will need a switch between them.I have already a switch for DMZ & LAN.The thing is that i will have to allow 3 switchs ports to communicate with each others.

- 1 for ASA1--outside
- 1 for ASA2--outside
- 1 for Internet router
How could i isolate these 3 ports to make them communicate alone ? Should i use VLAN for that ?And if i use VLAN, will this require to make any change of configuration on my firewalls (ASA1 & ASA2) outside interface ?I am a bit lost with this, if i am correct i will not have to do some "vlan tagging" on the firewall itself ?

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: SG200 / 3550 - Creating VLAN And Isolating PC On Network

Feb 12, 2013

I was given a task of creating a vlan and isolating one pc to access an internal website ( on a specific port (port 8080)The pc is connected in the following manner:

PC--> HP Switch --> Cisco Small Business SG200 switch --> 3550 Catalyst 1, 3550 Catalyst 2 and 3550 Catalyst 3.

I have created a vlan 110 on the Main 3550 Catalyst switch and successfully added the pc to that vlan.However, that PC must be able to access the internet and an internal website on port 8080.I have placed an access-list on the main 3550 catalyst switch which is connected to our router as below:

Client ip address:
VLAN 110:
access-list 110 permit tcp host host eq 8080access-list 110 permit icmp host anyaccess-list 110 deny ip ? I was unable to access the webserver even after many attempts.

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Network Connection On One PC Interfering Rest?

Oct 11, 2011

Whenever I connect to my router via wireless, It slows the network to a crawl, and I can't view websites through the same PC.Now, It only started a few days ago, and I can't find the root cause. This happens in Windows 7, however, it works in Linux with the same PC, in the same location, so it can't be the wireless card going bad. When the computer isn't online, however, everyone other connection, including smartphones, my wife's laptop, PS3, all work. I've tried updating the drivers, flushing the dns, resetting the winsock, ip release/renew, haven't found anything that works.

I've also run numerous virus scans, malware, spyware, and registry scans. The only thing I can think of is something is trying to send a lot of traffic to the router. So far, Malware Bytes, Avast, AVG, and Spybot haven't picked up anything, and I can't find the traffic leak via Windows Firewall or Comodo.

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Wireless Card: Asus USB-N13 using Ralink drivers

The only thing I haven't tried is connecting through my ethernet card, but it's not feasible at the moment to move the desktop to the router.

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Wireless Computers Cannot See Rest Of Network

Jun 13, 2011

I'm having problems with my wireless computers seeing the rest of my network. This is my setup. ATT dsl modem into a 16 port netgear gigabit switch into dlink 615 Some computers are hardwired two are wireless All was working well before d-link with the linksys When im on a wireless computer i cant see the other computers hardwired to the network through the switch. When i take a wireless computer and plug it directly into the switch it see the rest of the computers fine.Something screwy is happening between the switch and the dlink router not allowing me to see my shared folders and printer over wifi.

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WRT150N Wireless Router Won't Allow To See Rest Of Network

Sep 19, 2011

My boss has a WRT150N that he wants to add to our network. The line coming into this router comes from a switch which all of our other computers/ printer are connected to. The router transmits the internet fine, but I cannot access the LAN when connecting through the router. The printer has a static IP. All internet traffic comes through a hardware firewall which is between the outside world and the switch. When I connect the line going into the router straight into a computer, the computer can see the network/print/whatnot fine.

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WRT54G How To Limit BW And Access To Rest Of Network

Apr 21, 2011

Limit his bandwidth. but he will only be staying till the end of summer. The new roomie then might be a torrent monkey.Completely shield my other computers from his sight, so to speak. Like I said he's not a hacker but the new roomie might be.

I'd like the router (linksys WRT54G v3 runner latest linksys fw) and the rest of my network (main PC and media server) to be resistant to at least a script kiddie, and hopefully against a intermediate hacker.I'm currently using wifi with WAP2 personal as the router security.

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Cisco :: Can Nexus 7000 Provide NTP To Rest Of Network

Aug 4, 2010

Can the Nexus 7000 provide NTP to the rest of my network?  Can it be an NTP server?  I have the followign ntp configuration on it, and have used the commit command, but it seems to be ignoring any NTP requests from other devices. [code]

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Cisco Wireless :: Cannot Get Communication From WLC 2106/ AP To Rest Of Network

May 23, 2013

I am new to configuring WLC's. Our small business (5-15 wireless devices + 15ish wired) is trying to use a hand-me-down WLC and AP for our office wifi. We have a WLC 2106 directly connected to a 1231G-A-K9 via the WLC's port 8 POE. I am aware Cisco does not recommend this method, but we do not have a configurable switch at our disposal.  We do not need separate VLAN's therefore I have left everything untagged. The AP has a static IP setup to allow communication to the WLC since it did not pull one from the WLC.

The AP is getting the correct network information and is showing up on the WLC monitoring page. I am able to connect to the new wireless network and able to ping between devices connected to the same AP. Now here is my question/issue. I cannot get communication from the WLC/AP to the rest of our network via an unconfigurable Netgear switch (FS605v3). After connecting an open switch port from the Netgear switch to port 4 on the WLC, I am lost. I tried giving port 4 on the WLC an address on the office network, but I receive an error stating "the IP information conflicts with another device".

Here is what I have setup on WLC
Virtual -
Subnet - /24
Gateway -
Static Address on the AP's fa0-

Attempted port 4 setup on WLC
VLAN identifier 0
Mask - /24
Gateway -
Port - 4

Our office network setup:
Subnet - /24

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E900 - Share Internet Connection With Rest Of Home Network

Mar 10, 2013

I am currently connecting my PC to a mobile phone as a Wireless Access Point to give that PC access the internet. I also have a small home network, with one other PC and a Game Console. I own a Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router. My problem is this. How do I share that internet connection with the rest of the home network?To the best of my knowledge its not possible to connect my mobile phone directly to my Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router.

So my alternative idea is to connect to the internet via one PC, set up that internet connection as "Shared." and then allow the other devices on the home network to connect thru this. My question is how do I set up my  Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router to allow my other PC and game console connect to the internet? Bridge Mode? PPPoE?

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Cisco Wireless :: WAP 4410N Network - Configure One As Access Point And Rest As WDS Bridge / Repeater

Sep 5, 2011

I have 12 wap4410n to enable wireless connection to a school building with 3 floor. I planned to configure one as a Access point. My doubt is in which AP mode i have to configure the rest as WDS Bridge or WDS Repeater other mode. In each access point i have Ethernet connection to the switch.

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Cisco WAN :: 3750X / Isolating Traffic On Different Subnets?

Apr 19, 2012

What I have is two Cisco 3750X switches, 10 bridges, and 10 routers. What I'm doing is throughput testing. The problem is all of the routers have identical subnets because in the real world there won't be two of them in the same place. The 10 bridges were the easy part. I have one switch dedicated to LAN side and one dedicated to WAN side. Since the bridges themselves allow any traffic through because they are bridges I set all of the individual ports to essentially be their own subnet by making them L3 ports. Then, I set the switch to route the traffic based on subnet through the correct port using the ip route command in the CLI. I'm using a Spirent to generate traffic and the spirent lets me wrap traffic on different streams in different IP addresses. I made the uplink have a subnet of and I made every port have a subnet starting with being incremented by 1. This allowed me to send traffic from source address to destination address and vice versa by telling the switch to route any traffic with a subnet to port 1 (first device) and any traffic with a address to port 24 (uplink). The reason this works is because bridges don't care what the traffic is or where it is going so everybody is fine and happy. Now I have to introduce 10 new devices that are all routers while maintaining the previous set up and I'm stumped. I've tried everything I can think of, different Vlans, trunking, routing, L3 ports, etc. If i try to isolate everything by Vlan they can't talk to each other. If i try to isolate everything by Vlan and trunk the uplink port it won't work because you need to do Vlan tagging and my device doesn't do that and I don't think the switch can do that for you. The routing doesn't work because the uplink port has to be it's own subnet and when that subnet tries to send traffic to the router it's considered foreign and gets dropped. With L3 ports you run in to the same problem, you can isolate all of the individual ports with their own subnet but the uplink port has to have a different subnet which automatically causes the router to drop the packets. The only configuration that works is a completely default dumb switch configuration and that is unacceptable because I need all of this traffic to be isolated because of the bridges. Without the isolation, all of the data will go through the nearest easy hop which will be one of the bridges, even if that isn't the right path the switch doesn't know any better. I can change the subnet on the routers but I can't deviate too far from the original subnet which is I tried setting up different subnets by incrementing the third octet by 1 every time,,,, etc. and think this setup will work I just don't know how to set the switch up. Setting up the switch to route the traffic properly without changing the subnet on any of the devices would be ideal.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Isolating Two Different VLANs With Subnets On 6509E Sup 2T

Oct 1, 2012

I have a pair of Core VSS 6509E SUP 2T. Two different LANs, two diff. Subnets. larger LAN has been connected to the VSS pair usng normal SVI and Post-Channles (has lots of closets 3750 stacks) and no problem. Second LAN, two closets, stacked and connected to each other via Port channel and trunk + SVI interfaces. Now, I have SVI interfaces for both LANs on teh VSS pair and that is causing traffic from one LAN to jump over to the other VLAN and rightly so because the VSS pair see both subnets as directly connected subnets. I was wondring if I delete the SVI for the second LAN and only keep the L2 VLAN this will be resolved> The reason for the second LAN to connect to the VSs pair is only that It has to go through the VSS pair to get to the WAN router (both LANs will go out through this Same WAN router) but WAN router is not my concern at this time. I need to isolate these two LANs/subnets traffic so no one VLAM traffic jumps over the other.I have also thought about VRF but at this point I am not sure if teh 3750 stacks supports VRF and if it does how to implement VRF on the second and samller LAN to just allow it go through the VSS pair in order to get to the WAn router.

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Wireless Network Connectivity On An IPad?

Dec 22, 2012

We just moved and had our internet service connected at the new house using the same service provider, wireless router and network we had at the old house. My PC can access the internet fine, but my wife's iPad cannot.

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Home Network :: How To Create VPN From Mac To IPad

Jan 8, 2013

I am trying to create a VPN on my Mac that I can access from my iPad in a remote location (work.) I have been using "iVPN" on the Mac to "distribute" the home Mac's Internet connection to the iPad. I have everything set up right and the VPN works fine and the iPad connects fine, just not when I am work, where I want it to work. The iPad tells me that it cannot connect to the VPN. I believe my work blocks VPN ports (1701, 1723 etc) I can do a google search from the iPad on the work WiFi so the connection is ok, but I believe those ports are blocked. If I connect the iPad to a restaurant's wifi for example, the VPN connects fine. What client can I use to create my own VPN at home where I can use a standard port like port 80 or something that is not blocked at work so that I can connect to the VPN from work?

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Cisco VPN :: 1921 - Multiple L2L VPN First One Works / Rest Acting Oddly

May 20, 2012

I am using a Cisco 1921. I have created 3 L2L VPNs. Although I can get the tunnel of all 3 up, I can in the case of one ping the LAN IP of the router, and the 2nd on from the peer subnet, but not the other way round. If any one can make sense of this that would be great.. I can see the ACL being fired, Annoying as the first VPN is up and working fine, in both directions.. Would be really grateful of a fresh pair of eyes..
NAT blocking ACL working fine too..
Glasgow#show access-lists
Extended IP access list 101
10 permit ip (966 matches)
Extended IP access list 104
10 permit ip (3606 matches)
Extended IP access list 105


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P660 NW - T1 Can't Connect IPad 2 To Home Network

Sep 14, 2011

I have a Home network via a Prestige P660 NW - T1 router which has worked fine but I recently bought an IPad 2 with Wifi but I can't connect to my Network with my Password - When I remove the Password and change the router settings to no authentication I can connect but I don't want to have no security on the router.Relatives have tried with their IPads and even though we all carefully put in the Password we cannot access the Network.

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Unable To Connect Ipad To Wireless Network

Oct 3, 2012

I have had an Ipad for 2 months that has until today connected with my network fine. Now I can't get a connection but my laptop will connect fine.

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Connecting IPad To Windows Wireless Network?

Dec 28, 2012

When trying to connect my ipad to my windows wireless network it asks for a passwordIs this the same thing as my network key?

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Ipad / Find Home Wireless Network Password?

Jul 23, 2012

want get wifi password on ipad

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Cisco :: 5508 Controller - IPad Network Access

Mar 26, 2013

I recently had a 5508 controller installed and configured for a corporate network as well as internet only guest access. Users authenticate via 802.1X key management on the corporate network and web authentication via guest. This works fine, however, I've run into a problem. We also use iPads for inspections and the inspection site is housed internally. I've had a network admin create an exception in the firewall that will allow connection to the internal sites from the guest network, however, it does not function. I did find that if I connect an iPad to the corporate wireless network I'm able to download the necessary certificate to the device but that only works if I use my login information which is not something I am interested in doing. Is it possible to enable another authentication for the corporate network without breaking the functionality of the existing 802.1X authentication? What could possibly be the cause on the guest network not allowing connectivity to the internal sites, even though the exception has been created?

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Can Detect Wireless Network - Laptop / Ipad Says Connected But No Connection

Nov 9, 2011

we recently upgraded our home router and have been having trouble ever since. Our old router was a Netgear one, so we bought a newer netgear model. Since installing the new one we can not get my daughters laptop, an iPad and ipods to work on the wifi. My computer is wired into the router and works fine, it is just the wireless. All of these things worked perfectly using our old netgear wirelss modem and all of them can find the wireless network on their list of available networks, they all say that they are connected with a good signal, but when they try to browse the internet or check emails, it comes up saying not connected to the internet. We even bought a range extender because we thought the signal might not be strong enough between the new router and my daughters bedroom which are at opposite ends of the house and on different floors, but it made no difference and wasn't a problem before.

Anyway, the router we bought is a Netgear N150 wireless modem router DGN1000, the cables are plugged in to ports 1 and 4 ( there is only 1,2,3 and 4 to choose from). The extender is a Netgear universal range extender WN2000RPT

I have tried turning it all off and back on again, have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but still nothing. Daughters laptop uses Vista and she has McAfee security. Exactly as it has always been and has worked fine using our old wireless router, just not this new one.

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N2500 - Monitor Wireless Network Traffic For People Using An Ipad?

Aug 19, 2012

Have a PC set up with a LINKSYS N2500 router. this is password protected for access to network I would like to monitor what one of my children is doing on the net - but they surf the net using an iPad

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Belkin Routers :: 7302 - Possible To Download Driver And Network On IPad

Jan 13, 2013

Can the drivers and network monitor be downloaded on an ipad? I have the 300mbps share router. Model # f7d7302.

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Cisco Application :: Apply Policy Only On Specific Subnet / Port 443 Traffic Can Be Redirect And Rest

Feb 16, 2012

I am facing problem with ACE configuration. I want to redirect 443 traffic to my Proxy Server. But I am not able to do this. I want to redirect only subnet only it is working but I dont have to have this policy to be applied on all the users only one subnet I want to have under HTTPS policy.
how can I apply the policy only on specific subnet so that port 443 traffic can be redirect and rest of all subnets can go direclty to Internet.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 IPad Cannot Connect To Network Through WPA2

Nov 18, 2011

My iPad cannot connect to my network wireless through WPA2 using router E4200 the way my Macbook is connected. Only using guest access i can get internet contact. Is this a known problem  with this combination and/or is it meant to be, that only guest access gives an iPad connection? 

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 1142 Apple IPad That Won't Connect To Network

Apr 16, 2013

I have an iPad 4 (6.1.3) that won't connect to our Cisco 1142 APs.  Full Cisco network; 3560 POE switches on edge and Cisco 6509 at the core.At first we looked at it as a wireless issue.  No settings changes on the APs would allow the iPad connect.  About 125 other iPads of various models worked fine.  Took the offending iPad to McDonalds and it connects fine.  Took the offending iPad to another school in our District and it connected and worked fine.  Went back to the home school, still won't connect.  Contacted Apple since iPad was under warranty, sent it to them and they ran diagnostics and it is fine.Is there anyway that the core switch is blocking the iPad client?

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Cisco Routers :: RV 180W - Connect IPhone / IPad Using PPTP To Home Network?

Jan 31, 2012

My use case is very simple I want to connect iPhone/iPad using pptp to my home network. I purchased the 180W and looks like I am not able to connect mobile devices to it. My Setup is simple I have ST536v6 (firmware 7.4.4) modem in bridge mode and Cisco RV 180W connect to my ISP using Ppoe. I followed the Admin guide and created the pptp user. If I connect from internal network it connects but when I try to connect the device from WAN it just does not work.
Cisco RV 180W
Firmware Version:

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt160n Can Access Work Network From Multiple Public Locations From IPad

May 17, 2010

home router is a wrt160n v3 With my iPad I set up the built in IPSec VPN to my office's cisco gateway. I successfully get the VPN logo. With an RDP app, i can access my work network from multiple public locations from my iPad. At home, on my laptop, I start the cisco client then use the windows rdp, presto i'm in my work network. At home on my iPad I can activate the VPN, but I can not connect with rdp. I spoke with linksys support tonight they had me add port 3389 to port range triggering and disable the firewall on the home router. This didn't solve the problem. To recap: 1) I can connect to my work network with rdp from multiple public locations, but not at home with the iPad 2) I can connect to my work network at home with my laptop with the cisco client ant the windows rdp

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How To Reset Password On IPad

Apr 22, 2012

How do I reset my password on my iPad? I have phone to enter a password on it and I don't remember what it is.

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Update IPad Without A Computer?

Oct 22, 2012

How do I update my iPad without a computer?

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D-Link DIR-655 :: Won't Assign IP To IPAD 2 3G

Mar 30, 2012

I am having issues with an IPAD 2 3g IOS 5.01 not being able to connect to a WIFI network based on a DLINK DIR 655
1) It is an open network (No password)
2) the DIR 655 is on firmware 2.00
3) the IPAD 3G sees the network but does not receive an IP
4) a IPHONE 4 has no problems accessing the networl
5) an IPAD2 Wifi has no  problems connecting
6) 3g data is turned off
7)  I have tried turning the IPAD 2 3g on and no luck.

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Dell :: Can Print From IPad 2 On 948

Jan 7, 2012

can I print from from my ipad2 on my dell 948 all in one? I've never been wireless before now.

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