Where To Find Long Range Wifi Router

Jan 15, 2012

where can find long range Wi-Fi router

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Can't Find Gigaware Long-range Wireless N XP Drivers?

Sep 5, 2011

I can not find any drivers for Gigaware long-range wireless N drivers for Windows XP. Radio Shack and the Gigaware website was no use at all

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Long Range Wifi Through Buildings

Mar 16, 2012

I've recently lost my ability to access the internet at uni and as this is quite an inconvenience I am considering some alternatives, the most viable one I've managed to come up with hinges on the fact that I live in a building which is only a road and another building away from the main uni buildings (3 buildings on 2 city blocks), basically it looks like this: UNI BUILDING 1 | UNI BUILDING 2 |ROAD| UNI BUILDING 3 |ROAD| MY APARTMENT.So I'm thinking of building one of these: url.. or waiting for the r20000g (dual band) to come out and buying that.THEN the area I'm having a bit of trouble with: I need to get reception about 600-700m away through buildings, so I've been looking at Yagi antennas and such but can't seem to find any information on the following:

1. Will a high powered directional antenna go through a few buildings and still make it 1km (.6 miles)

2. How directional is a directional antenna? like if I point one in the general direction of the building how accurate do I have to be? (I have no problem buying 4-5 antennas if I need to)

3. Do I need a new Wi-Fi antenna for my laptops? it seems odd to me that a laptop would be able to transmit back 1km while I need a giant antenna to get to the laptop (I know its not this simple but it still seems odd)

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Best Long Range Router For Neighborhood Networking?

Sep 17, 2012

i am interested in setting up a neighborhood wifi network between myself and friends. presently i own an Asus Rt N66u router along with a Hawking Technology range booster but haven't been able to get sufficient range from this. is their any router or networking device that i can use to at least achieve like 1 mile network range and coverage,which should be more that sufficient to accommodate my networking needs?

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D-Link DGL-4500 - Long Range Wireless Router

Apr 21, 2012

I currently have a D-Link DGL-4500.

I am looking for a more powerful wireless router that has a larger range. I want to have the ability to use the laptop at the house next door, so I need a range of like 150 ft, going through multiple walls (both concrete and wood) and still have enough for general Internet access.

My first question is if it's even possible and if so, what is a good router/system to use.

I would still need the ability to connect Ethernet to the router (at least 4 ports) and the wireless, obviously.

A major benefit as well would be the ability to install something like pfSense or DD-WRT onto for further management.

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Very Slow Wireless Internet - Takes Long Time To Find Router On Pc

Sep 25, 2012

When I start-up my computer, it takes over an hour to find my router on my computer (Not on my brother's computer, or the computer upstairs). Once it does, it connect perfectly. This is very annoying because I do not have a lot of time anyway to work/play and when I do, it takes over an hour to find the router.Recently, I have been having HUGE lag spikes, constantly disconnecting from games and skype calls.

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Long Range Wireless Adapter?

Feb 18, 2013

I have no problems with my adapter its just that my router is too far from my desktop and I need something that can reach far lengths , I don't recall what my wireless name is other than it uses 802 g type but it doesn't cut it when I want to play league of legends, so any recommendations? Also just moving my desktop is not an option

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Best Long Range Usb Network Adapter?

May 4, 2012

I am looking for a really powerful long distance network adapter with high gain antennas

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Long Range Routers For Wildlife Cameras?

Sep 20, 2012

i have 13 acre and wanted to know about using a security camera set up wireless,solar power IR motion sensor type set up??

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Long Range Home Network Link?

Sep 25, 2011

I want to create a link between two homes about 10/15 miles away from each other. I was thinking about using microwave technology to achieve this. I would like to be able to use this connection for linking two home networks/internet and possibly running iptv and voip over the link. I was hoping to operate in the unlicensed frequency.

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Wireless Bridge PCI Adapter With Long Range?

Dec 10, 2011

I have a netgear WNR1000v2 which is on the other side of my house. There is about 70-80ft distance from it, and my desktop is on the top floor. Installing a LAN cable is not an option but a wireless bridge adapter is.I am looking for either:

• A long range Wireless adapter, PCI or PCIe

• A wireless bridge with long range

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WR2543ND Good Long Range Antennas

Jul 4, 2013

im looking to buy some long range antennas to boost my wifi signal, i currently have a TPlink WR2543ND, which does a decent job in my house but id like to get some signal just outside my house if possible. Would this be better suited for a long range antenna or a wireless access point?

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Realtek 8187 Wireless Adapter Long Range?

Nov 13, 2011

In device manager i have 4 yellow question marks where network adapters should be

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EnGenius EAG-2408 / Long Range Wi-Fi - Fresnel Calculations?

Dec 8, 2012

i am setting up a network between two houses. I have two Amped Wireless SR300 repeaters and currently I am getting so-so signal strength between the repeaters. To remedy this issue, I purchased two EnGenius EAG-2408 external antenna's.My question is how to calculate how high to mount the antenna. A formula is preferable because I do not know the exact distance off hand and I will have to go out there and measure. I am estimating approximately 75 to 100 yards for the distance. Its flat, with a few trees/brush.


-Transmit Power: Up to 20 dBm
-Receiving Sensitivity: -93dBm

-Omni Directional Antenna
-18 degree vertical beamwidth

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Extending Wifi Range Using Another Router Mn-700?

Mar 22, 2012

I want to share my pc's wifi connection with a neighbor across the street. But i have been un-able to confirm that it can reach the net. With the configs i have tried.I have cloned the mac addy for the wifiAP i have shared. This should be enough. And i should be able to walk it across the street and have it act as the same wifiAP. And he should have the net, via my pc. I tried to use another wifi device to connect to the shared IP...And the router itself...But there was no internet. have tried to configure this router to work as a repeater as well using it's setup. This resulted in no internet connectivity over lan, and no wifi service listing. These is no way for me to tell it which router or device it should be repeating from...

I have tried manually configureing the mn-700 To use the same ip the other router does for it's services. The mn-700 doesn't keep the settings. When it does there is no internet or wifi services.When i have it setup on it's own, no config changes...It'll connect over wifi to the router but there is no net. I can connect a lan wire going to the other router and renew it's lease. This will give the mn-700 an ip addy as if it were another pc. It uses this as it's WAN config

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How To Increase Wifi Range With Xfinity Box/router

Dec 9, 2012

I just moved into my new house a week ago and I have some dead spots in my house. In my small old apartment I had a Linksys EA4500 that got most of the work done. Do you know if it is possible to connect that router (or another it you think it is better) to my xfinity box (router, cable, telephone thing) or should i buy something else to extend the range or rebroadcast the signal? like the Amped Wireless SR20000G? willing to spend around $200

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Extend Wifi Range Of Router Via Cat5 Cabling?

Aug 9, 2012

Our wireless router is in a room at one end of the house (beside the telephone point) from which ethernet cables can connect to the Cat5 sockets taking the broadband to the other rooms that have a Cat5 socket. That is fine for connecting devices to the sockets in the other rooms but because the house is old with thick walls our wifi signal fades to nothing in some parts of the house. Moving the wireless router only moves the problem to another area. I thought about a wifi repeater but the room I would like to locate it in to then boost the signal to the rest of the house is borderline on the range for the wireless router. Is it possible to connect another wireless router or device to the main wireless router through the Cat5 cabling so that the second router/device can offer wifi to that area of the house?

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Balkin F7d1401 / How To Extend Wifi Range With Another Router

Mar 9, 2012

i having balkin f7d1401 how can i extend wifi range .

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Will Wifi Range Extender Affect Signal Of Router

Jan 22, 2011

Will a Wi-Fi range extender affect (i.e., reduce) the signal of the router? How does the throughput signal compare between where it originates and where it ends?

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Wifi Range Extender Versus Wireless Router?

Aug 16, 2011

I have a wireless modem but its a sucky one. It was one of those free ones from verizon. Anyways, I don't get good signal in certain places in my house, so i am interested in knowing which would be better a wifi range extender or a good wireless modem.

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Signal Range / Coverage Area Of Wifi Router Of Any Brand?

Jul 11, 2012

i want to coverage area of Wi-Fi router of any brand

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Linksys Wireless Router :: How To Expand E4200v2 Wifi Range

Jul 5, 2012

I cant find any wds setting in the UI.I want to bridge my old route for wifi expanding

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Increase Wifi Range Of Cisco Wag120n?

Dec 31, 2012

I have a cisco WAG120N with me.wifi range is very less, means my devices won't catch the wifi even if they are 5 meters away from the router. Ways to increase the wifi range of this router. I dont want to use any repeater or any such stuff, just want to achieve a far more range with te existing device.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2500 - Expanding Range For Wifi Connection?

Jul 29, 2011

I have a new e2500 router and want to use my old WRT54G2 to expand the range of the wireless to reach my detached garage.  My house is wired with category 5e cabling, but not the garage, which is why i want to wireless to get expanded.  I was hoping the the new e2500 would reach, but it doesn't. How I can do that?

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How To Find Out Range Of Subnets For Given IP

Jul 7, 2011

if some gave me an IP address and subnet mask, and they told me to identify the range of valid subnets I have no clue how to do it. I know how to work out the total number of subnets and hosts, you just look at how many subnet bits have been borrowed and use the 2^ formula. For example with the IP I know the default mask for a classs B address is so in this example we have borrowed 9 subnet bits to give mask of and 7 host bits remain. In order to find the total number of subnets you do, 2 to the power of 9 because we borrowed 9 bits, which tells us that there's 512 subnets and to find out how many hosts we do, 2 to the power of 7 because we have 7 host bits, so that gives us 128 hosts in each subnet. Now this is where I get lost, how do I find out the number of the first and last subnet? I know there's 512 subnets and each subnet has 128 hosts. But I don't know the number of each subnet, the range to be more precise. How do I workout the first, second, third, fourth etc subnet address

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Netgear N300 Dgn2200v1 Adsl2+ Modem Router / Extending Wifi Range For Home Network?

Dec 11, 2012

how to properly configure 2 different hardware devices to extend the current wifi signal of my home network.I'm using a Motorola SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem as my primary access point (AP) and a Netgear N300 DGN2200v1 ADSL2+ modem router which will function "behind" the SBG6580 in repeater mode. I previously had DSL for my internet connectivity but recently switched to broadband cable for faster speeds.Due to the layout of my home, I cannot physically connect the Netgear router to the Motorola modem via ethernet cable and need both devices to communicate wirelessly. I have already done extensive reading on this subject and best practices suggest that, whenever possible, both units should be the same brand/manufacturer. The Netgear appliance does have the capability of being configured as a repeater so if I don't have to buy a "network extender" that would be my preference.I understand that both units must be configured to have the same SSID, subnet, wireless channel and security encryption. In repeater mode the Netgear router can't be configured to use WPA2-PSK so I need to use WEP instead.

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Laptop Cannot Find Wireless Network In Range?

Jun 12, 2011

Wireless network is functioning as my other devices connect to it properly. Been using the laptop in question for years without this problem and it seems to have just spontaneously lost the ability to identify the available network[CODE]

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How To Find A Wep Key On Cisco Wifi Router

Dec 1, 2011

ok i've been through the ringer here searching dozens of sites and stil no luck... my routers access point is and states that a cannot alter the wpa2 personal to a wep or wep enterprise because it isn't supported.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Wrt54gc Can't Work Or Find Any Wifi Network

Aug 23, 2007

I updated the Firmware...then the WRT54GC can't work now,it's power led green and red always,I can't ping via wired or wireless.wireless led shutdown.my laptop can't find any wireless network.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E4200 V1 Cannot Seem To Find Work Around For Wifi Bandwidth

May 2, 2012

I recently bought myself the E4200v1 router, and have had several issues with it. One issue I cannot seem to find a workaround for is the wifi bandwidth problem.I have a 100/10 mbitl internet connection. The router claims to support 300/450 mbit speeds over wifi, so that should be plenty. in reality however, that isnt so.Even though my N-standard wifi adapter on my machine states it has a 130 mbit connection to the router, I consistently test the internet throughput when using wifi and speedtest.net to around 20-21 mbit. If I put in a cable, I instantly get full speed, 100/10 mbit.
Have to add; I am not new to the networking game, I have a CCNA and a degree in computer sciences, and work with hosting web sites using cloud tech every day. At this point, I have tried everything related to settings on the router, so I can only conclude that there's some kind of bug in the firmware. I would expect the standard firmware to work, and not having to install DDWRT or other custom firmware.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: E2000 Software Can't Find Sonos When Pc Is Connected Through Wifi

Aug 28, 2011

I bought a Sonos multiroom-system, and connected the first player to my E2000 router through Ethernet. It then gets a dynamic address through DHCP, I can see the Sonos within the network when looking in the admin tool of the router.When I start the Sonos controller software on my PC (XP), the software can not find the Sonos when my PC is connected through Wifi.As soon as I connect PC to the router with ethernet cable the Sonos is found immediately and can be initialised. After that, I can disconnect the cable and control the Sonos wirelessly. (as long as I don't close down the controller software for too long)
From what I understood from the sonos.com website, the Sonos sends an UPnP multicast signal on port for SSDP on port 1900 for initial connection. Further communications port are described below.Somehow, this multicast package seems not to be transferred into the wireless LAN, only into the wired LAN. Do I have to open some ports, filter some ports?Forward them?

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Ea3500 Can't Seem To Find Option To Limit Wifi Speed?

Dec 2, 2012

With my old routeur (wrt310n)  I used to be able to limit the wireless speed.I cant seem to find the option with my new routeur, EA3500.did they remove the option ?

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Limit Wifi Range By Using B Instead Of G?

Apr 4, 2011

I assume this is a dumb question but I'd like to limit the bandwidth on this particular router. I have the option to do B, G, or mixed. Is there a major difference between the range of B and G?

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