Stuttering Video In Browser But Fine Played Locally

Nov 22, 2012

I'm on a PC with XP spk3 and my broadband speed is 30+ Mb. In any browser, if I go to Vimeo, Youtube etc and watch higher quality vids I get terrible stuttering of picture and sound, really bad crackling and warbling and drop outs. But, if I download the same vids, they play fine on my computer. I've updated everything I can think of and there is no improvement. My machine is old and slow but this problem started just the other day and it was bad from the start. It didn't gradually creep up.I'm at a loss.

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Stuttering Video Fast Connection

Nov 16, 2012

I find Youtube, Vimeo and similar sites stutter a lot during streaming. I've run speed tests on my cable connection and am getting well over 50Mps.Is this the site's server problem, my Virgin cable provider or my PC please? [code]

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Browser (ff / IE / Chrome) And MSN Not Working But BitTorrent And Gameranger Work Fine

Apr 19, 2011

i share internet with my neighbor (we split the bill) and every so often like in the last 2 days, and usually not again for another 3 weeks for 2-3 more more days each time, am not able to browse(ff, chrome, ie) or use windows live messenger, but yet if i turn on bittorrent, the downloads are fine, the trackers don't update, but DHT and peer exchange update fine.And also, i can get on Gameranger (which uses UDP port 16000) and play games, and this happens to all 5 computers on the network, (4 wireless at my house[3 XPs 1 Win7] and one wired at her house[Win 7]), so it's not something on the computer, also, usually when i check my router the subnet is usually but this morning before i came to work i noticed it was , not sure if that matters, this has been happening for months, usually between every 3-4 weeks, we have no browser and msn use for 2-3 days?

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How To Play Server Video Files In Firefox Browser

Apr 17, 2012

i have a linux server PC and its containing videos, tutorials etc. but my Question how can i play that video files in my browser like you tube??? now its working like non-streaming, jus download and play through any player like!!but my purpose is play videos throgh firefox browser..

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Dell :: 2320 I7 - When Viewing Video From YouTube / IPlayer - Browser Stop Working

Dec 7, 2011

My 3rd day with my newly bought All-In-One 2320 i7, 2TB, 8MB...This is the seond issue I found on this machine:Browse iplayer page, choose a video to watch, but...when viewing video from iplayer in IE, browser stop working. The whole page freeze.Same thing happened on youtube.

Things I have tried:

- Test it in Firefox. Same result. So bad.

- Update my flash player, java,..etc.

What else can I do? So dissapointed. I have promissed my son to show him the cbb animation cartoon on my new computer (big screen)..

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Internet Stuttering Every 10 Seconds?

Feb 5, 2012

I do a lot of gaming, as does my fiance. We've gone through Time Warner and Suddenlink without problems that weren't fixable. Over the past 2 weeks with WOW! we noticed our games will stutter for a second about ever 10-15 seconds, sometimes less. I called them and told them the problem and they told me, after saying everything is good on their end, to get the port numbers for the games so the can add them to "something I stopped paying attention to after thinking this is BS".

I've never had to do this at any other ISP in any other location, so why do they need it? Is there something else it could be? My DL is showing up at 15.85 and UL is 1.11... 25 ping.

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Printing Locally While On VPN?

Feb 8, 2012

I need to be VPN'd in to work all day but during the day I need to print to my home network printer. The work around has always been to press print then disconnect from VPN, wait for the document to finish then reconnect VPN. This is starting to get on my nerves and I was hoping that there was a way to be on VPN through my physical LAN and maybe print over my wireless network. Is there a way to separate traffic in Windows 7?

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Connected To Network Locally But No Internet

Apr 1, 2011

I have a computer that can no longer connect to the internet whether through the wireless or wired directly to the router. The computer will recognize and connect to the network locally. Two other computers are on the network and they are connect just fine.


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Unable To Resolve Webserver Locally By Domain Name?

Apr 12, 2012

I am running a webserver locally and I am unable to resolve it by domain name (e.g. when I am inside my network. However, I am able to hit it internally (e.g. just fine. When I try to access from inside my network it comes up with my Actiontec router's admin page on is my configuration:Actiontec FIOS router (connected to internet)DHCP disabled Netgear Router is in the DMZHas cable running from Actiontec's LAN port to Netgear's WAN port[CODE]

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Hosting Website On Network - Doesn't Resolve Locally?

Dec 12, 2011

I am setting up a webserver to host our website on our local network. When I'm browsing from an external network, I can pull our website and a sub domain However, when I'm browsing from our internal network, I cannot pull up I am not sure if this is due to propigation issues or what.When I do nslookup from external, it shows my network's main IP address. When I do it from local, it can't find an address and says non-existent domain.Should I have any problems connecting to my website if it is using my external IP address? Will this be a loopback problem? If so, how can I resolve this?

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D-Link DCS-930L :: Can't Access Locally After Setting Password

Oct 9, 2011

during the first set up I have set a password as it was requested during the installation routine. After the installation, I added the camera's IP to my browser (tried IE9 and FF). In both cases I was asked to enter the user name and the PW, but I can't access the 930. I'm using the very same PW as I had set up during the routine, but none of the browsers accepts the PW.

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Motorola Netopia 3347 - Can View Cameras Locally But Not Remotely

Apr 23, 2012

I need viewing a DVR camera system remotely through a Motorola Netopia 3347 router. I was able to view the system properly for a year with the old ATT modem and a separate router, but recently the modem crashed and ATT replaced it with this Netopia that I can't for the life of me, understand.I can view locally but not remotely from the internet. I need establishing the Pinholes properly. I'm trying to get it working for port 85 for the DVR system. But I'm confused on the Internal vs. External port #'s it asks for in the Pinhole screen. No combination I enter seems to work. I even tried just using port 80 to get it working, but there was a conflict creating a pinhole for 80 since its already mapped to HTTP.

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D-Link DCS-942L :: Software Locally Can't Find Camera But Mydlink Can

Mar 11, 2012

I installed my first IP camera.  Things seem to have went ok with the installation andd router.  I can view the video live from've tried the dlink software, but it can't find the camera so I can control recording options, ftp, etc. i've also tried 3rd party software that can't find my camera.I'm fairly internet savvy, but do not have access to my router admin atm. (cable company installed their own)   My home ip address is supposed to be dynamic.  I thought that would cause me problems viewing from, but it hasn't so far.

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Cisco WAN :: BGP To EIGRP Redistribution Block Locally 3276 Router Map

Dec 20, 2010

I redistribute our MPLS eBGP routes into our internal EIGRP process at each site. This action undesirably redistributes locally generated BGP networks (via network command) that are meant from the MPLS cloud into our internal routing process.I currently have a route-map on my 'redistribute bgp' command that filters each network manually with an ACL. This works but adds obvious administrative overhead; each WAN router advertises different networks, and the ACL must be updated for each new network.Would it make more sense to simply deny routes from BGP to EIGRP with a metric of 32768? Something like this,route-map deny-local-bgp deny 10 match metric 3276 router -map deny-local-bgp permit 20,router eigrp 100 redistribute bgp 65104 route-map deny-local-bgp.

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Cisco WAN :: 6500 - Remote Vpn Users Cannot Access Webserver Locally

Sep 14, 2011

I configurated ipsec remote vpn at catalyst 6500. my servers are assigned this subnet
vpn user:  ----  webserver ip address


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Cisco VPN :: 851 - Secure Connection Terminated Locally By Client Reason 412

Jan 13, 2012

VPN client on Windows Vista sp2 when I try to connect to my cisco 851.Secure VPN connection terminated locally by the client Reason 412 The remote peer is no longer responding.I turned on debug crypto isakmp and debug crypto ipsec no information displayed on the console.I was a lot futher before but now do not know where to turn.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: 3750 / VLAN Is Locally Shut

Apr 24, 2011

One of my VLANS on my 3750 gives a status of act/lshut. I've tried no shut commands on the interface to no avail. From my reading it seems like this means the VLAN is active but shut down locally.

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Servers :: Ping Locally / Reply Successful - Destination Host Unreachable

Mar 4, 2011

I am using the window server 2008 and configure tcp/ip properties correct ping locally reply successful when ping localy but when ping then reply destination host unreachable whereas gateway and dns ip is also correct configure so tell me solution about this problem because i am useing the internet.

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Cisco Wireless :: 2504 Flex-connect Authentication And Switching Locally

Feb 15, 2013

We are planning to implement Cisco wireless in our central office and branch office using Cisco 2504 WLC and Cisco 1602i Ap. Our branch office is connected via ip vpn and a separate broadband connection for urgent requirements. Usually all users are allowed to browse through central proxy server.I have been trying to find any possibility of giving guest access (web authentication) for branch office guests utilizing only the broadband connection which is connected to the branch office. Is there a possibility that Central WLC is reached using NAT from the BranchOffice AP and allowing guests to authenticate and surf the web at times IP VPN is unreachable.

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Cisco VPN :: Pix 515E - Error 412 / Secure VPN Connection Terminated Locally By Client

Dec 26, 2012

I have a Pix 515E with a VPN setup. I recently tried to connect Cisco VPN Client and get the following error: "Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the client. Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding" I have previously been able to connect to this VPN using Cisco VPN  Client without issue. Below is a copy of my config and VPN Client log & debug logs from Pix. We have Newwave Communications Cable internet, which i just found out  the the ISP has recently implemented DOCSIS 3.0. (i'm not sure if that matters).

pix1(config)# sh run
: Saved
PIX Version 6.3(4)
interface ethernet0 auto
interface ethernet1 auto
nameif ethernet0 outside security0


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Linksys Wireless Router :: Cannot Access Ea4500 Locally Or Through Smart Wifi Dashboard

Mar 30, 2013

I just purchased the EA4500 router and went through the setup with no issues.  The only problem is I cannot access the router either locally or through the Smart Wifi dashboard.  Everytime I go to the page with "Access Router", enter the password and clikc the "Submit" button it does incorrect password prompt or idle prompt...almost like the page is broken somehow.  I've done all of the usual, restart router, restart PC, restart cable modem, etc. and always having the same result.

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Cisco Switching/Routing :: Nexus 5596 - Are VPC Peer Links Locally Significant

Mar 17, 2013

I currently have Nexus 5596 pair with VPC peer link Po1 between them.  My goal is to connect our new Nexus 7Ks to the 5K's using Fabric Path.  My question is during this inital setup with the 7K's.  Can I use the same port channel number on the 7K's as I did the 5K's?  Is the port channel locally significat?               

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Some Web Pages Not Loading While Others Do Just Fine

Sep 11, 2012

I have Imac 21.5 inch 2011 Oct series. with 2.5 GHZ , 8 gig ram.My problem is that for some reasons sometimes I cannot load into simple web pages, I get error message like " Server not found "Firefox can't find the server at [URL]But this website and the others work fine on my laptop which runs vista. I assume it is sort of network problem or a router problem, I've connected Ethernet cable directly to my Imac but still, same situation either with FireFox or Safari.

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Desktop Getting 169.254 Even Though Network Is Fine?

Apr 23, 2012

I lost my internet connection after I set my system up for an image backup, left the house and returned. Here’s how my home network is configured:

Cable internet -> Cisco modem/wireless router combo -> Dlink wireless router-turned-switch -> my computer

My computer, which is hardwired, was coming up with a 169.254. My phone, iPad and laptop were still able to connect to the Dlink signal and surf the net with no problems. I connected the laptop to the Dlink via Ethernet – OK. I connected the laptop the Ethernet cable leading to my desktop – OK. So now I isolated the problem to my desktop. I rebooted, released and renewed IP and still 169.254. I went ahead to force a manual IP address and it worked! Reverted TCPIP back to “obtain address automatically” and got a 169.254.

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One Computer's Connection Is Slow / Other Is Fine

Jun 15, 2012

I have 2 computers that both use the exact same router. The thing is, computer A seems to have major lag issues. I did a shaw speedtest on my computer, most of the time it gives me error messages when trying to scan. On comp B, everything is as it should be.Everything on comp A was working fine last night, and now today i cant even watch a youtube video.

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Wifi Is Working Fine But No Internet

Nov 26, 2012

Here at home I have great WIFI connectivity but on my main PC that is hard wired into the modem I have no Internet access. My service seems fine as my cable/VOIP telephone/wifi work great. I'm not sure how to detect my ISP settings. In 'device manager' it shows that the teredo tunneling adapter will not start. I don't know what that is or if its important here.

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No Upload Speed - Download Is Fine

Dec 9, 2011

About 2 months or so ago, my upload speed just pretty much stopped working. Nothing changed with my PC/modem/router, so I don't know what happened. My download speed is FINE, fast like it's always been(over 20 Mbps). I can upload a file maybe 500KB or lower, but it takes several minutes. If I try to upload anything bigger, it doesn't work(errors/gets stuck).

It's not my PC because I have the same problem on my tablet and ipod. It's not the router because I tested it by just hooking up the modem directly to my PC.

At, it just gets stuck on the upload test and never gives me results.

I rent my modem from Comcast. Should I just bring this modem in and get a new one?

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Wireless Works Fine Except On 2 Laptops

Jan 10, 2013

My WiFi works fine on phones, tablets, and my xbox. The only problem is that it is extremely slow on my two laptops.

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How To Connect An All-fine Net-book To Live-box

Sep 14, 2011

My duaghter has been given an allfine netbook and I would like to connect it via wireless to my Orange livebox. I can see the livebox but cannot get a connection to browse.

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Some Apps Won't Connect But IE Works Fine?

Jul 7, 2011

A few days ago i tried logging onto to League of Legends, and my net disconnected. Thinking nothing of it, i reset the router and tried again, to no avail. Then for the last few days i can't get on skype, LoL, or any other program that uses the internet. I can get onto websites and such( using firefox) except i can not load youtube videos, otherwise my internet disconnects for a minute or so.

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Won't Connect Wirelessly But Router Is Fine

Jul 7, 2012

I can't connect via wifi to my router, but can connect to the internet with an ethernet cable. However, my other computer connects via wifi without problems. I've gone through my troubleshooting and the wifi light is on, so that's not the issue. I also updated my driver (says it's working fine) and even tried to uninstall and reinstall it. I am not sure what else to do. If I try to connect via wifi though, the computer recognizes all the available networks, including my own, but just won't connect. It says a cable is unplugged (which at that time it is, because it's supposed to connect wirelessly).I have a HP Pavilion dv6-3147sb Entertainment notebook, and it uses Windows 7.

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PC Cannot Connect To Router But Fine With Modem?

Apr 20, 2013

I just bought a brand new computer and I plug everything in, including the ethernet cable used on my previous computer. This cable is plugged into a wireless router, which in turn is plugged into a modem giving it Internet. So yes I understand this part. But on my new computer it says "Not connected, and no connections available." I then plug the computer directly into the modem, I in turn receive Internet beautifully and quite quickly. But I cannot keep it like this because I need the wireless router for other devices. So I set everything up back the way it was and my other devices work! Even other plugged in one's that aren't wireless, but still not this new computer.. What do I do

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Ethernet Works Fine Wireless Does Not

Jun 30, 2012

While im playing games like battefield 3 left 4 dead 2 or minecraft i get rubberbanding lag which is basically my game character running foward then being shot back to his original postion. I originally was using a wireless usb adapter so i blamed it for the cause of the lag. (My pings were fine btw) I went to ethernet for a week and the lag went away so everything is fine via ethernet. I just bought a new wireless card but there is still this terrible lag!

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