Wireless :: Unable To Make Connection Through Wifi Modem Tp-link?

Sep 25, 2012

unable to open in google chrome but can access other net work.

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Tp-link Dual-band Wireless :: Unable To Connection To Tl-wr2543nd Wifi

Nov 9, 2012

Region : Canada
Model : TL-WR2543ND
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.13.17 Build 120509 Rel.33890n
ISP : shaw

my lenovo 510 running windows 7 has the wirelss router listed in the wireless netowrk connection list but cannot connect to the router. it can connect to other routers without any problem.

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Unable To Make Wireless Connection For Devices?

Jul 10, 2012

W7. Internet connection is through BT Home Hub2 and is hardwired. No problem at all. But my wireless connected BT internet radio and my wife's Kindle can no longer connect to the internet. The radio says connecting to network but does nothing. I have changed nothing I am aware of. I have looked at the BT Home Hub Wireless set up page and the settings are Using WPA and WPA2 and the correct wireless encryption key is there. Channel selection is automatic. I have changed that to 3 other suggested channels, no result. Frankly it is all Greek to me and I do not know what I am looking at. how I reconnect the Kindle by wireless and the internet radio? (I know I can use a USB to connect the Kindle, but not the radio).

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D-Link DIR-615 :: Unable To Recognize Internet Connection With SmartConnect Modem

May 31, 2011

When installing the DIR-615, router installs, but error msg that there is no internet connection.  SmartConnect is plugged into the WAN and I have tried the ethernet cable to the computer in spots 1 & 2.  Good connection when SmartConnect modem is connected to computer directly.615's Internet indicator will turn green for a while, usually less than a minute or two, then flashes, then may actually cause the routers status indicator to flash off, then back on.  Like a reset.

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Wireless :: Cannot Make Wifi Connection Unsecured?

Jan 14, 2012

how do I make my Motorola sbg941Router's Wifi connection unsecured?

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Way To Make Wifi Connection Better

Oct 25, 2011

Should i get a wireless adapter Or a wireless repeater Which would be better for a better connection?My router is down stairs and my xbox is upstairs.I could get the wireless adapter upstairs then do an ethernet cable straight to my xbox.

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Cisco VPN :: 1941 - Unable To Make Secure Connection With Server?

Sep 5, 2012

i now learning about SSLVPN, and i already install license in 1941 with SSL and security9 License, i learning how  to make a gateway for SSLVPN full tunnel, but i meet an obstacles, when i go to my wan ip address https://wan ip address, the browser  give this

SSL connection error Unable to make a secure connection to the server. This may be a problem with the server, or it may be requiring a client authentication certificate that you don't have.

Error 107 (net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error


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Make Desktop Share Internet Connection To Wifi?

Feb 15, 2013

My question is how can i turn this adapter that i get internet from for my desktop INTO wifi so i can use my tablet?right now the desktop is the only computer with internet since it has an adapter.what do i need to make a WIFI signal from the computer? is there a usb stick or router i can buy?

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Using Xp As Wifi Access Point To Make Bberry Internet Connection Available?

Apr 24, 2011

I have a Windows XP SP3 desktop with a NetGear WG111v2 USB wireless adapter and I get my internet connection from my Blackberry 8320 (I connect my BBerry device to my PC and start Blackberry Desktop Manager and choose to use internet access of my phone for my PC). I want to be able to make this internet connection available to other devices on the network wirelesly. I also have a nook ebook reader and a laptop which I would occassionaly like to connect to internet via the connection described above. How to go about making Blackberry internet connection shared accross the network? I tried Internet Connection Sharing Wizard, but I ended up with nothing to show up for.

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Cisco Security :: ASDM 6.4 Getting NAT Communications To Work / Unable To Make Connection Remotely

Aug 23, 2012

I have gone through the docs in creating a static NAT.  I have gone into firewall/NAT Rules and set the internal / external entries, set access rules for the various services.  However, I am unable to make a connection remotely.  Somewhere along the line, I must be missing a command or something.
ASA ver: 8.4(4)
ASDM ver: 6.4(9)

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Protocols / Routing :: Compaq Mini CQ10-100 Netbook - Make Wireless Internet Connection Through D-link Router

May 29, 2011

I have a Compaq mini CQ10-100 Netbook, and I am trying to Make a Wireless internet connection through a D-link router. My ISP is Cox Cable. The Netbook is connected to my wireless network, but will not connect to the internet. It keeps asking me to transfer information, via thumb drive, from a wireless access point, but my router is my wireless connector and it doesn't have a USB port to plug in a thumb drive. How do I get this netbook hooked up to the internet?

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Create Wifi Connection From Wireless Modem?

Oct 20, 2012

Create WiFi connection from wireless modem

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Create Wifi Internet Connection From Wireless Modem?

Nov 6, 2012

how do i connect to internet>? I have a wifi modem connected. With a browser?

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Tg582n Router - How To Link External Drive To Make Wifi Hard Disc Store

Nov 20, 2011

I have a new techni colour wifi router TG582n which has a usb cobnnection in the side. I also have a new Samsung 400 gig external hard drive can these be linked to make a wifi hard disc store.

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Wireless :: Tp Link Td-w8901g Modem Receive Wifi Signals Through Wan And Give Out Through Lan

Jan 31, 2012

I have a TP link TD-W8901g modem router with 1 wan and 4 LAN. My questions is can i use this modem to receive wifi signals through wan and give out through lan. i currently use internet from telephone cable. But i have got a free hot spot near my home. Currently i Am using a pc without wireless card.

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Unable To Connect To Asus Wifi Router / Modem

Feb 20, 2013

I have been using broadband in my laptop using asus wireless router/modem DSL-N10E for last 2 months but with Ethernet cable plugged in. I have never used its wifi function. I tried today but was unable to connect after entering security passwordWhen look for troubleshoot it says "There might be problem with the drivers for the wireless network connection adapters"

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Make Laptop / Notebook A Wireless Modem?

Jun 26, 2012

We have a modem at home but it doesn't have built in wifi so we have it connected to a router. We have fast internet (ADSL2 i think) but running through the router, it's very slow. So i was wondering if i could somehow make my laptop a modem? Or a router as well because it would have to be faster than the one we have now. Im running a Acer Aspire 1830 Notebook 32-bit windows simple language when replying

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Create Wifi Connection From Usb Modem?

Jul 20, 2012

I have usb modem i want to set up WiFi in my home

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Switches :: What Kind Of Modem And Wireless Router To Make DSL Fastest

Oct 1, 2011

Does it matter what kind of modem and wireless router to make DSL the fastest? Also is a modem with built in wireless better than having separate units?

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Wifi Of D-link Modem Disconnects Every 5 Minutes

May 26, 2012

I have connected two dsl modems for extending wifi coverage,the main one is netgear and the extended on is D-link,but the problem is the d-links wireless disconnects every 5 minutes or so..i have connected a pc with a cable from this modem but there r no problems with pc internet...so is the hardware of modem faulty or is this due to inappropriate settings of modem,i have disabled the dhcp and changed the ip address already.

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D-link Dir-615 :: Config Adsl Modem Via Wifi?

Jan 26, 2012

I use D-Link DIR-615. I can't connect to config page I need to access ADSL modem config page. Asus RT-N12 can configADSL modem via Wi-Fi.

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Make A Modem Splitter To Hook Up Netgear N600 Wireless Router?

May 1, 2012

I have a PC modem and recently purchase a netgear N600 wireless router. Do they make a splitter of some sort. So I can use both the PC and IPad? If they make a splitter?

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Linksys Cable / Dsl :: X1000 Modem Does Not Allow Connection To Wifi?

Mar 13, 2013

I recently bought an x1000 modem/router and found that after 2/3 days of staing active and properly functioning, it does not allow me to login to wifi connection with none of my devices (tried iPhone, iPad and 2 windows pc).Firmware version is v1.0.00 build 018 Sep 04, 2012

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TP-Link Dual-Band Wireless :: TL-WDR4300 / Unable To Have Internet Connection

Jan 23, 2013

Region : Malaysia
Model : TL-WDR4300
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 121106
ISP : unifi

i just bought this router and upgraded the firmware. but i cant seem to get Internet connection up and running. it says connected but its not. tried both 121106 and 121226 firmware, still the same. when i checked the connection it says DNS server not responding.

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TP-Link 3G/3.75G Router :: Unable To Connect MR3220 With BSNL EVDO ZTE AC8700 Modem

Feb 13, 2013

Region : India
Model : TL-MR3220
Hardware Version : V2
Firmware Version : 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.57775n

I am unable to connect my TP-Link TL-MR3220 router with BSNL EVDO ZTE AC8700 modem. Even though my router has the latest firmware version 3.14.2 Build 120822 Rel.57775n, which is the boxed firmware i got with my router. All the time my modem gets Identified by the router, then it shows connecting phase......and restarts the modem.........Repeats the same step every time I try to connect.

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Tp-link 300mbps Wireless :: Tl-wr1043nd No Vlan / Wifi Connection After Installing

Dec 9, 2012

Region : Netherlands
Model : TL-WR1043ND
Hardware Version : v1
Firmware Version : V1_120405

After buying and installing i get no wlan/wifi connection.I do have internet by ethernet, the laptops and ipad sees the wlan/wifi but get no connection? Resetting re-installing manualy or with the wizard doesn't work.

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D-link Dir-655 :: Arris Docsys3 Modem From Comcast Which Has A Built In Wifi Router

Aug 17, 2012

I have an ARRIS Docsys3 modem from Comcast which has a built in WiFi router. I also have a DIR-655. The Modem is in my office and I have a 100' Ethernet cable running through my attic to my front room where the dir-655 is located.

I use the DIR for WiFi as well I have it connected to my TV and Xbox.I use the ARRIS Modem for WiFi as well I have it connected to another Xbox and a Desktop computer.I want to have everything on 1 network, Dir-655 uses IP address and the ARRIS uses ranges I want to be able to connect to the dir-655 and have the IP for that connection join up with the 10.0.0... network so that I will be able to transfer files freely throughout the network.

I want everything on one network. Right now when I connect a laptop to the DIR-655, I can not access the printer that is connected to the Desktop on the ARRIS modem. I have to connect to the ARRIS modems WiFi to then use the printer on the desktop.Likewise, I want to use the media extender on the Xbox connected to the DIR-655 with the Desktop connected the the ARRIS modem, but I can not because of the to different networks.

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Tp Link W8960n - Unable To Connect To Wifi?

Feb 5, 2012

I have installed a TP Link W8960N router and it is working fine using the ethernet cable. I have installed a realtek 11n USB adapter but cannot get it to connect to the router.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the software and whereas previously today it found my router (but wouldn't connect it says not associated) when I search now it doesnt even come up!

Windows device manager says the adpater is working properly

When installing router and adapter I set them both to WPA2 and used the same passkey. I am using Windows 7

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Unable To Connect Kindle On Wifi Connection

Jan 12, 2012

I bought a kindle and couldn't get it to connect to wifi. I have a BT homehub 2 and am running xp on my pc. I have now come to the conclusion it was my pc - if I buy a netgear adaptor.

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D-link Dir-601 :: Unable To Send Wifi To Multiple Computers

Feb 9, 2012

I have a Mac, and my wife has a PC running Windows 7. Since we moved into our new house, our Dlink DIR-601 does not seem to want to send Wi-Fi to both computers at the same time. One of the computers always seems to lag or not have internet connection at all. The Mac also seems to work better and more often than the PC when both are trying to access wi-fi.

I have messed with the channel settings, security, and most other typical settings on the router to no avail. Is there a setting I'm missing or should I enable certain settings that will allow both computers to have the same signal strength and reliability.

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Tp-link 300mbps Wireless :: Tl-wr1043nd / Very Slow Connection (wired 57mbits / Wifi 4mbps)

Mar 27, 2013

Region : Belgium
Model : TL-WR1043ND
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.13.12 Build 120405 Rel.33996n
ISP : Telenet

I've just bought a TP-Link TL_WR1043ND and when I was configuring the wireless settings first I had a +- 40Mbps connection,a little later the connection dropped to 4Mbps and was constantly dropping the speed.Sometimes it went to 15Mbps and then it drops back to 4Mbps.Right now its only 1Mbps.


Wireless channel: 11
Mode: 11bgn mixed
Channel width: Auto
Max tx rate: 300Mbps
Wireless router radio and SSID broadcasting enabled


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Tp-link Dual-band Wireless :: Tl-wdr4900 Unstable Wifi Connection As Well As Bittorrent / P2p Transfers

Apr 26, 2013

Region : Hongkong
Model : TL-WDR4900
Hardware Version : V1
Firmware Version : 3.14.3 Build 130320 Rel.39025n
ISP : PCCW Netvigator

I have upgraded to the latest firmware which solved lots of problems regarding unstable wifi connection as well as BitTorrent / P2P transfers.But I also observed that when my BT is on (Transmission for Mac) at around 50KB/s upload and download, my network latency hikes up from some 30ms to 500ms which affects a lot on web browsing or other apps requiring Internet.My BitTorrent app is showing I am merely making some 20 peers connection so I am not convinced that is an ISP problem but it's more about the router.

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Linksys Wireless Router :: Can No Longer Make Wifi Calls With E1200

Feb 23, 2013

For some reason I can no longer make Wi-Fi calls with my E1200 router. I have checked with my ISP and T-mobil. They both tell me that everything on their respective ends is working correctly. The only piece of the equation is the router.

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