Servers :: PC Won't Submit Request For Information

Mar 30, 2011

request for registration - wont submit - nothing happaens

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Servers :: Changing Network Information Of Multiple Machines?

Sep 25, 2012

I have a list of servers that will be migrated from one subnet to another. Is there a script that can take my file that has the server name and the new IP address and modify the existing servers' network from the list? I want to place the script on the servers before I am ready to change subnets for preparation.

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Cisco Wireless :: 5508 - No Servers Available To Process Logon Request

Mar 7, 2013

I have a wireless network infrastructure that is controlled by two WLC 5508s, Prime NCS and ISE. I have two networks for my users, an employee network and a student network. I started publishing the information for these networks via a group policy and the settings are identical, with the exception to the SSID.
My employees can logon to the employee network with no problems. I can walk up to any laptop, regardless if I have logged on to it before or not, and logon with no issues. ISE correctly profiles my account and authorizes me for the right profile. My students however are another story. Laptops that are designated for student use have the wireless network in their network list, and at the logon it shows that it will attempt to connect to the STUDENTS network. When I enter in a student username and password, it begins to login but then gives an error that says:
'There are currently no logon servers available to process the logon request'
The students cannot login at all. I can use my domain admin or my account and login to one of the units with no problem, even if I haven't logged onto the unit before with that account.
I don't know if this is an ISE issue or some other type of issue. I'm leaning towards ISE being the issue, since its what is passing authentication through to the domain. I have my students all in groups and I have those groups added to ISE, just like I have my employees added.

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Cisco Firewall :: Mask DMZ Servers From Private Servers And LAN ASA 5520

Jun 11, 2013

We are planning to split the Private servers from the DMZ Servers and configure an additional Interface and segment for this purpose.
Private Servers Segment: (there is no DHCP all servers' IPs are statically configured)
DMZ Segment: (This is a future deployment)
LAN Segment:
Both, Private Servers and DMZ Servers are in a collocation as well as the ASA5520. There are multiple Branch offices that uses subnets within the Network and they are connected to the ASA5520 via Metro-E.
I do not know if this is possible but what I want to do is this:
In order to avoid the change of internal DNS records I want to mask the DMZ servers with a Private Server IP when a Private server or LAN host wants to access it like this:
The FTP server in the DMZ has the IP address: But when a PC from the LAN wants to reach the FTP server it should points to its old IP: This way the PC sends a packet to the ( the ASA recieves the packet and translate it to the ( and send it out through the DMZ Interface.
Also if the Private Servers wants to reach the same FTP the ASA will act like a proxy-ARP and send the paquet to the DMZ by means of the translation of the IP.

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Servers :: Connect 5 Servers Together To Create A Private Network?

Apr 16, 2011

i'm trying to connect 5 servers together to create a private network.Each server has a network of it's own and i'm trying to make all 5 servers communicate with each other to share and search data simultaneously..

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Cisco WAN :: 6513 Servers Unable To Communicate With DC-1 Servers

Mar 20, 2012

I Have exented vlan 120,121 from DC-1 to DC-2,the DC-1 and DC-2 are connected using L2 Trunk over fiber terminated on Cisco 6513 on both site ,the distance around 40 Km  ,on the DC-2 i just assigned server-1 TO VLAN 120 while server-2 in vlan 121 ,but these servers unable to communicate neither with DC-1 Servers or betwen them locally on DC-2 ,pls note that the servers at dc-2 rely on DC-1 for routing.

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Request For Different IP

Sep 24, 2012

I have IP television at home. I've connected windows box between the tv receiver and modem by using two network cards and brdiging them together. Now, when the request from th tv box comes to the computer, I want to be able to intercept that request and send new request from computer to modem, but request for different ip. So tv box would think that it is playing the requested ip, but in fact it would play the other one.

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Can't See A Particular IP / Request Timed Out

Feb 1, 2011

Basically my friend has a game server with a particular IP. But lately I don't seem to be able to even 'see' that server. Pinging the IP gets a timeout. I did a tracert on the IP and from the first hop onwards it gives me 3 stars followed by a 'Request Timed Out' until the 30'th hop.

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Request Timed Out Every 20-30 Seconds?

Jan 9, 2013

I first noticed it in games, and decided to ping my router in CMD. I see the occasional "request timed out", and not sure how to fix it.My other computers connected to the network are working fine, and I've tried USB Wireless adapters in my laptop which work fine, which implies the problem lies with the inbuilt adapter itself.I've tried reformatting, and updating drivers, but to no avail.I thought maybe the adapter might just be faulty, but then I decided to test it on Linux. I pinged the router in the terminal and... it seemed to work fine. I thought maybe some background process in Windows might be doing something to cause the problem, so I started in safe mode (with networking)... still the problem remained.

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Web Application Firewall Information?

Apr 2, 2013

Its more for information purposes. I am trying to compile some information together to get a better understanding of them so anything generic would do. Such as what it looks for in the traffic to block attacks, negative impacts of performance and a couple of top products I could have a browse of and so on.

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Computer Can't Even Get Information From Router Through WPS

Oct 1, 2012

I am having problems trying to connect to my wi-fi. I first noticed that I had problems connecting to some types of unsecured wi-fi connections when I was "borrowing" from my neighbour while I waited for telus to install my internet. My two roommates would have no problem surfing but my computer was unable to get any connection to the internet (i could see the connections but never load a page)

Once telus came and installed the internet I was able to get a "fair" connection to the router and surf with decent speeds. About a week after I first started using the internet, my computer started being unable to connect the router. It seems that everything is getting worse and worse. It started by me having to restart the adapter a couple of times to make it work, to me having to delete the network profile and then redo it, to me only being able to connect by using the WPS.

And now my computer can't even get the information from the router through WPS! I would start to point the finger at telus, but every one of my roommates has no problems connecting to the internet, and it's not a range issue (i'm typing this up with my laptop while sitting beside my desktop).

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Cisco :: RME 4.3 And Get RAM Information From ASA Not Working

Jun 20, 2011

I get a lot of information via RME or SNMP but not the RAM Information.

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TCP Window Scaling Factor Not Always Set In SYN Request?

Jul 10, 2011

I am facing strange behavior in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.I have a client program in my PC and server program outside network.I can see that some time TCP WINDOWS SCALING working and some time not.In first Log after 3 way handshakes established I can see data transfer happening bocs from log I can see it is settings SCALING factor.

But for some cases where I see that connection happened but data transfer not happening (May be my network does not work without Scaling..) I can see my WINSOWS TCP stack has not set SCALING in SYN request.Hence in 2 nd log I can see "Scale factor not supported"...though I enabled SCALING in my WINDOW .

You can see in 2nd log :: [ Win=8192 ( ) = 8192 ] - not settings scaling factor some time.How to fix this issue so that Windows 7 / Vista always set SCALING in SYN request.

My TCP Settings :::

Receive-Side Scaling State : enabled
Chimney Offload State : automatic
NetDMA State : enabled[code].....

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Any Application For Remote Request Handling

May 22, 2012

We have a Terminal Server through which everyone access their outlook. To avoid any impact on its performance, we have disabled the IE in it. Everyone access the terminal server using the Remote desktop.For the above mentioned setup, is there any way to make the weblinks in the remote machine to get open in the main machine? Main Machine or the Local Machine runs with Windows 7 OS.

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Request Timeout On Network Connection

May 21, 2012

Request timeout on network connection

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Actiontec V1000H No Request Found?

Sep 19, 2012

I tried to forward a new port on my Actiontec V1000H router. I was able to sign in without incident, but the moment I tried to begin navigating within pages, I would be greeted with a red screen reading '400 Bad Request - No request found' roughly 60% of the time. Usually refreshing the page a number of times would allow me to proceed, but because the Telus software for the V1000H cycles through so many pages when applying a new forwarded port to the firewall, it's almost statistically impossible to make it through.I have no issues with internet connectivity, and having this port forwarded isn't critical, but this problem is a real nuisance as it turns changing any router settings into a long, tedious, and sometimes downright impossible chore.

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Connect To Computer Over Http Request?

Mar 22, 2011

I have been doing a lot of research trying to find like an IT program to RDP for free to very little for personal use that is very easy to understand for the end user.An example of what I what I am speaking of, is if you deal with Verizon, or most major computer companies (Dell, etc) they can send you a URL or give you a code to use at a site, that basically lets them remote to your PC. It may require the user to install a small add on, or to allow some type of permissions, but doesn't require them to download huge programs or sign up for accounts.

I myself will create an account of course, and as I said even pay a small fee for a good program. But it's strictly for personal use and I am sure there is a good open source program I can use that I can just make a donation to.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Request Of New Category Or Forum For DIR-815

Nov 8, 2010

I bought a Dlink DIR-815 the firmware version is 1.0 and not see any info in D-linlk support site inclusive the original firmware is not there. So I request to create a new forum topic for this hardware, I am replacing a DGL-4500 with this brand new model and we need other users have a good place to share info.

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Cisco :: Certificate Signing Request For ACS 5.3?

Jan 27, 2013

In order to authenticate wireless users with EAP-TLS or PEAP-MSCHAPv2, what should I select the key length and digest to sign with? 2048 and SHA256 combination should work?

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Cisco WAN :: 877 - First Ping Request Timed Out

Nov 29, 2010

I have a strange issue where the first ping always times out, but the following goes through fine.I have Cisco877 and connection to the internet is fine. I connect a PC to one of the Fast Ether ports and I am able to ping the router without any issues. However, the moment I ping an external website [URL], the first ping request fails. after that the following request come through quickly.

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AAA/Identity/Nac :: Status-Server Request And ACS SE 4.2?

Mar 31, 2013

According to traces collected in mt ACS SE 4.2, it would seem that the underlying software does not support the RADIUS Status-Server request. Is this request type is supported in version 5.*?

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Viewing Client PC Information During RDP Session

May 21, 2012

My IT Department has recently installed Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 on our laptops. Through a conversation with my IT guy I found that they can literally see what we are installing/uninstalling, surfing etc on our machines. When I am at home I am connected to my own private wireless network with my work laptop and I RDP to my home computer to surf/download files etc to my home machine. My question is, can my IT department track what I am installing/surfing on my home PC that I am connected to RDP? I was thinking of putting my RDP on the outside so I can connect to my home network and surf securely without my IT department keeping tabs on my history.

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Information About Router - Netgear Wgr614

Feb 12, 2012

I have a prob with my laptops,wireless setup although it shows wlan on it will not work without a connection to the router,netgear wgr614,I have gone into Devise Mng and found the following faults,Serial cable IRDA problem code 43 & SRTSPX code 24 not working.

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Does A IP Address Contain Information About Geographic Region

Feb 3, 2011

A site identifies its user through IP address and cookies. My question is about IP address. Does a IP address contain information information about your geographic region? What do those digits in IP address mean? Some websites could tell where the user is located, how?

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Protect Information (passwords) While Using A Proxy / VPN?

Aug 4, 2012

At the school I live in various sites are blocked so I need to use a proxy to access them. Is there any way that someone could steal my password or something while I use one? Also, let's say that I use a proxy in one web browser (let's say Opera) to view a blocked site, but then use a different browser (Firefox) with my normal IP, would I be able to use Firefox with no worries if I need to check something like my bank account? Basically, can you restrict them to one program so you can use personal information on one and normal browsing on the other?

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Can Users Of Second Router Access Information Of First One

Apr 1, 2012

I currently set up two LAN networks. But one of them (Router 2) will be open (no password). Will this create a security compromise? Can the Router 2 Users access information of users of Router 1?

Modem WAN > Router 1 WAN
Router 1 LAN > Router 2 WAN

The router 1 and 2 are broadcasting different networks and SSID.Is there any setting that I need to change, or this configuration is perfectly safe? both of them have DHCP enabled.

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Cisco AAA/Identity/Nac :: ACS 5.4 Loading Information

Nov 21, 2012

Looking for the loading information for Cisco ACS 5.4 running on a VM.  After user and device authentication figures. 

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Cisco :: LMS 4.1 Reporting For VLAN Information

Mar 6, 2012

I'm currently running Cisco LMS 4.1. I need to see if there is a way in the LMS, either through the menu or via a report, that can give me the V LAN numbers, the description, the IP address, the Interface (SVI) the v LAN is on and the route it takes.
I've searched near and far and haven't come up with anything yet.

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Can't Access Favorite Website - Error 400 Bad Request

Jul 28, 2012

I have been unable to access a frequently used website (by me) for well over a week. Every time I attempt access I get this error message:

"Error 400 Bad Request

Bad Request

XID: 865749824

O: web

GN: ch-sc-bb-shield1

The web server is responding too slowly to service your request. Please try again later."

PC clone, 4GB, Windows 7 64-bit. Is it possible that my 64-bit version is at fault? I have had some problems with it since I upgraded form the 32-bit version.

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Random Request Time Out When Pinging Gateway IP

Jul 6, 2011

I've had some issues with my internet connection lately. Occasionally I would have connection interruptions even when I am just browsing the web with no downloads in the background or anything like that.The strange thing is that connection fails right at the vey beginning - if I constanly ping the gateway, I will see that among the continous pings of 1ms or less, every once in a while I would have several "request time out" messages.My laptop is connected directly to the router with a 6 feet cable. I replaced the cable and it still happens.What I also noticed is that if I am online in the MMORG I am playing, I can stay online for long hours, however when I start browsing the web, I would get disconnected pretty soon. So I think somehow browsing (and downloading at high speeds, which is understandable) somehow triggers these timeouts. I dont know what to make out of it.

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An Internal Error Occurred - The Request Is Not Supported

Oct 12, 2011

I'm working on a Dell Vostro 220s running Windows XP with an integrated NIC. It had a few hundred viruses on it and after removing them, I can't get an internet connection. The icon says connected with 0 packets sent and 0 packets received. DHCP is enabled and other computers on the network can connect to the internet. The drivers are installed and detected as working properly. I have rebooted also, with no luck. Ipconfig fails with the error "An Internal error occurred: The request is not supported."

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Can't Access Specific Website / Request Timed Out

Dec 27, 2012

I can access it at work and on other ISP's but not on my home wireless network. It won't work from any device on this network. I have reset my modem but that didn't work. It won't load and when I ping from command prompt, I get a 'Request Timed Out" message.

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D-Link DIR-825 :: Allow Request / Renewal Through UDP Port / Cannot Reset DIR-655

Nov 3, 2012

I have just bought a DIR-825 rev C1 stock firmware 3.0 (19 Jan 2012,) and I am pleased with its performance so far. However, I need to allow DHCP renewal request to pass through from all IP to UDP port 67 to UDP port 68; or else I will have to reboot DIR-825 every 24 hours (which is not fun ). My U-verse 2wire modem is a 3600HGV.

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